Slot HA: Thursday July, 17   08.30 - 10.00

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HA-1  Session:  Scheduling and Rescheduling Railways under a Dynamic Environment    /   Stream: Railway and Metro Transportation
Chair: Luis Cadarso      Room:118
  Placido, Antonio. The influence of dwell times on rail service planning

D'Acierno, L. Botte, M. Campora, S. Montella, B.

  Barrena, Eva. A Fast and Effcient Adaptive Large Neighborhood Search Heuristic for the Passenger Train Timetabling Problem with Dynamic Demand

Canca, D. Coelho, L. Laporte, G.

  Veelenturf, Lucas. A macroscopic railway timetable rescheduling approach for handling large scale disruptions

Kidd, M. Cacchiani, V. Kroon, L. Toth, P.

  Codina, Esteve. A model for readjusting public transport services on short time periods

Montero, L. Marín, Á.

HA-2  Session:  Time-dependent Vehicle Routing and Scheduling    /   Stream: Vehicle routing
Chair: Christian Bierwirth      Room:111
  Mankowska, Dorota Slawa. Synchronization in Vehicle Routing Problems - An Overview

Bierwirth, C. Meisel, F.

  Shchegryaev, Alexander. Time Inconsistency of Heuristics in Multi-period VRP

Zakharov, V.

  Nuñez, Cristina. The Multi-period Collection Scheduling Problem with Balancing Constraints

Fernandez, E. Kalcsics, J. Nickel, S.

  Artigues, Christian Column generation for a class of bi-objective vehicle routing problems

Jowiez, N. Sarpong, B M.

HA-3  Session:  Discrete Location and Routing    /   Stream: Location
Chair: Alfredo Marín      Room:1
Chair: Justo Puerto
  Landete, Mercedes. Analysis of the solution permutations for the Asymmetric Traveling Salesman Problem

Puerto, J. Alcaraz, J. Monge, J F. García-Nové, E M.

  Espejo, Inmaculada. A further study of location facilities with failure foresight

Marín, A. Rodriguez-Chia, A M.

  Baiou, Mourad. A parallel implementation of the volume algorithm to solve the p-median problem

Barahona, F. Gay, J-C.

  Puerto, Justo. The Discrete Ordered Median Problem: A tour of perspective


HA-4  Session:  Network traffic modelling I    /   Stream: Traffic flow theory and traffic control
Chair: Ludovic Leclercq      Room:119
Chair: Nikolas Geroliminis
  Chiabaut, Nicolas. Extensions of the Macroscopic Fundamental Diagram to Multimodal Traffic


  Haddad, Jack. A Mathematical Proof for the Optimal Perimeter Control Policy at an Urban Region

Ioslovich, I.

  Geroliminis, Nikolas. Modeling and control of large scale multimodal urban networks

Ampountolas, K. Zheng, N.

HA-5  Session:  Maritime routing and scheduling 2    /   Stream: Maritime transportation
Chair: Henrik Andersson      Room:2
  Hemmati, Ahmad. A General Short Sea Inventory-Routing Problem

Hvattum, L M. Christiansen, M. Laporte, G.

  Furtado, Maria Gabriela. A branch-and-cut method for the routing and scheduling of vessels in a Brazilian oil industry

Munari, P. Morabito, R.

  Msakni, Mohamed Kais. Exact and heuristic methods for creating annual delivery program for LNG producer

Mutlu, F.

  Andersson, Henrik Order management in the Brazilian oil industry

Hagen, M. Fernández Cuesta, E. Fagerholt, K.

HA-6  Session:  Network Economics    /   Stream: Social and Economic Networks
Chair: Azarakhsh Malekian      Room:211
  Manshadi, Vahideh. The Spread of Epidemics on Random Graphs: A Modified Bass Model for Product Growth in Networks

Johari, R. Misra, S.

  Malekian, Azarakhsh. The spread of Epidemics on Random Networks: The Effect of Quarantine and Isolation


  Teytelboym, Alex. Trading networks with bilateral contracts


  Pekec, Sasa. Mechanism and Network Design with Loss-Exposed Agents

Belloni, A. Deng, C.

HA-7  Session:  Dynamical Models in Sustainable Development II   /   Stream: Dynamical Models in Sustainable Development
Chair: Jean-Sébastien Tancrez      Room:3
  Osorio, Maria. Development of a preliminary model for the kinetic behavior of main pollulants in the city of Puebla  
  Mayorga Torres, Oscar. Modeling network supply and distribution of perishable products using systems dynamics


  Potgieter, Linke. Improving pest control strategies for Eldana saccharina Walker

van Vuuren, J. Conlong, D.

  Tancrez, Jean-Sébastien. Designing the Supply Chain Network to Reduce Carbon Emissions

Comas Marti, J M. Seifert, R W.

HA-8  Session:  Carbon Emissions and Remanufacturing Problems    /   Stream: Energy Economics, Environmental Management and Multicriteria Decision Making (contributed)
Chair: Matthias Garbs      Room:120
  Corbett, Charles. The State of Scope 3 Carbon Emissions Reporting in Supply Chains

Blanco, C. Caro, F.

  Jakowczyk, Marta. What online trading and Web search sites data can tell us about demand for remanufactured and used products?

Quariguasi, J. Gibson, A. Van Wassenhove, L.

  Jiménez-Parra, Beatriz. Purchase intention of Spanish consumer: Results from an experiment about remanufactured laptops

Rubio, S. Vicente-Molina, A.

  Garbs, Matthias. System dynamic modelling of carbon storage by wood products

Geldermann, J. Hesse, M.

HA-9  Session:  Dealing with uncertainty and renewable sources in electricity markets    /   Stream: Technical and Financial Aspects of Energy Problems
Chair: Luis Baringo      Room:121
  Zugno, Marco. An Affinely Adjustable Robust Optimization Approach to the Operation of Heat and Power Systems

Morales, J M. Madsen, H.

  Oggioni, Giorgia. Evaluating the impacts of priority dispatch in the European electricity market

Murphy, F. Smeers, Y.

  Sánchez de la Nieta López, AgustÍn Alejandro. Short-term effects of optimal wind-pumped hydro storage energy offers in day-ahead electricity markets

Contreras, J. Catalão, J P S.

  Baringo, Luis. Strategic Offering for a Wind Power Producer: An MPEC Approach

Conejo, A J.

HA-10  Session:  DEA Theory I    /   Stream: Theoretical Developments in DEA
Chair: Dimitris Despotis      Room:122
  Chen, Wen-Chih. Solving small LPs to determine productive efficiencies of big data


  Zhang, Meng. Resource Allocation Based on the Global Efficiency and Pure Technical Efficiency

Cui, J.

  Smilgins, Aleksandrs. Applied Cost Allocation: The DEA-Aumann-Shapley approach

Hougaard, J L.

  Koronakos, Gregory. A study on two-stage network DEA models with some improvements

Despotis, D.

HA-11  Session:  Combinatorial Optimization: Applications   /   Stream: Combinatorial Optimization
Chair: Jan van Vuuren      Room:113
  Einhorn, Mark. The Application of the Economic Order Quantity and Osmosis Methodologies to Self-Organising Traffic Control

van Vuuren, J. Burger, A.

  Heyns, Andries. A multi-objective approach towards terrain-dependent facility location

van Vuuren, J.

  Schlünz, Evert B. Comparing a nondominated and a scalarising solution approach for a nonlinear combinatorial multiobjective optimisation problem given a limited budget

Bokov, P M. van Vuuren, J.

  van Vuuren, Jan. On a scheduling problem with sequence-dependent setup times

Burger, A.

HA-12  Session:  Project Scheduling: Applications and Generalizations   /   Stream: Project Management and Scheduling
Chair: Karl Doerner      Room:4
Chair: Jean-Charles Billaut
  Schramme, Torben. Strategic construction planning of underground gas and oil storages with the flexible resource-constrained multi project scheduling problem

Suhl, L.

  Braune, Roland. Solution approaches for a close to real-world variable profile task scheduling problem

Doerner, K.

  Madenoğlu, Fatma Selen. GRASP based algorithms for dynamic job-shop scheduling with sequence-dependent setup times

Baykasoğlu, A. Hamzadayi, A

  Billaut, Jean-Charles A Complete View of the Scheduling Problem of Chemotherapy Production with Expensive and Perishable Raw Materials

Drevon, T. Tournamille, JF

HA-13  Session:  Handling uncertainty in scheduling and lot-sizing 2    /   Stream: Scheduling
Chair: Mikhail Y. Kovalyov      Room:123
Chair: Alexandre Dolgui
  Deleplanque, Samuel. Handling uncertain demands in the dynamic dial-a-ride problem

Quilliot, A.

  Hjaila, Kefah. Analysis of the role of Price Negotiations and Uncertainty in the Optimization of Coordinated Supply Chains

Zamarripa, M. Espuña, A.

  Urgo, Marcello. A risk-based approach to robust scheduling of a single machine

Váncza, J.

  Chiang, Johannes. Solving the FMS Uncertainty by Deadlock Prevention with a Critical Siphon Theory  
HA-14  Session:  Advances in Nonlinear Optimization: Theory and Applications I   /   Stream: Nonlinear Programming
Chair: Goran Lesaja      Room:124
  Fountoulakis, Kimon. Second Order Methods for Sparse Signal Reconstruction

Gondzio, J.

  Fischer, Andreas. An Optimization Approach to Model Selection for Support Vector Regression

Langensiepen, G. Strasdat, N. Luig, K. Thies, T.

  Lesaja, Goran. Improved full Newton-step interior-point methods for LO and LCP

Roos, K.

  Kozanidis, George Mixed Integer Bilevel Programming with Upper-Level Decision Variables that Appear at the Lower-Level Objective but not in any of the Lower-Level Constraints

Kostarelou, E

HA-15  Session:  Revenue Management Application and Theory    /   Stream: Revenue Management II
Chair: Darius Walczak      Room:125
  Walczak, Darius. Challenges in RM & Pricing Optimization of Product-Resource Networks  
  Balakrishnan, Anant. Shaping Demand to Match Anticipated Supply

Lin, S. Xia, Y.

  Guney, Evren. An Efficient Pricing Method to Determine the Network Value of Influentials in Social Networks

Çakır, V. Düzdar, I. Ozdemir, A.

  Mishra, Nishant. A model for competition in network revenue management


HA-16  Session:  Categorical Data Analysis and Preference Aggregation    /   Stream: Intelligent Optimization in Machine Learning and Data Analysis
Chair: Michael Doumpos      Room:127
  Kuznetsov, Mikhail. Partial Orders Combining for the Object Ranking Problem

Strijov, V.

  Kaya, Anil. An Interactive Approach for Multicriteria Selection Problem

Ozpeynirci, O. Ozpeynirci, S.

  Doumpos, Michael. Data-driven robustness analysis for MCDA preference disaggregation approaches

Zopounidis, C.

  Sharma, Jitendra. Linking Voice of Industry (Recruiters) with B-Schools' Service Operations using Q Sort Technique through Quality Function Deployment    

Agrawal, T.

HA-17  Session:  Second Order Conic Optimization    /   Stream: Interior Point Methods and Conic Optimization
Chair: Jacek Gondzio      Room:5
  Terlaky, Tamás. Mixed-Integer Second-Order Conic Optimization (MISOCO): Disjunctive Conic Cuts and Portfolio Models  
  Benson, Hande. Interior-Point Methods within Algorithms for Mixed-Integer Second-Order Cone Programming


  Wang, Zhouhong. On the Convergence Properties of the Central Path for Second Order Cone Optimization

Terlaky, T.

  Mészáros, Csaba. The second-order cone programming solver in the Fico-Xpress Optimization Suite  
HA-18  Session:  Nonconvex Multiobjective Optimization II    /   Stream: Multiobjective Optimization - Theory, Methods and Applications
Chair: Panos Pardalos      Room:112
Chair: Julius Zilinskas
  López Redondo, Juana. Solving a tri-objective location problem via evolutionary algorithms

Fernandez, J. Gila Arrondo, A. Ortigosa, A M.

  Lančinskas, Algirdas. Solution of Bi-objective Discrete Competitve Facility Location Problems

Fernandez, P. Pelegrin, B. Zilinskas, J.

  Varoneckas, Audrius. Visualization of Pareto sets in multi-objective optimization problems

Zilinskas, A.

  Filatovas, Ernestas. A new visualization technique for enhancing interactive methods of multiobjective optimization

Kurasova, O. Podkopaev, D.

HA-19  Session: Advances on Demand and Supply Planning in Consumer Goods and Retailing    /   Stream: Demand and Supply Planning in Consumer Goods and Retailing
Chair: Heinrich Kuhn      Room:128
Chair: Winfried Steiner
Chair: Michael Katehakis
  Li, Hongyan. Pricing and Rebate Strategy in Retail Platforms with Revenue Sharing

Deng, S.

  Wang, Guoqing. Cyclic joint replenishment with total volume discounts


  Katehakis, Michael A Tractable Inventory Model with Random Lead times

Smit, L. Speksma, F. Ertiningsih, D.

  Danloup, Nicolas Collaborative supply chains: a case study

Allaoui, H. Goncalves, G.

HA-20  Session:  Demand response and smart grid infrastructure    /   Stream: Stochastic Optimization in Energy
Chair: Vineet Goyal      Room:129
  Cai, Desmond. Pricing mechanisms for control

Wierman, A.

  Adelman, Daniel Smart Homes with Price-Responsive Thermostats

Uckun, C.

  Cano, Emilio L. Stochastic Optimization and Risk Management for an efficient planning of buildings' energy systems

Moguerza, J M. Alonso-Ayuso, A.

  Goyal, Vineet. Optimal Price Rebates for Demand Response under Power Flow Constraints

Iyengar, G. Schwarz, Q. Wang, S.

HA-21  Session:  Cutting and Packing 1    /   Stream: Cutting and Packing
Chair: Antonio Martinez Sykora      Room:6
  Alvarez-Valdes, Ramon Two-Dimensional Bin Packing Problems with irregularly-shaped pieces: constructive algorithms

Bennell, J. Martínez Sykora, A. Tamarit, J.

  Paquay, Célia. A constructive heuristic for the three dimensional Bin Packing Problem with transportation constraints

Schyns, M. Limbourg, S.

  Ramos, António. An algorithm for a Container Loading Problem with Static Mechanical Equilibrium Conditions

Oliveira, J F. Gonçalves, J F. Lopes, M.

  O'Neil, Ryan J. A MIP-Based Dual Bounding Technique for the Irregular Nesting Problem

Hoffman, K.

HA-22  Session:  Competitive and cooperative games    /   Stream: Game theory and operations management (contributed)
Chair: Greys Sosic      Room:7
  Taneri, Niyazi. The Role of Operations in New Product Development Alliances

De Meyer, A.

  Golany, Boaz. Sequential inspection games

Deutsch, Y.

  Calleja, Pedro. Openshop sequencing games  
  Riquelme, Fabián. Solution concepts in influence games

Molinero, X. Serna, M.

HA-23  Session:  Applying Analytics to Big Data for Driving Big Outcomes    /   Stream: Analytics Application and Practice
Chair: Arnab Chakraborty      Room:8
  Kanioura, Athina. Multi-Channel Customer: Predicting the next best action with our customers


  Chakraborty, Arnab. Rise of Intelligent Machines: Applying analytics on Machine to Machine data (M2M) for making better decision

Advani, J.

  Lannez, Sebastien. Solving large-scale marketing campaign problems

Raghavan, S. Heipcke, S.

  Kamvysi, Konstantina. An integrated QFD framework linking quality management with marketing efforts

Gotzamani, K.  Andronikidis, A. Georgiou, A.

HA-24  Session:  Dynamics and Learning in Games    /   Stream: Dynamic and repeated games
Chair: Panayotis Mertikopoulos      Room:212
  Leslie, David. Two-Timescales Game-Theoretical Learning with Continuous Action Spaces  
  Laraki, Rida. Inertial Game Dynamics and Applications to Constrained Optimization


  Staudigl, Mathias. Large Deviations and Stochastic Stability in Games


  Mertikopoulos, Panayotis. A Continuous-Time Approach to Online Optimization


HA-25  Session:  Structuring big data    /   Stream: Data Mining
Chair: Peter Gritzmann      Room:9
  Krahmer, Felix. Sampling-based Johnson-Lindenstrauss embeddings

Mixon, D.

  Zlicar, Blaz. String Kernels for Financial Time Series Prediction

Cousins, Simon.

  Gritzmann, Peter. On data segmentation and its applications

Brieden, A.

  Brieden, Andreas. Predictive analytics by means of constrained clustering

Gritzmann, P. Öllinger, M.

HA-26  Session:  Nondifferentiable Optimization: Theory, Algorithms and Applications I   /   Stream: Nonsmooth Optimization and Variational Analysis (contributed)
Chair: Manlio Gaudioso      Room:10
  Wilppu, Outi. Multiple subgradient descent bundle method for nonsmooth multiobjective optimization

Karmitsa, N. Mäkelä, M M.

  Bounkhel, Messaoud. Iterative Schemes to Solve Nonconvex Variational Problems


  Gaudioso, Manlio. Generalized cutting plane for convex nonsmooth optimization


  Iusem, Alfredo. A Levenberg-Marquardt method with approxmate projections

Behling, R. Fischer, A. Ye, Y.

HA-27  Session:  Emerging Applications of Decision Support Systems    /   Stream: Decision Analysis, Decision Support Systems (contributed)
Chair: Marion Penn      Room:213
  Kitagawa, Tomohiro. Optimum periodic inspection interval and repacement policies for a one-shot system with minimal repair

Yuge, T. Yanagi, S.

  Lamorgese, Leonardo. Fast timetable generation for railway capacity planning in Norway


  Mangelsdorf, André. Evaluating path-dependencies in networks - a realoption approach


  Penn, Marion. Applying Decision Analysis to Public Policy Decisions: Case Study on Banning Neonicotiniods

Thomas, L. Rowley, I.

HA-29  Session:  OR in Mining    /   Stream: OR in Petrochemicals and Mining
Chair: Eduardo Moreno      Room:11
  Lamghari, Amina. A network-flow based algorithm for scheduling production in multi-processor open-pit mines accounting for metal uncertainty

Dimitrakopoulos, R.

  Moreno, Eduardo. Using direct optimisation methodologies for deterministic and stochastic open pit production scheduling

Espinoza, D. Goycoolea, M. Rivera, O.

  Nelis, Gonzalo. Stochastic Programming applied to Mine Planning under geological uncertainty with differents levels of information.

Morales, N. Ortiz, J.

HA-30  Session:  Recent models on cooperative games and integer programming    /   Stream: Allocation problems in game theory
Chair: Osman Palanci      Room:12
Chair: Mehmet Onur Olgun
  Unuvar, Merve. Model for Evaluating Strategies for Overload Relief in Oversubscribed Clouds

Baset, S.

  Ergun, Serap. On the grey Shapley value

Palanci, O. Alparslan Gok, S Z.

  Olgun, Mehmet Onur. Cooperative Grey Games with Allowing for Stock outs

Ozdemir, Gultekin.

  Palanci, Osman. Cooperative games and bubbles

Alparslan Gok, S Z. Weber, G-W.

HA-31  Session:  Network Design    /   Stream: Telecommunications and Networks
Chair: Markus Leitner      Room:13
  Ruiz, Efrain. The Capacitated Minimum Spanning Tree Problem with non-homogeneous capacities

Albareda Sambola, M. Fernandez, E.

  Sinnl, Markus. The node-quadratic prize-collecting Steiner tree problem

Leitner, M. Ljubic, I.

  Leitner, Markus. A polyhedral study of the diameter constrained minimum spanning tree problem

Gouveia, L. Ljubic, I.

  Joyce-Moniz, Martim. Mathematical programming models for Traffic Engineering in Ethernet networks implementing the Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol

Fortz, B. Gouveia, L.

HA-32  Session:  Supply Chain Concepts    /   Stream: Production Management & Supply Chain Management (contributed)
Chair: Jaime Palma      Room:14
  Harrison, Norma. Sustainable Supply Chain Management: Developing a Framework through Conceptual Modelling

Amjed, T.

  Lukac, Zrinka. Application of inequality between arithmetic and geometric mean to optimization of economic functions

Kojic, V.

  Mavri, Maria. Changing Production Chain by using 3D-printing


HA-33  Session:  Defence and Security Applications V    /   Stream: Defence and Security Applications
Chair: Ana Isabel Barros      Room:15 REDISTRIBUTED Level 0
  Kammerdiner, Alla. Risk analyses for some vulnerability models of industrial control systems


  Teixeira, Leandro. Combining hard and soft evaluation of security risk factors

Rodrigues, A.

  McNaught, Ken. Probabilistic Influence Diagrams for Modelling Influence Operations


  Knippenberg, Willem. Simulating Anti-Submarine Warfare with MANA

Noordkamp, W. Monsuur, H. Janssen, R. Hordijk, R.

HA-34  Session:  Financial Modeling 1    /   Stream: Decision Making Modeling and Risk Assessment in the Financial Sector
Chair: Dave Strugnell      Room:16 REDISTRIBUTED Level 1 - (Plenary room)
  Slijepcevic-Manger, Tatjana. On the ruin probabilities of a multidimensional risk model  
  Nishihara, Michi. Real option valuation of sequential R&D investment


  Strugnell, Dave. Decision-making for pre-retirement investment strategy


  Lakner, Peter. The Limit Order Book in a High Frequency Regime

Reed, J. Stoikov, S.

HA-35  Session:  Analysis and Management on Risk and Security    /   Stream: Stochastic Modeling and Simulation in Engineering, Management and Science
Chair: Silja Meyer-Nieberg      Room:131
Chair: Erik Kropat
Chair: Dimitrios Vlachos
  Aoudia-Rahmoune, Fazia Containerization and Performance Evaluation in Port Transport: Case of the Extra Zone Port ZEP of the BMT Company-Bejaia

Aïssani, D.

  Yaici, Malika. A Simulator for Distributed Algorithms  
  Vlachos, Dimitrios. Design of Cost Efficient, Sustainable and Secure Food Supply Chains

Keramydas, C. Tsolakis, N. Iakovou, E.

  Duran, Guillermo Mathematical programming as a tool for virtual soccer coaches: a case study of a fantasy sport game

Bonomo, F.  Marenco, J.

HA-36  Session:  Sustainability and Environmental Management    /   Stream: OR in Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
Chair: Israel Quintanilla      Room:132
Chair: Marina Segura
  Marqués, Inmaculada. Public preferences for multifunctional agriculture system, using analytic hierarchy process. Differences in calculating priorities.

Segura, Baldomero.

  Paolotti, Luisa. Poultry and olive associated production: a multicriteria analysis of sustainability

Castellini, Cesare. Boggia, A. Rocchi, L. Rosati, A.

  Segura, Marina. Management and valuation of ecosystem services of Mediterranean natural parks

Maroto, C. Ginestar, C.

  Quintanilla, Israel. A regional assessment of sectorial, environmental and social risks from livestock farms by using multi-criteria techniques.

Gallego Salguero, Á. Calafat Marzal, C. Maroto, C.

HA-37  Session:  Multiobjective Optimization in Asia, and Related Subjects    /   Stream: Multiobjective Optimization
Chair: Tetsuzo Tanino      Room:17 REDISTRIBUTED Level 1
Chair: Tamaki Tanaka
  Chu, Ta-Chung. Using a Maximizing Set Method to Rank Alternatives under Fuzzy MCDM


  Kumam, Poom. Some existence criterions for solutions to a class of generalized equilibria under multi-objective multifunctions

Chaipunya, P.

  Tanaka, Tamaki. Observation on quasiconvexity for set-valued maps via scalarization

Yamada, S.

  Zak, Jacek. Multiple Criteria and Group Decision Making in the Fleet Selection Problem for a Public Transportation System


HA-38  Session:  Soft OR / Systems Practice    /   Stream: Soft OR / Systems and Multimethodology
Chair: Ashley Carreras      Room:214
  Paucar-Caceres, Alberto. Systemic Thinking in Management Practice: Using Soft Systems Methodology in family businesses in Catalonia

Roma, J. Sierra, D. Hart, D.

  Carreras, Ashley. Managing the Client-Consultant Relationship: A

Franco, L A. Papadopoulos, T. Tavella, E.

  Steenmans, Ine. Evaluating the value of PSM use in urban planning projects


  Wang, Yucan. A simulation study of a combination system of enterprise resource planning (ERP) and informality

Greasley, A. Albores, P.

HA-39  Session:  Recent Developments in the SCIP Optimization Suite    /   Stream: Discrete and Global Optimization
Chair: Gerald Gamrath      Room:18 REDISTRIBUTED > Level 1
  Miltenberger, Matthias. SoPlex 2.0

Gleixner, A.

  Dieter, Weninger. Presolving in SCIP

Gamrath, G. Koch, T. M, A. Miltenberger, M.

  Witt, Jonas Timon. Generic Branch-Price-and-Cut

Bergner, M. Gamrath, G. Lübbecke, M. Puchert, C.

  Gamrath, Gerald. Recent branching improvements in SCIP


HA-40  Session:  Innovations in Meta-Analytics III    /   Stream: Data Mining in Finance and Commodities
Chair: Roberto Battiti      Room:19 REDISTRIBUTED > Level M2
Chair: Kenneth So¨rensen
Chair: Marc Sevaux
  Leboucher, Cedric. An enhanced Particle Swarm Optimisation method designed for real-time applications by using Neural Network

Le Menec, S. Siarry, P. Shin, H-S. Chelouah, R. Tsourdos, A.

  Luna-Mota, Carlos. A Dandelion Code extension

Fernandez, E.

  Blum, Christian. Improving the Performance of Metaheuristics with Solution Polishing  
  Battiti, Roberto. Meta-Analytics for Extreme Personalization in E-Commerce  
HA-41  Session:  Stochastic/robust routing and inventory routing    /   Stream: Stochastic Models for Service Operations
Chair: Luca Bertazzi      Room:216
Chair: Jacqueline Bloemhof
  Ohlmann, Jeffrey. Dynamic Orienteering in Textbook Sales

Zhang, S. Thomas, B.

  Cordeau, Jean-François. Benders Decomposition for Production Routing Under Demand Uncertainty

Adulyasak, Y. Jans, R.

  Laganà , Demetrio. Optimal and Heuristic Robust Policies for the Inventory Routing Problem with Outsourced Transportation

Bertazzi, L. Bosco, A.

  Bloemhof, Jacqueline. The inventory routing problem for perishable products: A green approach

Soysal, M. van der Vorst, J.

HA-42  Session:  Business Intelligence, Knowledge Management & Decision Systems    /   Stream: Decision Support Systems
Chair: Ana Paula Costa      Room:215
Chair: Fatima Dargam
  Vertinsky, Ilan. Assessing a Firm's Patent Litigation Propensity and the Effectiveness of its Defense Strategy: Decision Support Models

Minns, S.

  Aziz, Haemin The Theory of Search Applied to Business Strategy

Payne, A

  Linden, Isabelle. A system based on a competency framework to support the choice of teaching activities


  Liu, Shaofeng. Effective knowledge sharing for intelligent supply chain decision support

Neaga, E. I. Oyemomi, O.

HA-43  Session:  Various Advances on Optimisation in Health Care    /   Stream: Optimisation in Health Care
Chair: Sanjay Mehrotra      Room:217
Chair: Omid Nohadani
  Denton, Brian. Online Scheduling of Outpatient Procedure Centers

Berg, B.

  Tilson, Vera. Evaluation of Inventory Technologies for Operating Rooms

Dobson, G. Froix, A. Seidmann, A.

  Nohadani, Omid. On Biological and Geometrical Uncertainties in Radiation Therapy


HA-44  Session:  Managing Risk in Supply Chains I    /   Stream: Managing Risk in Supply Chains
Chair: Kumar Sanjay      Room:218
  Petricli, Gulcan. Unveiling the Supplier Risks with a Neural Network Based Supplier Selection Model

Emel, G G.

  Gelau, Tobias. Managing Supply Chain Disruptions: A Comparison of the Automotive and Food Industry

Hansen, O. Herrmannsdoerfer, M.

  Sanjay, Kumar. Qualifying Stock Impact of Supply Chain Disruptions under Various Market Cycles and Industry Domicile

Liu, J. Deshmukh, .

  Li, Gendao Carbon emissions reduction and transfer in supply chains under a cap-and-trade system with emissions-sensitive demand

Xiong, Y

HA-45  Session:  Business Analytics Optimization and Big Data    /   Stream: Business Analytics Optimization and Big Data
Chair: Matan Abraham      Room:219
  Klabjan, Diego. Large-scale PCA in mapreduce under the Manhattan norm


  Philpott, Elly. Big Data Tools and Techniques in the UK Retail Sector

Ramanathan, R. Duan, Y. Cao, G.

  Zervopoulos, Panagiotis. Relaxed normality assumption in stochastic DEA for efficient handling of big data

Mitropoulos, I.

  Abraham, Matan The use of Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) for profiling specialist healthcare providers in South Africa

Ramjee, S. Dreyer, K.