Slot HD: Thursday July, 17   14.00 - 15.30

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HD-1  Session:  Planning and Operations of Rapid Transit Systems    /   Stream: Railway and Metro Transportation
Chair: Juan A. Mesa      Room:118
  Canca, David. A Rolling Stock Modelling Approach for Medium Size RTS Networks.

Zarzo, A. Barrena, E.

  Zarzo, Alejandro. Building train schedules from frequency maps

Canca, D. Barrena, E.

  Ortega Riejos, Francisco A. Optimal shortest paths in a public transportation network from different points of view

Canca, D. Mesa, J A. Pozo, M A.

  De-los-Santos, Alicia. Congestion in railway transit lines: frequency and capacity setting in presence of an alternative mode

Laporte, G. Mesa, J A. Perea, F.

HD-2  Session:  Variants of the Vehicle Routing Problem 2    /   Stream: Vehicle routing
Chair: Puca Huachi Penna      Room:111
  Kasimbeyli, Refail. The open vehicle routing problem with different vehicle types

Alpaslan, M.

  Avci, Mustafa Adaptive Local Search and Variable Neighborhood Search Algorithms for the Heterogeneous Fleet Vehicle Routing Problem with Simultaneous Pickup and Delivery

Topaloglu, S

  Pekár, Juraj. Solving of the Open Routing Problems by SOMA

Čičková, Z. Brezina, I.

  Penna, Puca Huachi. A hybrid algorithm for a large class of Heterogeneous Fleet Vehicle Routing Problem

Subramanian, A. Ochi, L S.

HD-3  Session:  Applications of location analysis    /   Stream: Location
Chair: Justo Puerto      Room:1
  Bozkaya, Burcin. An Empirical Comparison of Customer Retail Patronization Models

Ugurlu, S. Singh, V. Pentland, A.

  Hinojosa, Yolanda. A two-stage stochastic transportation problem with fixed handling costs and a priori selection of the distribution channels

Puerto, J. Saldanha-da-Gama, F.

  Honma, Yudai. Optimal Location of Battery Stations and its Charger for Electric Vehicles Based on Japanese Road Networks

Toriumi, S.

HD-4  Session:  Optimal control of motorways    /   Stream: Traffic flow theory and traffic control
Chair: Ioannis Papamichail      Room:119
Chair: Claudio Roncoli
  Roncoli, Claudio. Optimisation of multi-lane motorways in presence of Vehicle Automation and Communication Systems

Papageorgiou, M. Papamichail, I.

  Yang, Xianfeng. Integrated Control of a Urban Freeway Off-ramp and Neighboring Intersections

Lu, Y. Chang, G-L.

  Park, Hyoshin. An optimal fleet allocation of emergency response teams on freeway using a two-stage stochastic programming

Haghani, A.

HD-5  Session:  Hinterland transportation    /   Stream: Port operations
Chair: Claudia Caballini      Room:2
  Kezić, Danko. Petri net modelling and optimization of container terminal using automated guided vehicles

Gudelj, A.

  Chandra, Saurabh. Fleet deployment in RoRo liner shipping under inventory constraints at ports

Fagerholt, K. Christiansen, M.

  Caballini, Claudia. Truck carriers cooperation in container transportation: a heuristic approach

Sacone, S. Saeednia, M.

  Nishimura, Etsuko. Yard arrangement at the container terminal with irregular configuration  
HD-6  Session:  Information Economics and Networks    /   Stream: Social and Economic Networks
Chair: Ali Jadbabaie      Room:211
  Ceppi, Sofia. Ad exchanges and the problem of disclosing information


  Pérez Cervantes, Fernando. Railroads and Economic Growth: A Trade Policy Approach  
  Jadbabaie, Ali. Optimal Contracting in Networks

Tahbaz-Salehi, A.

  Nakkas, Alper. The Impact of Valuation Heterogeneity and Network Structure on Equilibrium Prices in Supply Chains


HD-7  Session:  Fuzzy Programming and Fuzzy Regression Analysis   /   Stream: Fuzzy Optimization - Systems, Networks and Applications
Chair: Silja Meyer-Nieberg      Room:3
Chair: Erik Kropat
Chair: Juan Carlos Figueroa-García
Chair: German Hernandez
  Figueroa-GarcÍa, Juan Carlos. Interval Type-2 fuzzy linear programming: An application to logistic networks

Hernandez, G J.

  Hernandez, German. Solving linear programming problems involving Interval Type-2 fuzzy technical coefficients

Figueroa-García, J C.

  Atalik, Gultekin An Application of Fuzzy Logistic Regression

Senturk, S.

  Safari, Hossein. Ranking of strategies in a strategy map based on Logarithmic Fuzzy Preference Programming

Mirzaei Rabor, F.

HD-8   Session:  Teaching OR/MS 2    /   Stream: Teaching OR/MS
Chair: Volker Kraft      Room:120
  Weber, Richard. How to Teach Crime Analytics? An Introductory Board Game Motivating Policing Strategies   

Bucarey, V.

  Kraft, Volker. Teaching OR/MS using JMP (I)     
  Kraft, Volker. Teaching OR/MS using JMP (II)     
HD-9  Session:  Exact and heuristics decision support approaches for energy distribution, planning and management    /   Stream: Technical and Financial Aspects of Energy Problems
Chair: Chiara Bordin      Room:121
  Antunes, Carlos H. Optimizing the Use of Domestic Loads in an Energy Management System

Soares, A Gomes, A

  Bovo, Cristian. Contract portfolio optimization for energy trader

Innorta, M.

  Vespucci, Maria Teresa. Optimal Operation of Medium-Voltage AC Networks with Distributed Generation and Storage Devices

Moneta, D. Pisciella, P.

  Bordin, Chiara. A decision support tool for the optimal distribution of thermal energy  
HD-10  Session:  DEA Theory III    /   Stream: Theoretical Developments in DEA
Chair: Kaoru Tone      Room:122
  Afsharian, Mohsen The Overall Malmquist Index: A New Approach for Measuring Productivity Changes Over Time

Ahn, H.

  Vaez-Ghasemi, Mohsen. Global efficiency and global progress and regress index: A quasi-concave frontier approach

Moghaddas, Z. Hosseinzadeh Lotfi, F.

  Bana e Costa, Carlos. A new approach to the bi-dimensional representation of the DEA efficient frontier with multiple inputs and outputs

Soares de Mello, J C. Angulo-Meza, L.

  Tone, Kaoru. Resampling in DEA


HD-11  Session:  Applications of Combinatorial Optimization    /   Stream: Combinatorial Optimization
Chair: Stephan Visagie      Room:113
  Thom, Elmien. Adjusting the size-mix of products during stock allocation

Visagie, S. Matthews, J.

  Visagie, Stephan. SKU assignment in a zoned order picking system with unidirectional picking lines

Matthews, Jason.

  Nieuwoudt, Isabelle. A 2D Irregular Levelled Strip Packing Problem: A Case Study

Bossenger, W.

  Pascoal, Marta. Computing pairs of disjoint paths by order of cost  
HD-12  Session:  Project Scheduling and Control    /   Stream: Project Management and Scheduling
Chair: Mario Vanhoucke      Room:4
  Vandenheede, Len. Introducing overtime in the Resource Renting Problem

Vanhoucke, M. Maenhout, B.

  Leyman, Pieter. Payment models and NPV maximization in project scheduling

Vanhoucke, M.

  Batselier, Jordy. A forecasting approach for project duration and cost based on exponential smoothing

Vanhoucke, M.

  Kerkhove, Louis-Philippe. Strategic incentive contract design for projects

Vanhoucke, M.

HD-13  Session:  Balancing and sequencing of assembly lines 1    /   Stream: Scheduling
Chair: Alexandre Dolgui      Room:123
Chair: Alberto Garc´ıa-Villoria
Chair: Xavier Delorme
  Calleja, Gema. The Accessibility Windows Assembly Line Balancing Problem (AWALBP): A review of advances and trends

Corominas, A. García-Villoria, A. Pastor, R.

  Corominas, Albert. MILP-based tabu search using corridor method for an assembly line balancing problem with accessibility windows

GarcÍa-Villoria, A. Calleja, G. Pastor, R.

  Sgarbossa, Fabio. Ergo-Balancing in Assembly Lines based on Energy Expenditure Rate

Battini, D. Persona, A.

  Oesterle, Jonathan. Efficient Multi-Objective Optimization Method for the Mixed-Model-Line Balancing and Equipment Selection Problem

Amodeo, L.

HD-14  Session:  Advances in Nonlinear Optimization: Theory and Applications III (contributed)   /   Stream: Nonlinear Programming (contributed)
Chair: Gonca Inceoglu      Room:124
  Bento, Glaydston. Generalized Inexact Proximal Algorithms: Habit's Formation with Resistance to Change, following Worthwhile Changes.

Soubeyran, A.

  Gonçalves, Max Leandro Nobre. Convergence of the Gauss-Newton method for a special class of systems of equations under a majorant condition


  Lisboa, Adriano. Enhanced line search methods

Vieira, D.

  Inceoglu, Gonca. Optimality conditions via generalized radial epiderivatives

Kasimbeyli, R.

HD-15  Session:  Revenue Management Models in Entertainment, Online Retail and Travel    /   Stream: Revenue Management II
Chair: Kihoon Kim      Room:125
Chair: Kathrin Armborst
  Basu, Sumanta. Pricing and Revenue Management in Sequential Distribution Channel: An Application to the Hindi Movie Industry

Sharma, M. Chakraborty, S.

  Subulan, Kemal. A Simulation Optimization Approach for Self-Adjusting Bid Prices of a Network Revenue Management Considering Booking Cancellations and Firms Competition

Yildiz, G.  Eren Ayol, D. Baykasoğlu, A

  Çakır, Volkan. Implementing Balance Scorecard Using ELECTRE Method for Revenue Management

Ekiz, I. Sahin, O.

  Armborst, Kathrin Optimization of flight business travel procurement  
HD-16  Session:  Data Analysis and Transport Planning    /   Stream: Intelligent Optimization in Machine Learning and Data Analysis
Chair: Nikita Ivkin      Room:127
  Ivkin, Nikita. Vehicle maneuvers detection using data from accelerometer


  Montero, Lídia. The use of new technologies to estimate dynamic passenger matrices: proof of the concept

Codina, E.

  Kawano, Hiroyuki. Advanced traffic monitoring system by probe vehicles under privacy preservation


  kumar, Ashwani. Using fare-card data to make commuter cycling policies in Singapore

Nguyen, V A. Teo, K M.

HD-18  Session:  Optimization and Decision Making: Theory and Applications   /   Stream: Multiobjective Optimization - Theory, Methods and Applications
Chair: Pekka Malo      Room:112
Chair: Ankur Sinha
  Keshvari, Abolfazl. An enhanced Fourier-Motzkin method for data envelopment analysis


  Malo, Pekka. Solving Hierarchical Decision Making and Optimization Problems

Sinha, A.

  Soyertem, Mustafa. Some Properties of Vectorized Directional Derivative For Set-Valued Mappings

Kucuk, M. Kucuk, Y.

  Özsüt, Zeynep. A Two-Objective Container Loading and Assortment Problem

Kasimbeyli, R.

HD-19  Session:  Inventory Planning III    /   Stream: Demand and Supply Planning in Consumer Goods and Retailing (contributed)
Chair: Hiroaki Sandoh      Room:128
  Limbourg, Sabine. Inventory-routing problem with pickups and deliveries of RTI in closed-loop supply chain

Iassinovskaia, G. Riane, F.

  Wei, Ying. Optimizing Inventory and Pricing Decisions for a Periodic-Review System with Batch Ordering

Li, F.

  Sandoh, Hiroaki. Optimal Quantity of Apparel Goods for Direct Mail

Kim, H. Koide, T.

  Rodrigues Costa, Fabricio Model to optimize the internal supply chain in an industry of mobile phones located in Brazil.


HD-20  Session:  Managing smart energy grids under uncertainty - II    /   Stream: Stochastic Optimization in Energy
Chair: Pavlo Krokhmal      Room:129
  Bernstein, Andrey. Stochastic Optimization Methods for Real-Time Control of Electrical Grids by Using Explicit Power Setpoints

Reyes Chamorro, L. Le Boudec, J-Y. Paolone, M.

  Abad, Carlos Power control for solar micro-grids in developing countries

L Garud

  Krokhmal, Pavlo. Risk averse strategic planning of HVDC grids

Sun, B. Chen, Y.

  Bieda, Boguslaw Stochastic approach used for Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) modeling of the energy production in the Integrated Steel Plant's Power Plant in Poland: Case Study

Zagorc-Kontic, S. Matko, M.

HD-21  Session:  Cutting and Packing 3    /   Stream: Cutting and Packing
Chair: Ramon Alvarez-Valdes      Room:6
  Fasano, Giorgio. An efficient MIP formulation of the container loading problem  
  Alonso Martínez, M. Teresa Studying different models for the truck loading process

Alvarez-Valdes, R. Iori, M. Parreño, F Tamarit, J.

  Imahori, Shinji. Efficient Local Search Algorithms for Three-Dimensional Packing Using Sequence-Triple

Iwasawa, H.

HD-22  Session:  (In)efficiency and truthfulness in auctions    /   Stream: Algorithmic game theory
Chair: Giorgos Christodoulou      Room:7
  Christodoulou, Giorgos. The Price of Anarchy of First-Price Auctions

Kovacs, A. Sgouritsa, Ai. Tang, B.

  Telelis, Orestis. On the Inefficiency of Standard Multi-Unit Auctions

de Keijzer, B. Markakis, E. Schäfer, G.

  Ventre, Carmine. Combinatorial Auctions without Money


HD-23  Session:  Panel Discussion: Analytics in OR Societies   /   Stream: Analytics Application and Practice
Chair: Don Kleinmuntz      Room:8
  Kleinmuntz, Don. Resource Allocation Analytics for US Hospitals

Beg, S. Robinson, S. Wegryn, G.

HD-24  Session: Repeated and Stochastic Games   /   Stream: Dynamic and Repeated Games
Chair: Xavier Venel      Room:212
  Oliu Barton, Miquel The asymptotic value in finite stochastic games


  Venel, Xavier. Attainability in Repeated games with vector payoffs.

Bauso, D. Lehrer, E. Solan, E.

  Vieille, Nicolas. Dynamic persuasion

Solan, E. Renault, J.

HD-25  Session: Heuristics for dynamic transit routing   /   Stream: Applications of Heuristics
Chair: Amelia C. Regan      Room:9
Chair: Elise Miller-Hooks
  Dessouky, Maged. Routing for Ridesharing Services Considering Congestion

Wang, X. Ordonez, F. 

  Chow, Joseph. Dynamic Vehicle Routing and Pricing with Look Ahead for Flexible Transit

Sayarshad, H.

  Miller-Hooks, Elise. The Dial-A-Ride Problem with Uncertain Travel Times  
  Savelsbergh, Martin. Incremental Network Design  
HD-26  Session:  Nondifferentiable Optimization: Applications to Large-Scale and Combinatorial Problems   /   Stream: Nonsmooth Optimization and Variational Analysis
Chair: Enrico Gorgone      Room:10
  Miglionico, Giovanna. Optimal Replenishment Order Placement in a Finite Time Horizon

Gaudioso, M. Giallombardo, G.

  Ordin, Burak. A heuristic algorithm for solving the minimum sum-of-squares clustering problems

Bagirov, A

  Frangioni, Antonio. Decomposition Approaches: the Role of the Master Problem Formulation

Caprara, A. Parriani, T.

  Gorgone, Enrico. A computational comparison of approaches to Lagrangian duals: the case study of FC-MMCF

Frangioni, A. Gendron, B.

HD-27  Session:  Decision Making and Applications    /   Stream: Decision Analysis, Decision Support Systems (contributed)
Chair: Di Xu      Room:213
  Liu, Fang. Optimal Periodic Flexible Policies for Two-stage Serial Supply Chains

Gavirneni, N.

  Grippa, Pasquale. Job Selection in a Network of Autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) for Delivery of Goods

Behrens, D. Bettstetter, C. Wall, F.

  Xu, Di. A framework of decision support systems for products innovation


  Ecer, Billur. Transportation of valuable product: a case study

Erol, Serpil.

HD-28  Session:  MINLP for Natural Gas Network Optimization    /   Stream: Mixed integer non-linear programming
Chair: Jesco Humpola      Room:130
  Humpola, Jesco. Capacity Planning for Natural Gas Transmission Networks


  Schwarz, Robert. Bilevel Optimization in Pipeline Transport Planning

Hiller, B. Stangl, C.

  Lenz, Ralf. Topology Planning of Gas Transport Networks

Hiller, B. Humpola, J. Koch, T. Schwarz, R. Schweiger, J.

HD-29  Session:  Distribution and Transportation in the Petrochemical Sector    /   Stream: OR in Petrochemicals and Mining
Chair: Vikas Goel      Room:11
  Kirschstein, Thomas. Balancing chemical production networks by railway transports

Bierwirth, C.

  Ivorra, Benjamin. Modeling, Simulation and Optimization of a Oil Polluted Water Pumping Process in Open Sea

Gomez, S. Glowinski, R. Ramos, A M.

  Dyk, Wesley. Production Analysis and Operations Research at Noble Energy

Engau, A.

  Valton, Pierre-Marie. Simultaneous Production and Distribution of Industrial Gas Supply-Chains

André, J. Grossmann, I.

HD-30  Session:  Dynamical Systems and Game Theory    /   Stream: Applications of Dynamical Models
Chair: Alberto Pinto      Room:12
Chair: Joao Almeida
Chair: Bruno M.P. M. Oliveira
  Oliveira, Bruno M.P. M. Cournot duopolies with R&D investment

Becker, J. Pinto, A.

  Mukhamedrakhimova, Liliya. Dynamic Management Model of Small Work Groups

Gerasimova, I.

  Sagawa, Juliana Keiko. Dynamic model of a multi-product manufacturing system

Nagano, M.

HD-31  Session:  Scheduling and queuing in Networks    /   Stream: Telecommunications and Networks
Chair: Marcello Sanguineti      Room:13
  Glass, Celia. Scheduling Wireless Networks: the advantage of co-operation.


  Kalinowski, Thomas. Incremental network design for maximum flows

Matsypura, D. Savelsbergh, M.

  Kabakulak, Banu. A Branch-and-Price Algorithm for Communication Systems with High Error Correction Capability

Taşkın, Z. C. Pusane, A Ee.

  Sanguineti, Marcello. Forwarding Strategies for Congestion Control in Intermittently Connected Networks

Cello, M. Gnecco, G. Marchese, M.

HD-32  Session:  Supply Chain Management – Supply and Ressource Planning    /   Stream: Production Management & Supply Chain Management (contributed)
Chair: Pedro Martins      Room:14
  Pourakbar, Morteza. Does Punishment Work? On the Value of Buyer's Commitment in Supplier's Dynamic Improvement

Nikoofal, M. Samiedaluie, S. Gumus, M.

  Moliné, Joan Ignasi. Design of the field study about the criteria used in supplier selection

Coves, A M.

  Chen, Zhong. Supply Management of a Commodity Processor


  Martins, Pedro. Workforce planning and financing on a production/capital discrete-time model

Quelhas, A P.

HD-33  Session:  Algorithm Configuration: black, white and gray box   /   Stream: Hyperheuristics
Chair: Patrick De Causmaecker      Room:15 REDISTRIBUTED> Level 0
  De Causmaecker, Patrick. Algorithm Configuration: black, white and gray box

Dang, N T T.

  Mascia, Franco. Automatic Design of Metaheuristics from a Grammar Description

López-Ibáñez, M. Marmion, M-É. Stützle, T.

  Aytaç, Özcan Adaptation of Meta-heuristic Algorithms to Dynamic Problems.  
  Dhingra, Sunita Genetic Algorithm Parameter Optimisation for Multiprocessor
Task Scheduling using Design of Experiments

Dhingra, A.K.

HD-34  Session:  Financial Modeling 3    /   Stream: Decision Making Modeling and Risk Assessment in the Financial Sector
Chair: Josef Arlt      Room:16 REDISTRIBUTED> Level 1 - (Plenary Room)
  Andreeva, Galina Are there gender differences in consumer credit risk?

Matuszyk, A

  De Moraes, Angela. Estimate Aggregated Default: An Impirical Investigation on Brazilian Loans using Cointegration Vectors

Andreeva, G. Crook, J.

  Arlt, Josef Modelling of yearly inflation rate

Arltova, M.

  Damak, Mohamed Standard & Poor’s Framework for Rating Banks

Motti, L. de la Riva, E.

HD-35  Session:  Simulation and Optimization for Robust Supply Networks    /   Stream: Stochastic Modeling and Simulation in Engineering, Management and Science
Chair: Erik Kropat      Room:131
Chair: Silja Meyer-Nieberg
Chair: Ozlem Defterli
Chair: Jens Baudach
  Baudach, Jens. Linking mathematical optimization and stochastic simulation for planning of transshipment terminals in the parcel delivery industry

Clausen, U. Diekmann, D.

  Datta, Partha. Simulation based study for robust supply network design


  Hui, Yer Van. Shipment transport via transfer ports: a stochastic programming approach

Lee, A.

  Testuri, Carlos. Multistage stochastic model of fuel procurement for electric generation with logistic and commercial constraints

Zimberg, B.

HD-36  Session:  Supply Chain in Agriculture    /   Stream: OR in Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
Chair: LluisM Pla      Room:132
Chair: Marcela Gonzalez-Araya
  Pourmoayed, Reza. A hierarchical Markov decision process modelling feeding and marketing decisions of growing pigs

Nielsen, L R. Ringgaard Kristensen, A.

  Nadal, Esteve. Multi-stage model for a real instance in a pig production system

Pla, L M.

  Aslan, Bulut Can organic agriculture feed Turkey?: a linear programming approach

Demir, A Y.

  Gonzalez-Araya, Marcela. An Optimization Model for Planning Fruits Transport from Cold Storages to Packing Plants

Soto-Silva, W E. Pla, L M.

HD-37  Session:  Advances on Recovery Inventory Management Policies I    /   Stream: Recovery Inventory Management Policies
Chair: Nihat Öner      Room:17 REDISTRIBUTED> Level 1
Chair: Qi Fu
  Kim, Kap Hwan. A collaborative network design model for strategic alliance in express delivery services

Ferdinand, F N. Ko, C S. Chung, K H.

  Öner, Nihat. Optimization of Route Planning and Cost Allocation in Truckload Shipper Collaboration

Kuyzu, G.

  Kaya, Onur. Coordinated Dynamic Pricing and Inventory Management for Perishable Products with Time-Dependent Demand

Ghahroodi, S R.

  Demirok Donmez, Nurcan. Evaluating the Effectiveness of Alternative Pricing Policies for the Water Utility Sector under Uncertainty

Serarslan, N.

HD-38  Session:  Soft OR / Systems and Multimethodology 2    /   Stream: Soft OR / Systems and Multimethodology
Chair: Giles Hindle      Room:214
  Burger, Katharina. Structuring investment decisions for smart city transitions

Yearworth, M. White, L.

  Hindle, Giles. Action Research using Soft Systems Methodology: Exploring Alternative Intervention Modes


  Betts, Gavin. Emerging findings from a review of an intervention using the lean systems methodology  
HD-39  Session:  Advances in Discrete and Global Optimization and on Graphs I    /   Stream: Discrete and Global Optimization
Chair: José Paix˜ao      Room:18 REDISTRIBUTED> Level 1
Chair: Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber
Chair: Joao Lauro D. Faco
  Erzin, Adil. Optimal Regular Covering of the Plane with Equal Sectors

Shabelnikova, N.

  Issaadi, Hayat. On the class of (k, l) partition graphs


  Zhao, Lingqi On (a d)-Antimagic Labelings of Generalized Petersen Graphs P(n3) ∗


HD-40  Session:  Prescriptive Analytics: Smart Solutions to Real-World Problems I   /   Stream: Meta-Analytics: A Marriage of Metaheuristics and Analytics
Chair: Stefan Voss      Room:19 REDISTRIBUTED> Level M2
Chair: Stefan Lessmann
  Lessmann, Stefan. Car Resale Price Prediction with Ensemble Selection and Asymmetric Cost Functions

Seow, H-V.

  Gwiggner, Claus. Functional principal component analysis in revenue management data

Cleophas, C.

  Fitzpatrick, Trevor. An empirical comparison of classification algorithms for mortgage default prediction: evidence from a distressed mortgage market

Mues, C.

  Yin, Peng-Yeng. Discrete Cyber Swarm Algorithm and Analytics Strategies for the Quadratic Assignment Problem

Glover, F. Yang, S-C.

HD-41  Session:  Stochastic models in production, manufacturing and services.    /   Stream: Stochastic Models for Service Operations
Chair: Maria Elena Bruni      Room:216
  Minner, Stefan. Service levels in inventory management


  Rogerie, Jerome. A Constraint Programming Approach for Computing Robust Sequences of Tasks in Stochastic Scheduling

Laborie, P.

  Albuquerque, Jones Managing Uncertainties in Hardware-Software Codesign Projects

Ferrer-Savall, J. Bocanegra, S. Ferreira, T. Lopez-Codina, D. Coelho Jr, C.

  Sethi, Suresh. Dynamic Pricing, Production, and Channel Coordination with Stochastic Learning

Li, T.

HD-42  Session:  Collaborative Decision Making (Social Networks & Web Resources)    /   Stream: Decision Support Systems
Chair: Fatima Dargam      Room:215
Chair: Adiel Teixeira de Almeida
  Doukas, Haris. Online Multidisciplinary Information Management Software

Papastamatiou, I. Mavrotas, G. Psarras, J.

  Schrödl, Holger. IT Service Selection in Cloud Computing - An Evaluation of Multiciteria Decsion Model Approaches  
  Karimi, Sahar. Exploring the multi-channel consumer decision-making journey

Papamichail, K N. Holland, C.

  Erdin Gundogdu, Ceren. Multi-criteria Spatial Decision Making and Determining Location Score based on Geographic Zone with GIS


HD-43  Session:  Medical Informatics    /   Stream: Optimisation in Health Care
Chair: Adem T¨uzemen      Room:217
  Aysever, Şimal Forecasting negativity of BRCA1/ BRCA2 genes for high risk breast cancer families

Güreli, S. Üney-Yüksektepe, F. Aktin, T.

  Yağci, Ceren. Using GIS in biology

Duran, A. Durduran, S. Sanda, M.

  Nallioğlu, Jülide. Optimizing automated medical dispensing cabinets through voice of customer

Erdem, S.

  Tüzemen, Adem. Design of a New Appointment System Using Bill of Operation Case (BOC)

Gümüşoğlu, Ş.  Özdağoğlu, G.  

HD-44  Session:  Humanitarian Logistics, SCM Practices and Sustainable Development    /   Stream: Quality and Performance Measurement in Humanitarian Relief Chains
Chair: Sadia Samar Ali      Room:218
Chair: Frank Meisel
  Meisel, Frank. Ambulance Routing for Disaster Response with Patient Groups

Talarico, L. Sörensen, K.

  Hsueh, Che-Fu. A production/remanufacturing inventory model with multiple recycled components and outsourcing policy


  Kim, Hyun Jung. Performance Analysis of Quality Collaboration in the Supply Chain

Kim, S W.

  Ali, Sadia Samar Performance Measures of Humanitarian supply chain network


HD-45  Session:  Location problems    /   Stream: Hybrid Heuristics
Chair: Gabor Nagy      Room:219
Chair: David Mauricio
  Irawan, Chandra. A Three-stage Approach for Solving Large Unconditional and Conditional Vertex p-Centre Problems

Salhi, S. Drezner, Z.

  Elshaikh, Abdalla. Adaptive Perturbation and Reformulation-based heuristics: Case of the continuous p-centre problem

Salhi, S. Brimberg, J. Mladenovic, N. Nagy, G.

  Fernandez, Jose. The partially probabilistic customer choice rule: a new competitive location model

López Redondo, J. Ortigosa, A. G.Tóth, B.

  Mauricio, David. A Greedy Algorithm to Solve Large Equality Facilities Location Problem