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FA-31 Dai, Wanyang. Diffusion Approximations and Optimality of Scheduling Algorithms for Processor-Sharing Queues in Random Fading MIMO Channels


Networks and Queueing Systems
TE-30 D'Amato, Egidio. On the problem of optimally locating facilities and allocating customers to facilities

Daniele, Elia.
Mallozzi, Lina.         

Location-allocation models
HD-34 Damak, Mohamed Standard & Poor’s Framework for Rating Banks

Motti, Luigi.
de la Riva, Enrique.

Financial modeling 3
TD-1 Damay, Jean. An efficient macroscopic railway system simulator

Boillot, Adrien.           

Railway Scheduling
TB-17 Dambreville, Frédéric. Tracking of potentially threatening target evolving in a network


Nonconvex Programming: Local and Global Approaches II
TE-11 D'Ambrosio, Claudia. A branch-and-bound method for box constrained integer polynomial optimization

Buchheim, Christoph.           

Advances in Combinatorial Optimization
MD-36 D'Amours, Sophie. Designing Value Chains in the Forest Sector

Rönnqvist, Mikael.
Carle, Marc-André.         

Forestry Industry Production Planning and Management
HB-33 Danach, Kassem. Hyperheuristic Applied to Maritime Service Network

Khalil, Wissam.
Gelareh, Shahin.         

Hyperheuristics: Interfaces, Implementations and Applications
ME-25 Dang, Chuangyin. An Interior-Point Path-Following Method for Computing Perfect d-Proper Equilibria for Strategic Games


optimization and mathematical economics
TD-5 Dangaard Brouer, Berit. A decision support tool for liner shipping network design

Desaulniers, Guy.           

Maritime routing and scheduling 1
MA-31 Danielson, Mats. Cardinal ranking as a means for efficient elicitation


HA-19 Danloup, Nicolas Collaborative supply chains: a case study

Allaoui, Hamid.
Goncalves, Gilles.

Advances on Demand and Supply Planning in Consumer Goods and Retailing
FB-20 Daraeepour, Ali. Stochastic market clearing in electricity markets with high penetration of wind energy: Air emissions reductions and economic savings

Patino-Echeverri, Dalia.           

Stochastic unit commitment with renewables
HE-42 Dargam, Fatima. Decision Making and the Big Data Era


Decision Analysis & Decision Making Approaches
MD-17 Darwin, Allysha Rahmi. An Improved Interactive Approach for Solving Sustainable Land Revitalization Planning Problem

Mawengkang, Herman.           

Global Optimization and Applications in Development II
FB-34 Das, Ajay. Innovation vs. efficiency in the supply chain


Knowledge Work and Workers
ME-11 Dash, Gordon. Hierarchical Neuro-Cybernetic Systemic Risk Factors for Multiobjective ESG Portfolio Optimization

Kajiji, Nina.           

Financial Mathematics and OR
FA-2 Dash, Sanjeeb. On two-branch split cuts

 Moran, Diego.         

Miscellaneous topics in Combinatorial Optimization
HD-35 Datta, Partha. Simulation based study for robust supply network design

Dutta, Pallab     

Simulation and Optimization for Robust Supply Networks
FA-27 Datta, Subhash. Multi Criteria Multi Facility Location in Rajasthan


Infrastructure Development and Environment 1
HB-44 Daultani, Yash. A supply chain risk management model with random demands

Suman, Ravi.
Kumar, Sushil.
Vaidya, Omkarprasad S.
Tiwari, Manoj.        

Managing Risk in Supply Chains II
MA-24 Davidov, Ori. Testing for the multivariate stochastic order among ordered populations with application to ranking and selection problems


Preference Learning I
HB-33 De Beukelaer, Herman. James: a modern Java framework for optimization using local search metaheuristics.

Davenport, Guy.
De Meyer, Geert.
Fack, Veerle.          

Hyperheuristics: Interfaces, Implementations and Applications
HE-40 De Bock, Koen W. Multicriteria Optimization for Cost-Sensitive Ensemble Selection in Business Failure Prediction

Lessmann, Stefan.
Coussement, Kristof.         

Prescriptive Analytics: Smart Solutions to Real-World Problems II
HB-37 De Brucker, Klaas. Should we weight the stakeholders in multi-actor multi-criteria analysis (MAMCA) ?  Problem description and solutions

Macharis, Cathy.           

Multi Actor Multi Criteria Analysis (I)
HD-33 De Causmaecker, Patrick. Algorithm Configuration: black, white and gray box

Dang, Nguyen Thi Thanh.           

Algorithm Configuration: black, white and gray box
HB-32 de Jonge, Bram. A general framework for comparing condition-based maintenance with age-based maintenance

Teunter, Ruud.
Tinga, Tiedo.         

Supply Chain Management - Assembly Lines and Maintainance
TB-4 de Koster, René. The impact or order picker skills on warehouse performance

Matusiak, Marek.           

MB-16 de Laat, David. Energy minimization via conic programming hierarchies


Copositive and Polynomial Optimization II
HD-34 De Moraes, Angela. Estimate Aggregated Default: An Impirical Investigation on Brazilian Loans using Cointegration Vectors

Andreeva, Galina.
Crook, Jonathan.         

Financial Modeling 3
MA-35 de Oliveira, Manuela Maria. The phycotoxins' impact in the technical efficiency of the Portuguese artisanal dredge fleet

Camanho, Ana.
Gaspar, Miguel B .         

Stochastic Modeling and Simulation
HB-26 de Oliveira, Welington. Nosmooth optimization methods for chance constrained programming

van Ackooij, Wim.           

Nondifferentiable Optimization: Theory, Algorithms and Applications II
ME-10 De Prada Gil, Mikel. Optimal offshore wind power plant (OWPP) design based on a hybrid AC-DC configuration 

Igualada, Lucia.
Corchero, Cristina.
Gomis, Oriol.
Sumper, Andreas.        

Optimization methods for offshore and onshore wind farms
TB-45 De Smet, Yves. Three distinctive models for multicriteria clustering


Geometric Clustering
HE-17 de Villiers, Anton. Edge stability and edge criticality in secure graph domination

Burger, Alewyn.
van Vuuren, Jan.         

Enumeration of Combinatorial Structures
MB-43 De Wolf, Daniel. A Coal Blending Problem solved by column generation

Auray, Stephane.
Smeers, Yves.         

Algorithms and Applications-2
HB-36 Deckmyn, Gaby. How to make mechanistic forest simulations fast and easy for end-users: a Belgian study using regional bayesian parameterization


Sustainable Forest Management
MA-40 Deeratanasrikul, Lalida. Multiple-stage Parallel-machine Capacitated Lot-Sizing and Scheduling with Sequence-dependent Setup: A Case Study in the Wheel Industry

Mizuno, Shinji.           

Scheduling and Lot Sizing Problems
HE-20 Defourny, Boris. Battery storage bidding with battery-life effects

Hu, Yuhai.           

Controlling electric vehicles and battery storage
FB-11 de Freitas, Rosiane. Some notes of Euclidean distance geometry and graph theory involving telecom, computer networks and molecular biology applications

Cardoso Dias, Bruno.
Maculan, Nelson.
Lavor, Carlile

Euclidean Distance Geometry and Applications
FB-23 Defryn, Christof. A Variable Neighbourhood Metaheuristic for the Clustered Vehicle Routing Problem

Sörensen, Kenneth.           

FB-38 Degl’Innocenti, Marta. Modelling the Probability of Government Measures
and Failures During the 2008-2012 through the GEV

Calabrese, Raffaela

Assessing Systemic Risk
HB-30 Deineko, Vladimir. Using OR to teach OR whether we practice what we preach.


Teaching OR/MS 1
HA-13 Deleplanque, Samuel. Handling uncertain demands in the dynamic dial-a-ride problem

Quilliot, Alain.           

Handling uncertainty in scheduling and lot-sizing 2
HB-31 Delgadillo, Remberto Emanuel. Models for communication network design with survivability requirements

Loiseau, Irene.           

Survivability and Vulnerability
MB-43 Delhoume, Frederic. In-depth features of the CPLEX Optimization Studio IDE


Algorithms and Applications-2
TD-33 Dell, Robert. Optimizing Adversary Aircraft Fleet Composition and Employment 

McLaughlin, Ryan.
Carlyle, Matthew.         

Defence and Security Applications III
HE-13 Delorme, Xavier. A multi-objective algorithm for balancing reconfigurable transfer lines

Dolgui, Alexandre.
Malyutin, Sergey.         

Balancing and sequencing of assembly lines 2
HD-1 De-los-Santos, Alicia. Congestion in railway transit lines: frequency and capacity setting in presence of an alternative mode

Laporte, Gilbert.
Mesa, Juan A.
Perea, Federico.          

Planning and Operations of Rapid Transit Systems
MB-12 Demange, Marc. On two matching problems in induced subgrids

Ekim, Tinaz.           

Graphs and Networks II
ME-24 Dembczynski, Krzysztof. Efficient Label Tree Structures for Top-k Classification

Jachnik, Arkadiusz.           

Preference Learning IV
MD-42 Demir, Emrah. A new mathematical formulation to support fleet management decisions

Dimarelis, Efstathios.
Van Woensel, Tom.         

Green Freight Transportation 2
FA-18 Demirci, Duygu. A multi-objective mixed integer mathematical model for one dimensional cutting problem

Kasimbeyli, Nergiz.           

Applications of Multiobjective Optimization I
HD-37 Demirok Donmez, Nurcan. Evaluating the Effectiveness of Alternative Pricing Policies for the Water Utility Sector under Uncertainty

Serarslan, Nahit.           

Advances on Recovery Inventory Management Policies I
TB-15 Denoyel, Victoire. Optimal reference pricing for healthcare procedure payments

Alfandari, Laurent.
Thiele, Aurelie.         

Pricing and Consumer Behavior: Modeling and Estimation
HB-9 Densing, Martin. Pumped-storage hydropower optimization: Effects of several reservoirs and of ancillary services


Models for electricity production and distribution
HA-43 Denton, Brian. Online Scheduling of Outpatient Procedure Centers

Berg, Bjorn.           

Various Advances on Optimisation in Health Care
MB-8 Derinkuyu, Kür┼čad. European Day Ahead Electricity Market Structures


Electricity Markets and Smart Grids
TD-39 Desai, Jitamitra. An improved RLT-based mechanism for solving nonconvex 0-1 quadratic programs


Algorithms for large-scale 0-1 Linear and Quadratic Programming Problems
HE-20 Deshpande, Ajay. Scheduling and long-term pricing of electric vehicle charging in parking lots with shared resources

Murali, Pavankumar.           

Controlling electric vehicles and battery storage
HD-25 Dessouky, Maged. Routing for Ridesharing Services Considering Congestion

Wang, Xiaoqing. Ordonez, Fernando.         

Heuristics for dynamic transit routing
FB-29 DeTombe, Dorien. Handbook Handling Societal Complexity


Societal Complexity and Healthcare
TE-10 Devine, Mel. Incorporating risk aversion into the specification of efficient Renewable Energy Feed-in Tariffs

Farrell, Niall.
Lee, William.         

Energy Management and Modelling
TE-40 Dhaenens, Clarisse. MO-Mine_Clust : a generic platform for multi-objective clustering

Jourdan, Laetitia.
Fisset, Benjamin.         

Innovations in Meta-Analytics II
FA-26 Dhara, Anulekha. On gap function for variational relation problem


Equilibrium and Variational Inequalities (contributed)
FB-14 Dhingra, Ashwani Kumar Minimising the Sum of Total Tardiness and Earliness
in a Flow Shop Scheduling using Hybrid Genetic Algorithm

Dhingra, Sunita

Shop Scheduling
HD-33 Dhingra, Sunita Genetic Algorithm Parameter Optimisation for Multiprocessor
Task Scheduling using Design of Experiments

Dhingra, Ashwani Kumar

Algorithm Configuration: Black, White
and Gray Box
TA-5 Di Francesco, Massimo. Comparing optimization and simulation models for stochastic empty container repositioning

Gaivoronski, Alexei.
Zuddas, Paola.         

Stochastic programming in maritime transportation
FA-19 di Martinelly, Christine. Surgical team rostering problem considering break windows

Meskens, Nadine.           

Bi-objective Optimization: Methods and Applications
MD-45 Di Puglia Pugliese, Luigi. Robust constrained shortest path problems under budgeted uncertainty

Guerriero, Francesca.
Poss, Michael.         

Stochastic programming in Logistics and Transportation
MB-31 Dias, Luis C. Applying MCDA without Precise Weights to Life-Cycle Environmental Assessment of Vehicle Alternatives

Domingues, Ana Rita.
Freire, Fausto.
Garcia, Rita. 
Marques, Pedro.        

Decision processes under a life-cycle perspective
MD-34 Diaz, Javier. A MINLP model for the bidding design problem of a Hydroelectric Producer: The case of a head-dependent cascaded reservoir system in Spain

Moreno, Luis.           

Energy Analytics
MA-26 Díaz-Madroñero, Manuel. A fuzzy goal programming approach for the assignment problem in textile rotary printing processes 

Mula, Josefa.
Poler, Raul.         

Fuzzy Goal Programming
HA-39 Dieter, Weninger. Presolving in SCIP

Gamrath, Gerald.
Koch, Thorsten.
Martin, Alexander.
Miltenberger, Matthias.        

Recent Developments in the SCIP Optimization Suite
HE-4 Digges La Touche, Emily. Information provision for passengers in underground railways using smart card data

Tyler, Nick.           

O-D Estimation
TE-33 Dimitrov, Ned. Information Retrieval Customized for Intelligence Collection


Defence and Security Applications IV
FA-17 Diner, Oznur Yasar. An Algorithmic Method for Constructing Forbidden Minors

Dereniowski, Dariusz.
Dyer, Danny.         

Graph Searching Games
MD-6 Dobrovnik, Mario. A reference model for determining road toll charges

Kummer, Sebastian.           

Behavioral Research on City Logistics
ME-12 Dodin, Bajis. Calculating the Network Complexity Index in Directed Acyclic Networks


Graphs and Networks IV
HB-13 Doerr, Kenneth. The impact of deadline rush on tardiness across three material flow policies

Nembhard, David.           

Process planning and task scheduling under uncertainties
TE-27 Dogdu, Elif. Dynamic Pricing for Perishable Products in the Presence of Customer Behaviour

Eren Akyol, Derya.           

Pricing Decisions
TB-13 Dolgui, Alexandre. Lot-sizing and lot sequencing on a single imperfect machine with breakdowns and product rejects

Schemeleva, Ksenyia.
Delorme, Xavier.
Grimaud, Frédéric.

Advances in scheduling
TA-32 Dolinskaya, Irina. The Adaptive Orienteering Problem with Stochastic Travel Times

Shi, Zhenyu (Edwin).
Smilowitz, Karen.         

Disaster Management
MD-1 Dollevoet, Twan. An iterative framework for railway disruption management


Delays and Disruptions
ME-8 Dolmatova, Marina. Optimal design of capacity market with startup costs and capacity constraints

Vasin, Alexander.           

Optimal Design in Environmental Management
FA-10 Dorneles, Arton. A Matheuristic Approach for Solving the High School Timetabling Problem

Araújo, Olinto.
Buriol, Luciana S.        

ME-33 Dos Santos, Maria. OREG - Optimal Resource Management of Electric and Electronic Devices

Eisenriegler, Sepp.
Hauer, Walter.
Haubenberger-Hahn, Rita.
Maier, Thomas. Merstallinger, M.
Reichl, Harald.
Waizinger, Gottfried.       

Measuring and optimizing sustainable behavior in existing systems
HD-42 Doukas, Haris. Online Multidisciplinary Information Management Software

Papastamatiou, Ilias. Mavrotas, George. Psarras, John.          

Collaborative Decision Making (Social Networks & Web Resources)
HA-16 Doumpos, Michael. Data-driven robustness analysis for MCDA preference disaggregation approaches

Zopounidis, Constantin.           

Categorical Data Analysis and Preference Aggregation
HE-6 Drakopoulos, Kimon. Network Resilience against epidemic spread

Ozdaglar, Asu.
Ozdaglar, Asu.
Tsitsiklis, John .          

Learning, Resilience, Competition and Congestion
HE-15 Dregert, Swetlana. The Influence of Corporate Norms and Misconduct on Employee Decision Making 

Letmathe, Peter.
Balakrishnan, Ramji.         

Experimental Research in Management Accounting and Management Control 1
FA-34 Dreyer, Kathryn. OR and Quality of Healthcare: An Application of DEA to the South African private hospital industry

Ramjee, Shivani.           

Managing Knowledge
TA-44 Du, Gang. Object-oriented Coordinate Design of Course and Teaching Mode in OR


OR in regular study programs
TE-36 Dubeau, François. Old and new diet formulation models in the swine industry

Dussault, Jean-Pierre.
Joannopoulos, Émilie.
Pomar, Candido.          

Agrifood Industry
ME-15 Duenyas, Izak. Pricing of Conditional Upgrades in the Presence of Strategic Consumers

Cui, Yao.
Sahin, Ozge.         

Pricing and Strategic Consumer Behavior in Revenue Management
TB-10 Dueñas, Pablo. An iterative method for coupling computationally heavy profit-maximizing electricity and gas market models


 Decision Support Models for the Energy Industry II
TD-37 Duhamel, Christophe. A decomposition-based heuristic for optimizing post-disaster relief

Santos, Andréa Cynthia.
Brasil, Daniel.         

Multicriteria Decision Making in Humanitarian Logistics
HE-26 Dulá, José. Projecting onto Lines Using the L-1 Norm

Brooks, Paul.           

Nonsmooth Optimization for Learning and Classification
MB-18 Dundar, Abdullah Oktay. Preparation of blended flour by goal programming

Sahman, Mehmet Akif. Tekin, Mahmut.
Altun, Adem Alpaslan.          

Applications of Goal Programming
FA-43 Dunstall, Simon. Heuristics and decomposition techniques for large multi-period network planning problems

Jafari, Nahid.
Elgindy, Tarek.
Ernst, Andreas.
Ayre, Melanie.
Nazari, Asef.         

Water Distribution Network Design and Management
FB-16 Durak, Mehmet Yahya. Customer Churn Analysis in Telecommunication Industry

Ulku, Ilayda.
Üney-Yüksektepe, Fadime.         

Industrial Applications of Machine Learning
HA-35 Durán, Guillermo. Mathematical programming as a tool for virtual soccer coaches: a case study of a fantasy sport game

Bonomo, Flavia.
Marenco, Javier.        

Stochastic Sports Analysis
MD-32 Durkan, Mehmet. Multi-Objective Decision Analysis for Force Analysis of Conventional Forces Problem


Humanitarian Operations Research for Developing Countries
FA-28 Durlofsky, Louis J. Biobjective optimization for general oil field development problems 

Isebor, Obiajulu.           

MINLP in the Oil and Gas Industry
TA-11 Duxbury, Phil. Algorithms for unassigned distance geometry problems arising in molecule and nanoparticle atomic structure determination

Gujarathi, Saurabh.
Billinge, Simon.
Juhas, Pavol.
Granlund, Luke.

Mixed-combinatorial methods in Distance Geometry
TB-29 Duzdar, Irem. Prioritization of Collaborative Innovation Values

Kayakutlu, Gulgun.
Sennaroglu, Bahar.         

Multiple Criteria Decision Making and Optimization 3
MD-13 Duzgit, Zehra. Due Date Quotation in Dynamic Single Machine Environment with Family Setups under Stochastic Job Characteristics

Unal, Ali Tamer.           

Single machine scheduling
TB-9 Dvalishvili, Phridon. Optimal control of one economical problem using a principle of maximum

Mosidze, Aleksandre.
Karalashvili, Liana.         

Control Theory & System Dynamics
HD-29 Dyk, Wesley. Production Analysis and Operations Research at Noble Energy

Engau, Alexander.           

Distribution and Transportation in the Petrochemical Sector
TE-45 Dziurzynski, Lukasz. 1 million regressions in 30 seconds, an Airbnb case study of Distributed Big Data Mining


Business Analytics Optimization and Big Data