Slot MD: Monday July, 14   14.00 - 15.30

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MD-1.  Session:  Delays and Disruptions   /   Stream: Railway and Metro Transportation 
Chair: Marie Schmidt
  Kirchhoff, Fabian. Modelling Delay Propagation in Railway Networks  
  Dollevoet, Twan. An iterative framework for railway disruption management


  Huisman, Dennis. OR models for disruption management at Netherlands Railways


  Bouman, Paul. Route choice in case of disruptions 

Schmidt, M. Kroon, L.  Schöbel, A.

MD-2.  Session:  Urban Logistics Problems   /  Stream: Vehicle routing
Chair: Andrea Bettinelli
  Bettinelli, Andrea. The multi-zone multi-trip vehicle routing problem with separate delivery and collection

Crainic, T.  Vigo, D.

  Marinakis, Yannis. A GRASP Algorithm with Path Relinking for the Multi-depot Location Routing Problem with Stochastic Customers

Marinaki, M. 

  Janela, João. Waste collection on arcs -  the Seixal case study

Mourão, C.   S. Pinto, L.

  Krushinsky, Dmitry. Beyond Arc Routing

Van Woensel, T.   

MD-3.  Session:  Robust and Integrated Models for Airline Scheduling  /  Stream: Aviation
Chair: Luis Cadarso
  Ionescu, Lucian. Comparing delay prediction models for robust airline resource scheduling and optimization

Kliewer, N.

  Kasirzadeh, Atoosa. A heuristic algorithm for personalized integrated cockpit scheduling

Saddoune, M. Soumis, F.

  Saddoune, Mohammed. A bi-dynamic constraint aggregation  based solution approach for crew pairing problem

Soumis, F.

  Cadarso, Luis. Integrated Airline Scheduling under Competition: the Entry of the High-speed Rail

Vaze, V.  Barnhart, C.  Marín, Á.

MD-4.  Session:  Supply Chain Design 1   /    Stream: Supply Chain Management
Chair: F. Tevhide Altekin
  Tang, Xin. Design of a collaborative distribution network

Lehuédé, F. Péton, O.

  Schuster, Matias. Supply chain network design with uncertain demand.

Tancrez, J-M.

  Orjuela Castro, Javier Arturo. Mathematical Model Applied to Bio-diesel Supply Chains in Colombia

Aranda Pinilla, J A.  

  Altekin, F Tevhide Post-Sales Network Design of a Household Appliances Manufacturer

  Ayli, E. Sahin, Guvenc.

MD-5.  Session:  Supply Chain Management in Petroleum Industry  /    Stream: Petroleum Logistics
Chair: Anastasiya Karalkova
  Shaton, Katerina. The value of strategic flexibility in gas transport infrastructure investments  
  Norlund, Ellen Karoline. Modal split in offshore upstream supply chain under the objective of emissions minimization

Gribkovskaia, I.  

  Schütz, Peter. Preparedness logistics for Arctic offshore operations


  Karalkova, Anastasiya. Industry-wide information sharing in oil and gas upstream supply chain: Analysis of potential impacts  
MD-6.  Session:  Behavioral Research on City Logistics  /   Stream: City Logistics and Freight Demand Modeling
Chair: Cara Wang
  Wang, Cara. Freight Deliveries Directly Generated by Residential Units: An Analysis with the 2009 NHTS Data

Zhou, Y.

  Dobrovnik, Mario. A reference model for determining road toll charges

Kummer, S.

  Liedtke, Gernot. Policy-sensitive vehicle routing: An optimization approach for evaluating differentiated transport policy measures

Schröder, S.

  Nasiri, Saeideh D. Correlation Between Speeds in a Congested Road Network in the City of London


MD-7.  Session:  Modelling the German "Energiewende" (energy transformation)  /   Stream: Equilibrium Problems in Energy
Chair: Daniel Huppmann
  Hanemann, Philipp. How will electric vehicles impact the spot market prices for electricity

Bruckner, T.

  Böttger, Diana. Carbon emission effects of the power-to-heat technology in Germany


  Ortner, André. Integrated modelling of reserve and spot electricity markets in systems with a large share of variable renewable energy


  Huppmann, Daniel National-strategic investment in European electricity transmission capacity

Egerer, J.

MD-8.  Session:  Sustainable management and climate change   /  Stream: Energy Economics, Environmental Management and Multicriteria Decision Making
Chair: Marcus Brandenburg
  Bahn, Olivier. Geoengineering: is it a valuable option for climate policy?

Chesney, M. Gheyssens, J. Pana, A. Knutti, R.

  Imai, Haruo. Baseline setting problems of the offset mechanisms in the international scheme for climate change


  Brandenburg, Marcus. Dynamic capabilities and policies for sustainable supply chain management - a system dynamics approach

Thiel, D. Seuring, S.

  Marquez, Maria Cherilyn. Lessons in Operations Management from State of Victoria's Department of Education Bushfire Infrastructure Improvement Program

Marquez, L.  

MD-9.  Session:  Stochastic and Deterministic Dynamic Programming and its Applications 1  /  Stream: Dynamical Systems and Mathematical Modelling in OR
Chair: Yukihiro Maruyama
  Maruyama, Yukihiro. Strong representation theorems for non-deterministic sequential decision processes


  Shone, Rob. Heuristics for the optimal routing of customers in queueing systems with heterogeneous service stations

Knight, V.   Harper, P.  Ws, J.

  Kimura, Yutaka. Primal Function and Dual Function through Conjugation

Iwamoto, S.

  Creemers, Stefan.  A comparison of methods to evaluate the probability of excessive waiting in the M(t)/G/s(t)+G queue

Defraeye, M. Van Nieuwenhuyse, I.

MD-10.  Session:  Robust and Stochastic Models for Electricity Systems   /   Stream: Optimization models and algorithms in Energy Industry
Chair: Alexandre Street
Chair: Rodrigo Moreno
  Fanzeres, Bruno. Contracting Strategies for Generation Companies with Ambiguity Aversion on Spot Price Distribution

Street, A. Barroso, L-A.

  Street, Alexandre. Two-Stage Robust Optimization Models for Power System Operation and Planning under Joint Generation and Transmission Security Criteria

Moreira, A.  Arroyo, J M.

  Moreno, Rodrigo. CVaR Constrained Planning of Renewable Generation with Consideration of System Inertial Response, Reserve Services and Demand Participation

Inzunza, A.  Bernales, A. Rudnick, H. 

  Çelebi, Emre. Electricity Market Equilibrium Models - A Robust Solution Approach


MD-11.  Session:  Impact of Combinatorial Optimization on solving challenging applications   /   Stream: Combinatorial Optimization
Chair: Maria Grazia Scutellà
  Scutellà , Maria Grazia. A Branch and Benders Cut Approach for Nonlinear Location-Design in Green Wireless Local Area Networks

Gendron, B. Garroppo, R G.  Nencioni, G.  Tavanti, L.

  Cappanera, Paola. Decomposition approaches to assignment and routing problems in Home Health Care services

Yalcindag, S. Matta, A. Scutellà, M G. Sahin, E.

  Tieves, Martin. Network design under multi-source uncertainty


  Labbé, Martine. The Job-Scheduling and Tool Switching Problem

Catanzaro, D.  Gouveia, L. 

MD-12.  Session:  Graphs and Networks III   /   Stream: Graphs and Networks
Chair: Reinhardt Euler
  Mourtos, Yiannis. Pareto-optimal many-to-many-matchings: complexity and integer programs

Cechlarova, K. Eirinakis, P.  Fleiner, T. Magos, D. Potpinkova, E. 

  Eirinakis, Pavlos. On the polytope of closed subsets of directed graphs and its extension to ordinal transportation

Magos, D.  Mourtos, Y.

  Plitsos, Stathis. Hybrid approaches for the multi-index assignment problem


  Euler, Reinhardt. Modeling the geometry of the Endoplasmic Reticulum network

Lemarchand, L. Lin, C.  Sparkes, I. 

MD-13.  Session:  Scheduling and Logistics  /  Stream: Scheduling
Chair: Zehra Duzgit
  Yanasse, Horacio. Minimization of tool switches problem - polynomial algorithm for a special case  
  Duzgit, Zehra. Due Date Quotation in Dynamic Single Machine Environment with Family Setups under Stochastic Job Characteristics

Unal, A T. 

MD-14.  Session:  Other real and general problems in production scheduling  /   Stream: Realistic Production Scheduling
Chair: Jacques Teghem
  Tahar, Mehenni. A Branch and Bound based Local Search for consumable resource-constrained single machine scheduling  
  Paraskevopoulos, Dimitris. Iterated Local Search Algorithm for Flexible Job Shop Scheduling Problems with Resource Constraints

Repoussis, P. Tarantilis, C.

  Berrais, Abdelaziz. A comparative study of evolutionary algorithms in two-machine flowshop problem with availability constraints and subject to release dates with total tardiness criterion

Rakrouki, M A. Ladhari, T. 

  Teghem, Jacques. Minimizing the maximum lead time in a 3-stage supply chain scheduling problem

Besbes, W. Loukil, T. 

MD-15.  Session:  Novel Models and Applications in Revenue Management   /   Stream: Revenue Management I
Chair: Timo P. Kunz
  Selcuk, Baris. Optimal keyword bidding in search-based advertising  
  Bi, Yalin. Learning and pricing for substitutable products


  Winter, Thomas. The use of marginal revenues in revenue optimization


  Kunz, Timo P. The Value Of Intra-Category Information In An LA-AIDS Based Retail Price Optimization System

Crone, S F.

MD-16.  Session:  Copositive and Polynomial Optimization III   /   Stream: Copositive and Polynomial Optimization
Chair: Luis Zuluaga
  Ghaddar, Bissan. Tractable Relaxations of Polynomial Optimization Problems

Mevissen, M.

  Kong, Qingxia. Appointment Sequencing: Moving Beyond The Smallest-Variance-First Rule

Zheng, Z.

  Li, Zhening. On new classes of nonnegative forms


  Bomze, Immanuel. New bounds for the cp-rank in copositive optimization

Schachinger, W. Ullrich, R.

MD-17.  Session:  Global Optimization and Applications in Development II   /  Stream: Global Optimization
Chair: Herman Mawengkang
Chair: Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber
  Lubis, Asrin. A Nonlinear Stochastic Optimization Model for Water distribution network problem with reliability consideration

Mawengkang, H.

  Naibaho, Tutiarny. Nonlinear Mixed Integer Programming model for  Sustainable Production Planning of  Multi-Product  Seafood  Production

Mawengkang, H.

  Mathelinea, Devy. Neighbourhood based search approach for solving a class of mixed-integer non linear programming problems

Mawengkang, H.

  Darwin, Allysha Rahmi. An Improved Interactive Approach for Solving Sustainable Land Revitalization Planning Problem

Mawengkang, H.

MD-18.  Session:  Surrogate- Assisted Multiobjective Optimization I  /  Stream: Multiobjective Optimization - Theory, Methods and Applications
Chair: Markus Hartikainen
  Miroforidis, Janusz. On the Validity of Replacing Upper Shells by Upper Approximations

Kaliszewski, I. 

  Tabatabaei, Seyed Mohammad Mehdi. Computationally Expensive Multiobjective Optimization - Survey and New Method

Hakanen, J. Hartikainen, M. Miettinen, K. Sindhya, K.

  Steponavice, Ingrida. Pareto Set Identification for Expensive Multiobjective Optimization Problems

Hyndman, R. Villanova, L. Smith-Miles, K.    

  Hakanen, Jussi. The Interactive HyperBox Exploration Method for Computationally Expensive Nonconvex Multiobjective Optimization Problems

Haanpaa, T. Miettinen, K.

MD-19.  Session:  Retail Labor Scheduling   /  Stream: Demand and Supply Planning in Consumer Goods and Retailing
Chair: Armann Ingolfsson
  Thorbjornsson, Agust. Retail Labour planning considering customer impatience

Asson, E. Ingolfsson, A. Jensson, P. Karlsson, T.

  Swaminathan, Jayashankar. Retail Traffic: Arrivals, Labor Productivity and Staffing Decisions

Kesavan, S. Mani, V. 

  Zolfaghari, Saeed. Box Office Demand-driven Labour Scheduling at the Movies

Goff, K.

  Ingolfsson, Armann. Optimising and testing traffic-based staff schedules for a retail chain

Alp, O. Cribben, I.  Samorani, M.

MD-20.  Session:  IFORS Prize for OR in Development 2104 -3   /   Stream: IFORS Prize for OR in Development 2014
Chair: Andrés Weintraub
  Mangaraj, Bijaya Krushna. Measuring the Effectiveness of Development Programmes for Vulnerable Indigenous People in India

Aparajita, U.   

  Marquez, Leorey. Disaster Risk-Sensitive Shelter Plans from Community-Based Risk Analysis for Legazpi City, Philippines

Redoblado, S.  Prudente, M C.  Serote, E.  Llanes, M. Belarmino, J. Apuli, B.   

MD-21.  Session:  Optimization-Related Modeling & Software  /   Stream: Interior Point Methods and Conic Optimization (contributed)
Chair: Qi Huangfu
Chair: József Smidla
  Smidla, József. Adaptive stable additive methods for linear algebraic calculations

Tar, P. Maros, I.

  Voloshinov, Vladimir. Optimization Modeling in Heterogeneous Distributed Computing Infrastructure

Smirnov, S.

  Huangfu, Qi. A parallel dual simplex method


  Ozcil, Abdullah. An Application of Queue Modelling to The Customers In a Gas Station

Ertugrul, I.

MD-22.  Session:  DEA, AHP and Statistical Analysis  /   Stream: Health Care Data Analytics
Chair: Simone Angelo
  Ramjee, Shivani. Case-Mix Adjusted Efficiency Score: the Case of the South African Private Hospital Industry

Dreyer, K.

  Mitropoulos, Ioannis. Efficiency and Quality implications in Health Care Management 

Mitropoulos, P.

  Angelo, Simone Demand forecast and optimal allocation of ICU beds: a case study in Rio de Janeiro

Salles, A. Arruda, E. Muaualo, M. Albino M.

MD-23.  Session:  Emotions and human behaviour in interactions   /   Stream: Behavioural Operational Research
Chair: Raimo P. Hämäläinen
  Törmänen, Juha. PoSITeams - Positive Systems Intelligent Teams, an agent based simulator for studying group behaviour

Hämäläinen, R P. Saarinen, E.

  Gómez Esteban, Pablo. An affective model for an autonomous decision agent

Rios-Insua, D.

  Hippmann, Patrick. Why emotional behaviors matter for the design of decision support systems (DSSs): Evidence from text-based electronic negotiations


  Leppänen, Ilkka. Emotions in a repeated Cournot duopoly: a psychophysiological experiment

Hämäläinen, R P. 

MD-24.  Session:  Preference Learning III  /  Stream: Preference Learning
Chair: Krzysztof Dembczynski
  Vojtas, Peter. Preference learning from managerial versus data mining point of view

Peska, L.

  Wang, Xiaojun. Improve infrastructure stakeholder collaboration through e-participation: a strategic analytics planning approach

Lami, I. White, L.

  Tervonen, Tommi. Regional anti-desertification management with a multi-criteria inference approach: a study of the Khorasan Razavi province in Iran

Sepehr, A. Kadzinski, M.

  Tangian, Andranik. How German parties learn the electorate's preferences


MD-25.  Session:  mathematical methods of the economic theory  /   Stream: Mathematical economics
Chair: Alexander Zaslavski
  Hosoya, Yuhki. A Theory for Estimating Consumer's Preference from Demand  
  El Ouardighi, Fouad. R&D strategies with uncertain outcomes and potentially misleading spillovers

Kogan, K.  

  Yu, Chaowen. Locally Robust Mechanism Design


  Zhang, Qiang. Proportional coalitional values for monotonic games on convex geometries with a coalition structure


MD-26.  Session:  Neural Networks and Applications   /   Stream: Fuzzy Decision Support Systems, Soft Computing, Neural Network
Chair: Hans-Jörg von Mettenheim
Chair: Georgios Sermpinis
  Oikonomikou, Leoni Eleni. Towards a better explanation of Asset Pricing Puzzles in Emerging Markets


  Sermpinis, Georgios. Rolling Genetic Support Vector Regressions: An Inflation and Unemployment Forecasting Application in EMU.

Karathanasopoulos, A. Stasinakis, C. Theofilatos, K A.

  Ozdemir, Ozer. High Order Multivariate Neural Network Based Fuzzy Time Series Model for Car Road Accidents

Memmedli, M.

MD-27.  Session:  OR in Quality Management III  /  Stream: OR in Quality Management
Chair: Chien-Wei Wu
  Tai, Yu-Ting. Process Yield Assessment for Processes with Multiple Manufacturing Lines

Wang, H C.

  Kao, Shih-Chou. Skewed correction average control chart based on sample standard deviation

Huang, Y-C.

  Liu, Shih-Wen. A Variables Quick Switching Sampling System for Controlling Lot Fraction Nonconforming

Wu, C-W.

  Wu, Chien-Wei. A New Sampling Plan by Variables Inspection for Product Acceptance Determination 

Liu, S-W.  

MD-28.  Session: Optimal Project Investment Sequencing (Palisade)  /  Stream: Sponsored Sessions
Chair: Manuel Carmona
  Carmona, Manuel Using genetic optimization algorithms for optimal project investment sequencing. How to evaluate project risks using Monte Carlo simulation.  
MD-29.  Session: Volatility Modeling and Investment Strategies  /  Stream: Financial Optimization 
Chair: Qi Wu
Chair: Nan Chen
  Li, Xun. Mean-Field Formulations for Optimal Multi-period Mean-Variance Portfolio Selection


  Wu, Qi. Multi-curve Term Structure Modeling with Low-dimensional Differing Short Rates


  Chan, Pui Yin. Capturing the Term Structure of FX Smile  
MD-30.  Session:  Financial Mathematics 1   /  Stream: Financial Mathematics and OR
Chair: Masamitsu Ohnishi
  Tanaka, Keiichi. Regime Switching among Several Short Rate Models  
  Nakanishi, Shingo. Equilibrium relationship between the performance and the information ratio with transaction costs

Ohnishi, M.

  Kuno, Seiya. Limit Order Book Dynamics and Optimal Execution Strategy

Ohnishi, M.

  Tomita, Kyohei. Multiple stopping problem of Russian option

Takumi, T. Ano, K.    

MD-31.  Session:  Public sector networks and applications  /  Stream: Decision Processes
Chair: Zhili Zhou
  Lejeune, Miguel. Risk-Averse Network for Disaster Preparedness

Noyan, N. Hong, X.

  Falagara Sigala, Ioanna. ICT and Humanitarian Supply Chains 

Wakolbinger, T. Kettinger, W.

  Marla, Lavanya. Allocation Models for Shared Ambulance Services


  Zhou, Zhili.  Incident Response Bus Routes Planning and Management for Public Transit Networks 


MD-32.  Session:  Humanitarian Operations Research for Developing Countries  /    Stream: Humanitarian Operations Research 
Chair: Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber
Chair: Joao Neiva de Figueiredo
  Neiva de Figueiredo, Joao. An objective methodology to measure corruption levels and institutional maturity in developing countries


  Safdar, Komal Aqeel Better Queue Management Using Data Envelopment Analysis: An Application in a Large Public Hospital of a Developing Country

Emrouznejad, A. Dey, P K.  

  Durkan, Mehmet. Multi-Objective Decision Analysis for Force Analysis of Conventional Forces Problem  
  Koo, Hongmi. A stakeholder-based approach for assessing the effects of land use scenarios on Ecosystem Services:Cases of Bolgatanga and Bongo districts in the Upper East Region, Ghana

Fürst, C.

MD-33.  Session:  Closed-loop Supply Chains and Reverse Logistics  /   Stream: Environmental Sustainability in Supply Chain
Chair: Fuminori Toyasaki
  Chen, Wenyi. The redesign of extended producer responsibility and its impact on a producer’s recovery strategies

Kucukyazici, B. Saenz, M J.

  Reimann, Marc. Accurate response with refurbished consumer returns  
  Nowak, Thomas. Reverse Logistics Decision Making for Modular Products

Toyasaki, F. Wakolbinger, T.

  Toyasaki, Fuminori. When and for whom would e-waste be a treasure trove? Insights from a network equilibrium model of e-waste  flows

Wakolbinger, T. Nowak, T. Nagurney, A.

MD-34.  Session:  Energy Analytics  /  Stream: Data Mining in Finance and Commodities
Chair: Marcus Hildmann
  Marinovic, Minja. Review of day-ahead planning models for electricity trading

Popovic, M. Sosevic, U.

  Angelopoulos, Dimitrios Application of modern portfolio theory for the evaluation of onshore wind power investments in EU countries

Milios, K. Psarras, J.

  Chen, Sheu-Hua. Apply Genetic Algorithms to Estimate Wind Energy Function Parameters

Lee, H T.

  Diaz, Javier. A MINLP model for the bidding design problem of a Hydroelectric Producer: The case of a head-dependent cascaded reservoir system in Spain

Moreno, L.

MD-35.  Session:  Stochastic Models   /   Stream: Stochastic Modeling and Simulation in Engineering, Management and Science
Chair: Koichi Nakade
  Yuge, Tetsushi. System failure probability of a k-out-of-n system considering common-cause failures  
  Toyoizumi, Hiroshi. Advertisement on Social Network


  Nakashima, Kenichi. Optimal control problems in a closed loop manufacturing system with stochastic variability  
  Nakade, Koichi. Optimal Maintenance Policy of Multiple Parts with Repair-Dependent Operating Cost  
MD-36.  Session:  Forestry Industry Production Planning and Management   /   Stream: OR in Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
Chair: Ola Eriksson
  D'Amours, Sophie. Designing Value Chains in the Forest Sector

Rönnqvist, M. Carle, M-A.

  Huka, Maria Anna. Optimizing the log yard assignment problem given different diameter distributions and volumes

Gronalt, M.

  Eriksson, Ola. Tactical planning as the focal point of forest company planning: A suggestion

Nilsson, M. Wahlberg, O.

MD-37.  Session:  Fuzzy AHP and ANP  /   Stream: AHP (Analytic Hierarchy Process) /ANP (Analytical Network Process)
Chair: Amy H. I. Lee
  Hung, Meng-Chan. The decision making for the type of wind turbines by DEMATEL and FANP

Lee, A H I.   Pearn, W L.   Kang, H-Y.

  Lee, Amy H I. A multi-criteria decision making model for developing solar cells

Kang, H-Y.    Lin, C Y.  Chen, J-S.    

  Liou, James. Combining fuzzy integral and DANP model to improve transportation service quality

Hsu, C-C.  

MD-38.  Session:  Biomass-based supply chains III   /    Stream: Biomass-based Supply Chains
Chair: Taraneh Sowlati
  Meyer, Jörn C. An optimisation and stochastic simulation approach for economic feasibility analysis of biofuel supply chains

Hobson, P A.  Fröhling, M. Schultmann, F.   

  Petridis, Konstantinos. A RDEA heuristic algorithm for the optimal design of biomass supply chain networks

Grigoroudis, E. Arabatzis, G.  

  Sowlati, Taraneh. Uncertainties in forest biomass supply chain for electricity generation


MD-39.  Session:  ORAHS II - Quality improvement    /    Stream: Health Care Applications
Chair: Sally Brailsford
  Fikar, Christian. Routing and scheduling of urban home health care transport systems

Hirsch, P.

  Bichescu, Bogdan. Competing on Quality: Evidence from Award Winning Hospitals in California

Wu, W.     Bradley, R. 

  White, Preston. Simulation of An Elevator Bank


MD-40.  Session:  Supply Chain Optimization    /   Stream: Production and the link with supply chain
Chair: Lionel Amodeo
Chair: Jonathan Oesterle
  Sorkun, Metehan Feridun. Investigating the Relation between Product Modularity and Supply Chain Decoupling Level through Multi-Objective Optimization

Ozpeynirci, O.

  Rubaszewski, Julie. Bi-objective algorithm for unidirectional flow path design

Yalaoui, A. Amodeo, L.  

  Sadoghi, Amirhossein. Implementing decomposition approaches in Multi- Period, Multi-Stage Supply Chain

Lidestam, H. 

  Gomez Padilla, Alejandra. Option contract performance in a supply chain

Mishina, T.

MD-41.  Session:  Lot-Sizing and Related Topics 3   /   Stream: Lot-Sizing and Related Topics (contributed)
Chair: Masood Fathi
  Guimarães, Luis. Product assortment and production planning

Klabjan, D. Meyr, H. Almada-Lobo, B.

  Taghipour, Atour. Operations planning in dynamic production networks


  Jutz, Simon. Numerical analysis of flow time oriented lot sizing models: A simulation study of a serial production system

Missbauer, H.

  Fathi, Masood. A discrete particle swarm algorithm for solving the JIT part-supplying problem at mixed-model assembly lines

Alvarez, M J. Rodriguez, V.

MD-42.  Session:  Green Freight Transportation 2   /   Stream: Green and Humanitarian Logistics
Chair: Emrah Demir
  Demir, Emrah. A new mathematical formulation to support fleet management decisions

Dimarelis, E. Van Woensel, T.

  Kopfer, Herbert. CO2 reduction by using inhomogeneous fleets  
  Inghels, Dirk. Modal shift and sustainable network design for Municipal Solid Waste transport routing

Dullaert, W.

  Miralles, Cristobal. Critical review of CSR indicators on Extended producer responsibility  
MD-43.  Session:  Algorithms and Applications-3   /   Stream: Algorithms and Computational Optimization
Chair: Edilaine Soler
  Vierhaus, Ingmar. Controlling Dynamical Systems with Branch-and-Bound

Fügenschuh, A.

  Soler, Edilaine. Interior Point Method for solving the maximum loading problem with discrete control variables

Baptista, E C.  Sousa, V. R M da Costa, G.

  Orpiszewski, Tomasz. Impact of sovereign rating actions on holdings of government debt in developed and emerging economies


  Araujo Munhoz, Pablo Luiz A mathematical formulation for Data Mule Scheduling in Sensor Networks

 Michelon, P. Drummond, L. Ochi, L S.

MD-44.  Session:  Simulation in Management Accounting and Management Control III   /   Stream: Simulation in Management Accounting and Management Control
Chair: Cristián Cortés
  Barata, João. Metaheuristic to improve career progression in an organization with N functional careers

Deus, R.

  Zsifkovits, Martin. Modeling Innovation Resistance in Technology Diffusion: An Agent-Based Approach

 Günther, M.

  Cortés, Cristián. Simulation approach for the distribution strategy and fleet design of a major e-commerce provider in Santiago-Chile

Miranda, J. Pineda, C. Rey, P A.

MD-45.  Session:  Stochastic programming in Logistics and Transportation  /   Stream: Stochastic Programming
Chair: Patrizia Beraldi
  Di Puglia Pugliese, Luigi. Robust constrained shortest path problems under budgeted uncertainty

Guerriero, F. Poss, M.  

  Maggioni, Francesca. A Progressive Hedging method for the multi-path Traveling Salesman Problem with stochastic travel times

Gobbato, L. Perboli, G.   

  Bruni, Maria Elena. The Traveling Repairman Problem with Stochastic Profits

Beraldi, P. Laganà, D. Musmanno, R. Vocaturo, F.

  Vazquez-Abad, Felisa. Mixed integer and continuous constrained optimisation via simulation