Slot FB: Friday July, 18   10.30 - 12.00

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FB-1  Session:  Getting the decisions right, fast (IBM)    /   Stream: Sponsored Sessions
Chair: Susara van den Heever      Room:118
Chair: Sofiane Oussedik
  Van den Heever, Susara Getting the decisions right, fast

Oussedik, S.

FB-2  Session:  Vehicle routing problems (2)    /   Stream: Combinatorial Optimization
Chair: Irene Loiseau      Room:111
  Pradenas, Lorena. The vehicle routing problem with minimizing environmental pollution

Bravo, M. Parada, V.

  Loiseau, Irene. A Multiple Ant Colony System for the Prize Collecting Location Routing Problem

Negrotto, D.

  Nan, Zhu. On the problem of regional cash transport and storage in the Chinese banking industry

Hong, Q.

FB-3  Session:  Location (contributed)    /   Stream: Location
Chair: Ricardo Aceves-García      Room:1
  Sotomayor Alzamora, Guina. Problem size reduction in a large multi-period location-allocation problem

Lustosa, L. Raupp, F. da Camara Pereira, C E.

  Vatsa, Amit. Multi-period facility location problem with an uncertain number of servers


  Aceves-GarcÍa, Ricardo Solution to the capacitated location problem using separable cross decomposition  
FB-4  Session:  Traffic management    /   Stream: Traffic flow theory and traffic control
Chair: Michael O Oladejo      Room:119
  Ertunc, Ela. Analysis of road traffic accidents in Antalya Province (Turkey) using Grograpical Information Systems

Cay, T. Mutluoglu, O.

  Lee, Seungjae. Convergence Analysis on Advanced Traffic Assignment Algorithms

Kim, J. Lee, S.

  Oladejo, Michael O. Optimal transportation network using challenges as catalytic factors

Tamber, Jh A.

FB-5  Session:  Quayside operations    /   Stream: Port operations
Chair: Evrim Ursavas      Room:2
  Ursavas, Evrim. Berth Allocation Problem under Stochastic Nature

Zhu, X.

  Azevedo, Anibal Solving the 3D stowage planning with quay crane scheduling by representation by rules and genetic algorithm

Oliveira, A. Morini, C. Salles Neto, L. Chaves, A.Moretti, A.

  Pacino, Dario. On the Complexity of Container Stowage Planning Problems

Tierney, K. Jensen, Re.

  Verstichel, Jannes. Optimizing lock operations: a combinatorial Benders' approach

De Causmaecker, P. Vanden Berghe, G.

FB-6  Session:  Matheuristics II    /   Stream: Matheuristics
Chair: Michel Gamache      Room:211


  Pereira, Marcos Antonio. A Hybrid Method for the Probabilistic Maximal Covering Location-Allocation Problem

Coelho, L. Lorena, L A. N. de Souza, Ligia C.

  Ramirez, Javier. A hybrid algorithm for the robust graph coloring problem

Mora-Gutiérrez, R A. Rincón-GarcÍa, Eric A. Ponsich, A. Laureano-Cruces, A L.

  Coelho, Igor. A matheuristic for the bi-objective arc routing problem

Porumbel, D. Talbi, El-ghazali. Setti, Luidi. Ochi, L Satoru.

  Gamache, Michel. Tabu search algorithm for the optimal planning of a marketing campaign on search engines

Hertz, A. Jaoua, M.

FB-7  Session:  Theory of Optimal Control    /   Stream: Optimal Control (contributed)
Chair: Klara Mizhidon      Room:3
  Yılmaz, Şerife. On one application of convex optimization to stability problems

Büyükköroğlu, Tr. Dzhafarov, V.  

  Madaeva, Elena. About some approach to the identification of linear dynamic systems


  Tauchnitz, Nico. Pontryagins Maximum Principle for Optimal Control Problems with Infinite Horizon  
  Mizhidon, Klara. Conditions for satisfying phase constraints in a control problem

Mizhidon, A.

FB-8  Session:  Dynamic Programming and Multicriteria DSS    /   Stream: Dynamic Programming
Chair: Zdenek Hanzalek      Room:120
  Zadnik Stirn, Lidija. Decision support system (DSS) based on dynamic programming with fuzzy returns for optimal management of natural resources  
  Wimmer, Maximilian. Graphing tri-criterion nondominated surfaces

Steuer, R E.

  Carling, Christian. Maximising diversity in combinatorial scenario spaces

Esson, E A.

FB-9  Session:  Electricity Networks    /   Stream: Technical and Financial Aspects of Energy Problems (contributed)
Chair: Jorge Valenzuela      Room:121
  Lyra Filho, Christiano. Combinatorial Optimization Enhances the Energy Output of Electric Power Networks

Cavellucci, C. Usberti, F. Vizcaino, J F.

  Csercsik, Dávid. Lying generators


  Valenzuela, Jorge. Seasonal Transmission Switching with N-1 Reliability Requirements

Jabarnejad, M. Wang, J.

FB-10  Session:  Team and Assignment Optimization    /   Stream: Timetabling and Rostering (contributed)
Chair: Wilmer Atoche      Room:122
  Soares Boaventura, Ricardo. Genetic Algorithms Applied to Management of Customer Portfolio and Management of Daily Schedules for a Bank Sales Workforce Marques Testa, C. Yamanaka, K.
  Koide, Takeshi. An Application for a Laboratory Assignment with Rotations


  Atoche, Wilmer Optimal Allocation of Football Team


  Garcia Lopez, Juan Manuel. About Some Characteristics that are common in Optimization Projects Involving Human Resources


FB-11  Session:  Euclidean Distance Geometry and Applications    /   Stream: Combinatorial Optimization
Chair: Nelson Maculan      Room:113
Chair: Antonio Mucherino
  de Freitas, Rosiane. Some notes of Euclidean distance geometry and graph theory involving telecom, computer networks and molecular biology applications

Cardoso Dias, B. Maculan, N. Lavor, C.

  Venceslau, Helder. New developments on the application of the Hyperbolic Smoothing Technique to solve the Distance Geometry Problem

Xavier, A E.

  Costa, Virginia. Numerical Solution of The Euclidean Problem in n-Space

Sartini, B. Fampa, M.

  Mucherino, Antonio. Molecular Distance Geometry and Atomic Orders  
FB-12  Session:  Scheduling models in operational decision making    /   Stream: Scheduling under Resource Constraints
Chair: Joanna Jozefowska      Room:4
Chair: Francisco Ballestin
  Quintanilla, Sacramento. ORAS: Route Optimization System for the Hospital at Home Service

Ballestin, F. Lino, M.A. Pérez, M. A. Valls, V.

  Pérez, M. Angeles. Decomposition of a storage and retrieval problem in a warehouse

Ballestin, F. Lino, M.A. Quintanilla, So. Valls, V.

  Lazarev, Alexander. Metrics and approximated solution of the machine scheduling problems


  Jozefowska, Joanna. Scheduling an injection plant with order dependent setups

Goslawski, M. Kulus, M. Nossack, J.

FB-13  Session:  Scheduling Applications 2    /   Stream: Scheduling
Chair: Sanja Petrovic      Room:123
Chair: Greet Vanden Berghe
  Potts, Chris. Scheduling Patients for Surgery

Penn, M. Harper, P.

  Puttkammer, Karen. Hot Strip Mill Scheduling under Consideration of Energy Consumption

Wichmann, M G. Spengler, T.

  Zimberg, Bernardo. Reception, Mixture and Delivery of Crude Oil in a Terminal

Camponogara, E. Ferreira, E.

  Ha, Byung-Hyun. Optimal Scheduling for Storage and Retrieval of Assembly Blocks in Temporary Storage Yard for Shipbuilding Process

Son, J-R.

FB-14  Session:  Shop scheduling    /   Stream: Scheduling
Chair: Waldemar Kaczmarczyk      Room:124
  Chipoyera, Honest. Some finite planning horizon inspection models with non-negligible inspection times


  Kaczmarczyk, Waldemar. Makespan poorly approximates machine utilization in the flow shop system


  Khamooshi, Homayoun. Decoupling time and cost in project perfromance management  
  Kumar Dhingra, Ashwani Minimising the Sum of Total Tardiness and Earliness
in a Flow Shop Scheduling using Hybrid Genetic Algorithm

Dhingra, S.

FB-15  Session:  Experimental Research in Management Accounting and Management Control 3    /   Stream: Experimental perspectives and challenges in management accounting and management control
Chair: Stephan Leitner      Room:125
  Krüger, Gustavo. Diagnostic about the utilization of shared service centers for municipalities of southern brazil

Correa, R.

  Lukáčik, Martin. Slovak Business Cycles in the Post-communist Era

Szomolányi, K. Luká荍iková, A.     

  Siraj, Sajid. Experimental evaluation of a set of multi-criteria decision making methods

Ishizaka, A.

FB-16  Session:  Industrial Applications of Machine Learning    /   Stream: Intelligent Optimization in Machine Learning and Data Analysis
Chair: Anton Khritankov      Room:127
  Durak, Mehmet Yahya. Customer Churn Analysis in Telecommunication Industry

Ulku, I. Üney-Yüksektepe, F.

  Park, Cheong Sool. Data mining application for production system : R2R controller design in multi-item production system

Yoo, Y. Kim, J S. Kim, S-S. Baek, J-G.

  Ahn, Sejung Strategic indicators for science and technology competency analysis

Kwon, O-J. Kim, D. Lee, J Y. Noh, K-Ran.

FB-17  Session: Combinatorial Structures   /   Stream: Graph Searching (contributed)
Chair: Nancy Clarke      Room:5
  Mandrescu, Eugen. On Efficient Unique Maximum Matching Algorithms

Levit, V.

  Yelbay, Belma. Mathematical programming models and relaxations for the minimum hub cover problem.

Birbil, S I. Bulbul, K.

  Bouamama, Salim. An improved iterated greedy algorithm for the minimum weighted dominating set.  
FB-18  Session:  Applications of Multiobjective Optimization II    /   Stream: Multiobjective Optimization - Theory, Methods and Applications
Chair: Guilhem Raffray      Room:112
  Chen, Chao. A Multiobjective Resource Allocation Problem in Project Scheduling

Cheng, G. Xiu, B. Huang, J. Zhang, W. Zhu, C.

  Khominich, Dmitry. Shape optimization of rotating disks

Gubarev, F. Pospelov, A.

  Raffray, Guilhem. Multi-objective optimization for the design of fish and meat hot-smoking processes

Sebastian, P. Collignan, A.

  Niño Pérez, Esmeralda Multiple Criteria Simulation Optimization: Further Refinements

Cabrera-Ríos, M.

FB-19  Session:  New Methods for Multiobjective Optimization    /   Stream: Multiobjective Optimization - Theory, Methods and Applications
Chair: Alan Pearman      Room:128
  Nakagawa, Yuji. Complete Efficient Frontier of Bicriteria Nonlinear Separable Discrete Optimization Problems with multiple constraints

Kimura, S. J. W. James, Ross. Edirisinghe, C.

  Younci Née Abbaci, Leila. A new algorithm for optimizing a linear fractional function over an integer efficient set of a Multiple Objective Linear Problem

Moulaï, M.

  Habenicht, Walter. An enumerative cutting plane approach to integer linear vector optimization problems  
  Pearman, Alan. Identifying a maximally representative sample: a linear binary goal programming formulation  
FB-20  Session:  Stochastic unit commitment with renewables    /   Stream: Stochastic Optimization in Energy
Chair: Warren Powell      Room:129
  Heide-Jørgensen, Ditte. A dynamic programming approach to the ramp constrained intra-hour stochastic single-unit commitment problem

Krogh Boomsma, T. Pinson, P.

  Powell, Warren. SMART-ISO: An Informationally Correct Model of the PJM Energy Markets and Power grid


  Uckun, Canan. A Dynamic Stochastic Unit Commitment Formulation to Accommodate Wind Uncertainty

Botterud, A. Birge, J.

  Daraeepour, Ali. Stochastic market clearing in electricity markets with high penetration of wind energy: Air emissions reductions and economic savings

Patino-Echeverri, D.

FB-21  Session:  Cutting and Packing 6    /   Stream: Cutting and Packing
Chair: Guntram Scheithauer      Room:6
  Scheithauer, Guntram. Minimal proper non-IRUP instances of the one-dimensional Cutting Stock Problem


  Friedow, Isabel. New inequalities for 1D relaxations of the 2D strip packing problem

Scheithauer, G.

  Mesyagutov, Marat. Branch-and-Price Methods for the 1D Contiguous Bin Packing Problem

Scheithauer, G. Belov, G.

  İçmen, Banu A Two-Objective Two-Dimensional Cutting Stock and Assortment Problem

Kasimbeyli, R.

FB-22  Session:  Advances in service process analysis   /   Stream: Game theory and service management
Chair: Jan Van Mieghem      Room:7
  Roels, Guillaume. Optimal Design of Co-Productive Services: Interaction and Work Allocation


  Van Mieghem, Jan. Collaboration and Resource Sharing in Networks


  Lariviere, Martin. Staffing Service Systems When Capacity Has a Mind of its Own  
FB-23  Session:  VNS and ILS    /   Stream: Metaheuristics (contributed)
Chair: Jose Brandao      Room:8
  Defryn, Christof. A Variable Neighbourhood Metaheuristic for the Clustered Vehicle Routing Problem

Sörensen, K.

  Brandao, Jose. Iterated local search algorithm for the open vehicle routing problem with time windows  
  Ozcetin, Erdener. A parallel iterated local search algorithm on GPUs for quadratic assignment problem

Ozturk, G.

FB-24  Session:  Tools and Applications in Actuarial Sciences    /   Stream: Actuarial Sciences and Stochastic Calculus
Chair: Anna Castañer-Garriga      Room:212
  Sangüesa, Carmen. On log convex and log concave discrete random variables associated with counting processes

Badia, F G.

  Uratani, Tadashi. Sustainability of public pension


  Lefèvre, Claude. Order Statistics and Insurance Risk Models  
  Castañer-Garriga, Anna. Optimal stop-loss reinsurance: a dependence analysis Claramunt, M. M.
FB-25  Session:  Applications of Metaheuristics    /   Stream: Applications of Heuristics (contributed)
Chair: Hiroyuki Ebara      Room:9
  Nogo, Goranka. A new heuristic approach to the set-partition problem

Iisevic, I.

  Hamid, Mona. A Dual Search Method for Routing Problems

Ouenniche, J.

  Nakayama, Koki. Parallel Consultant-Guided Search for the Traveling Salesperson Problem

Ebara, H.

  Harabor, Daniel. Scheduling Container Trains at Port Botany

Guimarans, D. Van Hentenryck, P.

FB-26  Session:  Multiobjective Bi-Level Optimization (contributed)    /   Stream: Nonsmooth Optimization and Variational Analysis (contributed)
Chair: Susanne Franke      Room:10
  Guerra-Vázquez, Francisco. Convexification in Multiobjective Semi-Infinite Programming

Ruckmann, Jan-J.

  Slimani, Hachem. Nonsmooth multiobjective bilevel optimization problem under generalized invexity

Bouibed, K. Radjef, M S.

  Cruz Neto, João Xavier da. A proximal point method with generalized distances for a class of bilevel equilibrium problems

Bento, G. Oliveira, J. Soares Junior, P.

  Franke, Susanne. Bilevel road pricing: A solution algorithm  
FB-27  Session:  Infrastructure Development and Environment 2    /   Stream: Infrastructure Development and Environment
Chair: Fernando Crespo      Room:213
Chair: Elise del Rosario
Chair: Erik Kropat
  Gomes, A. Miguel. Planning Luanda's Electricity Distribution Network Expansion using a MILP approach

Moreira, A J. Costa, M. T.

  Muriel Villegas, Juan Esteban. Optimizing a supply Chain network design under network disruptions

Villegas, J G.

  Alarcón-Bernal, Zaida E. Selection of governments arrangements for freight transport in Mexico City: a multilevel system  
  Hanáček, Tomás. The challenges in the waterfront regeneration by the participatory planning  
FB-28  Session:  Advances in MINLP    /   Stream: Mixed integer non-linear programming
Chair: Eva Lee      Room:130
Chair: Ingmar Vierhaus
  Lee, Eva. Nonlinear Mixed Integer Programming Approach for Cervical Cancer Treatment  
  Huang, Wei. The Convex Hull of Graphs of Polynomial Functions

Hemmecke, R.

  Gunnerud, Vidar. Embedding structural information in simulation-based MINLP optimization


FB-29  Session:  Societal Complexity and Healthcare    /   Stream: Methodology of Societal Complexity
Chair: Eizo Kinoshita      Room:11
Chair: Cathal Brugha
  Tolordava, Zhana Business Game


  Sinuany-Stern, Zilla. Efficiency of orthopedic wards in acute hopitals

Cohen Kadosh, S.

  DeTombe, Dorien. Handbook Handling Societal Complexity


FB-31  Session:  P2P, social networks and E-commerce    /   Stream: Telecommunication & Networks (contributed)
Chair: Yuliya Gaidamaka      Room:13
  Chin, Yang-Chieh. Applying Multi-criteria Group Decision Approaches to Explore Online Group Buying Purchase Intention


  Mourad, Amad. Pancake Graph based Solution for Improving Dynamicity in P2P Networking

Aïssani, D. Zouweyna, M.

  Gaidamaka, Yuliya. Construction and analysis of a mathematical model for data buffering in peer-to-peer based streaming networks

Samuylov, A. Samouylov, k. Shorgin, S.

FB-32  Session:  Forecasting Methods    /   Stream: Forecasting Methods
Chair: Chris Tofallis      Room:14
  Gerek, Omer Nezih. A complexity improvement strategy for the Mycielski binary forecasting algorithm for fast and efficient prediction

Fidan, M.

  Bajalinov, Erik. On a time series forecasting method based on walsh transform

Duleba, S.

  Tofallis, Chris. Why MAPE should not be used to compare forecasting methods


  Turrini, Laura. A forecasting method for non-stationary spare parts demand


FB-34  Session:  Knowledge Work and Workers    /   Stream: Knowledge in Organizations
Chair: A. D. Amar      Room:16 REDISTRIBUTED> Level 1 (Plenary room)
  Ekstrom, Thomas. A knowledge and capability based view on performance-based contracting in defence acquisition

Selviaridis, K.

  Das, Ajay. Innovation vs. efficiency in the supply chain


FB-35  Session:  Stochastic Modeling and Simulation with Applications    /   Stream: Simulation & Stochastic Programming and Modeling (contributed)
Chair: Gennadiy Burlak      Room:131
  Love, Ernie. Utilizing a Trend-Renewal Framework for Estimating Repair Effects in Failing Systems

Yang, Q.

  Cauley, Fattaneh. A stochastic optimization for chemical separation problems


  Burlak, Gennadiy. Object-oriented approach at optimization of interacting quasi-similar objects in optical simulations.


FB-36  Session:  Healthcare Management    /   Stream: Healthcare Management
Chair: Subhash Datta      Room:132
Chair: Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber
  Etukudo, Idorenyin Optimal Resource Allocation for Effective Health
Care Delivery in Niger Delta Region of Nigeria - an
Invariant Property Based Algorithm Approach
  Aliakbari, Arash Selecting Basic Insurance Organizations' covered Medications in IRAN

Hoda Shajari, S. Pourasghari, H. Mehregan, M. Boloori, F. Hooshmand Khaligh, F. Kedmati, J.

  Oosthuizen, Louzanne. HIV diagnostic service delivery in South Africa: Scenario analysis using a multi-objective version of the uncapacitated fixed-charge location model

Bekker, J.

  Martonosi, Susan. Models for preventing and treating malaria in resource-constrained regions


FB-37  Session:  Managing Transshipments    /   Stream: Recovery Inventory Management Policies
Chair: Jianjun Xu      Room:17 REDISTRIBUTED> Level 1
  Reodecha, Manop. Decision Models for Purchasing and Reselling of Unused Spaces in Less-than-truckload Trips

Phumchusri, N. Sammaung, W..

  Xu, Jianjun. Production and Transshipment Management of Two Manufacturing Facilities: Dynamics, Efficient Optimal Policy and Characteristics

Feng, Y.

  Cicek, Eren. Multi-Refinery Product Transportation Optimization


  Rusyaeva, Olga. Approximate dynamic programming for lateral transshipment problems in multi-location inventory systems

Meissner, J..

FB-38  Session:  Assessing Systemic Risk    /   Stream: Operational Research and Quantitative Models in Banking
Chair: Raffaella Calabrese      Room:214
  Degl’Innocenti, Marta. Modelling the Probability of Government Measures and Failures During the 2008-2012 through
the GEV Model

Calabrese, R.

  Panzica, Roberto. Systemic and Systematic Risk in Stock Returns

Billio, M. Caporin, M. Pelizzon, L.

  Bos, Jaap. Carrying the (Paper) Burden: A Portfolio View of Systemic Risk and Optimal Bank Size

Lamers, Martien. Purice, V.

  Calabrese, Raffaella Modelling Cross-Border Bank Contagion using Marshall-Olkin Copula

Osmetti, S.

FB-39  Session:  Discrete Optimization III    /   Stream: Discrete and Global Optimization
Chair: Tonguc Ünlüyurt      Room:18 REDISTRIBUTED> Level 1
  Batsyn, Mikhail. Multi-start local search heuristic for the cell formation problem

Bychkov, I. Pardalos, P. Sukhov, P.

  Ünlüyurt, Tonguc. Sequential Testing with Fixed Costs in Batches

Selcuk, B. Ozluk, O.

  Vainer, Aleksander. Adaptivity in the stochastic blackjack knapsack problem

Levin, A.

  Ruan, Ning. Canonical Duality Method for the Design of FIR Filters with Signed-Powers-of -Two Coefficient


FB-40  Session:  Quantitative Models for Performance and Dependability II    /   Stream: Quantitative Models for Performance and Dependability
Chair: Sabri Erdem      Room:19 REDISTRIBUTED> Level M2
  Gong, Bing. Local-scale maximum daily ozone prediction by using artificial intelligence techniques

Ordieres-Mere, J.

  Coussement, Kristof. A bagging-based undersampling strategy for classification : A customer churn prediction application.

Verstraeten, G.

  Erdem, Sabri. Assessing Entrepreneurial Potential of Individuals using Principal Component Analysis

Bıçakcıoğlu, N. Çağlıyangil, M.

FB-41  Session:  Network Congestion Models   /   Stream: Traffic Equilibrium
Chair: Patrice Marcotte      Room:216
Chair: Niccolo’ Bulgarini
  Casorrán-Amilburu, Carlos. Novel Formulations for Stackelberg Security Games

Labbé, M.  Fortz, B.  Ordonez, F.

  Kostic, Bojan. Derivative-Free Algorithms for the Estimation of Dynamic Demand Structure using Traffic Counts

Tiddi, D. Gentile. G

  Sciandrone, Marco. A Convergent and Efficient Decomposition Method for the Symmetric Traffic Assignment Problem

Di Lorenzo, D.

  Bulgarini, Niccolo' Decomposition Methods for One-Level Formulations of the Origin-Destination Estimation Problem

Di Lorenzo, D. Schoen, F. Sciandrone, M.

FB-42  Session:  Qualitative Multiple Criteria Decision Making II    /   Stream: Qualitative Multiple Criteria Decision Making Chair: Marko Bohanec      Room:215
Chair: Vladislav Rajkoviˇc
  Trdin, Nejc. Numeric relational multi-attribute models in qualitative multi-attribute method DEX

Bohanec, M.

  Kljajic Borstnar, Mirjana. Multi-attribute Model for Assessment of SMEs adoption of High Performance Computing cloud services

Ilijaš, T. Pucihar, A.

  Mirchevska, Violeta. Business Intelligence System Complexity, and Approaches to Understand the User Segments in Business Intelligence Systems and Adapt Data Cubes to User Needs

Korelič, I.  Gams, M.  Škedelj, F. Kljajic Borstnar, M  Rajkovic, V.        

  Leber, Dennis. Information Gathering for Multiple-Attribute Selection Decisions

Herrmann, J.

FB-43  Session:  anagement and Performance Analysis    /   Stream: Operational Research and Quantitative Models in Banking
Chair: Stavros A. Zenios      Room:217
Chair: Carlo Lucheroni
Chair: Jake Ansell
  Thomas, Lyn. Lending Decisions with Limits on Capital Available

So, M C.

  Wojciechowski, Piotr. Feasible Algorithms for Lattice and Directed Subspaces

Kreinovich, V. Del Valle, J.      

  Ansell, Jake. GAM Models Explore Non-Parametric Feature of UK SMEs Performance During Financial Crisis
in session

Ma, M. Andreeva, G.