Slot MB: Monday July, 14   10.30 - 12.00

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MB-1.  Session: Train Timetabling and Dispatching  /  Stream: Railway and Metro Transportation
Chair: Thomas Schlechte  Room: 118
  Fiand, Frederik. Energy Efficient Freight Train Scheduling

Zimmermann, U T.

  Chassein, André. On Comparing Robustness Approaches for Timetabling

Goerigk, M. 

  Sels, Peter. Automatically and Quickly Planning Platform and Route of Trains in Railway Stations

  Dewilde, T. Cattrysse, D. Vansteenwegen, P.

  Mannino, Carlo. A real-life implementation of an exact train dispatching algorithm


MB-2.  Session:  Models and Algorithms for Arc Routing Problems  /  Stream: Vehicle routing
Chair: Marcos José Negreiros   Room: 111
  Plana, Isaac. On the Distance-Constrained Generalized Directed Rural Postman Problem

Ávila, T. Corberan, A. Sanchis, JM.

  Mourão, Càndida. Studing arc routing models

Gouveia, L.  S.Pinto, L.    

  S.Pinto, Leonor. Hybrid arc routing models

Gouveia, L. Mourão, C.

  Negreiros, Marcos José. New Heuristics for the Mixed General Routing Problem


MB-3.  Session:  Air Traffic Management   /  Stream: Aviation
Chair: Antony Evans     Room: 1
  Bakhrankova, Krystsina. Decision support for improving the SESAR Key Performance Areas

Schittekat, P. Karahasanovic, A. Eide, A. Swendgaard, H E. Grantz, V. Ødegård, S S.  Kjenstad, D. Mannino, C.

  Idris, Husni. A decision theoretic approach for trajectory planning with risk mitigation  
  Evans, Antony. Airline-Driven Performance-Based Air Traffic Management: Game Theoretic Models and Multi-Criteria Evaluation

Vaze, V.  Barnhart, C.     

  Nascimento, Mariá C. V. GRASP for planning multi-city air routes Nakamura, K Y.         
MB-4.  Session:  Supply Chain Planning 2  / Stream: Supply Chain Management
Chair: Mirko Vujosevic     Room: 119
  Zeise, Philipp. A Quasi-fixed Cyclic Production Scheme for a Multi-Item Production System with Stochastic Demand

Briskorn, D.  

  Martins, Sara. Supply Chain Management using an Optimization-Simulation approach for the Pharmaceutical Distribution

Amorim, P.  Figueira, G.  Guimarães, L. Almada-Lobo, B.   

  Gozun, Brian Canlas. Modeling Humanitarian Logistics in the Philippines

Villanueva, A. 

  Vujosevic, Mirko. A new Integrated Forward and Reverse Logistics Model: A Case Study

Djikanovic, J.      

MB-5.  Session:  Oil and Gas Transportation  /  Stream: Petroleum Logistics
Chair: Yury Shcherbanin   Room: 2
  Studenikina, Liudmila. Medium term forecasts of world oil and gas consumption  
  Mikhaylova, Anastasia. Changing logistic approaches in international oil trade movements  
  Kisialiou, Yauheni. Analysis of logistics capabilities for gas transportation in the Arctic

Shcherbanin, Y.  Gribkovskaia, I

  Shcherbanin, Yury. Oil pipelines transportation: evaluation of logistics expenses


MB-6.  Session:  Strategic Freight Demand Models  /   Stream: City Logistics and Freight Demand Modeling
Chair: Lorant Tavasszy    Room: 211
Chair: Panagiotis Otapasidis
  Holguin-Veras, Jose. Analytical Urban Freight Tour Models


  Roorda, Matthew. Developing a multi-scale multi-region input-output model

Bachmann, C.  Kennedy, C.

  Jourquin, Bart. Elasticity estimations for continental intermodal freight transport

Tavasszy, L. 

  Otapasidis, Panagiotis. Transport mode selection during cargo movement operations in the South East Europe area 

Arampantzi, C. Zeimpekis, V. Minis, I.  

MB-7.  Session:  Complementarity Models in Natural Gas and Renewable Markets  /  Stream: Equilibrium Problems in Energy
Chair: Sauleh Siddiqui   Room: 3
  Egging, Ruud. Risk aversion in imperfect natural gas markets.

Pichler, A. Kalvø, O.I.  Walle-Hen, T.       

  Gabriel, Steven. LNG Market Modeling

Moradee, S.          

  Koschker, Susanne. A complementarity approach to analyse the influence of renewables on market power

Möst, D.          

  Siddiqui, Sauleh. An Equilibrium Model for the US RIN Market

Christensen, A.   

MB-8.  Session:  Electricity Markets and Smart Grids  /  Stream: Energy Economics, Environmental Management and Multicriteria Decision Making 
Chair: Jinwoo Park   Room: 120
  Stefani, Silvana. Electricity futures

Falbo, P.  Felletti, D.  

  Derinkuyu, Kürşad. European Day Ahead Electricity Market Structures


  Nielsen, Kurt. Market Design for Rapid Demand Response - The Case of Kenya


  Park, Jinwoo. Optimal operation management for electric vehicle battery switch stations in smart grid environment

Kim, D. Moon, J-Y.

MB-9.  Session:  Dynamical Systems and Mathematical Modelling 2  /  Stream: Dynamical Systems and Mathematical Modelling in OR 
Chair: Yutaka Kimura                               Room: 121
  Janova, Jitka. Looking for optimal strategies in  agribusiness via nonlinear optimal control

Ruzickova, G. Hampel, D.

  Hotta, Keisuke. A study of the enumeration of the electoral districts


  Ueno, Takayuki. The second dual of a primal

Kimura, D. Iwamoto, S.   

MB-10.  Session:  Integration of distributed energy resources in electricity systems  /  Stream: Optimization models and algorithms in Energy Industry
Chair: Tomas Gomez San Roman               Room: 122
  Siddiqui, Afzal. Transmission and Wind Investment in a Deregulated Electricity Industry

Maurovich-Horvat, L.  Krogh Boomsma, T.

  Momber, Ilan. Aggregated Scheduling of Plug-in Electric Vehicles Under Direct and Indirect Load Control Approaches

Gomez San Roman, T.     

  Madureira, Andre. Multi-temporal OPF for Maximizing the Integration of Energy from Renewable Sources in Distribution Grids

Meirinhos, J.  Pecas Lopes, J. 

  Cruz-Zambrano, Miguel. Tools, procedures and principles of coordination between DSOs & TSOs

Corchero, C.  

MB-11.  Session:  Advances in Specialized Zero-One Optimization  /  Stream: Combinatorial Optimization
Chair: Fred Glover                                      Room: 113
Chair: Manuel Laguna
  Lu, zhipeng. GRASP-based Tabu Search for the Vertex p-Center Problem

Zhao, Q. Zhou, T.        

  Hanafi, Saïd. Convergent Scatter Search and Star Paths with Directional Rounding for 0-1 Mixed Integer Programs

Todosijevic, R. Glover,F.    

  Wang, Yang. The Boolean quadratic programming problem with GUB constraints

Punnen, A.

  Shylo, Oleg. Effective long-term memory strategies for local search-based optimization

Shylo, V.       

MB-12.  Session:  Graphs and Networks II  /  Stream: Graphs and Networks
Chair: Reinhardt Euler                                   Room: 4
  Nicoloso, Sara. Coloring Circulant Graphs C_n(a,b,c)

Pietropaoli, U. 

  Demange, Marc. On two matching problems in induced subgrids

Ekim, T.     

  Magos, Dimitrios. On the system of two submodular functions

Mourtos, Y.    

  Appa, Gautam There are only 42 types of 10x10 Latin Squares (LS) to consider in the search for a mutually orthogonal triple

Euler, R. Kouvela, A. Magos, D. Mourtos, Y      

MB-13.  Session:  Scheduling Theory and Applications  / Stream: Scheduling
Chair: Malgorzata Sterna        Room: 123
  Sterna, Malgorzata. Late Work Minimization on Identical Parellel Machines

Chen, X.   Blazewicz, J.  Han, X. 

  Machowiak, Maciej. Moldable tasks in berth and quay crane allocation problem

Blazewicz, J.      

  Pawlak, Grzegorz. Single track railway scheduling problem

Singh, G.

  Fenrich, Grzegorz. System Supporting Text Analysis

Sterna, M.      

MB-14.  Session:  Parallel machines problems  /   Stream: Realistic Production Scheduling
Chair: Federico Perea           Room: 124
  Lai, Chun-Mei. The Parallel Machine Scheduling Problem with Job Priorities and Sequence-Dependent Setup Times 

Chao, Y.    

  Vallada, Eva. An Iterated Greedy algorithm for the unrelated parallel machine scheduling problem with setup times

Gonzalez, D.  Ruiz, R.  

  Perea, Federico. The Unrelated Parallel Machine Scheduling problem with additional Resources

Ruiz, R.

  Berghman, Lotte. New (facet-defining) valid inequalities for a time-indexed formulation

Spieksma, F. Vincent, T.

MB-15.  Session:  Dynamic and competitive pricing models  /   Stream: Revenue Management I
Chair: María Camila Ramos    Room: 125
  Fendek, Michal. Microeconomic Analysis of Cartel Equilibrium Optimization Model

Fendekova, E.          

  Xie, Yangyang. Pricing Game with customer choice based on the price-performance ratio

Lu, M.  Yan, H.          

  Ramos, MarÍa Camila. A pricing and inventory decision model with stochastic demand for perishable products

Cataldo, A.  Ferrer, J-C . 

MB-16.  Session:  Copositive and Polynomial Optimization II  /  Stream: Copositive and Polynomial Optimization
Chair: Markus Schweighofer      Room: 127
  de Laat, David. Energy minimization via conic programming hierarchies


  Safey El Din, Mohab. Computing Rational Solutions to Linear Matrix Ineequalities  
  Mevissen, Martin. Sparse polynomial optimization for urban distribution networks

Ghaddar, Bi.  Marecek, J.    

  Riener, Cordian. Polynomial Optimization with Symmetric Polynomials


MB-17.  Session:  Global Optimization and Applications in Development I  /  Stream: Global Optimization 
Chair: Herman Mawengkang    Room: 5
  Silalahi, Meslin. An interactive approach for solving multi-objective model of logistic system and waste management in crude palm oil industry

Mawengkang, H.    

  Khairani, Nerli. An active constrained based approach for solving problem for positioning new product with risk

Mawengkang, H.       

  Nasution, Azizah Hanim. The Dynamic Selection of Coordination Mechanisms in Indonesian Ministry of Religion Affairs Based on Agent Approach

Mawengkang, H.       

  Zahedi, Zahedi. A strategic conflict is a decision problem involving several interest groups or decision makers (DMs), each of which has different preferences.

Mawengkang, H.       

MB-18.  Session:  Applications of Goal Programming  /  Stream: Multiobjective Optimization - Theory, Methods and Applications
Chair: Markus Hartikainen    Room: 112
  Kamisli Ozturk, Zehra. A real life door assignment problem with a multiobjective structure

Lepki, B.  Güngör, K Ö.    

  Alegoz, Mehmet A Goal Programming Approach To Design The Supply Chain Network

Kamisli Ozturk, Z   

  Kanellopoulos, Argyris. A non-interactive calibration method of linear-quadratic composite metrics in compromise programming

Banasik, A.  Claassen, G.D.H.

  Dundar, Abdullah Oktay. Preparation of blended flour by goal programming

Sahman, M A. Tekin, M. Altun, Adem A.        

MB-19.  Session:  Business Analytics Methods for Demand and Supply Planning and Control   /  Stream: Demand and Supply Planning in Consumer Goods and Retailing 
Chair: Michael Katehakis     Room: 128
  Gupta, Sudheer. Strategic Inventories and Supply Chain Structure


  Feinberg, Eugene. Partially Observable Total-Cost Markov Decision Processes with Borel State Spaces and their Applications

 Kasyanov, P. Zgurovsky, M.  

  Papayanopoulos, Lee. Inventory Models with Omega-Distributed Demand


MB-20. Session:  IFORS Prize for OR in Development 2104 - 2   Stream: AHP (Analytic Hierarchy Process) /ANP (Analytical Network Process)
Chair: Andrés Weintraub     Room: 129
  Gallego de Andrade, Luiz Augusto. Optimizing ambulance moveable station location and vehicle repositioning to reduce response times for the city of São Paulo

Cunha, C B.

  Tang, Lixin. Modelling and Solutions of Slab Allocation and Reallocation Problems in Chinese Steel Industry

Wang, G. Meng, Y.  Liu, J. Yuan, Y.

  Xu, Jiuping. Water Allocation Modelling and Policy Simulation for the Min River Basin of China under Changing Climatic Conditions

Hu, Z. Yan, H. Yao, L. Zeng, Z. Zhang, M.

MB-21.  Session:  Optimization Modeling Software & Systems 2   /  Stream: Optimization Modeling in OR/MS
Chair: Robert Fourer     Room: 6
  Nodet, Xavier. Recent Developments in IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimizer


  Heipcke, Susanne. Robust problem formulation alternatives  
  Mitra, Gautam Developments in the AMPL Ecosystem Valente, C.
  Kraft, Volker. Optimizing a Manufacturing Process using JMP


MB-22.  Session:  OR and Health Care Management  /   Stream: Health Care Data Analytics
Chair: Janny Leung      Room: 7
  Vidyarthi, Navneet. The Impact of Directed Choice on the Design of Preventive Healthcare Facility Network Under Congestion

Kuzgunkaya, O.       

  Lavieri, Mariel. Medical Decision Making in Resource Constrained Environments


  Leung, Janny. Using Simulation to Analyze Patient Flows in a Hospital Emergency Department in Hong Kong

Kuo, Y H.  Graham, C.  Rado, O.  Lupia, B.

MB-23.  Session:  Behavioural issues in decision making and negotiation  /   Stream: Behavioural Operational Research
Chair: Etienne Rouwette    Room: 8
  Barcus, Ana. Decision Analysis in the context of the Behavioural Reality in Organizations - An empirically supported framework for analysing implementation problems   

Becker, K H. Montibeller, G. 

  Montibeller, Gilberto. Cognitive and Motivational Biases in Risk and Decision Analysis

von Winterfeldt, D.    

  Rouwette, Etienne. The Impact of Need for Closure on Model-supported Group Conflict Management

Franco, L A.  Korzilius, H.   

  Boukredera, Djamila. Using Analytic Hierarchy Process to Enhance Consensus in Multi-agent Multi-issue Negotiation

Hariche, K. Ramdane, M.  Kassa, R.

MB-24.  Session:  Preference Learning II  /  Stream: Preference Learning
Chair: Roman Slowinski     Room: 212
  Cailloux, Olivier. Descriptive models of deliberated preferences


  Sobrie, Olivier. New veto rule for a sorting model

Pirlot, M.  Mousseau, V.  

  Kadzinski, Milosz. Integrated preference disaggregation framework for value-driven multi-criteria sorting

Ciomek, K.  Slowinski, R.    

  Slowinski, Roman. Robust Ordinal Regression for Dominance-based Rough Set Approach to Decision under Risk

Kadzinski, M. Greco, S.       

MB-25.  Session:  mathematical economics and optimal control   /   Stream: Mathematical economics 
Chair: Alexander Zaslavski      Room: 9
  Linker, Raphael. Optimal irrigation scheduling for wheat production in Manitoba: a simulation study

Ioslovich, I.      

  Veliov, Vladimir. Harvesting in an age-structured population

Belyakov, A.    

  Winer, Zvi. Hierarchical Organizations

Bental, B.      

  Zemel, Amos. Steady state properties in a class of dynamic models

Tsur, Y.   

MB-26.  Session:  Fuzzy Multiobjective Programming   /   Stream: Fuzzy Decision Support Systems, Soft Computing, Neural Network
Chair: Monga K Luhandjula      Room: 10
  Luhandjula, Monga K. Approximation and Equivalence approaches for Fuzzy Multiobjective Programming Problems


  Rangoaga, Moeti. Mathematical programming problems with several fuzzy objective functions


  Hasuike, Takashi. Fuzzy linear programming problems with appropriate and flexible membership functions

Katagiri, H. Tsubaki, H. 

  Luo, Jiabin. Fuzzy scenario-based multi-criteria optimisation of a manufacturing supply chain

Petrovic, D.     

MB-27.  Session:  OR in Quality Management II  /  Stream: OR in Quality Management
Chair: Aysun Kapucugil-Ikiz    Room: 213
  Chang, Kuochung. The Factors to Affect Gap Between Exhibitors'Expectations and Visitors'Perceptive Satisfactions in Trade Shows 


  Kayguluoglu, Cem. Hybrid Quality Function Deployment for Tool Making

Emel, G G.

  Kapucugil-Ikiz, Aysun. A Fuzzy-QFD Decision Model for Service Design

Özdağoğlu, A. Özdağoğlu, G.     

MB-28.  Session:  Challenge ROADEF/EURO 2   /  Stream: Challenge ROADEF/EURO Chair: Safia Kedad-Sidhoum
Chair: Safia Kedad-Sidhoum    Room: 130
  Kheiri, Ahmed. A Multi-stage Selection Hyper-heuristic for Rolling Stock Unit Management on Railway Sites

Elsayed, E.     

  Thiard, Florence. Constructive and heuristic algorithms for a rolling stock management problem

Joudrier, H.   

  Wasik, Simon. Local search algorithm for trains scheduling on railways sites

Wojciech, J. Zurkowski, P.

MB-29.  Session:  Stochastic Models and Finance  /   Stream: Financial Optimization 
Chair: Xiangwei Wan    Room: 11
  Gao, Jianjun. Portfolio decision under loss aversion preference with mean-reverting returns

Uui, X. Li, D.      

  Yang, Nian. The Survival Distribution of SABR Model  
  Wan, Xiangwei. Sensitivity Analysis of Nonlinear Behavior with Distorted Probability in An Incomplete Market

Cao, X-R.

MB-30.  Session:  Financial Mathematics and OR   /  Stream: Financial Mathematics and OR
Chair: Gordon Dash   Room: 12
  Dash, Gordon. Hierarchical Neuro-Cybernetic Systemic Risk Factors for Multiobjective ESG Portfolio Optimization

Kajiji, N.   

  Cadenillas, Abel. Entrepreneurial Decisions on Effort and Project with a Non-Concave Objective Function

Bensoussan, A. Koo, H-K.     

  Ozawa, Masanori. Sustainability of the Japanese pension system with the automatic balancing mechanism

Uratani, T.    

  Toyoda, Masashi. Optimal investment problem for eco-product

Takafumi, K.  Ano, K.   

MB-31.  Session:  Decision processes under a life-cycle perspective   /  Stream: Decision Processes
Chair: Luis C. Dias    Room: 13
  Dias, Luis C. Applying MCDA without Precise Weights to Life-Cycle Environmental Assessment of Vehicle Alternatives

Domingues, A R. Freire, F. Garcia, R.   Marques, P. 

  Lühn, Tobias. Multi criteria analysis of low voltage grid expansions

Geldermann, J.     

  Geldermann, Jutta. Multicriteria assessment of the use of renewable resources under a life-cycle perspective

Schmehl, Meike. 

  Costa, Ana Paula. Incorporating different cognitive styles into a DSS based on ILS model

Lima, L A.

MB-32.  Session:  Health Care Analytics  /   Stream: Humanitarian Operations Research
Chair: Maria Teresinha Arns Steiner     Room: 14
  Mendes, Aline. Discrete event simulation for performance modelling in an outpatient clinic

Rotela Junior, P. Moschioni, L.    

  Saydam, Cem. Developing and Validating Joint Dynamic Ambulance Relocation and Flexible Dispatching Strategies: A Simulation-Optimization Approach

Li, X.        

  Moschioni, Luisa. Analysis of the dengue's fever care in a basic health unit using discrete event simulation

Rotela Junior, P.  Mendes, A. 

  Arns Steiner, M. Teresinha Multi-Optimization in the Partitioning Healthcare System of Parana State, Brazil

Datta, D. Steiner Neto, P. Scarpin, C T. Rui Figueira, J.   

MB-33.  Session:  Environmental Sustainability in Global Operations   /  Stream: Environmental Sustainability in Supply Chain
Chair: Emel Arikan  Room: 15
  Kannegiesser, Matthias.  Investigating the role of electrified vehicles for automotive industry supply chain and fleet sustainability

Guenther, H-O. Autenrieb, N.

  Hrusovsky, Martin. A multi-objective modeling approach for intermodal transport planning with environmental aspects

Demir, E.  Burgholzer, W.  Jammernegg, W. Van Woensel, T.    

MB-34.  Session:  Large Scale Risk Systems   /   Stream: Data Mining in Finance and Commodities 
Chair: Gegoire Caro     Room: 16
Chair: Dejan Stokic
  Caro, Gegoire. Robust Multivariate Regression for Large Scale Risk Systems


  Papoula, Paraskevi. Stress Testing Framework in a Large Scale Risk System


  Shapoval, Katerina. Temporally Weighted Portfolio and Purchasing Sequences for Next-Purchase Prediction

Setzer, T.   

  Stokic, Dejan. Impact of Market Data Quality on Capital Requirements


MB-35.  Session:  Stochastic Sports Analysis  /  Stream: Stochastic Modeling and Simulation in Engineering, Management and Science
Chair: Norio Torigoe   Room: 131
  Hirotsu, Nobuyoshi. Mathematical Modeling of Team Competition in Artistic Gymnastics

Harada, M.   Kano, M.  

  Goossens, Dries. Are soccer schedules robust?

Talla Nobibon, F. 

  Keeling, Kellie. Figure Skating Scoring Optimization and Analysis

Raith, S.       

MB-36.  Session:  Integrated Forest Planning  /  Stream: OR in Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
Chair: Christian Rosset   Room: 132
  Gunn, Eldon. Rethinking the Strategic Model


  Gendron, Bernard. Models and Mathematical Decomposition for Large-Scale Location Problems in the Forestry Sector

Cordeau, J-F. Jena, S D.

  Rosset, Christian. Integrated planning and control of forest-based supply chains with focus on forest management: limitation and potentialities

Veiga, G.   Marques, A. Rasinmäki, J.        

  Filippi, Carlo A model for optimal crop selection based on Conditional Value-at-Risk

Mansini, R. Stevanato, E.

MB-37.  Session:  AHP application  /   Stream: AHP (Analytic Hierarchy Process) /ANP (Analytical Network Process)
Chair: Yoichi Iida   Room: 17
  Iida, Yoichi. The AHP based on weighted sum

Cunha, C B.       

  Ishizaka, Alessio. Mapping verbal AHP scale to numerical scale for cloud computing strategy selection


  Morisada, Masayo. Strategic Customer type Segmentation by AHP Analysis

Li, N.   Kei, K.  Ko, H S.

  Lalla Samira, Touhami. MultiCriteria decision-making solution, based on the ANP approach, applied to maintenance's supplier selection problem


MB-38.  Session:  Biomass-based supply chains II   /   Stream: Biomass-based Supply Chains
Chair: Frederic Lantz   Room: 214
  Giarola, Sara. Supply chain management for the desing of future biorefineries

Shah, N.     

  Lantz, Frederic. Modelling the european biofuel supply through a mixed integer programme linked with an agricultural model and a refining model


  Koide, Noriaki. Sensor and Controller on Bio-diesel Fuel Market for Eco-efficient Policy Making  
MB-39.  Session:  ORAHS V - Outpatient scheduling  /    Stream: Health Care Applications
Chair: Sally Brailsford     Room: 18
Chair: Weifen Zhuang
  Gunes, Evrim Didem. Appointment Scheduling in Presence of Seasonal Demand

Cayirli, T.  Dursun, P.   

  Zhuang, Weifen. Appointment Scheduling for Medical Diagnostic Facilities


  Lin, Ka Yuk Carrie. An Adaptive Heuristic with Memory for Scheduling the Block Appointment System of an Eye Outpatient Clinic  
  Cardoen, Brecht. Case-based learnings for configuring custom packs

Belien, J. Vanhoucke, M.

MB-40.  Session:  Production and supply chain design   /   Stream: Production and the link with supply chain
Chair: Nadezhda Kozlovskaia     Room: 19
  Mason, Scott. On Supply Chain Network Re-Design after a Corporate Merger

Magagnotti, M. Sullivan, K. 

  Chang, Mei-Shiang. A Multi-objectives Facility Layout Design Problem for Thin-film Solar Power Plants

Liu, S-Y.  

  Velez-Gallego, Mario. A novel mathematical formulation for minimizing the makespan on a single batch processing machine  
  Kozlovskaia, Nadezhda. Complete solution of the extended EOQ Repair and Waste Disposal Model with Switching Costs

Pakhomova, N.  Richter, K.    

MB-41.  Session:  Lot-Sizing and Related Topics 2  /  Stream: Lot-Sizing and Related Topics
Chair: Mathieu Van Vyve    Room: 216
  Syed Ali, Sharifah Aishah. Computational analysis of lower bounds for economic lot sizing problems with remanufacturing

Akartunali, K. Van der Meer, R.    

  Requejo, Cristina. Bounds for a production-inventory-routing problem 

Agra, A.             

  Fiorotto, Diego. Lagrangian Heuristic Applied to Lot Sizing Problems on Parallel Machines

de Araujo, S.  Jans, R.     

  Van Vyve, Mathieu. Efficient approximation algorithms for the Economic Lot-Sizing in continuous time

Telha, C.        

MB-42.  Session:  Electric Vehicles  /  Stream: Green and Humanitarian Logistics
Chair: Jakob Puchinger    Room: 215
  Hartl, Richard. A Large Neighborhood Search for the Two-Echelon VRP:  extensions for electric vehicles


  Puchinger, Jakob. Strategic Mixed Fleet Management with Electric Vehicles

Hiermann, G. Nolz, P. Hartl, R.

  Wen, Min. A heuristic for locating electric vehicle charging stations for trip chains

Ropke, S. 

  Jang, Young. Optimization model and algorithm for wireless charging electric vehicle

Hwang, Ill H.

MB-43.  Session:  Algorithms and Applications-2  /   Stream: Algorithms and Computational Optimization
Chair: Gulser Koksal      Room: 217
  De Wolf, Daniel. A Coal Blending Problem solved by column generation

Auray, S. Smeers, Y.

  Ignatius, Joshua. Waste Sortation in Single Stream Recycling

Hosseini, S A. Sepehri, M.  Goh, M.  

  Delhoume, Frederic. In-depth features of the CPLEX Optimization Studio IDE  
  Koksal, Gulser. Product mix determination under uncertainty for effective product management

Fesel, N. 

MB-44.  Session:  Simulation in Management Accounting and Management Control II   /   Stream: Simulation in Management Accounting and Management Control
Chair: Stephan Leitner   Room: 218
  Ouhoud, Amina. A Comparative study between different storage assignment Policies in automated storage /Retrieval system 

Guezzen, A H.   Zaki, S. 

  Salling, Kim. Bridging the gap in transport project evaluation: Accounting for the inaccuracies in demand forecasts and construction costs estimations

Leleur, S. 

  Karrer, Arno. Transfer pricing - impact of the negotiation duration  
  Leitner, Stephan. Does collaboration pay? An investigation for the domain of distributed investment decisions

Brauneis, A.  Rausch, A.

MB-45.  Session:  Stochastic Programming Models and Algorithms  /   Stream: Stochastic Programming
Chair:  Unai Aldasoro   Room: 219
  Hellemo, Lars. Stochastic Programs with Decision Dependent Probabilities

Tomasgard, A., Barton, P I.

  Merino, María. BFC-SDC algorithm for solving  multistage mixed 0-1 problems under risk averse  time consistency stochastic dominance constraints

Escudero, L F. Garín, M A. Perez, G.  

  Perez Valdes, Gerardo. BFC and other Decomposition Schemes in SMILPs

Pages Bernaus, A. Tgard, A. 

  Aldasoro, Unai On parallelizing decomposition algorithms for solving stochastic multistage mixed 0-1 problems.

Escudero, L F.  Merino, M. Perez, G.