Slot HB: Thursday July, 17   10.30 - 12.00

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HB-1  Session:  Robustness in Railway Operations (RobustRailS)    /   Stream: Railway and Metro Transportation
Chair: Richard Lusby      Room:118
  Parbo, Jens. Adapting stopping patterns of railway lines to improve robustness from the users' perspective

Nielsen, O A.

  Thorlund Haahr, Jørgen. A Branch-and-Price Framework for Rolling Stock Recovery

Lusby, R. Pisinger, D. Larsen, J.

  Lusby, Richard. Integrating Depot Planning when Recovering Rolling Stock Schedules

Thorlund Haahr, J. Larsen, J. Pisinger, D.

  Bull, Simon. Partitioning a Passenger Rail Network and Rolling Stock Units to Reduce Disruption Propagation

Lusby, R. Larsen, J.

HB-2  Session:  Variants of the Vehicle Routing Problem 1   /   Stream: Vehicle routing
Chair: Daniele Manerba      Room:111
  Muter, Ibrahim. A New Formulation and Approach to Solve the Black and White Traveling Salesman Problem  
  Arda, Yasemin Specific Multi-trip Operators for Vehicle Routing Problems

Crama, Y. François, V. Laporte, G.

  Martinez Sykora, Antonio. Results on the polyhedron associated with node-balanced vehicle routing problems

Bektas, T. Gouveia, L. Salazar González, J J.

  Manerba, Daniele. A column generation approach for the Multi-Vehicle Travelling Purchaser Problem with Pairwise Incompatibility Constraints

Gendreau, M. Mansini, R.

HB-3  Session:  Network Location    /   Stream: Location
Chair: Maria Albareda Sambola      Room:1
  Marín, Alfredo. Degree dependent tree location  
  Barbati, Maria. A Path Location Model with equality aspects

Bruno, G.

  García Quiles, Sergio. The p-median facility location problem with uncertainty on the costs

Escudero, L F.

  Albareda Sambola, Maria The Probabilisitic p-Center Problem

Rodriguez-Chia, A

HB-4  Session:  Network traffic Modeling II    /   Stream: Traffic flow theory and traffic control
Chair: Jaume Barceló      Room:119
Chair: Nicolas Chiabaut
  Linares, Mª Paz. A mesoscopic simulation based dynamic traffic assignment model

Carmona, C. Barceló, J. Serch, O.

  Joueiai, Mahtab. Scale Selection in Multi-Scale Traffic Flow Modelling

van Lint, H. Hoogendoorn, S.

  Torne, Josep Maria. An integrated traffic modelling for ramp metering with dynamic speed limit strategies.

Soriguera, F. Geroliminis, N.

  Haghani, Ali. Methodology for Measuring Performance of High Occupancy Vehicle Lanes

Hamedi, M. Zhang, Y.

HB-5  Session:  Stowage planning    /   Stream: Port operations
Chair: Dario Pacino      Room:2
  Monaco, M. Flavia. The Terminal management perspective on the Ship Stowage Planning Problem

Sammarra, M. Sorrentino, G.

  Muona, Tommi. Port call duration optimisation through quay crane parameter constrained containership stowage planning

Ursavas, E. Vis, I FA.

  Parreño, Francisco. Heuristic algorithms for solving the Slot Planning Problem

Pacino, D. Alvarez-Valdes, R.

  Sciomachen, Anna. Stowage plans with hazardous containers

Ambrosino, D.

HB-6  Session:  Learning and Games in Networks    /   Stream: Social and Economic Networks
Chair: Victor Preciado      Room:211
Chair: Ozan Candogan
Chair: Kostas Bimpikis
  Bimpikis, Kostas. Competing in Networks


  Touri, Behrouz. Global games on networks with noisy information sharing

Shamma, J.

  Wikström, Patrik. Modeling media content production and consumption among users and platforms in a digital social network


  Hu, Xudong. Balancing Load via Small Coalitions in Selfish Ring Routing Game

Chen, X.

HB-7  Session:  Dynamical Models in Sustainable Development III   /   Stream: Dynamical Models in Sustainable Development
Chair: Katrin Seddig      Room:3
  Çelik, Ayhan Fuat. Lean Traffic Management

Çağlıyangil, M. Erdem, S.

  Albornoz, Victor M Optimal harvest with different fishing fleets for obtaining a total allowable catch quota of the oriental south pacific jack mackerel fishery

Canales, C.

  Seddig, Katrin. An Agent-based Simulation Approach for Scheduling the Charging Process of Electric Vehicles in Fleets

Jochem, P. Fichtner, W.

HB-8  Session:  Sustainable Supply Chains    /   Stream: Energy Economics, Environmental Management and Multicriteria Decision Making (contributed)
Chair: Jacqueline Bloemhof      Room:120
  Sel, Çağrı. Planning and Scheduling of Multiproduct Multistage Semicontinuous Production with Perishability and Waste Considerations: Dairy Supply Chain

Bilgen, B. Bloemhof, J. van der Vorst, J.

  Herczeg, Gábor. Collaborative tactical planning to facilitate industrial symbiosis

Akkerman, R.

  Stefánsdóttir, Bryndís. Two-stage stochastic modeling of new dairy production technologies in a supply chain context

Grunow, M.

  Banasik, Aleksander. Resource efficiency in food supply chains

Kanellopoulos, A. Claassen, G D H. Bloemhof, J. van der Vorst, J.

HB-9  Session:  Models for electricity production and distribution    /   Stream: Technical and Financial Aspects of Energy Problems
Chair: Paolo Pisciella      Room:121
  Densing, Martin. Pumped-storage hydropower optimization: Effects of several reservoirs and of ancillary services


  Merkel, Erik. A mixed-integer program for the optimised capacity and dispatch planning of residential cogeneration systems

McKenna, R. Fichtner, W.

  Cada, Roman. Multicycle optimization of VVER-type reactors  
  Piu, Francesco. Transmission lines switching in electric power networks by means of nonlinear stochastic programming

Pichler, A. Tgard, A. Vespucci, M T.

HB-10  Session:  DEA Theory II    /   Stream: Theoretical Developments in DEA
Chair: Emmanuel Thanassoulis      Room:122
  Mitropoulos, Panagiotis. A probabilistic efficiency analysis using stochastic DEA and Bayesian techniques

Mitropoulos, I.

  Ghahraman, Abaghan. A Learning Ladder Toward Efficiency: Proposing An Application of Social Network Analysis in Data Envelopment Analysis

Prior, D.

  Hong, QIU. On productive efficiency and total factor productivity change of the China's listed feed companies --Based on the DEA method and 2008-2012 panel data

Nan, Z. Yang D.

  Thanassoulis, Emmanuel. Assessing university research output from different perspectives

Despotis, D. Sotiros, D-G. Smirlis, Y. Karagiannis, G.

HB-11  Session:  Combinatorial Optimization    /   Stream: Combinatorial Optimization
Chair: Monique Guignard-Spielberg      Room:113
  Alonso-Ayuso, Antonio A Model for Forest Harvesting and Road Network Design under Uncertainty in Wood Demand and Prices

Escudero, L F Guignard-Spielberg, M Weintraub, A Quinteros, M

  Létocart, Lucas. A Branch&Price Approach for the Vehicle Routing Problem with Intermediate Replenishment Facilities

Gianessi, P. Ceselli, A. Wolfler-Calvo, R.

  Toulouse, Sophie. Satisfaction guaranteed

Culus, J-F. Roupin, F.

  Guignard-Spielberg, Monique. Improving crossdock efficiency through improved door assignment

Hahn, P. Zhang, H.

HB-12  Session:  Decentralized Multi- Project Scheduling    /   Stream: Project Management and Scheduling
Chair: Andreas Fink      Room:4
Chair: Jörg Homberger
  Fink, Andreas. Decentralized Multi-Project Scheduling: Review and Classification

Homberger, J.

  Ulusoy, Gündüz. Reactive Project Scheduling in Multi-project Environments

Capa, C.

  Homberger, Jörg. Benchmark instances and solutions for the decentralized multi-project scheduling problem

Fink, A.

  Hanzalek, Zdenek. Two-level heuristic algorithm for the hierarchical scheduling problem   

Capek, R. Sucha, P.

HB-13  Session:  Process planning and task scheduling under uncertainties    /   Stream: Scheduling
Chair: Alexandre Dolgui      Room:123
Chair: Olga Battaïa
  Mandel, Alexander. Renewal Theory Methods to Compute Stationary Inventory Control Strategy Parameters (for Lot-sizing)  
  Doerr, Kenneth. The impact of deadline rush on tardiness across three material flow policies

Nembhard, D.

  Bilgen, Bilge. Production Planning in Dairy Industry: An Industrial Case Study


  Battaïa, Olga. Optimal design of assembly lines with flexible workers

Delorme, X. Dolgui, A. Hagemann, J. Kovalev, S. Malyutin, S.

HB-14  Session:  Advances in Nonlinear Optimization: Theory and Applications II   /   Stream: Nonlinear Programming
Chair: Tunjo Perić      Room:124
Chair: Florian Potra
  Perić, Tunjo. Vendor Selection and Supply Quotas Determination by using Multi-Objective Fractional Programming and Game Theory

Babic, Zoran.

  Sun, Cong. sum rate maximization algorithms for MIMO relay networks in wireless communications

Yuan, Yaxiang.

  Olyphant, Terry-leigh Trajectory based method for nonlinear constrained optimization

Montaz, A.

  Zhang, Zaikun. Direct Search Based on Probabilistic Descent

Gratton, S. Royer, C. Vicente, L N.

HB-15  Session:  Contemporary Issues in Revenue Management   /   Stream: Revenue Management II
Chair: Fredrik Odegaard      Room:125
  Barz, Christiane. Exponential Approximations for Network Revenue Management

Adelman, D. Uckun, C.

  Levina, Tatsiana. Dynamic Pricing with Strategic Consumers and Social Learning

Levin, Y. Nediak, M. Wang, J.

  Wilson, John Revenue Management with Ancillary Services

Odegaard, F.

  Odegaard, Fredrik. Bundle Pricing of Ancillary Services with Dependent Valuations  
HB-16  Session:  Topic Modeling and Information Retrieval with Applications    /   Stream: Intelligent Optimization in Machine Learning and Data Analysis
Chair: Anton Khritankov      Room:127
  Khritankov, Anton. Finding scientific topics and similarity search  
  Bozic, Caslav. Topic Profiles - Applications of Topic Models


  Kuzmin, Arsentii. Thematic classification for EURO/IFORS conference using expert model

Aduenko, A. Strijov, V.

  Onoda, Takashi. Constrained Independent Semantic Analysis


HB-17  Session:  Conic Optimization and IPMs (contributed)    /   Stream: Interior Point Methods and Conic Optimization (contributed)
Chair: Lino Silva      Room:5
  Goldberg, Noam. An active-set method for conic constrained quadratic programming

Leyffer, S.

  Jin, Qingwei. An adaptive conic approximation to nonconvex quadratic programming problems

Deng, Z. Fang, Shu-Cherng. Lu, C.

  López, Julio. Characterizing Q-linear transformations for linear complementarity problems over symmetric cones

Lopez, R. Ramirez, H.

  Silva, Lino. Improving the preconditioning of linear system arising in interior-point methods by updating the controlled Cholesky factorization

Oliveira, A.

HB-18  Session:  Behavioral Aspects in Multiple Criteria Decision Making    /   Stream: Multiobjective Optimization - Theory, Methods and Applications
Chair: Pekka Korhonen      Room:112
  Halme, Merja. Pricing new services using utility functions

Somervuori, O.

  Somervuori, Outi. Emotional-Motivational Responses Predicting Choices: A Neurophysiological Investigation

Ravaja, N. Koksalan, M. Korhonen, P. Wallenius, J.

  Pajala, Tommi. Predicting choices with a linear value function in a four-criteria MCDM problem

Korhonen, P. Wallenius, J.

  Korhonen, Pekka. Difficulties in Making Rational and Consistent Choices

Ravaja, N. Somervuori, O. Wallenius, J.

HB-19  Session:  Retail Inventory Management    /   Stream: Demand and Supply Planning in Consumer Goods and Retailing
Chair: Heinrich Kuhn      Room:128
  Gong, Yeming. Clickstream Big Data and Dynamic Lot Sizing Models for Online Retailers

Xu, H.

  Xu, Haoxuan. Dynamic Lot-sizing Models with Advance Demand Information for E-tailers

Gong, Y. Chu, C. Zhang, J.

  Saracoglu, Ilkay. A genetic algorithm to optimize a multi-product continuous review inventory model with deterministic and stochastic demand

Topaloglu, S.

  Yang, Liu. Flexible Capacity Strategy with Flexibility Degree under Demand Uncertainty

Ng, C T.

HB-20  Session:  Optimizing generation with wind and hydro    /   Stream: Stochastic Optimization in Energy
Chair: Ali Koc      Room:129
  Koc, Ali. Wind Hydro Integration in Quebec Interconnection  
  Abgottspon, Hubert On how to account for short-term flexibility in a medium-term optimization of pumped hydro storages: a multihorizon stochastic programming approach.

Andersson, G

  Gendreau, Michel. Optimal scenario set partitioning for multistage stochastic programming with the progressive hedging algorithm

Carpentier, P-L. Bastin, F.

HB-21  Session:  Cutting and Packing 2    /   Stream: Cutting and Packing
Chair: A. Miguel Gomes      Room:6
  Ozuna Espinosa, Edith Lucero. Integer programming formulations for approximate solution of circle packing problems

Litvinchev, I.

  Sato, Andre. GPU accelerated irregular nesting algorithm with raster representation

Ono Koroishi, G. Martins, T. Tsuzuki, M.

  Rocha, Pedro. A Two-Phase Non-Linear Programming approach for Nesting problems with continuous rotations

Gomes, A. M. Rodrigues, R. Toledo, F. Andretta, M.

  Buchwald, Torsten. Upper Bounds for Heuristic Approaches to the Strip Packing Problem

Scheithauer, G.

HB-22  Session:  Auctions and Algorithmic Mechanism Design    /   Stream: Algorithmic game theory
Chair: Gagan Goel      Room:7
  Goel, Gagan. Revenue Monotone Auctions for Online Advertising


  Singla, Adish. Mechanism Design for Crowdsourcing


  Andrianesis, Panagiotis Bidding in markets with non-convex costs: A comparison of market outcomes under different pricing mechanisms

Liberopoulos, G

HB-23  Session:  How Corporations Use Analytics to Impact the Bottom Line    /   Stream: Analytics Application and Practice
Chair: Rina Schneur      Room:8
  Kleinmuntz, Don. Panel Description: Analytics in OR Societies

Beg, S. Robinson, S. Wegryn, G.

  Allen, Dave Work center location and technician assignment to minimize total business cost

Tobin, R.

  Nuggehalli, Ranganath. Forget the Drones: The UPS ORION Project


HB-24  Session:  Dynamic Mechanism Design    /   Stream: Dynamic and repeated games
Chair: Tristan Tomala      Room:212
  Garrett, Daniel. Incoming Demand with Private Uncertainty


  Gorelkina, Olga. The Delayed-Verification Mechanism for Dynamic Implementation


  Kwon, Suehyun. Dynamic Moral Hazard with Persistent States


  Tomala, Tristan. Approximate Implementation In Markovian Environments


HB-25  Session:  Advanced OR methods for data mining    /   Stream: Data Mining
Chair: Richard Weber      Room:9
  Maldonado, Sebastian. Mixed Integer Linear Programming Formulations for Feature Selection and Support Vector Classification

Perez, J. Weber, R. Labbé, M.

  Bravo, Cristian. Semi-Supervised Constrained Clustering with Cluster-Dependent Constraints

Weber, R.

  Weber, Richard. How to teach Crime Analytics? - An Introductory Board Game Motivating Policing Strategies

Bucarey, V.

HB-26  Session:  Nondifferentiable Optimization: Theory, Algorithms and Applications II   /   Stream: Nonsmooth Optimization and Variational Analysis
Chair: Welington de Oliveira      Room:10
  Cordova, Marcelo. Assessing numerical performance of some nonsmooth optimization methods in solving thermal unit-commitment problems

Finardi, E. de Oliveira, W.

  Munari, Pedro. Solving convex optimization problems with column generation and interior point methods

Gonzalez-Brevis, P. Gondzio, J.

  Fischer, Frank. A Parallel Bundle Framework for Asynchronous Subspace Optimisation of Nonsmooth Convex Functions

Helmberg, C.

  de Oliveira, Welington. Nosmooth optimization methods for chance constrained programming

van Ackooij, W.

HB-27  Session:  Decision Analysis and Performance Measurement    /   Stream: 05. Decision Analysis, Decision Support Systems (contributed)
Chair: Josep Freixas      Room:213
  Mishina, Tsutomu. Creating new agreements by adjusting evaluation dimensions

Gomez Padilla, A. Ogiwara, K.

  Akman Biyik, Ceren Measuring Decision Making Ability

Shah, I U. Erdem, S.

  Shvydun, Sergey. Two-Stage Superposition Choice Procedures and their Properties  
  Freixas, Josep. A comparative study of success and decisiveness

Pons, M.

HB-29  Session:  Planning and scheduling in petrochemicals    /   Stream: OR in Petrochemicals and Mining
Chair: Silvio Hamacher      Room:11
  Açar, Ertürk Production Planning and Scheduling in Cogeneration Systems in Refineries

Turkay, M.

  Lotero, Irene. Decomposition Method for Mutiperiod Blending Scheduling

Trespalacios, F. Grossmann, I.

  Andrade, Tiago An efficient decomposition strategy for the petroleum operational planning under uncertainty

Oliveira, F. Ribas, G. Hamacher, S.

  Hamacher, Silvio. Refinery Operational Planning Under Uncertainty

Ribas, G. Oliveira, F.

HB-30  Session:  Teaching OR/MS 1    /   Stream: Teaching OR/MS
Chair: Vladimir Deineko      Room:12
  Lavigne, Denis. OR/MS Tools for Teaching/Learning Integrated Bottom-Up Energy Modelling  
  Fricker, Ron. Educating Military Operations Research Practitioners

Dell, R.

  Jablonsky, Josef. MS Excel based software tools for decision problems with multiple criteria


  Deineko, Vladimir. Using OR to teach OR whether we practice what we preach.


HB-31  Session:  Survivability and Vulnerability    /   Stream: Telecommunications and Networks
Chair: Eduardo Álvarez-Miranda      Room:13
  Delgadillo, Remberto Emanuel. Models for communication network design with survivability requirements

Loiseau, I.

  Ortiz, Camilo. The Minimum Flow Cost Hamiltonian Cycle Problem.

Contreras, I. Laporte, G.

  Álvarez-Miranda, Eduardo Vulnerability Assessment of Spatial Networks: Models and Solutions

Candia-Véjar, A. Carrizosa, E. Pérez Galarce, F J.

  Papadimitriou, Dimitri. Combined network design and routing optimization using distributed Benders decomposition

Fortz, B. Gorgone, E.

HB-32  Session:  Supply Chain Management – Assembly Lines and Maintainance    /   Stream: Production Management & Supply Chain Management (contributed)
Chair: Ileana Perez      Room:14
  Koltai, Tamás. Calculation of the troughput time in simple assembly lines with learning effect  
  de Jonge, Bram. A general framework for comparing condition-based maintenance with age-based maintenance

Teunter, R. Tinga, T.

  Costa, Alysson M. A new look at the bowl phenomenon

Castellucci, P B.

  Perez, Ileana. General procedure oriented to improve a maintenance plan based on PMO and RCM

Rojas Lopez, J A. Moncayo Gonzalez, L M. Tocoche, Y.

HB-33  Session:  Hyperheuristics: Interfaces, Implementations and Applications   /   Stream: Hyperheuristics
Chair: Shahriar Asta      Room:15 REDISTRIBUTED> Level 0
Chair: Daniel Karapetyan
  Parkes, Andrew J. The Broadening Future of Hyper-heuristic Interfaces

Özcan, E.

  Danach, Kassem. Hyperheuristic Applied to Maritime Service Network

Khalil, W. Gelareh, S.

  Asta, Shahriar Cretaing Heuristics viA Many Parameters : CHAMP

Özcan, E Parkes, A J

  De Beukelaer, Herman. James: a modern Java framework for optimization using local search metaheuristics.

Davenport, G. De Meyer, G. Fack, V.

HB-34  Session:  Financial Modeling 2    /   Stream: Decision Making Modeling and Risk Assessment in the Financial Sector
Chair: Nelson Hein      Room:16 REDISTRIBUTED> Level 1 - (Plenary Room)
  Alves de Carvalho, Leonardo ARIMA: A Model For Time Series Forecast Applied To São Paulo Stock Exchange Index

Pamplona, E. Rotela Junior, P. Salomon, F

  Salles, André. The Influence of Crude Oil Prices in Emerging and Developed Capital Markets  
  Gomes, Luiz F. Autran M. Application of Real Options Fuzzy Pay-Off Method: an ex-post multi-criteria analysis

Biagioni Martins, L G. Bastian-Pinto, C.

  Hein, Nelson. Degree of relationship between indicators of capital market, the financial indicators and the return of shares in Brazilian companies – a multi-criteria analysis

Kroenke, A. Simão Kaveski, I D.

HB-35  Session:  Stochastic Modeling    /   Stream: Stochastic Modeling and Simulation in Engineering, Management and Science
Chair: Frank Herrmann      Room:131
  Stummer, Christian. An agent-based simulation of the diffusion of intelligent technical systems in future markets

Lüpke, L. Backs, S.

  Rufo Bazaga, María Jesús. A Bayesian negotiation model for reliability and price

Martín, J. Pérez Sánchez, C J.

  Herrmann, Frank. Simulated Determination and Usage of a Clearing Function for Leadtime Estimation  
HB-36  Session:  Sustainable Forest Management    /   Stream: OR in Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
Chair: Gaby Deckmyn      Room:132
  Valls-Donderis, Pablo. Multi-criteria analysis techniques to prioritize criteria and indicators for sustainable management of Mediterranean forests

Vallés, M C. Galiana, F.

  Jiménez-Martínez, Marcos. Simulating temporal dynamics of provisioning ecosystem services from agricultural and agro-forest land uses

Fürst, C.

  Deckmyn, Gaby. How to make mechanistic forest simulations fast and easy for end-users: a Belgian study using regional bayesian parameterization


  Pino, Teresa. Carbon Footprint and the Management of Metrological

Pino, J.L. Cáceres, M.T.

HB-37  Session:  Multi Actor Multi Criteria Analysis (I)    /   Stream: Multiobjective Optimization
Chair: Cathy Macharis      Room:17 REDISTRIBUTED> Level 1
  Barfod, Michael Bruhn. Involving stakeholders in transport decision making using planning workshops and MCDA

Pryn, M.

  De Brucker, Klaas. Should we weight the stakeholders in multi-actor multi-criteria analysis (MAMCA) ? Problem description and solutions

Macharis, C.

  Górecka, Dorota. Application of MCDA methods and stochastic dominance rules in the entry mode selection process in international expansion

Szałucka, M. 

  Milan, Lauriane. Evaluation of city distribution projects: a stakeholder based approach

Macharis, C. Verlinde, S.

HB-38  Session:  Soft OR / Systems and Multimethodology 1    /   Stream: Soft OR / Systems and Multimethodology
Chair: Leroy White      Room:214
  Yearworth, Mike. Refining a generic constitutive definition of PSMs through the use of quantitative data

White, L.

  Flynn, Damian. Building a better model: a novel approach for mapping organisational and functional structure


  Lopes, Marta. Promoting more efficient energy behaviours: from a soft OR structuring approach to contextualised understanding

Antunes, C H. Breda, M S J. Peixoto, P. Martins, N.

HB-39  Session:  Advances on TSP and Related Subjects   /   Stream: Discrete and Global Optimization
Chair: Gerald Gamrath      Room:18 REDISTRIBUTED> Level 1
Chair: Vladimir Ejov
  Ejov, Vladimir. SLH algorithm for solving Hamiltonian Cycles Problem  
  Aziz, Azmin Azliza Investigating the robustness of the TSP routes through the recognition of special structured matrices


  Pavlovic, Ljiljana. Conjecture about the extremal graphs for the geometric-arithmetic index with given minimum degree

Divnic, T. Milivojevic, M.

HB-40  Session:  Innovations in Meta-Analytics IV    /   Stream: Meta-Analytics: A Marriage of Metaheuristics and Analytics
Chair: Helena Ramalhinho Lourenco      Room:19 REDISTRIBUTED> Level M2
  Ladrón de Guevara, Antonio. Meta-Analytics for Market Basket Analysis

Ramalhinho Lourenco, H. Martins, P.

  Silva, Francisco. A regret model applied to the maximum coverage location problem with queue discipline

Nunes, P. Ramalhinho Lourenco, H.

  Greistorfer, Peter. Advances in Solving Max 3-SAT Problems


HB-41  Session:  Stochastic Models for the Design of Supply Chain Networks    /   Stream: Stochastic Models for Service Operations
Chair: Walid Klibi      Room:216
  Rekik, Monia. Service-Oriented Carriers Selection in Transportation Auctions under Uncertainty

Klibi, W.

  Klibi, Walid. Integrating Resilience in Stochastic Production-Distribution Network Design Models


  Ebrahim Nejad, Alireza. A stochastic programming approach to design a robust supply flow by considering the response time characteristics

Kuzgunkaya, O.

  Korenblit, Mark. Studying of Networks’ Dynamics by means of Probabilistic Modeling

Levin, I. Talis, V.

HB-42  Session:  Integrated and Simulation based DSS Approaches    /   Stream: Decision Support Systems
Chair: Shaofeng Liu      Room:215
Chair: Isabelle Linden
  Yang, Taho. An e-kanban based decision-support system for semiconductor ingot manufacturing  
  Brito, Thiago. Evaluation of the application of agent-based simulation in container terminal planning


  Tindle, John. Multi-Resolution Analysis (MRA): Integrated Solutions for Today's Analytical Challenges


  Benoit, Dries. Improved decision making by incorporating expert opinions into statistical models

Coussement, K. Antioco, M.

HB-43  Session:  Scheduling and Optimisation Models    /   Stream: Optimisation in Health Care
Chair: Janny Leung      Room:217
Chair: Engin Bayturk
  Metello, Camila. An optimization model for health facility location planning considering congestion

Oliveira, F.

  Gören, Merve. Comparison of Different Collimator Technologies Used in IMRT from an Optimization Point of View

Taşkın, Z. C.

  Barreiras, Alcinda. Appointment scheduling for the breast clinical of Oporto Oncological Hospital


  Bayturk, Engin. Optimal Appointment Schedules in a Hospital Radiology Department

Halulu, S.  Üney-Yüksektepe, F   

HB-44  Session:  Managing Risk in Supply Chains II    /   Stream: Managing Risk in Supply Chains
Chair: Kumar Sanjay      Room:218
  Liu, Jiangxia. The Impact of Supply Chain Disruptions on Stockholder Wealth in Japan

Sanjay, K. Deshmukh, A.

  Daultani, Yash. A supply chain risk management model with random demands

Suman, R. Kumar, S. Vaidya, O S. Tiwari, M.

  Ncube, Ozias. Modelling supply chain resilience in the presence of disruption

Yadavalli, Va.

HB-45  Session:  Routing problems    /   Stream: Hybrid Heuristics
Chair: Niaz Wassan      Room:219
Chair: Naveed Wassan
  Simeonova, Lina. A Hybrid meta-heuristic for the Mixed Fleet Vehicle Routing Problem: A Case of Gas Delivery in the UK


  Nagy, Gábor. The Vehicle Routing Problem with Divisible Deliveries and Pickups

Wassan, N. Speranza, M. G. Archetti, C.

  Wassan, Niaz. The Fleet Size and Mix Vehicle Routing Problem with Backhauls: Formulation and Set Partitioning-based Heuristics


  Wassan, Naveed. A Hybrid Two-level Variable Neighbourhood Search for Vehicle Routing Problem with Backhauls and Multiple Trips