Slot MA: Monday July, 14   08.30 - 10.00

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MA-1.  Session:  Railway Scheduling Problems  /  Stream: Railway and Metro Transportation
Chair: Thomas Schlechte
  Wagenaar, Joris. Maintenance in the Rolling Stock Rescheduling Model  
  Schülldorf, Hanno. The Demand Balancing Problem in Rail Freight Service


  Bärmann, Andreas. A Decomposition Method for Multi-Period Network Expansion

Martin, A.

  Lutter, Pascal. Optimization based real-time decision support at motorail terminals

Werners, B.

MA-2.  Session:  Routing Problems with Profits and Other Applications  / Stream: Vehicle routing
Chair: Jose M. Belenguer
  He, Qie. A new vehicle routing problem: models and algorithm

Fukasawa, R. Song, Y.

  Ekici, Ali. Routing for Blood Supply Management

Ozener, O. 

  Morabito, Reinaldo. Modeling and Solving the Traveling Salesman Problem with Priority Prizes

Luna, H.  Pureza, V.

  Belenguer, Jose M. A branch-and-cut algorithm for the capacitated team orienteering problem


MA-3.  Session:  Airline/Airport Optimisation in Operations and Scheduling  /  Stream: Aviation
Chair: Cheng-Lung Wu
  Gao, Yi. An operational-safety oriented optimization of airport gate assignment

Dongxuan, W.   

  Maher, Stephen. The single day aircraft maintenance routing problem

Desaulniers, G.  Soumis, F. 

  Zhu, Jinfu. Constraint programming model of integrated recovery for aircraft and crew of irregular flight schedules

Zhu, B.

  Tomasella, Maurizio. Auto ID Enhanced Management of Ground Service Equipment in Concurrent Aircraft Turnarounds

Kalamara, K.  Thorne, A. McFarlane, D.   

MA-4.  Session:  Supply Chain Planning 1  /  Stream: Supply Chain Management
Chair: Achim Koberstein
  Justus, Nicolas. Designing a Planning System for Suppliers of the Machine Building Industry 

Meyr, H.  

  Warmer, Cornelia. Analysis, Design and Optimization of the Transport of Less than Container Load (LCL) Shipments for Intercontinental Sea Freight


  Borenich, Andrea. A Production Model for an Automobile Plant with Multiple Main Stages to Support the Bid Process with a Coordinated Cost Estimation

  Greistorfer, P. Reimann, M.

  Koberstein, Achim. A Stochastic Programming Approach to Determine Robust Delivery Profiles in Area Forwarding Inbound Logistics Networks

  Schöneberg, T. Suhl, L.      

MA-5.  Session:  Offshore Upstream Logistics  /  Stream: Petroleum Logistics 
Chair: Irina Gribkovskaia
  Maisiuk, Yauhen. Modelling of supply vessel operations with simulation

Gribkovskaia, I. 

  Redutskiy, Yury. Offshore Oilfield Design  
  Hubin, Aliaksandr. Evaluating robustness of speed optimized supply vessel schedules

Norlund, E K.  Gribkovskaia, I.     

  Gribkovskaia, Irina. Robust supply vessel planning with speed optimization

 Norlund, E K.      

MA-6.  Session:  City Logistic Operations  /  Stream: City Logistics and Freight Demand Modeling
Chair: Eiichi Taniguchi
  Roca-Riu, Mireia. Parking slot assignment for urban distribution: models and formulations

Fernandez, E.  Estrada, M.    

  Teo, Joel S-E. Evaluating City Logistics Measures for Efficient Management of Road Network Using Multi-agent Systems Model and Geographic Information Systems

Taniguchi, E. Qureshi, A.

  Thaller, Carina. Assessing Impacts Of Sustainable Freight Transport Measures On Urban Areas

Clausen, U.     

  Ozbay, Kaan. Network Simulation versus Big Data: A Case Study of Traffic Impact Analysis for Off-Hour Deliveries in New York City

Morgul, E.

MA-7.  Session:  Models for Gas and Electricity Markets /   Stream: Equilibrium Problems in Energy
Chair: Asgeir Tomasgard
  Su, Zhonghua. A Multi-Period Stochastic Equilibrium Model  for Global Energy Markets

Egging, R.   Tgard, A.   

  Egerer, Jonas. Market power in the German electricity market - Increasing renewable shares and congestion management


  Skar, Christian. Modeling renewable energy support policies for the European power sector

Helgesen, P I.  Tgard, A.

  Helgesen, Per Ivar. Interaction between energy systems models and computable general equilibrium models

Tomasgard, A.  

MA-8.  Session:  Energy and Environmental Management /  Stream: Energy Economics, Environmental Management and Multicriteria Decision Making
Chair: Peter Letmathe
  Steiner Neto, Pedro. Classification of Power Quality considering Voltage Sags occurred in Feeders

Goes, A R T. Arns Steiner, M T.

  Heffels, Tobias. Long-term effects of power-to-gas storage technology on power plant dispatch optimisation in Germany

McKenna, R.  Fichtner, W.    

  Ried, Sabrina. Optimization methods for the dimensioning of distributed energy systems

Reuter, M.  Carstens, B.  Jochem, P.   Fichtner, W.

  Boland, John. Synthetic Generation of Solar Radiation Data Sets


MA-9.  Session:  Dynamical Systems and Mathematical Modelling  /  Stream: Dynamical Systems and Mathematical Modelling in OR
Chair: Yutaka Kimura
Chair: Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber
Chair: Yukihiro Maruyama
  Talssi, Samir. Optimal control of treatment of HIV infection using neural network

Yousfi, N.

  Albu, Alla A New Statement of the Optimal Control Problem of the Metal Crystallization Process in Casting

Zubov, V .   

  Krause, Michael. Maintenance policies for modular monotonic multi-state systems


MA-10.  Session:  Optimization methods for smartgrid management   /  Stream: Optimization models and algorithms in Energy Industry
Chair: Cristina Corchero
Chair: Miguel Cruz-Zambrano
  Corchero, Cristina.  Optimal energy management  system for a residential microgrid

Igualada, L.  Cruz-Zambrano, M.   

  Atzeni, Italo Cooperative Day-Ahead DSM for Expected Cost Minimization in Microgrids

Ordóñez, L G. Scutari, G. Palomar, D. Fonollosa, J.

  Usaola, Julio. Operational Planning in Smart Grids: concept and recent developments    
  Igualada, Lucia. Optimal sizing of EV fast charging stations including energy storage and PV systems

Cruz-Zambrano, M.  Corchero, C.  

MA-11.  Session:  Optimization Methods in Transportation Systems  /   Stream: Combinatorial Optimization
Chair: Roberto Roberti
  Benavent, Enrique. The multiple vehicle pickup and delivery problem with LIFO constraints

Landete, M. Mota, E.  Tirado, G.    

  Mansini, Renata. New results for the Directed Profitable Rural Postman Problem

Colombi, M.

  Mancini, Simona. A Large Neighborhood Search based Matheuristic for a Real life Vehicle Routing Problem 


  Roberti, Roberto. An Exact Branch-and-Price Algorithm for the Fixed-Charge Transportation Problem

Bartolini, E. Mingozzi, A.

MA-12.  Session:  Graphs and Networks I  /   Stream: Graphs and Networks
Chair: Marc Demange
  Sbihi, Abdelkader. On City Logistics Pickup and Delivery Systems

Demange, M. Espinoza Garcia, J C.

  Ellison, David. Pursuit-Evasion Games  
  Culus, Jean-François. Complexity of recognition of G-Graph

Tanasescu, C.  Demange, M.  Marinescu-Ghemeci, R.    

  Sawada, Kiyoshi. An Optimal Level of Placing a Liaison with Long Communication Lengths between All Members of the Same Level in an Organization Structure of a Complete K-ary Tree


MA-13.  Session:  Scheduling cluster tools  /   Stream: Scheduling
Chair: Yuchul Lim
  Salais Fierro, Tomas E. Optimizing the Job Shop Scheduling Problem - a Neuro-Genetic Approach

Saucedo, J. Lizarraga, G.

  Kim, Chulhan. Feedback control of cluster tools for wafer delay regulation

Tae-Eog, L.  

  Yu, Taesun. Scheduling of Cluster Tools with Complex Scheduling Requirements

Tae-Eog, L.

  Lim, Yuchul. Efficient Scheduling of Inline Cluster Tools by Decomposition Method

Tae-Eog, L.  

MA-14.  Session:  Realistic Production Scheduling  /   Stream: Realistic Production Scheduling
Chair: Ruben Ruiz
  Possani, Edgar. Bi-criteria scheduling on a batching machine to minimize maximum lateness and makespan

Cabo Nodar, M.

  Rudek, Radoslaw. On generic approaches to prove NP-hardness and to construct efficient algorithms for some scheduling problems

Rudek, A.  

  Ruiz, Ruben. New results for the distributed permutation flowshop problem

Naderi, B.     

  Kahya, Uğur Bottleneck Based CONWIP System in Make-to-Order Manufacturing

Erginel, N. 

MA-15.  Session:  Network Pricing  /   Stream: Revenue Management I
Chair: Patrice Marcotte
  Brotcorne, Luce. Bilevel Modelling of Energy Pricing Problem

Afsar, S. Marcotte, P.  Savard, G. 

  Ypsilantis, Panagiotis. Joint design and pricing of intermodal port-hinterland network services: Considering economies of scale and service time constraints

Zuidwijk, R.  

  Violin, Alessia. A Branch-and-Price Algorithm for the Network Pricing Problem with Connected Toll Arcs

Fortz, B.  Labbé, M.   

  Savard, Gilles. A mathematical programming approach to compute booking limits under a non-parametric choice model

 Hosseinalifam, M. Marcotte, P.       

MA-16.  Session:  Copositive and Polynomial Optimization I  /   Stream: Copositive and Polynomial Optimization
Chair: Mohab Safey El Din
  Naldi, Simone. Computing efficiently real points on determinantal varieties

Henrion, D.  Safey El Din, M.  

  Yang, Zhengfeng. Exact Safety Verification of Hybrid Systems Based on Bilinear SOS Representation


  Abril Bucero, Marta Border basis relaxation for polynomial optimization    
MA-17.  Session:   Global Optimization, Modelling and Data Mining  /  Stream: Global Optimization 
Chair: Inci Batmaz
  Venceslau, Marilis. The problem of covering solids by spheres of different diameters

Pinto, R. Venceslau, H., Maculan, N.

  Astrakov, Sergey External Sensors for Monitoring of Domains


  Emel, Erdal Adaptive artificial bee colony algorithm for global optimization

Yurtkuran, A.

  Yazici, Ceyda. Predicting the Amount of Precipitation of Eastern Black Sea Region by VARMA Models

Yozgatligil, C.

MA-18.  Session:  Multiobjective Optimization in Practice  /    Stream: Multiobjective Optimization - Theory, Methods and Applications
Chair: Volker Maag
  Bischoff, Martin. Multiobjective Layout Planning of Photovoltaic Power Plants

Schüle, I. Plociennik, K.                

  Nowak, Dimitri. A ray tracing technique for the Pareto set navigation


  Süss, Philipp. Multiple criteria decision-making in medical treatment planning - is Pareto efficiency enough?


  Maag, Volker. A dimension reduction approach for the nondominated set approximation    
MA-19.  Session:  Retail Shelf and Inventory Planning  /  Stream: Demand and Supply Planning in Consumer Goods and Retailing
Chair: Heinrich Kuhn
  Hübner, Alexander. A decision support system for retail assortment planning with substitution effects

Kuhn, H.   

  Bianchi-Aguiar, Teresa. A new MIP formulation for the location and allocation of products and product families on retail shelves

Silva, E. Guimarães, L. Carravilla, M A. Oliveira, J F.

  Sachs, Anna-Lena. Data-Driven Order Policies with Censored Demand and Substitution in Retailing

Minner, S.   

  Kegelart, Tanguy. A Conic Optimization Approach for SKU Rationalization

Van Vyve, M.

MA-20.  Session:  IFORS Prize for OR in Development 2104 -1  /  Stream: IFORS Prize for OR in Development 2014
Chair: Andrés Weintraub
  Yu-Jun, Zheng. Emergency engineering rescue scheduling and its application in disaster relief operations in China     

Hai-Feng, L. Xin-Li, X Sheng-Yong, C.

  Perez, Juan. A Multi-period Fleet Allocation Model for the Santiago Fire Department

Maldonado, S.

  Shen, Yindong. Public transit planning and scheduling based on AVL data in China


MA-21.  Session:  Optimization Modeling Software & Systems 1  /   Stream: Optimization Modeling in OR/MS
Chair: Robert Fourer
  Lastusilta, Toni. Recent Enhancements in GAMS


  Lopes, Leo. Network Algorithms, Constraint Programming, and Decomposition in the SAS/OR OPTMODEL Modeling Language

Pratt, R. Rouse, J.    

  Fourer, Robert. New AMPL Interfaces for Enhanced Development and Deployment of Optimization Models    
  Oussedik, Sofiane. Supporting Business Decision Making    
MA-22.  Session:  Stochastic Models  /   Stream: Health Care Data Analytics
Chair: Kelvin Yau
  Lee, Andy. A simulation approach to assess the adequacy of survival mixture models: application to public health

Yau, K. Hui, Y V.

  Akhavan-Tabatabaei, Raha A POMDP Model to Evaluate the Inclusion of HPV-DNA Test for Cervical Cancer Screening

Gel, E. Namen Leon, M I       

  Bolia, Nomesh. Admission Policies for Walk-in Patients at a Diagnostic Clinic

Garg, N.   Malhotra, Rl.  

MA-23.  Session:  Perspectives on Behavioural Operations Research  /   Stream: Behavioural Operational Research
Chair: L. Alberto Franco
  Hämäläinen, Raimo P. On the importantance of Behavioural Operations Research


  Robinson, Stewart. Have I been doing Behavioural OR for the Last 20 Years?


  Franco, L. Alberto. How to conduct Behavioural OR studies: A typology

Rouwette, E.

  Becker, Kai Helge. An Outlook On Behavioural OR - Three tasks, three pitfalls and one definition    
MA-24.  Session:  Preference Learning I  /   Stream: Preference Learning
Chair: Roman Slowinski
  Vetschera, Rudolf. Deriving rankings from incomplete preference information: A comparison of different approaches  
  Davidov, Ori. Testing for the multivariate stochastic order among ordered populations with application to ranking and selection problems  
  Morton, Alec. Handing inequity averse preferences

Argyris, N.   Karsu, O.

  Greco, Salvatore. Inducing probability distributions on the set of value functions

Corrente, S.  Kadzinski, M.  Slowinski, R.  

MA-25.  Session:  Infinite horizon problems of mathematical econmics  /  Stream: Mathematical economics 
Chair: Alexander Zaslavski
  Blot, Joel. Infinite-horizon variational problems and oscillations


  Hayek, Naila. Infinite-horizon differential games in the discrete-time case


  Pickenhain, Sabine. Optimal Control Problems with Infinite Horizon and Budget Constraints


  Zaslavski, Alexander. Optimal control problems with nonsingleton-turnpikes


MA-26.  Session:  Fuzzy Goal Programming   /  Stream: Fuzzy Decision Support Systems, Soft Computing, Neural Network 
Chair: Mariano Jimenez-Lopez
  Martínez, MarÍa Luisa. Model and algorithms to generate group-rankings from interval fuzzy preference relations

Dopazo, E.  Ruiz-Tagle, M.  

  Díaz-Madroñero, Manuel. A fuzzy goal programming approach for the assignment problem in textile rotary printing processes 

Mula, J.  Poler, R.  

  Jimenez-Lopez, Mariano. Ordinary goal programming with fuzzy goals

Bilbao-Terol, A. Arenas-Parra, M.       

  Liu, Shiang-Tai. Fractional transportation problem with fuzzy parameters


MA-27.  Session:  OR in Quality Management I  /  Stream: OR in Quality Management
Chair: Hafize Yilmaz
  Mitra, Amitava. Determination of Premium for Service Contracts    
  Kim, Changhee. Important Performance among Perceived Service Quality, Customer Attitudes, Satisfaction and Revisit Intention in Traditional Cultural Facility at the IIAC

Kim, S W. 

  Savan, Emanuel. Bi-objective modelling approach for New Product Development using the Belief Rule-Based methodology: A case study from the pastry and confectionery specialties industry 

Yang, J-B. Xu, D-L. Chen, Y-W. 

  Yılmaz, Hafize. A decision model for assessment of the firms' competitiveness level in terms of quality

Gül, S. Inan, U H.   

MA-28.  Session:  Challenge ROADEF/EURO  /  Stream: Challenge ROADEF/EURO
Chair: Christian Artigues
  Langton, Sebastian. Decision support for rolling stock management - A contribution to the 2014 EURO/ROADEF Challenge

Geiger, M J.  Huber, Sandra.  Leschik, M.  Lindorf, C.  Tüshaus, U.

  Thorlund Haahr, Jørgen. A Math-heuristic Approach for the Roadef Challenge 2014

Bull, S.

  Spiers, Gregoire. olving a train assignment problem by decomposition


MA-29.  Session:  Behavioral economics and finance  /   Stream: Financial Optimization
Chair: Xuedong He
  Ghossoub, Mario. Cost-Efficient Contingent Claims under Knightian Uncertainty: A Distributional Analysis


  Guo, Jing. Equilibrium Asset Pricing with Rational and Irrational Investors

He, X.          

  Xu, Zuo Quan. Quantile Formulation: A Link between Rank Dependent Utility Theory and Expected Utility Theory    
  He, Xuedong. A Processing-Consistent Non-Bayesian Inference Model

Xiao, D.

MA-30.  Session:  Advances in Financial Mathematics, Economics and OR  /   Stream: Financial Mathematics and OR 
Chair: Thomas Burkhardt
Chair: Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber
  Mizgier, Kamil. Multiobjective Optimization of Credit Capital Allocation in Financial Insitutions

Pasia, J.

  Kuchina, Elena. Dependence of the Oil Companies' Financial Results on Volatility of the World Oil Price


  Egorova, Lyudmila. Effectiveness of different trading strategies for price-takers


  Salomon, Fernando. Portfolio Optimization Using Forecast and Data Envelopment Analysis

Pamplona, E. Rotela Junior, P.

MA-31.  Session:  Elicitation  /   Stream: Decision Processes 
Chair: Love Ekenberg
  Danielson, Mats. Cardinal ranking as a means for efficient elicitation


  Kivunike, Florence. A Verbal-numerical scale for the evaluation of the ICT contribution to development in a developing country context    
  Larsson, Aron. Interval criteria weights trough a slider: The CROC way


  Ekenberg, Love. Participation, Elicitation and Democracy    
MA-32.  Session:  Decision Analysis and Intelligence Processing  /   Stream: Humanitarian Operations Research
Chair: Moshe Kress
  Liu, Shuang. A structured war-gaming framework to support collective preparedness for managing extreme risks    
  Kojima, Kentaro. On evaluating conflict and power of players within coalition formation games


  Kress, Moshe. Finding the Needles in the Haystack: Efficient Intelligence Processing

Dimitrov, N. 

  Yeo, Wee Meng. Strategic Allocation of Medical Surplus


MA-33.  Session:  Stochastic inventory models with environmental constraints   /  Stream: Environmental Sustainability in Supply Chain
Chair: Peter Kischka
  Rettke, Katja. Newsvendor model with a second order opportunity and consideration of transport emissions    
  Arikan, Emel The Single Period Inventory Model Under Dual Sourcing and Product Carbon Footprint Constraint

Jammernegg, W.      

  Kischka, Peter. Inventory models with transshipment and environmental constraint

Jammernegg, W.      

  Ries, Jörg. Inventory control with environmental criteria and stochastic lead times

Fichtinger, J.      

MA-34.  Session:  Big Data and Network Methods  /  Stream: Data Mining in Finance and Commodities 
Chair: Dejan Stokic
Chair: Marcus Hildmann
  Pitsoulis, Leonidas. Community Structure in Networks and Modularity

Gevezes, T.

  Hong, JaeYeol. Nonlinear Profile Monitoring using MARS (Multivariate Adaptive Regression Splines)

Park, S H. An, D. Baek, J-G.

  Ponomarenko, Alexander. Fast search in Big Data without indexing


  Huang, Cheng-kui. User recommendations for discovering consensus temporal patterns    
MA-35.  Session:  Stochastic Modeling and Simulation  /   Stream: Stochastic Modeling and Simulation in Engineering, Management and Science
Chair: Manuela Maria de Oliveira
  de Oliveira, Manuela Maria. The phycotoxins' impact in the technical efficiency of the Portuguese artisanal dredge fleet

Camanho, A.  Gaspar, M B .

  Baysal, Gülendam. Driver sensitive modeling of spatio-temporal drivers of land use land cover change (LULCC)

Fürst, C.    

  Munoz, David. Economic Evaluation of Self-Monitoring of Blood Glucose as a Key Component for Type-2 Diabetes Treatment in Mexico Using Stochastic Simulation

Zanela, O O. Cabra, H.

  Memmedli, Memmedaga. Modeling Artificial Neural Networks and Fuzzy Support Vector Machine for Heart Disease Detection

Ozdemir, O.         

MA-36.  Session:  Fisheries  /   Stream: OR in Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
Chair: Stein Ivar Steinshamn
  Fresard, Marjolaine. Sustainable harvest of a native species and control of an invasive species: a bioeconomic model of a commercial fishery invaded by a space competitor

Ropars-Collet, C.

  Ekerhovd, Nils-Arne. Big Gain, Little Pain: A Multi-Species Competition Model of Pelagic Fisheries

Steinshamn, S I.   

  Kvamsdal, Sturla. Harvesting in a Fishery with Stochastic Growth and a Mean-Reverting Price


  Steinshamn, Stein Ivar. A continuous-time age-structured bioeconomic model for optimal resource management

Golubtsov, P.     

MA-37.  Session:  AHP  /  Stream: AHP (Analytic Hierarchy Process) /ANP (Analytical Network Process)
Chair: Michele Lundy
  Lundy, Michele. A clustering approach to measure inconsistency in pairwise comparison judgements

Siraj, S.

  Adekoya, Adebola Application of Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) model for assessing Academic Corruption and Values in Nigeria Educational System

Adebiyi, O. Sulaimon O. Olateju E. Amole, B.   

  Nganga, Peter. Market Attractiveness evaluation of Sub-Saharan Africa by using SWOT analysis and AHP methods    
  Azizi, Majid Identification and evaluation of the effective criteria in customer satisfaction, case study: wood furniture market         Deghan, A.     
MA-38.  Session:  Biomass-based supply chains I  /   Stream: Biomass-based Supply Chains
Chair: Christian Trinks
  Mueller, Ann-Kathrin. Requirements of a Mathematical Approach for Optimizing Biomass Value Chains for Material and Energetic Utilization

Fröhling, M. Schultmann, F.  

  Yılmaz Balaman, Şebnem. Design of local biomass to energy supply chains with district heating systems under uncertainty

Selim, H.   

  Trinks, Christian. Setting priorities for the performance assessment of a biomass-based supply chain    
MA-39.  Session:  ORAHS I - Effectiveness & performance  /   Stream: Health Care Applications
Chair: Sally Brailsford
Chair: Marion Rauner
  Pitt, Martin. Establishing a Framework for the Effective Evaluation of OR in Healthcare

Monks, T.

  Ballestin, Francisco. Optimising the operating room utilisation rate and the patient waiting time in a Spanish hospital

Pérez, M. A. Quintanilla, S.  Lino, M. A. Valls, V.     

  Chaiwuttisak, Pornpimol. Online allocation and routing for blood delivery in conditions of variable and insufficient supply: a case study in Thailand

Smith, H.  Wu, Y.  Potts, C.     

  Rauner, Marion. Impact of Environmental Conditions on Efficiency of Austrian Red Cross Departments: Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) & Second Stage Regression

Sommersguter-Reichmann, M. 

MA-40.  Session:  Scheduling and lot sizing problems  /   Stream: Production and the link with supply chain
Chair: Farouk Yalaoui
Chair: Gonzalo Enrique Mejia Delgadillo
  Deeratanasrikul, Lalida. Multiple-stage Parallel-machine Capacitated Lot-Sizing and Scheduling with Sequence-dependent Setup: A Case Study in the Wheel Industry

Mizuno, S.  

  Salazar, Eduardo. Optimization Model for Scheduling Steelmaking and Continuous Casting Production


  Maturana, Sergio. Lot-Sizing in an Export-Oriented Winery: Models and Heuristics under the Principle of Postponement

Varas, M.  Vera, J.  Vargas, I.

  Kopanos, Georgios A Reactive Scheduling Framework via Off-line Optimization

Pistikopoulos, E.

MA-41.  Session:  Lot-Sizing and Related Topics 1  /   Stream: Lot-Sizing and Related Topics
Chair: Grigory Pishchulov
  Singh, Sarbjit. Production inventory model for perishable items whose deterioration starts after fixed time    
  Figueira, Gonçalo. Continuous-time model for the operational pulp and paper production planning

Amorim, P. Guimarães, L.  Lopes, M. Almada-Lobo, B. 

  Pishchulov, Grigory. Supply chain contracting under asymmetric information and partial vertical integration

Richter, K. Golesorkhi, S. 

MA-42.  Session:  Green Freight Transportation 1  /   Stream: Green and Humanitarian Logistics
Chair: Emrah Demir
  Gürel, Sinan. A conic reformulation and a local search heuristic for the VRP with controllable travel times

Saka, O C.   Van Woensel, T.      

  Soysal, Mehmet. The time-dependent two-echelon capacitated vehicle routing problem with environmental considerations

Bloemhof, J.  Bektas, T.    

  Saharidis, Georgios K.D. Modelling and solution approach for the environmental travelling salesman problem

Liberopoulos, G. Kolomvos, G.

MA-43.  Session:  Algorithms and Applications-1  /   Stream: Algorithms and Computational Optimization
Chair: Basak Akteke-Ozturk
Chair: Ulf Lorenz
  Rosat, Samuel Penalizing fractional directions in the integral simplex algorithm

Elahllaoui, I. Abdelouahab, Z.  Chakour, D.

  Abdelouahab, Zaghrouti Improving ILP solutions by zooming around an improving direction

Elhallaoui, I. Soumis, F.    

  van den Heever, Susara. A Decision Support System for Optimization in the Face of Uncertainty

Kawas, B.  Laumanns, M.  Lee, C.  Marinescu, R. Mevissen, M.  Taheri, N.  Verago, R. Koc, A.

  Lorenz, Ulf. MIP generation for system synthesis tasks

Altherr, L.  Ederer, T.  Pelz, P.  Pöttgen, P.   Saul, B. Zimmermann, W.   

MA-44.  Session:  Simulation in Management Accounting and Management Control I  /    Stream: Simulation in Management Accounting and Management Control
Chair: Friederike Wall
  Muromachi, Yukio. A new portfolio risk evaluation model including huge loss events derived from market prices: continuous-time model    
  Günther, Markus. An agent-based simulation of new product adoption for multiple technology generations

Stummer, C.     

  Hocke, Sina. A simulation-based approach for the analysis of allocation methods for cost-center accounting

Meyer, M.       

  Wall, Friederike. Frequency and Mode of Changing the Management Control System: Results of an Agent-Based Simulation


MA-45.  Session:  Computational Stochastic Programming  /   Stream: Stochastic Programming
Chair: Suvrajeet Sen
  Nemhauser, George. Sell or Hold: A simple two-stage stochastic combinatorial optimization problem

Ahmed, S.  He, Q.  

  Asamov, Tsvetan Approximation Strategies for Multistage Stochastic Programs

Powell, W .   

  Sen, Suvrajeet. Mitigating Uncertainty via Compromise Decisions

Liu, Yifan. 

  Solsona, Francesc. Parallelization and High Performance Computing adjustment of the Cluster Benders Decomposition algorithm

Mateo, J.  Pla, L M.  Lerida, J L.