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TE-24 Babich, Vlad. Franchise Contracting with Debt Financing and Bankruptcy Risk

Tang, Christopher.               

Operations Finance Interface 2
TA-1 Bach, Lukas. Timetabling with Crew Scheduling Integration at a Freight Railway Operator

Dollevoet, Twan. 
Huisman, Dennis.   

(Integrated) Planning Models
ME-18 Baesler, Felipe. Multiobjective Emergency Room Capacity Planning Using Simulation Goal programming and Response Surface Methodology

Cornejo, Oscar.               

Surrogate-Assisted Multiobjective Optimization II
HE-06 Bagchi, Uttarayan. Knowledge Leadership: A Systems Approach

Dutta, Amitava. 
Hayya, Jack.             

Learning, Resilience, Competition and
TE-26 Bagirov, Adil. Numerical methods for solving nonsmooth optimization problems with known structures


Nonconvex Nonsmooth Optimization Methods
MD-8 Bahn, Olivier. Geoengineering: is it a valuable option for climate policy?

Chesney, Marc.
Gheyssens, Jonathan.
Pana, Anca.
Knutti, Reto.            

Sustainable management and climate change
HA-3 Baiou, Mourad. A parallel implementation of the volume algorithm to solve the p-median problem

Barahona, Francisco.
Gay, Jean-Christophe.             

Discrete Location and Routing
FA-41 Baisa, Brian. A Comparrison of the Uniform Price and Vickrey Auctions on General Preference Domains 


Auction Theory and Practice
FB-32 Bajalinov, Erik. On a time series forecasting method based on walsh transform

Duleba, Szabolcs.               

Forecasting Methods
ME-40 Bakal, Ismail Serdar. Value of Disruption Information in an EOQ Environment

Bayindir, Z Pelin.
Emer, Deniz Esin.             

Advances in Production and the Link with Supply Chain
MB-3 Bakhrankova, Krystsina. Decision support for improving the SESAR Key Performance Areas

Schittekat, Patrick.
Karahasanovic, Amela.
Eide, Aslak.
Swendgaard, Hans Erik.
Grantz, Volker.
Ødegård, Stian Støer.
Kjenstad, Dag.
Mannino, Carlo.

Air Traffic Management
HE-7 Bakhtiari, Sara. Supplier Selection in a Fuzzy and Probabilistic Environment

Makui, Ahmad.

Fuzzy Optimization in Supply Chain
Management, Production and Logistics
ME-5 Baladincz, Emőke Ila. Measuring the availability of fuelling solutions

Bajor, Péter.               

Fuel logistics
HA-15 Balakrishnan, Anant. Shaping Demand to Match Anticipated Supply

Lin, Sifeng.
Xia, Yusen.             

Revenue Management Application and Theory
TE-11 Balas, Egon. Generalized intersection cuts from orthant interval sets


Advances in Combinatorial Optimization
TB-32 Balcik, Burcu. Routing for Post-Disaster Needs Assessment Operations

Guragac, Burak.

Crisis and Disaster Management
TA-29 Baldioti, Hugo Ribeiro. A multicriteria approach to sort time series models applied to stochastic scenarios generation

Ribeiro, Bruno.
Souza, Reinaldo.             

Multiple Criteria Decision Making and Optimization 2
TE-14 Balezentis, Tomas. Multi-Directional Program Efficiency: The Case of Lithuanian Family Farms

Asmild, Mette.
Galnaityte, Aiste.
Hougaard, Jens Leth.
Krisciukaitiene, Irena.            

DEA Developments
HE-38 Ballestero, Enrique. Multicriteria Approach to bank credit scoring

Zendehzaban, Sonia.               

Multicriteria performance of funds and banks
MA-39 Ballestin, Francisco. Optimising the operating room utilisation rate and the patient waiting time in a Spanish hospital

Pérez, M. Angeles.
Quintanilla, Sacramento.
Lino, M. Pilar.
Valls, Vicente.            

ORAHS I - Effectiveness & performance
HD-10 Bana e Costa, Carlos. A new approach to the bi-dimensional representation of the DEA efficient frontier with multiple inputs and outputs

Soares de Mello, João C.
Angulo-Meza, Lidia.             

DEA Theory III
HB-8 Banasik, Aleksander. Resource efficiency in food supply chains

Kanellopoulos, Aargyris.
Claassen, G D H (Frits).
Bloemhof, Jacqueline.
van der Vorst, Jack.                           

Sustainable Supply Chains 
TA-10 Baptista, Edmea Cássia. An investigation about package minos and optimal power flow problem

Preto de Godoi, Adilson.
Soler, Edilaine.             

Decision Support Models for the Energy Industry I
TB-7 Baradar, Mohamadreza. Optimal Network Operations using a SOCP-OPF model

Hesamzadeh, Mohammad R.          

Convex and Complementarity Models for Electricity Market Analysis
MD-44 Barata, João. Metaheuristic to improve career progression in an organization with N functional careers

Deus, Rui.               

Simulation in Management Accounting and Management Control III
HB-3 Barbati, Maria. A Path Location Model  with equality aspects

Bruno, Giuseppe.               

Network Location
MB-23 Barcus, Ana. Decision Analysis in the context of the Behavioural Reality in Organizations - An empirically supported framework for analysing implementation problems   

Becker, Kai Helge.
Montibeller, Gilberto.             

Behavioural issues in decision making and negotiation
HB-37 Barfod, Michael Bruhn. Involving stakeholders in transport decision making using planning workshops and MCDA

Pryn, Marie.               

Multi Actor Multi Criteria Analysis (I)
HA-9 Baringo, Luis. Strategic Offering for a Wind Power Producer: An MPEC Approach

Conejo, Antonio J.               

Dealing with uncertainty and renewable sources in electricity markets
MA-1 Bärmann, Andreas. A Decomposition Method for Multi-Period Network Expansion

Martin, Alexander.               

Railway Scheduling Problems
HB-43 Barreiras, Alcinda. Appointment scheduling for the breast clinical of Oporto Oncological Hospital


Scheduling and Optimisation Models
HA-1 Barrena, Eva. A Fast and Effcient Adaptive Large Neighborhood Search Heuristic for the Passenger Train Timetabling Problem with Dynamic Demand

Canca, David.
Coelho, Leandro.
Laporte, Gilbert.              

Scheduling and Rescheduling Railways under a Dynamic Environment
TA-20 Barron, Robert. Grid Integration Costs and the Optimal Climate Change R&D Portfolio

Djimadoumbaye, Noubara.
Baker, Erin.             

From the old to the new - managing the transformation of our energy system
TE-33 Barros, Ana Isabel. Creating Real Time Intelligence

Wevers, Jeroen.
van der Vecht, Bob.
van Dalen, Hans.              

Defence and Security Applications IV
HB-15 Barz, Christiane. Exponential Approximations for Network Revenue Management

Adelman, Dan.
Uckun, Canan.             

Contemporary Issues in Revenue Management
TA-34 Başoğlu, İsmail. Efficient Simulations for a Bernoulli Mixture Model of Portfolio Credit Risk

Hörmann, Wolfgang.
Sak, Halis.             

Portfolio Optimization 1
TB-28 Bastert, Oliver Turnkey Optimization on the Cloud

Heipcke,  Susanne

Turnkey Optimization on the Cloud (FICO)
HD-15 Basu, Sumanta. Pricing and Revenue Management in Sequential Distribution Channel: An Application to the Hindi Movie Industry

Sharma, Megha.
Chakraborty, Soumyakanti.

Revenue Management Models in Entertainment, Online Retail and Travel
ME-22 Batmaz, Inci. Precipitation prediction by hidden Markov models

Yazici, Ceyda.
Yozgatligil, Ceylan.             

Machine Learning in Healthcare
HD-12 Batselier, Jordy. A forecasting approach for project duration and cost based on exponential smoothing

Vanhoucke, Mario.               

Project Scheduling and Control
FB-39 Batsyn, Mikhail. Multi-start local search heuristic for the cell formation problem

Bychkov, Ilya.
Pardalos, Panos.
Sukhov, Pavel.              

Discrete Optimization III
HB-13 Battaïa, Olga. Optimal design of assembly lines with flexible workers

Delorme, Xavier.
Dolgui, Alexandre.
Hagemann , Johannes.
Kovalev, Sergey.
Malyutin, Sergey.             

Process planning and task scheduling under uncertainties
HA-40 Battiti, Roberto. Meta-Analytics for Extreme Personalization in E-Commerce


Innovations in Meta-Analytics III
TE-31 Baucells, Manel. Expected Utility and Narrow Framing

Sarin, Rakesh.               

Topics in Decision Processes
HD-35 Baudach, Jens. Linking mathematical optimization and stochastic simulation for planning of transshipment terminals in the parcel delivery industry

Clausen, Uwe.
Diekmann, Daniel.             

Simulation and Optimization for Robust Supply Networks
TB-25 Baumann, Philipp. Sparse computation for large-scale binary classification

Hochbaum, Dorit.               

Numerical Methods in Data Mining
TE-36 Baviera-Puig, Amparo. The Analytical Hierarchy Process in the choice of cocoa post-harvest technology in Ecuador

Vera-Montenegro, Lenin.
Garcia-Alvarez-Coque, J M         

Agrifood Industry
TA-42 Baydoğan, Mustafa. Ensemble Learning Strategies for Large-scale Time Series Analysis and Data Mining 

Runger, George.
Yamak, Didem.             

Big Data Analytics for Quality Improvement
TE-19 Bayindir, Z. Pelin. Joint optimization of maintenance and spare part inventory policies

Bulbul, Pinar.
Bakal, Ismail Serdar.             

Inventory Planning II
MA-35 Baysal, Gülendam. Driver sensitive modeling of spatio-temporal drivers of land use land cover change (LULCC)

Fürst, Christine.               

Stochastic Modeling and Simulation
HB-43 Bayturk, Engin. Optimal Appointment Schedules in a Hospital Radiology Department

Halulu, Sila.
Üney-Yüksektepe, Fadime         

Scheduling and Optimisation Models
MA-23 Becker, Kai Helge. An Outlook On Behavioural OR - Three tasks, three pitfalls and one definition


Perspectives on Behavioural Operations Research 
FA-34 Beg, Sayara. Data Science: Best Practice & Governance


Managing Knowledge
HE-30 Begen, Mehmet. The perspective of an instructor new to case teaching


Case Teaching
MA-2 Belenguer, Jose M. A branch-and-cut algorithm for the capacitated team orienteering problem


Routing Problems with Profits and Other Applications
TE-42 Belenky, Alexander. A decision support system for estimating the scale of using renewable sources of energy and storing electricity in a regional electrical grid


Applications in Decision Making & Decision Analysis
TD-21 Belien, Jeroen. Optimizing collection routes for bottle banks

De Bruecker, Philippe.
De Jaeger, Simon.
De Boeck, Liesje.              

HE-30 Bell, Peter. A review of some of the many ways to include cases in the OR course


Case Teaching
TA-41 Belloso, Javier. A biased-randomized algorithm for the Vehicle Routing Problem with Backhauls

Juan, Angel A.
Faulin, Javier. 
Perez-Bernabeu, Elena.              

Green Logistics in Rich Vehicle Routing Problems
TA-31 Belton, Valerie. Problem structuring for MCDA: incorporating external expertise


Processes of Applying MCDA
FA-8 Beltran-Royo, Cesar. Multiperiod Multiproduct Advertising Budgeting: a Stochastic Optimization Model

Escudero, Laureano F.
Zhang, Huizhen.             

Dynamic Programming
ME-31 Ben Amor, Sarah. The value of additional information in multicriteria decision analysis with information imperfections

Zaras, Kazimierz.
Aguayo, Ernesto.             

Recent Advances on Decision Processes
HE-17 Benade, J Gerhardus. Using volunteer computing for the enumeration of mutually orthogonal Latin squares

Burger, Alewyn.
van Vuuren, Jan.             

Enumeration of Combinatorial Structures
MA-11 Benavent, Enrique. The multiple vehicle pickup and delivery problem with LIFO constraints

Landete, Mercedes.
Mota, Enrique.
Tirado, Gregorio.              

Optimization Methods in Transportation Systems
HE-24 Benchimol, Pascal. Combinatorial simplex algorithms can solve mean payoff games

Allamigeon, Xavier.
Gaubert, Stephane.
Joswig, Michael.              

Algorithms for Stochastic Games
ME-2 Bender, Matthias. An Iterative Cluster-First Route-Second Approach for a Sales Territory Design Problem with Balanced Workload Requirements

Meyer, Anne.
Nickel, Stefan.             

Maps, Zones and Routing
HB-42 Benoit, Dries. Improved decision making by incorporating expert opinions into statistical models

Coussement, Kristof.
Antioco, Michael.             

Integrated and Simulation based DSS Approaches
HA-17 Benson, Hande. Interior-Point Methods within Algorithms for Mixed-Integer Second-Order Cone Programming


Second Order Conic Optimization
HD-14 Bento, Glaydston. Generalized Inexact Proximal Algorithms: Habit's Formation with Resistance to Change, following Worthwhile Changes.

Soubeyran, Antoine.               

Advances in Nonlinear Optimization: Theory and Applications III  (contributed)
MB-14 Berghman, Lotte. New (facet-defining) valid inequalities for a time-indexed formulation

Spieksma, Frits.
Vincent, T'kindt.

Parallel Machines Problems
FA-10 Bergmann, L Katharina. A Linear Mixed-integer Model and Tabu-search Based Improvement Procedure for Realistic Examination Timetabling Problems

Fischer, Kathrin.
Zurheide, Sebastian.             

HE-3 Berman, Oded. On Covering Location Problems on Networks with Edge

Kalcsics, Jörg.
Krass, Dmitry.             

Discrete location
TE-8 Bermeo, Juan. Methodology of the carbon footprint in the logistics business operations applied for food manufacturing companies.

Calderon, Jaime.               

Carbon Footprint and Climate
HD-20 Bernstein, Andrey. Stochastic Optimization Methods for Real-Time Control of Electrical Grids by Using Explicit Power Setpoints

Reyes Chamorro, Lorenzo.
Le Boudec, Jean-Yves.
Paolone, Mario.              

Managing smart energy grids under uncertainty - II
MD-14 Berrais, Abdelaziz. A comparative study of evolutionary algorithms in two-machine flowshop problem with availability constraints and subject to release dates with total tardiness criterion

Rakrouki, Mohamed Ali.
Ladhari, Talel.             

Other real and general problems in production scheduling
TA-19 Bertrand, Jean-Louis. Weather effect on apparel sales in France

Brusset, Xavier.               

Retail Forecasting
TA-1 Besinovic, Nikola. Train routing through stations

Goverde, Rob.
Quaglietta, Egidio.             

(Integrated) Planning Models
MD-2 Bettinelli, Andrea. The multi-zone multi-trip vehicle routing problem with separate delivery and collection

Crainic, Teodor
Vigo, Daniele.             

Urban Logistics Problems
HD-38 Betts, Gavin. Emerging findings from a review of an intervention using the lean systems methodology


Soft OR / Systems and Multimethodology 2
MD-15 Bi, Yalin. Learning and pricing for substitutable products


Novel Models and Applications in Revenue Management
MA-19 Bianchi-Aguiar, Teresa. A new MIP formulation for the location and allocation of products and product families on retail shelves

Silva, Elsa.
Guimarães, Luis.
Carravilla, Maria Antónia.
Oliveira, José Fernando.            

Retail Shelf and Inventory Planning
MD-39 Bichescu, Bogdan. Competing on Quality: Evidence from Award Winning Hospitals in California

Wu, Wei.
Bradley, Randy.             

ORAHS II - Quality improvement
FA-41 Bichler, Martin. Split-Award Procurement Auctions - Can Bayesian Equilibrium Strategies Predict Human Bidding Behavior in Multi-Object Auctions?

Mayer, Stefan.
Guler, Kemal.             

Auction Theory and Practice
HD-20 Bieda, Boguslaw Stochastic approach used for Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) modeling of the energy production in the Integrated Steel Plant's  Power Plant in Poland: Case Study

Zagorc-Kontic, Sonja
Matko, Marusa

Managing smart energy grids under uncertainty - II
HB-13 Bilgen, Bilge. Production Planning in Dairy Industry: An Industrial Case Study


Process planning and task scheduling under uncertainties
HA-12 Billaut, Jean-Charles A Complete View of the Scheduling Problem of Chemotherapy Production with Expensive and
Perishable Raw Materials

Drevon, Thibault. Tournamille, Jean-François.

Project Scheduling: Applications and Generalizations
HB-6 Bimpikis, Kostas. Competing in Networks


Learning and Games in Networks
TD-24 Birge, John. Supply chain network structure and firm performance

Wu, Jing.               

Operations Finance Interface 1
MA-18 Bischoff, Martin. Multiobjective Layout Planning of Photovoltaic Power Plants

Schüle, Ingmar.
Plociennik, Kai.             

 Multiobjective Optimization in Practice
TD-20 Bjørndal, Endre. Congestion Management by Dispatch or Re-dispatch: Flexibility Costs and Stochastic Effects

Bjørndal, Mette.
Tomasgard, Asgeir
Midthun, Kjetil.
Midthun, Kjetil.            

Power system design and operation
TD-20 Bjørndal, Mette. Wind Power, Congestion Management and the Variability of Power Prices

Andersson, Jonas.
Bjørndal, Endre.
Rud, Linda.              

Power system design and operation
TE-3 Blanco, VÍctor. Continuous multifacility ordered median location problems

Puerto, Justo.
EL Haj Ben Ali, Safae.             

Continuous Location (contributed)
ME-33 Bley, Thomas. Applying Dynamic, Process-aware Information Systems to Supply Chain Data Collection

Bierkandt, Michael.
Feick, Christian.
Schiffleitner, Andreas.              

Measuring and optimizing sustainable behavior in existing systems
HA-41 Bloemhof, Jacqueline. The inventory routing problem for perishable products: A green approach

Soysal, Mehmet.
van der Vorst, Jack.             

Stochastic/robust routing and inventory routing
MA-25 Blot, Joel. Infinite-horizon variational problems and oscillations


infinite horizon problems of mathematical econmics
HA-40 Blum, Christian. Improving the Performance of Metaheuristics with Solution Polishing


Innovations in Meta-Analytics III
TD-17 Bocanegra, Silvana.  Using hybrid preconditioners in an IPM for large block-angular problems.

Castro, Jordi.
Oliveira, Aurelio.             

Interior Point Methods for Large-Scale Optimization
FA-13 Bock, Stefan. Finding optimal tour plans of a cargo ship under deadline restrictions


Scheduling Applications 1
FA-42 Bohanec, Marko. Qualitative multi-attribute decision method DEX: Theory and practice

Trdin, Nejc.               

Qualitative Multiple Criteria Decision Making I
MA-8 Boland, John. Synthetic Generation of Solar Radiation Data Sets


Energy and Environmental Management
HE-29 Boland, Natashia. Dynamic Blending with Penalties and Bonuses

Salehipour, Amir.
Savelsbergh, Martin.             

Logistics and Blending in Natural Gas and Mining
MA-22 Bolia, Nomesh. Admission Policies for Walk-in Patients at a Diagnostic Clinic

Garg, Naman. 
Malhotra, Rahul.             

Stochastic Models
MD-16 Bomze, Immanuel. New bounds for the cp-rank in copositive optimization

Schachinger, Werner
Ullrich, Reinhard.             

Copositive and Polynomial Optimization III
HD-9 Bordin, Chiara. A decision support tool for the optimal distribution of thermal energy


Exact and heuristics decision support approaches for energy distribution, planning and management
MA-4 Borenich, Andrea. A production model for an automobile plant with multiple main stages to support the bid process with a coordinated cost estimation 

Greistorfer, Peter.
Reimann, Marc.             

Supply Chain Planning 1
ME-34 Borggrefe, Frieder. Improving computational performance of energy market models

Cao, Karl-Kien.
Scholz, Yvonne.

Power Systems Economics
TB-45 Borgwardt, Steffen. A balanced k-means algorithm for weighted point sets

Brieden, Andreas.
Gritzmann, Peter.             

Geometric Clustering
TA-13 Borreguero, Tamara. Multimode TCSP with generalized temporal constraints: a MILP formulation

Ortega-Mier, Miguel.
GarcÍa-Sánchez, Álvaro.             

Project scheduling 2
HE-13 Bortolini, Marco Mixed model sequencing procedure in case of paced assembly line and jolly operators   

Faccio, Maurizio.
Silva, Ricardo.

Balancing and sequencing of assembly lines 2
FB-38 Bos, Jaap. Carrying the (Paper) Burden: A Portfolio View of Systemic Risk and Optimal Bank Size

Lamers, Martien.
Purice, Victoria.             

Power Systems Economics
TA-36 Botequim, Brigite. A three-step approach to forest optimization modelling for assessing trade-offs in spatial fuel management strategies  

Ager, Alan.
Pacheco, Abílio.
Oliveira, Tiago.
Claro, João.
Barros, Ana.
Borges, Jose.            

Forest Management to Reduce Fire Risk
MD-7 Böttger, Diana. Carbon emission effects of the power-to-heat technology in Germany


Modelling the German 
FB-17 Bouamama, Salim. An improved iterated greedy algorithm for the minimum weighted dominating set.


Combinatorial Structures
TA-2 Bouarab, Hocine. Improving the quality of dual solutions in column generation

Soumis, Francois.

Routing and scheduling
TD-16 Boudries, Abdelmalek. Semantic requests in Web services search

Mourad, Amad.
KASSA, Rabah.             

Machine Learning Applications in Web Technology
MB-23 Boukredera, Djamila. Using Analytic Hierarchy Process to Enhance Consensus in Multi-agent Multi-issue Negotiation

Hariche, Kamal.
Ramdane, Maamri.
Kassa, Rabah.              

Behavioural issues in decision making and negotiation
MD-1 Bouman, Paul. Route choice in case of disruptions

Schmidt, Marie.
Kroon, Leo.
Schöbel, Anita.              

Delays and Disruptions
HA-26 Bounkhel, Messaoud. Iterative Schemes to Solve Nonconvex Variational  Problems


Nondifferentiable Optimization: Theory, Algorithms and Applications I
HD-9 Bovo, Cristian. Contract portfolio optimization for energy trader

Innorta, Mario.               

Exact and heuristics decision support approaches for energy distribution, planning and management
ME-6 Boyaci, Burak. A simulation framework for the operational problem of one-way car sharing systems

Repoux, Martin.
Geroliminis, Nikolas.             

Passenger transportation in cities
HB-16 Bozic, Caslav. Topic Profiles - Applications of Topic Models


Topic Modeling and Information Retrieval with Applications
HD-3 Bozkaya, Burcin. An Empirical Comparison of Customer Retail Patronization Models

Ugurlu, Seda.
Singh, Vivek.
Pentland, Alex.              

Applications of location analysis
FB-23 Brandao, Jose. Iterated local search algorithm for the open vehicle routing problem with time windows


MD-8 Brandenburg, Marcus. Dynamic capabilities and policies for sustainable supply chain management - a system dynamics approach

Thiel, Daniel.
Seuring, Stefan.             

Sustainable management and climate change
TD-2 Brandt, Felix. A Multi-Temperature Truck Layout and Loading Problem

Meyer, Anne. 

Cross-docking and Warehouse Operations Optimtization
TB-9 Brás, Isabel. Stabilizable Switched Systems by Partial State Reset

Carapito, Ana.
Rocha, Paula.             

Control Theory & System Dynamics
HA-12 Braune, Roland. Solution approaches for a close to real-world variable profile task scheduling problem

Doerner, Karl.               

Project Scheduling: Applications and Generalizations
HB-25 Bravo, Cristian. Semi-Supervised Constrained Clustering with Cluster-Dependent Constraints

Weber, Richard.               

Advanced OR methods for data mining
HE-38 Bravo, Mila. Ranking Spanish banks from stress tests: A multicriteria model of moderate pessimism 

Benito, Antonio.
Benito-Sarriá, Germán.             

Multicriteria performance of funds and banks
FA-22 Briand, Cyril. Seeking stable flows in a multi-agent network with controllable capacities

Chaabane, Nadia.
Huguet, Marie-José.             

Game theory and customer behavior in service systems
HA-25 Brieden, Andreas. Predictive analytics by means of constrained clustering

Gritzmann, Peter.
Öllinger, Michael.             

Structuring big data
TE-29 Brison, Valérie. Elicitation of a model of map comparison taking into account geographic aspects 

Pirlot, Marc.               

Multiple Criteria Decision Making and Optimization 5
HB-42 Brito, Thiago. Evaluation of the application of agent-based simulation in container terminal planning


Integrated and Simulation based DSS Approaches
MA-15 Brotcorne, Luce. Bilevel Modelling of Energy Pricing Problem

Afsar, Sezin.
Marcotte, Patrice.
Savard, Gilles.              

Network Pricing
TA-24 Brugha, Cathal. Implications of Nomology for Ethics 


Ethics and OR I
MD-45 Bruni, Maria Elena. The Traveling Repairman Problem with Stochastic Profits

Beraldi, Patrizia.
Laganà, Demetrio.
Musmanno, Roberto.
Vocaturo, Francesca.            

Stochastic programming in Logistics and Transportation
TB-43 Brunner, Markus. Flexibility in Cost-based Transfer Pricing

Schaefer, Peter.               

Accounting and Management Decisions
TB-44 Bruno, Giuseppe. An overview of the Intensive Programme in  Optimization and DSS for Supply Chains (Odss.4SC)

Amaro, Ana.
Casquilho, Miguel.
Corominas, Albert.
Garcia Lopez, Juan Manuel.
Genovese, Andrea.
Henriques, Carla.
Lusa, Amaia.
Magnusson, Johan.
Matos, Henrique.
Miranda, Joao.
Barbósa-Póvoa, A P.
Relvas, Susana.
Rubio, Sergio.     

Additional educational activities for OR
HB-21 Buchwald, Torsten. Upper Bounds for Heuristic Approaches to the Strip Packing Problem

Scheithauer, Guntram.               

Cutting and Packing 2
TD-7 Bucksteeg, Michael. Capacity Markets in Europe - Assessing the Benefits of Coordinated Mechanisms versus National Appro

Weber, Christoph.               

Challenges in Electricity Systems
TB-40 Builes, Luis Alejandro. Monte Carlo Simulation and Optimization for pollution reduction strategies at the Colegio Mayor de Antioquia University

Hoyos, Carlos.
Muñoz, Michelle.
Ramirez Muñoz, A.
Valencia Arroyave, D.            

Educational Planning and Development
FB-41 Bulgarini, Niccolo. Decomposition methods for one-level formulations of the origin-destination estimation problem

Di Lorenzo, David.
Schoen, Fabio.
Sciandrone, Marco.              

Network congestion models
TA-28 Buljubasic, Mirsad. Two phase approach combining heuristic and Integer Programming for SNCF Rolling Stock Problem

Vasquez, Michel.
Gavranovic, Haris.
Hanafi, Saïd.              

HB-1 Bull, Simon. Partitioning a Passenger Rail Network and Rolling Stock Units to Reduce Disruption Propagation

Lusby, Richard.
Larsen, Jesper.             

Robustness in Railway Operations (RobustRailS)
HE-4 Bullejos Gonzalez, Manuel. A practical proposal for Dynamic OD matrix estimation in terms of a bilevel approach


O-D Estimation
FA-15 Bunder, Rachel. Heuristic Methods for Picking Items for Experimental Sets

Boland, Natashia.
Heathcote, Andrew.             

Experimental Research in Management Accounting and Management Control 2
HE-17 Burger, Alewyn. On the minimum number of moves for solving the WrapSlide puzzle


Enumeration of Combinatorial Structures
HD-38 Burger, Katharina. Structuring investment decisions for smart city transitions

Yearworth, Mike.
White, Leroy.             

Soft OR / Systems and Multimethodology 2
TE-31 Burkart, Christian. A competitive covering tour problem in disaster relief

Gutjahr, Walter.
Nolz, Pamela.             

Topics in Decision Processes
TB-30 Burkhardt, Thomas.  Survival risks and risk averse management in forestry


Advances in Financial Decisions and Their Long -Term Horizon
FB-35 Burlak, Gennadiy. Object-oriented approach at optimization of interacting quasi-similar objects in optical simulations.


Stochastic Modeling and Simulation with Applications
ME-22 Buttrey, Samuel. Correlating Influenza Prevalence with Twitter Mentions of Flu


Machine Learning in Healthcare