Slot HE: Thursday July, 17   16.00 - 17.30

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HE-1  Session:  Scheduling and Rescheduling: Passenger Focus    /   Stream: Railway and Metro Transportation
Chair: Leo Kroon      Room:118
  Robenek, Tomáš. Ideal Train Timetabling Problem

Chen, J H. Bierlaire, M.

  Van der Hurk, Evelien. Shuttle Planning for Link Closures in Urban Public Transport Networks

Wilson, N H M. Koutsopoulos, H. Kroon, L. Maroti, G.

  Schmidt, Marie. Controlling passenger flows in networks

Thom, L.

  Pacciarelli, Dario. Minimization of passengers' travel time in railway traffic control

D'Ariano, A. Corman, F. Sabene, F. Samà, M.

HE-3  Session:  Discrete location    /   Stream: Location 
Chair: Mozart Menezes      Room:1
Chair: Oded Berman
  Menezes, Mozart. Practical Benchmarks for Location-Routing Decisions via Approximation Algorithms.

Verter, V.

  Berman, Oded. On Covering Location Problems on Networks with Edge

Kalcsics, J. Krass, D.

  Lari, Isabella. Partitioning a graph into connected components with fixed centers and optimizing different criteria

Puerto, J. Ricca, F. Scozzari, A.

  Guimaraes, Renato. Component Commonality: the p-Median solution to a product design problem

Menezes, M.

HE-4  Session:  O-D Estimation    /   Stream: Traffic flow theory and traffic control
Chair: Hesham Rakha      Room:119
  Krylatov, Alexander. OD-matrix estimation based on plate scanning

Zakharov, V.

  Bullejos Gonzalez, Manuel. A practical proposal for Dynamic OD matrix estimation in terms of a bilevel approach


  Digges La Touche, Emily. Information provision for passengers in underground railways using smart card data

Tyler, N.

  Rakha, Hesham. Estimation of Dynamic O-D Matrices using Synthetic Time-Dependent Static O-D Estimators and Microscopic Traffic Simulation

Yang, H.

HE-5  Session:  Port Operations-miscellaneous    /   Stream: Port operations 
Chair: Deniz Ozdemir      Room:2
Chair: Gokberk Ozsakalli
  Tierney, Kevin. Solving the Pre-Marshalling Problem to Optimality with A* and IDA*

Pacino, D. Voss, S.

  Iris, Cagatay. Hybrid Heuristic Approaches for Tactical Berth Allocation Problem

Larsen, A. Pacino, D. Ropke, S.

  Sammarra, Marcello. Optimal sequencing of parking operations at an automotive maritime terminal

Monaco, M F. Sorrentino, G.

  Ozsakalli, Gokberk. Stochastic Bi-objective Berth Allocation and Quay Crane Assignment for Quayside Operations

Gençer, H. Ozdemir, D.

HE-6  Session:  Learning, Resilience, Competition and Congestion    /   Stream: Social and Economic Networks
Chair: Alex Teytelboym      Room:211
  Scarsini, Marco. Dynamic Congestion Games: The Price of Seasonality  
  Mueller-Frank, Manuel. Learning what Matters

Arieli, I.

  Drakopoulos, Kimon. Network Resilience against epidemic spread

Ozdaglar, A. Ozdaglar, A. Tsitsiklis, J .

  Bagchi, Uttarayan Knowledge Leadership: A Systems Approach

Dutta, A. Hayya, J.

HE-7  Session:  Fuzzy Optimization in Supply Chain Management, Production and Logistics    /   Stream: Fuzzy Optimization - Systems, Networks and Applications
Chair: Ozlem Defterli      Room:3
Chair: Silja Meyer-Nieberg
Chair: Erik Kropat
Chair: Mehmet Burak ¸Senol
  Bakhtiari, Sarah Supplier Selection in a Fuzzy and Probabilistic Environment

Makui, A.

  Ger, Metin. Modified FCM Method to Explore Variations in a Multi-Variable Field


  Şenol, Mehmet Burak. Decision Making in Interface Selection

Dagdeviren, M. Kurt, M.

  Yilmaz, Hamid. Team-Oriented Assembly Line Balancing Problem: A Fuzzy Approach

Yilmaz, M. Kayaci Çodur, M.

HE-8  Session:  Case Teaching    /   Stream: Teaching OR/MS  - Chair: Peter Bell      Room:120
  Begen, Mehmet. The perspective of an instructor new to case teaching


  Bell, Peter. A review of some of the many ways to include cases in the OR course


  Odegaard, Fredrik. OR/MS Case Teaching in Engineering Programs

Banciu, M.

HE-9  Session:  Energy markets    /   Stream: Technical and Financial Aspects of Energy Problems
Chair: Angelica Gianfreda      Room:121
  Siface, Dario. A two-step Day-Ahead Electricity Market Model for the Market Coupling between Central Southern, Central Western and Northern Europe 

Gelmini, A. Maltempi, E. Tresoldi, E.

  Pisciella, Paolo. A Leader-Followers Model of Power Transmission Capacity Expansion in a Market Driven Environment

Bertocchi, M. Vespucci, M T.

  Liberopoulos, George.

Comparative Analysis of Pricing Schemes in Markets with Non-Convex Costs

Andrianesis, P.

  Gianfreda, Angelica. Power Price Forecasting with Wind Effects

Bunn, D. Chen, D.       

HE-10  Session:  Workforce Optimization    /   Stream: Timetabling and Rostering (contributed) 
Chair: Mike Wright      Room:122
  Asgeirsson, Eyjolfur Near-Optimal MIP Solutions for Preference Based Self-Scheduling

Sigurdardottir, G L.

  Ganguly, Subhamoy. Optimal Sequencing of Unpunctual Patients: Provider's Wait-Preempt Dilemma

Samorani, M.

  Legros, Benjamin. Call Centers With a Callback Option

Jouini, O. Koole, G.

  Wright, Mike Optimizing Television Programming and Scheduling

Alshami, M H

HE-11  Session:  Topics in linear programming and combinatorial optimization    /   Stream: Combinatorial Optimization
Chair: Valentina Cacchiani      Room:113
Chair: Sergio B. Villas-Boas
  Gauthier, Jean-Bertrand. Dual-guided pivots rules for linear programming

Desrosiers, J. Lübbecke, M.

  Taşkın, Z. Caner. A Benders decomposition approach for the minimum weight maximal matching problem

Ekim, T. Bodur, M.

    The Size Robust Multiple Knapsack Problem

van den Akker, M. Hoogeveen, H.

  Villas-Boas, Sergio B. Solving Mixed Integer Programming with Unconstrained Optimization and Hyperbolic Penalty

Pinto, R. Xavier, A E.

HE-12  Session:  Project Scheduling and Scheduling    /   Stream: Project Management and Scheduling
Chair: Meral Azizoglu      Room:4
Chair: Safia Kedad-Sidhoum
  Coemert, Alican. A Project Payment Scheduling Problem with Discounted Cash Flows

Azizoglu, M.

  Szmerekovsky, Joseph. Optimal Bid Unbalancing for Projects with Unit Price Contracts: Time Preferences, Risk Preferences, and the Client's Perspective

Tilson, V. Tiapo, N.

  Ratajczak-Ropel, Ewa. Reinforcement Learning Strategy for Solving the Multi-Mode Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling Problem by a Team of Agents

Jedrzejowicz, P.

  Kedad-Sidhoum, Safia. Single Machine Earliness-Tardiness Scheduling with Periods of Machine Unavailability

Bulbul, K. Åžen, H.

HE-13  Session:  Balancing and sequencing of assembly lines 2    /   Stream: Scheduling
Chair: Alexandre Dolgui      Room:123
Chair: Alberto García-Villoria
Chair: Xavier Delorme
  Bortolini, Marco Mixed model sequencing procedure in case of paced assembly line and jolly operators

Faccio, M. Gamberi, M.

  Vila Bonilla, Mariona. An enumeration procedure for the assembly line balancing problem with resource constraints

Pereira, J.

  Hezer, Seda. Disassembly line balancing problems with resource dependent task times

Kara, Y.

  Delorme, Xavier. A multi-objective algorithm for balancing reconfigurable transfer lines

Dolgui, A. Malyutin, S.

HE-14  Session:  Advances in Nonlinear Optimization: Theory and Applications IV (contributed)   /   Stream: Nonlinear Programming (contributed)
Chair: Nima Rabiei      Room:124
  Nakai, Toru. A partially observable Markov decision process under stochastic convexity as an optimal maintenance problem


  Olabode, Adewoye. A continuous time semi- Markov decision processes on electricity supply problem


  Zhupanska, Olesya. A stochastic PDE-constrained optimization approach to vibration control of a composite plate subjected to mechanical and electromagnetic loads

Chernikov, D. Krokhmal, P.

  Rabiei, Nima. AAR-based decomposition algorithm for non-linear convex optimisation

Muñoz, J.

HE-15  Session:  Experimental Research in Management Accounting and Management Control 1    /   Stream: Experimental perspectives and challenges in management accounting and management control 
Chair: Stephan Leitner      Room:125
  van Ackere, Ann. Coordination and Learning in an Experimental Queuing System

Larsen, E. Arango, S.

  Gencer, Busra. The Impact of Queue Features on Customers' Queue Joining and Reneging Behavior: A Laboratory Experiment

Aksin, Z. Gunes, E D. Pala, O.

  Ostermaier, Andreas. Honesty and Reciprocity in Capital Budgeting: An Experimental Investigation

Brunner, M.

  Dregert, Swetlana. The Influence of Corporate Norms and Misconduct on Employee Decision Making

Letmathe, P. Balakrishnan, R.

HE-16  Session:  Combinatorial Methods for Data Analysis    /   Stream: Intelligent Optimization in Machine Learning and Data Analysis
Chair: Nikita Ivkin      Room:127
  Iofina, Galina. Fast logical predictors for genotype-phenotype mapping

Maximov, Y. Minaev, A. Polyakov, Y.

  Hablal, Houria. Laplacian matrixes based graph's B-coloring for clustering

Ait Haddadene, H. Belacel, N.

  Inkaya, Tulin. A Density and Connectivity Based Decision Rule for Pattern Classification


HE-17  Session:  Enumeration of Combinatorial Structures    /   Stream: Graph Searching 
Chair: Jan van Vuuren      Room:5
  de Villiers, Anton. Edge stability and edge criticality in secure graph domination

Burger, A. van Vuuren, J.

  Benade, J Gerhardus. Using volunteer computing for the enumeration of mutually orthogonal Latin squares

Burger, A. van Vuuren, J.

  Kidd, Martin. On a two-phase approach to enumerating sets of mutually orthogonal Latin squares  
  Burger, Alewyn. On the minimum number of moves for solving the WrapSlide puzzle


HE-18  Session:  Interactive MCDM   /   Stream: Multiobjective Optimization - Theory, Methods and Applications 
Chair: Murat Koksalan      Room:112
  Ceyhan, Gökhan. The layouts of supported and unsupported nondominated solutions in multi-objective integer programs

Koksalan, M. Lokman, B.

  Mutlu, Sinem. Probabilistic Sorting under Multiple Criteria

Koksalan, M. Serin, Y.

  Koksalan, Murat. Bi-Objective Route Planning for Unmanned Air Vehicles in Continuous Space

Tezcaner Ozturk, D.

  Spyridakos, Athanasios. Exploiting robustness analysis for triggering interactive feedbacks in multicriteria disaggregation - aggregation approaches

Siskos, Y. Yannacopoulos, D. Tsotsolas, N.

HE-19  Session:  Demand Planning and Pricing    /   Stream: Demand and Supply Planning in Consumer Goods and Retailing (contributed)
Chair: Argon Chen      Room:128
  Nenova, Zlatana. Determining an optimal hierarchical forecasting model based on the characteristics of the data set

May, J.

  Cavdaroglu, Nur. Agricultural Cooperative Pricing of Premium Product

Kazaz, B. Webster, S.

  Chen, Argon. Optimal Demand Planning Hierarchy and Its Applications


  Zhang, Xubing. Advance Selling in a Supply Chain


HE-20  Session:  Controlling electric vehicles and battery storage    /   Stream: Stochastic Optimization in Energy 
Chair: Pavankumar Murali      Room:129
  Defourny, Boris. Battery storage bidding with battery-life effects

Hu, Y.

  Deshpande, Ajay. Scheduling and long-term pricing of electric vehicle charging in parking lots with shared resources

Murali, P.

  Thomas, Valerie. Grid Integration of Wind and Electric Vehicles

Choi, D G. Kreikebaum, F. Divan, D.

HE-21  Session:  Cutting and Packing 4    /   Stream: Cutting and Packing
Chair: José Fernando Gonçalves      Room:6
  Vandaele, Arnaud. Exact resolution of the Cover Printing Problem with a branch and bound algorithm

Tuyttens, D.

  Gabay, Michaël. A dominance criterion for packing problems

Cambazard, H. Benchetrit, Y.

  Hillebrand, Bernd. An integrated facility layout and product range planning problem

Pishchulov, G.

  Gonçalves, José Fernando. A Biased Random Key Genetic Algorithm for the Facility Layout Problem


HE-22  Session:  Agent Behavior in Markets    /   Stream: Algorithmic game theory
Chair: Sebastien Lahaie      Room:7
Chair: Giorgos Christodoulou
  Kovacs, Annamaria Characterization of SMON Mechanisms with Additive Valuations over the Real Domain

Vidali, A.

  Lahaie, Sebastien. Information Aggregation in Exponential Family Markets


  Chakraborty, Mithun. On Manipulation in Prediction Markets When Participants Influence Outcomes Directly

Das, S.

HE-23  Session:  Genetic and Population Based Algorithms    /   Stream: Metaheuristics (contributed)
Chair: Miguel Mujica Mota      Room:8
  Ramli, Razamin. A Modified Selection Scheme in Memetic Algorithm for a Nurse Scheduling Problem with Positive Rhythmic Cycle

Khader, A T. Mustafa, A.

  Ozsoydan, Fehmi Burcin. Firefly algorithm for continuous and combinatorial dynamic optimization problems

Baykasoğlu, A

  Mesa, Eddy. Coordinate strategy to reduce computational effort for Supernova

Velásquez Henao, J D. Jaramillo, P.

  Mujica Mota, Miguel. An Evolutionary Algorithm for Check-In Desk Allocation  
HE-24  Session:  Algorithms for Stochastic Games    /   Stream: Dynamic and repeated games
Chair: Hugo Gimbert      Room:212
  Benchimol, Pascal. Combinatorial simplex algorithms can solve mean payoff games

Allamigeon, X. Gaubert, S. Joswig, M.

  Genest, Blaise. Analysis of stochastic systems based on approximation


  Gimbert, Hugo. Two-Player Perfect-Information Shift-Invariant Submixing Stochastic Games Are Half-Positional


  Tsigaridas, Elias. Exact algorithms for stochastic games and real algebraic geometry


HE-25  Session:  Metaheuristics in Autonomous Search    /   Stream: Applications of Heuristics
Chair: Ricardo Soto      Room:9
Chair: Broderick Crawford
  Soto, Ricardo. The role of Metaheuristics in Constraint Programming with Autonomous Search

Crawford, B. Paredes, F.

  Crawford, Broderick. Self-adaptive Systems: Towards Usable Combinatorial Problem Solvers

Soto, R. Monfroy, E. Paredes, F.

  Johnson, Franklin. Software Project Scheduling Problem using Metaheuristics with Autonomous Search


  Paredes, Fernando. A new algorithmic approach for solving an inventory optimization model

Pereira, J. Fuentes, C. Crawford, B. Soto, R.

HE-26  Session:  Nonsmooth Optimization for Learning and Classification    /   Stream: Nonsmooth Optimization and Variational Analysis
Chair: Antonio Fuduli      Room:10
  Astorino, Annabella Illumination by cones and outliers detection

Gaudioso, M. Seeger, A

  Ozturk, Gurkan. A new incremental piecewise linear classifier based on PCFs

Bagirov, A Kasimbeyli, R.

  Dulá, José. Projecting onto Lines Using the L-1 Norm

Brooks, P.

  Fuduli, Antonio. A robust approach for spherical separation

Astorino, A. Bomze, I. Gaudioso, M.

HE-27  Session:  Decision Analysis for Risk Management    /   Stream: Decision Analysis, Decision Support Systems (contributed)
Chair: Martin Waitz      Room:213
  Olyazadeh, Roya. Design of a Mobile Spatial Decision Support System for Group Decision-Making on the Analysis of Changing Risk

van Westen, C. Bakker, W. Derron, M.

  Rashidi Bajgan, Hannaneh. Applying Stochastic Analytical Network Process in Strategic Decisions of Portfolio Management


  Santos, Claudio. A methodology for the integration of risk management in R&D project selection

Araújo, M M. Correia, N.

  Waitz, Martin. Overcoming the inability of private lenders to set proper interest rates on unsecured peer-to-peer lending markets

Mild, A.

HE-28  Session:  Applied Aspects of MINLP    /   Stream: Mixed integer non-linear programming
Chair: Inken Olthoff      Room:130
  Martin-Campo, F. Javier. A multi-objective mixed integer nonlinear optimization model for the aircraft collision avoidance

Alonso-Ayuso, A. Escudero, L F.

  Turkay, Metin. e-OA for the Solution of Bi-Objective Generalized Disjunctive Programming Problems in the Synthesis of Nonlinear Process Networks

Fattahi, A.

  Olthoff, Inken. Optimizing Battery Load Schedules  
  Casacio, Luciana. Preconditioning of linear systems arising from interior point methods Oliveira, A. Lyra Filho, C.
HE-29  Session:  Logistics and Blending in Natural Gas and Mining    /   Stream: OR in Petrochemicals and Mining
Chair: Natashia Boland      Room:11
Chair: Asgeir Tomasgard
  Boland, Natashia. Dynamic Blending with Penalties and Bonuses

Salehipour, A. Savelsbergh, M.

  Everett, Jim. Simulation Models for Planning an Iron Ore Mine


  Tomasgard, Asgeir. Adding Flexibility in a Natural Gas Transportation Network Using Interruptible Transportation Services

Fodstad, M. Midthun, K.

  Goel, Vikas. Constraint Programming for LNG Ship Scheduling and Inventory Management

Slusky, M. van Hoeve, W-J. Furman, K. Shao, Y.

HE-30  Session:  Open Source & COIN-OR Optimisation    /   Stream: Open Source Optimisation
Chair: Ted Ralphs      Room:12
Chair: Mike Steglich
  Mason, Andrew J. Better Excel Optimisation using OpenSolver & SolverStudio


  Ralphs, Ted. Dip and DipPy: A Decomposition-based Modeling System and Solver


  Steglich, Mike. CmplServer - An open source approach for distributed and grid optimization


HE-31  Session:  Location Problems in Networks    /   Stream: Telecommunication & Networks (contributed)
Chair: Ivana Ljubic      Room:13
  Gullhav, Anders N. A Column Generation Approach for Modelling Deployment of Multi-tier Cloud Services

Nygreen, B.

  Tanash, Moayad. The cycle hub location problem

Contreras, I. Vidyarthi, N.

  Li, Xiangyong. Exact approach for the generalized regenerator location problem

Aneja, Yash.

  Ljubic, Ivana. The Recoverable Robust Facility Location Problem

Álvarez-Miranda, E. Fernandez, E.

HE-32  Session:  Supply Chain Optimization    /   Stream: Production Management & Supply Chain Management (contributed)
Chair: Danny Segev      Room:14
  Necil, Jan. Factory-Crane-Scheduling and Online Optimization with Lookahead

Nickel, S.

  Sánchez Ramírez, Rodrigo Antonio. Improving the production decision making process of frozen foods using mathematical modelling

Urzúa, C.

  Segev, Danny. A Quasi-PTAS for Assortment Planning with Nested Preference Lists


HE-33  Session:  Hyperheuristics: General   /   Stream: Hyperheuristics
Chair: Andrew J. Parkes      Room:15 REDISTRIBUTED> Level 0
Chair: Patrick De Causmaecker
Chair: Daniel Karapetyan
Chair: Shahriar Asta
  Tar, Péter. Parameter sweep for the simplex method

Smidla, J. Maros, I.

  Karapetyan, Daniel. Competition winning hybrid heuristic for an extension of the Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling Problem

Asta, S. Kheiri, A. Özcan, E. Parkes, A J.

  Van Hentenryck, Pascal. A simulation approach to analyse rail capacity at sydney's port botany

Guimarans, D. Harabor, D.

HE-34  Session:  Decision Making in Finance    /   Stream: Decision Making Modeling and Risk Assessment in the Financial Sector (contributed)
Chair: Maria Garbuzova-Schlifter      Room:16 REDISTRIBUTED> Level 1 - (Plenary Room)
  Cordeiro, Isabel. Average Time Until First Income Protection Claim


  Goncalves, Jose Mauricio Brasil. Analysis of integer programming approaches for index tracking

Uchoa, E.

  Sadeh, Arik. Efficiency Measurement of investment profiles of Savings Funds using DEA


  Garbuzova-Schlifter, Maria. Risk Assessment of Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) projects of the Russian Energy Service Companies

Madlener, R.

HE-35  Session:  Planning and Control    /   Stream: Stochastic Modeling and Simulation in Engineering, Management and Science
Chair: Erik Kropat      Room:131
Chair: Silja Meyer-Nieberg
Chair: Rudi Verago
  Yang, Wenguo. Power-Aware Routing Algorithms in Software-Defined Networks  
  Verago, Rudi. An Extreme-case Scenario Approach for Data Uncertainty

Lee, C. Mevissen, M. Taheri, N.

  Guezzen, Amine Hakim. A Study on dual-command operations in a Mobile rack (AS/RS)

Ouhoud, A. Zaki, S.

  Keleş, Büşra. Maintenance Policies For A System Subject To Continuous Time Markovian Deterioration With Non-Self-Announcing Failures

Tekin, S. Bakir, O.

HE-36  Session:  Forest Value Chain Optimization    /   Stream: OR in Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
Chair: Marc McDill      Room:132
  Rönnqvist, Mikael. Routing and transportation at the forest industry

Flisberg, P. Carle, M-A.

  Oliveira, Bruno. Role of optimization in medium to short-term planning of forest operations

Marques, A. Rönnqvist, M. D'Amours, S.

  Scholz, Johannes. "More than the sum of its parts?" - Enhancing optimisation for the forest based value chains by integrating process specific optimisation solutions

Rasinmäki, J. Marques, A. Rosset, C. Veiga, G.

HE-37  Session:  Advances on Recovery Inventory Management Policies II    /   Stream: Recovery Inventory Management Policies
Chair: Andrés Acevedo      Room:17 REDISTRIBUTED> Level 1
  Liu, Ke. Optimal Ordering Policies and Sourcing Strategies with Supply Disruption


  Rodriguez-Espindola, Oscar. A multi-criteria collaborative model for flood preparedness

Albores, P. Brewster, C.

  Acevedo, Andrés Production Planning with Perishable Raw Material Considerations

Contreras, I. Chen, M Y.

  Zaarour, Nizar. Optimizing the Collection Period of Product Returns in a Closed-loop Supply Chain

Melachrinoudis, E. Kozanidis, G.

HE-38  Session:  Multicriteria performance of funds and banks    /   Stream: Operational Research and Quantitative Models in Banking
Chair: Enrique Ballestero      Room:214
Chair: Mila Bravo
  Ballestero, Enrique. Multicriteria Approach to bank credit scoring

Zendehzaban, S.

  Bravo, Mila. Ranking Spanish banks from stress tests: A multicriteria model of moderate pessimism

Benito, A. Benito-Sarriá, G.

  Pla-Santamaria, David. Compromise programming approach to performance of bank funds

Reig, J.

  Garcia-Bernabeu, Ana Multicriteria approach to socially responsible funds managed by banks

Pérez-Gladish, B.

HE-39  Session:  Discrete Optimization I    /   Stream: Discrete Optimization, Geometry & Graphs (contributed)
Chair: Imke Joormann      Room:18 REDISTRIBUTED> Level 1
  Núñez-Serna, Rosa Iris. Piecewise relaxation of fractional powers of linear fractional terms

Zamora-Mata, J.

  Hicks, Illya. Branch Decomposition Techniques for some Matroidal Problems  
  Joormann, Imke. On the Relation of Flow Cuts and Irreducible Infeasible Subsystems

Pfetsch, M.

  Yahi, Zahra. A problem related to the integer partitions

Bouroubi, S.

HE-40  Session:  Prescriptive Analytics: Smart Solutions to Real-World Problems II   /   Stream: Meta-Analytics: A Marriage of Metaheuristics and Analytics
Chair: Stefan Voss      Room:19 REDISTRIBUTED> Level M2
Chair: Stefan Lessmann
  Mues, Christophe. Loan recovery modelling: challenges for predictive and prescriptive analytics

Thomas, L. So, M C.

  Voss, Stefan. Matheuristics Applications in Maritime Shipping


  De Bock, Koen W. Multicriteria Optimization for Cost-Sensitive Ensemble Selection in Business Failure Prediction

Lessmann, S. Coussement, K.

  Gomez, Arthur. Adaptive Hypermedia Model for Generation of Interactive Interfaces Applied to Digital TV

Nesi, L. C.

HE-41  Session:  Stochastic Vehicle Routing    /   Stream: Stochastic Models for Service Operations
Chair: Michel Gendreau      Room:216
  Wollenberg, Nadine. Single-VRP with simultaneous delivery and uncertain pickup data

Gendreau, M. Schultz, R.

  Côté, Jean-François. The Vehicle Routing Problem with Stochastic Two-Dimensional Items

Gendreau, M. Potvin, J-Y.

  Errico, Fausto. A priori optimization with recourse for the vehicle routing problem with hard time windows and stochastic service times

Desaulniers, G. Gendreau, M. Rousseau, L-M.

HE-42  Session:  Decision Analysis & Decision Making Approaches    /   Stream: Decision Support Systems
Chair: Isabelle Linden      Room:215
Chair: Shaofeng Liu
  Marques de Sousa, José Jefferson. Use of contabilometria as a decision making in sector accounting in vl technology company ltda the municipalities princesa isabel - PB  
  Chang, Chiao-Chen. Using the Analytic Hierarchy Process Decision Analysis to Better Understand Consumers Intentions to Revisit a Green Hotel


  Greenstein, Gil. Timing and decision making  
  Dargam, Fatima. Decision Making and the Big Data Era


HE-43  Session:  Scheduling Problems in Water Distribution System Management    /   Stream: OR in Water Management
Chair: Maddalena Nonato      Room:217
  Raz, David. A Practical Approach for Large Scale Optimal Pump Scheduling with Operational Constraints

Daliot, A.

  Coelho, Bernardete. The operational costs minimisation in water supply systems (wss) using cascade optimisation techniques

Andrade-Campos, A.

  Nonato, Maddalena. Path relinking and MILP hybridized Genetic Algorithms for scheduling countermeasures to contamination events

Peano, A. Gavanelli, M.

  Naoum-Sawaya, Joe. Simulation Optimization Approach for Pump Scheduling in Water Networks


HE-44  Session:  Optimization Practices for Sustainable Community development    /   Stream: Quality and Performance Measurement in Humanitarian Relief Chains
Chair: Sadia Samar Ali      Room:218
Chair: Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber
  Udo Aniefiok Energy: Environmental Impact and Economic Growth in Developing Economies (Nigerian experience): An Operational Research Approach.  
  Hain, Vladimir. Industrial heritage and Educational Polygon for development strategies


  Miao, Zhaowei. Closed-loop supply chain decision models with trade-in


  Zeimpekis, Vasileios. Carbon footprint calculation and monitoring in freight transport operations: A systemic approach

Mamasis, K. Drosos, D. Minis, I.

HE-45  Session:  Location Problems/Supply Chain    /   Stream: Hybrid Heuristics
Chair: Nader Azizi      Room:219
  Pohl, Edward. A Comparison of Heuristics Approaches to the Reliability Redundancy Allocation Problem

Talafuse, T.

  Cayir, Beyzanur. A Hybrid Genetic-Simulated Annealing Algorithm for the Supply Chain Network Design

Ervural, B.

  Ervural, Bilal. A Hybrid Particle Swarm Optimization with Genetic Mutation for the Supply Chain Network Design

Cayir, B.

  Azizi, Nader Hub-and-Spoke Network Design with Reliability Consideration: A Particle Swarm Optimization Approach

Salhi, S.