Slot FA: Friday July, 18   08.30 - 10.00

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FA-1  Session:  Network Capacity and Utilization    /   Stream: Railway and Metro Transportation 
Chair: Leo Kroon      Room:118
  Lopez-Ramos, Francisco. Simultaneous Network Expansion and Global Frequency Setting on Railway Systems

Codina, E. Marín, Á.

  Hong, Soon-Heum. Allocating the Railway Capacities to Extra Trains

Park, B H.

  Mesa, Juan A. The application of complex structures to the analysis and design of railway networks

Laporte, G. De Los Santos Pineda, A.

  Upadhyay, Amit Integer Programming model for planning accompanied combined transport operations in India

Bolia, N.

FA-2  Session:  Vehicle routing problems (1)   /   Stream: Combinatorial Optimization
Chair: Irene Loiseau      Room:111
  Franco, Carlos. A decomposition approach for the inventory routing problem

Schmid, V.

  Torres, Luis. A Multi-Depot Vehicle Scheduling Problem in a Public Transportation System in Quito

Torres, R.

  Ewbank, Henrique. An Unsupervised Fuzzy Clustering Approach to the Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem

Wanke, P. Hadi-Vencheh, A.

  Li, Xiaoya A Kind of Rollout Algorithm for N-Vehicle Exploration
FA-3  Session:  Hub location    /   Stream: Location
Chair: Francisco Saldanha-da-Gama      Room:1
  Alibeyg, Armaghan Hub Location with Profits

Contreras, I Fernandez, E

  Tran, Trung Hieu. Formulation and Solution of an Unreliable Hub Location Problem

O'Hanley, J. Scaparra, M P.

  Jayaswal, Sachin. Capacitated Multiple Allocation Hub Location with Service Level Constraints for Multiple Consignment Classes

Vidyarthi, N.

  Saldanha-da-Gama, Francisco. Multi-period hub network design problems with modular capacities

Alumur, S A. Nickel, S. Seçerdin, Y.

FA-4  Session:  Strategic traffic planning    /   Stream: Traffic flow theory and traffic control
Chair: Gideon Mbiydzenyuy      Room:119
  Halim, Ronald. Estimation of European Freight Logistics Network Using an Integrated Multistage Logistics Network Model

Tavasszy, L.

  Chen, Bo. Price of Anarchy for Non-atomic Congestion Games with Stochastic Demands

Wang, C. Doan, X V.

  Mbiydzenyuy, Gideon. Analysing Design Alternatives for Services Based on Intelligent Transport Systems using an Integer Linear Optimization Model


FA-5  Session:  Yardside operations    /   Stream: Port operations
Chair: Iris F.A. Vis      Room:2
  Vis, Iris F.A. Integrated Crane Scheduling and Yard Allocation for Indented Berths

Ursavas, E. C, H.

  Zhen, Lu. Container Yard Template Planning under Uncertainty


  Van Riessen, Bart. White box optimization of container transport planning

Negenborn, R. Dekker, R.

FA-6  Session:  Matheuristics I    /   Stream: Matheuristics
Chair: M. Grazia Speranza      Room:211
  Archetti, Claudia A matheuristic for the multi-vehicle inventory routing problem

Speranza, M G. Boland, N.

  Ngueveu, Sandra Ulrich. Upper and lower bounding procedures for the optimal management of water pumping and desalination processes

Sareni, B. Roboam, X.

  Moreira, Fábio. A matheuristic for a long-haul freight transportation problem: synchronizing resources through multiple transshipment locations

Amorim, P. Guimarães, L. Belo Filho Ferreira, M A. Almada-Lobo, B.

  Speranza, M. Grazia. Kernel search: A general heuristic approach to MILP problems


FA-7  Session:  Optimal Control with Applications    /   Stream: Optimal Control
Chair: Gernot Tragler      Room:3
  Chenavaz, Régis. When Does Better Product Quality Imply Higher Price?


  Kostina, Ekaterina. Necessary Conditions for Optimal Control Problems in Discontinuos Dynamic Systems


  Weber, Thomas. Dynamic Information Acquisition in LQG Control Problems

Nguyen, V A.

  Tragler, Gernot. Optimal control of violence during insurgencies


FA-8  Session:  Dynamic programming    /   Stream: Dynamic Programming
Chair: Frank Ciarallo      Room:120
  Pöttgen, Philipp. Control Loop Elements in Fluid Systems via Mixed-Integer Linear Programming

Altherr, L. Ederer, T. Lorenz, U. Pelz, P.

  Beltran-Royo, Cesar. Multiperiod Multiproduct Advertising Budgeting: a Stochastic Optimization Model

Escudero, L F. Zhang, H.

  Ciarallo, Frank. Decision processes in route following with imperfect information

Middleton, V.

FA-9  Session:  Optimization of Electric Power Networks    /   Stream: Technical and Financial Aspects of Energy Problems (contributed)
Chair: Javier Salmeron      Room:121
  Ritzenhofen, Ingmar. The structural impact of renewable energy support schemes on electricity markets - a generation capacity expansion model with ramping and strategic bidding

Birge, J. Spinler, S.

  Vandyshev, Konstantin. Enhanced Optimal Power Flow for Real Time Application

Gijswijt, D. Aardal, K.

  Vinals, Guillem. Optimal management of distributed energy resources considering power flow restrictions


  Salmeron, Javier. Electric Power Grid Interdiction: The Value of Spare Transformers

Wood, K.

FA-10  Session:  Timetabling    /   Stream: Timetabling and Rostering (contributed)
Chair: Öznur ¸Sengel      Room:122
  Dorneles, Arton. A Matheuristic Approach for Solving the High School Timetabling Problem

Araújo, O. Buriol, L S.

  Akkan, Can Finding Robust Timetables for Project Presentations of Student Teams

Külünk, M E.m Kocas, C.

  Bergmann, L Katharina. A Linear Mixed-integer Model and Tabu-search Based Improvement Procedure for Realistic Examination Timetabling Problems

Fischer, K. Zurheide, S.

  Şengel, Öznur. Assistant Assignment to Final Exams

Günay, M.

FA-11  Session:  Combinatorial Optimization applications in industry and services    /   Stream: Combinatorial Optimization 
Chair: José Fernando Oliveira      Room:113
  Ospina Lopez, Diana Yomali. Coffee aggregate production planning

Carravilla, M A. Oliveira, J F.

  İlhan, Doğan Aybars. A Mathematical Programming Approach to Mixed Model Assembly Line Balancing and Sequencing

Hoşgör, T.  Üney-Yüksektepe, F. 

  Miura, Hidetoshi. A mathematical railway model for allocation of limited-stop service stations to minimize total travel time

Nemoto, To.

  Heshmati, Sam. An Agent-based Approach to Schedule Crane Operations in Rail-Rail Transshipment Terminals

Carravilla, M A. Oliveira, J F.

FA-12  Session:  Discrete-continuous scheduling    /   Stream: Scheduling under Resource Constraints
Chair: Jan Weglarz      Room:4
Chair: Yakov Zinder
  Zinder, Yakov. A matheuristic approach to capacity planning problem in mineral supply chains

Fung, J. Singh, G.

  Waligora, Grzegorz. Solving some discrete-continuous project scheduling problems with discounted cash flows


  Rozycki, Rafal. Scheduling computational jobs with varying power availability


  Mika, Marek. Simulated annealing approach to metascheduling of workflow applications in computational grids  
FA-13  Session:  Scheduling Applications 1    /   Stream: Scheduling
Chair: Dirk Briskorn      Room:123
  Bock, Stefan. Finding optimal tour plans of a cargo ship under deadline restrictions


  Schnitzler, Daniel. Scheduling Set-Up Operations in a Multi-Machine Environment when only one Set-Up Operator is present

Briskorn, D.

  Emde, Simon. Scheduling part feeding from line-integrated supermarkets to mixed-model assembly lines

Boysen, N.

  Lieder, Alexander. Efficient task scheduling in long-term care facilities

Moeke, D. Stolletz, R. Koole, G.

FA-15  Session:  Experimental Research in Management Accounting and Management Control 2    /   Stream: Experimental perspectives and challenges in management accounting and management control
Chair: Stephan Leitner      Room:125
  Bunder, Rachel. Heuristic Methods for Picking Items for Experimental Sets

Boland, N. Heathcote, A.

  Leyer, mleyer. The Impact of Visualizing Causal Relations on Dynamic Decision Making

Strohhecker, J.

  Rötzel, Peter. Impact of Information Overload on Escalation of Commitment


FA-16  Session:  Pattern Recognition    /   Stream: Intelligent Optimization in Machine Learning and Data Analysis
Chair: Ivan Reyer      Room:127
  Han, Congying. On Fingerprint Image Compression Method based on NMF

Guo, T.

  Matrosov, Mikhail. Short-term forecasting of musical compositions using chord sequences

Strijov, V.

  Reyer, Ivan. Parametric Shape Descriptor based on a Scalable Boundary-Skeleton Model

Zhukova, K.

  Ulku, Ilayda. Customer Loyalty in Internet Service Provider Companies

Durak, M Y. Üney-Yüksektepe, F.

FA-17  Session:  Graph Searching Games    /   Stream: Graph Searching
Chair: Nancy Clarke      Room:5
  Clarke, Nancy. Ambush Cops and Robbers on Graphs with Small Girth


  Ojakian, Kerry. Structures and Strategies in the Game of Cops and Robber


  Diner, Oznur Yasar. An Algorithmic Method for Constructing Forbidden Minors

Dereniowski, D. Dyer, D.

  Cangalovic, Mirjana. A Variable Neighborhood Search for the k-metric dimension problem

Kratica, J. Kovacevic Vujcic, V.

FA-18  Session:  Applications of Multiobjective Optimization I    /   Stream: Multiobjective Optimization - Theory, Methods and Applications
Chair: Ceren Tuncer Sakar      Room:112
  Telemsani, Mehdi. Multiobjective scheduling operating room with a consideration of a balanced allocation of competencies of nurses

Ruiz, A. Soriano, P. Meskens, N.

  Demirci, Duygu. A multi-objective mixed integer mathematical model for one dimensional cutting problem

Kasimbeyli, N.

  Yıldız, Şahan. Multiple Objective Energy and Environmental Policy Research

Koksalan, M. Voyvoda, E.

  Tuncer Sakar, Ceren. An Interactive Approach to Multicriteria Multi-period Portfolio Optimization

Koksalan, M.

FA-19  Session:  Bi-objective Optimization   /   Stream: Multiobjective Optimization - Theory, Methods and Applications
Chair: Vladimir Korotkov      Room:128
  Gadegaard, Sune Lauth. A lexicographic optimization approach to the bi-objective p-cent-dian problem


  Mostert, Martine. A bi-objective location-allocation model for intermodal terminals

Limbourg, S.

  di Martinelly, Christine. Surgical team rostering problem considering break windows

Meskens, N.

  Korotkov, Vladimir. Stability of Bi-objective Investment Problem with Extreme Optimism and Extreme Pessimism Criteria

Emelichev, V. Nikulin, Y.

FA-20  Session:  Energy trading    /   Stream: Stochastic Optimization in Energy
Chair: Nicola Secomandi      Room:129
  Pape, Christian. Price Determinants and their Impact on Day-Ahead and Intraday Market Prices: Explaining the Differences

Hagemann, S. Weber, C.

  Anderson, Edward Rethinking Risk Trading in an Electricity Market Context  
  Secomandi, Nicola. Analysis and Enhancement of Practice-based Policies for the Real Option Management of Commodity Storage Assets


FA-21  Session:  Cutting and Packing 5    /   Stream: Cutting and Packing
Chair: Andréa Vianna      Room:6
  Vianna, Andréa. Cutting stock problem with rectangular and irregular pieces

Cherri, A.

  Hu, Yannan. A Partition-based Heuristic Algorithm for the Large-scale Rectilinear Block Packing Problem

Hashimoto, H. Imahori, S. Yagiura, Mi.

  Rangel, Socorro. Approaches to enhance the efficiency of cutting stock for furniture production


  Silva, Elsa. Integrated cutting and production planning in a home textile manufacturing company

Oliveira, J F. Carravilla, M A.

FA-22  Session:  Game theory and customer behavior in service systems    /   Stream: Game theory and service management 
Chair: Pengfei Guo      Room:7
  Huang, Tingliang. Service Systems with Experience-based Anecdotal Reasoning Customers

Chen, Y-J.

  Yang, Liu. Why Queues are Often Too Long or Too Short? Strategic Behavior of Loss Averse Customers in a Queueing System

Guo, Pi. Wang, Y.

  Guo, Pengfei. Equilibrium Queueing Strategies When Service Quality is Unknown to Some Customers

Haviv, M. Wang, Y.

  Briand, Cyril. Seeking stable flows in a multi-agent network with controllable capacities

Chaabane, N. Huguet, M-J.

FA-23  Session:  Metaheuristics for Vehicle Routing    /   Stream: Metaheuristics (contributed)
Chair: Kenneth Sörensen      Room:8
  Talarico, Luca. The k-dissimilar Vehicle Routing Problem

Sörensen, K. Springael, J.

  Ekmen, Pelin. A tabu search heuristic for the vehicle routing problem with time deadlines and asymmetric distances

Aras, N. Aksen, D.

  Moreno, Luis. An algorithm for the Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP) using a heuristic selection of the set of solutions based on a relevance matrix.

Diaz, J. Calle Salazar, J E.

FA-24  Session:  Dynamic Stochastic Programming and Option Pricing    /   Stream: Actuarial Sciences and Stochastic Calculus
Chair: Daniel Sevcovic      Room:212
  Guerra, Manuel. Value of a firm with suspension and exit options

Nunes, C. Oliveira, C.

  Pólvora, Pedro. Extensions of the Barles and Soner model for derivatives pricing with transaction costs


  Sevcovic, Daniel. A method of solving Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman equation with constraints via Riccati transformation

Kilianova, S.

  Shakeel, Muhammad Bilal. Modelling returns distribution by adapting the Geometric Brownian Motion: an empirical study for capturing irrational behaviour in Finance

Dhesi, G.

FA-25  Session:  Various applications of heuristics    /   Stream: Applications of Heuristics
Chair: Geir Hasle      Room:9
  Regan, Amelia C. Location and Relocation Models for Wildland Fire Planning

Chow, J.

  Kim, Byung-In. Knapsack-based window frame cutting plan algorithm

Ki, Y.

  Hasle, Geir. An Adaptive Iterated Local Search for the Mixed Capacitated General Routing Problem

Dell'Amico, M. Díaz Díaz, J C. Iori, M.

  Snelder, Maaike. An optimization based method for designing road networks that are robust against incidents

Immers, B. van Zuylen, H. van Arem, B.

FA-26  Session:  Equilibrium and Variational Inequalities (contributed)    /   Stream: Nonsmooth Optimization and Variational Analysis (contributed)
Chair: Mohammed Alshahrani      Room:10
  Scheimberg, Susana. A Projection Method for the Constrained Equilibrium Problem

Santos, P S Ms.

  Miholca, Livia-Mihaela. On Vector Equilibrium Problems Given by a Sum of Two Functions

Kassay, Gr.

  Dhara, Anulekha. On gap function for variational relation problem


  Alshahrani, Mohammed Nonsmooth Quasi-Variational-like Inequalities under generalized Brézis Pseudomonotonicity


FA-27  Session:  Infrastructure Development and Environment 1    /   Stream: Infrastructure Development and Environment
Chair: Subhash Datta      Room:213
Chair: Laura Lotero
  Datta, Subhash. Multi Criteria Multi Facility Location in Rajasthan


  Recalde, Diego. Porous network characterization in granular assemblies: A graph theory approach.  
  Lotero, Laura. Analysis of the robustness and vulnerability of the urban public transportation in Medellin

Jaramillo, P. Hurtado, R.

  Kakeneno, Joe Usability of the Structured MCDM Methodology in
Supporting Problem Structuring and Improving Participation
in Tanzania Rural Communities

Brugha, C.

FA-28  Session:  MINLP in the Oil and Gas Industry    /   Stream: Mixed integer non-linear programming
Chair: Andrew Conn      Room:130
  Camponogara, Eduardo. Modeling of Flow Splitting for Production Optimization in Offshore Oil Fields

Silva, T. Furtado Teixeira, A. Sunjerga, S.

  Durlofsky, Louis J. Biobjective optimization for general oil field development problems

Isebor, O.

  Silva, Thiago. Model-Based Production Optimization Applied to a Gas Offshore Field

Furtado Teixeira, A. Sunjerga, S. Camponogara, E.

FA-29  Session:  Societal Complexity and Economy    /   Stream: Methodology of Societal Complexity
Chair: Dorien DeTombe      Room:11
  Kinoshita, Eizo. A Proposition of Thetical and Antithetical Business Management


  Norikumo, Shunei Informatization of the money will impact the social system and existing money value


  Leopold-Wildburger, Ulrike. Reporting and misreporting behavior - A review of experimental studies in decision theory  
  Petrovic, Slavica P. The Emancipatory Systems Methodology for Addressing Coercive Organizational Problems


FA-31  Session:  Networks and Queueing Systems    /   Stream: Telecommunication & Networks (contributed)
Chair: Jorge Sá Esteves      Room:12
  Kendi, Salima. Performance evaluation of a computer network

Touati, S. Bouallouche-Medjkoune, L. Aïssani, D.

  Sakuma, Yutaka. Multi-class M/G/1 queue with exponentially distributed impatient times


  Dai, Wanyang. Diffusion Approximations and Optimality of Scheduling Algorithms for Processor-Sharing Queues in Random Fading MIMO Channels  
  Sá Esteves, Jorge. Server Allocation using an Analytic Generalization of Erlang's Functions  
FA-32  Session:  Supply Chain Management    /   Stream: Production Management & Supply Chain Management (contributed)
Chair: Elodie Adida      Room:14
  Park, Seongtaek. Does the company size affect the purpose of patent application?: Case of the Korean electronics industry

Kim, S. Kim, T-S.

  Cui, Jian. Capturing Dynamics and Integration in Supply Chain


  Van den Broeke, Maud. Evaluating the Supply Chain Cost of Strategic Product Platform Decisions

Boute, R. Samii, B.

  Adida, Elodie Competition and Coordination in a Two-Channel Supply Chain

David, A.

FA-34  Session:  Managing Knowledge    /   Stream: Knowledge in Organizations
Chair: A. D. Amar      Room:16  REDISTRIBUTED> Level 1 (Plenary Room)
  Beg, Sayara. Data Science: Best Practice & Governance


  Tang, Victor. What's Wrong with Big Data?


  Dreyer, Kathryn. OR and Quality of Healthcare: An Application of DEA to the South African private hospital industry

Ramjee, S.

  Amar, A D Managerial Perceptions in Knowledge Management Implementation: Results from a Case Study and a Survey

Mohamed, S. Coakes, E. Leslie, A.

FA-35  Session:  Advances in Forecasting and Stochastic Programming Applications    /   Stream: Stochastic Modeling and Simulation in Engineering, Management and Science
Chair: Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber      Room:16 REDISTRIBUTED> Level 1 - (Plenary Room)
Chair: Jonas Christoffer Villumsen
  Pang, Gu. Forecasting container throughput at Tanjung Priok Port, Indonesia, using univariate forecasting models  
  Villumsen, Jonas Christoffer. Investment in reconfigurable electricity networks under uncertainty Marecek, J. Sinn, M. Mevissen, M.
  Fu, Michael. Recent Advances in Simulation Optimization Using Direct Gradients


  Li, Ta-Hsin. Forecasting the demand of technical resources based on project pipeline data


FA-36  Session:  Applications in Agriculture    /   Stream: OR in Natural Resources (contributed)
Chair: Concepcion Maroto      Room:132
  Inkoom, Justice Nana. Impact of the Spatial Arrangement of Agricultural Land Uses on Ecosystem Services at the Landscape Scale.

Franke, S. Fürst, C .

  Vulevic, Tijana. Land use optimization to meet environmental and economical demands


  Alfandari, Laurent Branch-and-Price-and-Cut for Sustainable Crop Rotation Planning

Plateau, A.  Schepler X.

FA-37  Session:  Importance of Information In Inventory Management    /   Stream: Recovery Inventory Management Policies
Chair: Ozgen Karaer      Room:17 REDISTRIBUTED> Level 1
  Mason, Andrew. Enabling Horizontal Collaboration in Agricultural Supply Chains under Incomplete Information

Villalobos, R. Flores, H.

  Ha, Albert. Information Sharing in Competing Supply Chains with Cost Reduction Efforts


  Karaer, Ozgen. Understanding the Risks and Benefi ts of Radio Frequency Identi cation (RFID) for an Apparel Retailer


  Ata, Zeynep Information Technology Role in Sustainable Supply Chains


FA-38  Session:  Counterparty Risk and Decision Support Systems    /   Stream: Operational Research and Quantitative Models in Banking
Chair: Caslav Bozic      Room:214
Chair: Markus Hoechstoetter
  Nazemi, Abdolreza. Parametric and nonparametric Modeling of LGD for Third-Party Buyers

Hoechstoetter, M. Bozic, C.

  Safarian, Mher. Stochastic Technical Analysis for Decision Making on the Financial Market

Hoechstoetter, M.

  Kriebel, Johannes. Regression Models for Censored and Ordered Dependent Variables Applied to Recovery Rates in Consumer Credit

Stahel, W. Hoechstoetter, M.

FA-39  Session:  Discrete Optimization II    /   Stream: Discrete Optimization, Geometry & Graphs (contributed)
Chair: Frank Gurski      Room:18 REDISTRIBUTED> Level 1
  Liu, Zhaohui. Online parallel machine scheduling with equal processing times and eligibility constraints  
  Gurski, Frank. Algorithms for the FIFO Stack-up Problem

Rethmann, J. Wanke, E.

  Westphal, Stephan. Maximum Generalized Assignment with Convex Costs

Bender, M.

  Kaparis, Konstantinos. On Generalised Blossom Inequalities for the Matchoid Polytope

Letchford, A. Mourtos, Y.

FA-40  Session:  Quantitative Models for Performance and Dependability I    /   Stream: Quantitative Models for Performance and Dependability
Chair: Vassilis Kostoglou      Room:19 REDISTRIBUTED> Level M2
  Pennings, Clint. Individual Choice and Payoff in Passenger Train Congestion: An Experiment

Bouman, P. van Dalen, J.

  Cristal, Irina. Information Visualization and Cost-benefit Analysis as Decision Support Tools in the CHANGES Spatial Decision Support System

Berlin, J. Bakker, W. van Westen, C. Greiving, S.

  Kostoglou, Vassilis. Personalized user information on a decision support system supporting the choice of higher education specialty

Ploskas, N. Vassilakopoulos, M.

FA-41  Session:  Auction Theory and Practice  /   Stream: Auctions
Chair: Brian Baisa      Room:216
Chair: Martin Bichler
  Zhang, Yingqian. Bundling Strategies in Online Auctions

Verwer, S.

  Ott, Marion. Nash Equilibria of Sealed-Bid Combinatorial Auctions

Beck, M.

  Baisa, Brian. A Comparison of the Uniform Price and Vickrey Auctions on General Preference Domains


  Bichler, Martin. Split-Award Procurement Auctions – Can Bayesian Equilibrium Strategies Predict Human Bidding Behavior in Multi-Object Auctions?

Mayer, S.  Guler, K.

FA-42  Session:  Qualitative Multiple Criteria Decision Making I    /   Stream: Qualitative Multiple Criteria Decision Making
Chair: Vladislav Rajkoviˇc      Room:215
Chair: Marko Bohanec
  Bohanec, Marko. Qualitative multi-attribute decision method DEX: Theory and practice

Trdin, N.

  Rajkovic, Uros. Application of qualitative multi-attribute decision model for patient's health status evaluation

Sustersic, O. Rajkovic, V.

  Kontic, Branko. Comparative evaluation of various energy options using qualitative multi-attribute models

Bohanec, M. Trdin, N. Kontic, D. Zagorc-Kontic, S. Matko, M.

  Mileva-Boshkoska, Biljana. Solving the ranking problem in DEX methodology using copulas

Bohanec, M.

FA-43  Session:  Water distribution network design and management    /   Stream: OR in Water Management
Chair: Derek Verleye      Room:217
  Zuddas, Paola. A stochastic programming approach to water resources management evaluating costs and risks

Gaivoronski, A. Sechi, G.

  Peano, Andrea. Optimal Placement of Isolation Valves on Water Distribution Networks


  Verleye, Derek. Solving multi-period water production and distribution problems in large-scale networks

Aghezzaf, E-H.

  Dunstall, Simon. Heuristics and decomposition techniques for large multi-period network planning problems

Jafari, N. Elgindy, T. Ernst, A. Ayre, M. Nazari, A.