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ME-1.  Session:  Delays and Disruptions II  /   Stream: Railway and Metro Transportation
Chair: Leo Kroon
  Meng, Lingyun. Simultaneous train rerouting and rescheduling on an N-track network: A model reformulation with network-based cumulative flow variables

Zhou, X.

  Pellegrini, Paola. Optimization for the real-time railway traffic management: case studies in European networks

Marliãre, G. Sobieraj R, S. Rodriguez, J.   

  Kroon, Leo. Disruption Management for High Speed Trains

Veelenturf, L.  Wagenaar, J.  Zhan, S.

  Marín, Ángel. Rapid Transit Rail Systems: a robust design model with consistent disruption probabilities

Codina, E. Cadarso, L.

ME-2.  Session:  Maps, Zones and Routing   /   Stream: Vehicle routing
Chair: Marco Colombi
  Holmberg, Kaj. Map matching and route optimization

Corberan, A. Mansini, R. Plana, I. Sanchis, J M. 

  Colombi, Marco. The Hierarchical Mixed Rural Postman Problem


  Nel, Hannelie. Using cluster analysis to identify stops in GPS data

Krygsman, S.

  Bender, Matthias. An Iterative Cluster-First Route-Second Approach for a Sales Territory Design Problem with Balanced Workload Requirements

 Meyer, A. Nickel, S.

ME-3.  Session:  Addressing Uncertainty in Passenger Aviation  /  Stream: Aviation
Chair: Amy Cohn
  Vaze, Vikrant. Mechanism Design for Setting the Parameters of Traffic Management Initiatives

Ball, M. Barnhart, C. Swaroop, P. Yan, C. 

  Spiers, Gregoire. Minimizing aircraft lost time on tarmac

Ratier, O. 

  Sohoni, Milind. Can planned time buffers result in delays?


  Wu, Cheng-Lung. True Demand Estimation -- A Novel Approach

Drabas, T. 

ME-4.  Session:  Supply Chain Design 2  /  Stream: Supply Chain Management
Chair: Mehmet Akif Sahman
  Mumtaz, Mohammad. Using Integrated Location Routing Approach to Study the Effect of Vehicle Mix Strategies on Cost of a Milk Collection Network       

Jalil, M N. Chatha, K.

  Karabak, Fahriye. A Location-Routing Problem for Waste Oil Collection

Balcik, B.    

  Liu, Jiyin. A Lagrangian Relaxation Heuristic to Determine the Methods for Used-Product Return

Lamsali, H.

  Sahman, Mehmet Akif. The Implementation of the Discrete Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm on a Real Facility Layout Problem

Dundar, A O. Alagoz, A. 

ME-5.  Session:  Fuel logistics  /  Stream: Petroleum Logistics
Chair: Rapik Saat
  Miyagawa, Masashi. Sufficient density of refueling stations for alternative fuel vehicles  
  Baladincz, Emőke Ila. Measuring the availability of fuelling solutions

Bajor, P.

  Saat, Rapik. Risk Management of Rail Transport of Petroleum Crude Oil 

Liu, X.

ME-6.  Session:  Passenger transportation in cities  /   Stream: City Logistics and Freight Demand Modeling
Chair: Letitia Pohl
  Koshizuka, Takeshi. A survey of travel times at Shinjuku skyscraper district in Tokyo  
  Boyaci, Burak. A simulation framework for the operational problem of one-way car sharing systems

Repoux, M. Geroliminis, N

  Klier, Michael. Public Transit Network Optimization and Stop Configuration


  Pohl, Letitia Optimizing the Shape of Rectangular Parking Lots Based on Lot Capacity and Door Location  
ME-7.  Session:  Multi-level Programming and Equilibrium Models in Electricity Markets  /   Stream: Equilibrium Problems in Energy
Chair: Juan Miguel Morales
  Pelizzari, Cristian. Integrating Intermittent Renewable Energy Sources in Electricity Markets

Oggioni, G.

  Pineda Morente, Salvador. Modeling the impact of imbalance costs and market design on generating expansion of stochastic units

Morales, J M.

  García-Bertrand, Raquel. Transmission Expansion Planning in Electricity Markets: A Bilevel Multi-Objective Framework

Alguacil-Conde, N.

  Morales, Juan Miguel. A Method to Identify Competitive Wind Locations

Madsen, H.

ME-8.  Session:  Optimal Design in Environmental Management  /  Stream: Energy Economics, Environmental Management and Multicriteria Decision Making
Chair: Konstantinos Petridis
Chair: Eleni Zografidou
  Zografidou, Eleni. Optimal design of the renewable energy production map of Greece using a multi- period Goal Programming model

Petridis, K. Arabatzis, G.

  Dolmatova, Marina. Optimal design of capacity market with startup costs and capacity constraints

Vasin, A.

  Addas Porto, Natália Probabilistic pricing for wind farms

Barros, R.  Silva de Correia, P.

ME-9.  Session:  Stochastic and Deterministic Dynamic Programming and its Applications 2   /  Stream: Dynamical Systems and Mathematical Modelling in OR
Chair: Tomomi Matsui
  Valencia Cárdenas, Marisol. Dynamic Linear Bayesian Model for inventory optimization with demand forecasting

Diaz, J. Correa Morales, J.C.

  Osogami, Takayuki. Markov decision processes with static hidden states and observations  
  Shiraga, Takeharu. An Analysis of Deterministic Random Walks on Hypercubes using the Krawtchouk Polynomial

Yamauchi, Y. Kijima, S. Yamashita, M.

  Matsui, Tomomi. Compare the Ratio of Symmetric Polynomials of Odds to One and Stop

Ano, K.

ME-10.  Session:  Optimization methods for offshore and onshore wind farms  /  Stream: Optimization models and algorithms in Energy Industry
Chair: Cristina Corchero
  Aragüés, Mònica Optimal power flow tool for mixed hvac and hvdc systems for grid integration of large wind power plants

Gomis, O.

  De Prada Gil, Mikel. Optimal offshore wind power plant (OWPP) design based on a hybrid AC-DC configuration 

Igualada, L. Corchero, C. Gomis, O. Sumper, A.

  Ergun, Hakan. Techno-Economic Optimization of Offshore Grids


  Guerrero, Victoria. Effects of optimal grouping of wind farms in day-ahead markets through an external agent

Sánchez de la Nieta López, A A. Contreras, J.

ME-11.  Session:  Miscellaneous topics in Combinatorial Optimization   /  Stream: Combinatorial Optimization
Chair: Michele Monaci
  Fischetti, Matteo. Self-splitting tree search in a parallel environment

Monaci, M. Salvagnin, D.

  Yaman, Hande. The Split Delivery Vehicle Routing Problem  
  Dash, Sanjeeb. On two-branch split cuts

 Moran, D.

  Toppur, Badri. A Divide-and-Conquer Heuristic for the Minimal Steiner Tree Problem


ME-12.  Session:  Graphs and Networks IV   / Stream: Graphs and Networks
Chair: Chunhui Lai
  Dodin, Bajis. Calculating the Network Complexity Index in Directed Acyclic Networks


  Kabyl, Kamal. A new technique of embedding of binary trees into hypercubes

Berrachedi, A.

  Klein, Sulamita Chordal-(k,l) and Strongly Chordal-(k,l) Graph Sandwich Problems

Couto, F. Faria, L. Gravier, S.

  Lai, Chunhui. Some problems on paths and cycles


ME-13.  Session:  Project scheduling 1   /  Stream: Scheduling
Chair: Carlos Cardonha
  Kuchta, Dorota. Project scheduling using buffers under consideration of psychological effects of cutting down the original estimations  
  Coban, Elvin. Robust Project Scheduling at a Large IT Services Delivery Organization

Heching, A R. Hooker, J N. Scheller-Wolf, A.

  Kumar, Shruthi S. A framework of Project management methods to use the resource-constrained project scheduling problem  
  Cardonha, Carlos. The Online Resource Constrained Project Scheduling Problem with Bounded Multitasking

Herrmann, R. Cavalcante, V.

ME-14.  Session:  DEA in Health and Education  /  Stream: DEA Applications (contributed)
Chair: Carla Amado
  Campos, Gonzalo Eduardo. Analysis of technical efficiency and scale using time series, in higher education institutions by means of window analysis dea


  Portela, Maria. A comparative analysis of the treatment of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Episodes 

Thanassoulis, E. Graveney, M.

  Amado, Carla Assessing the Effectiveness of Noncommunicable Diseases Prevention and Control Using Data Envelopment Analysis: An International Comparison

Santos, S. Nascimento, A C.

  Camanho, Ana Benchmarking Portuguese Hospitals through a web based Platform (HOBE)

Portela, M. Borges, D. Lopes, L. Silva, S. Castro, R A S.

ME-15.  Session:  Pricing and Strategic Consumer Behavior in Revenue Management    / Stream: Revenue Management II
Chair: Rachel Zhang
Chair: Shining Wu
  Duenyas, Izak. Pricing of Conditional Upgrades in the Presence of Strategic Consumers

Cui, Y. Sahin, O.

  Cohen-Vernik, Dinah. Price Drop Guarantee in the Context of Limited Inventory

Pazgal, A.

  Wu, Shining. The Reference Effects on a Firm's Dynamic Pricing and Inventory Strategies with Strategic Consumers

Zhang, R. Liu, Q.

ME-16.  Session: Copositive and Polynomial Optimization IV   /  Stream: Copositive and Polynomial Optimization
Chair: Cordian Riener
  Kellner, Kai. A Semidefinite Hierarchy for Containment of Spectrahedra

Theobald, T. Trabandt, C. 

  Sjöland, Erik. Counting arithmetic progressions using semidefinite programming  
  Plaumann, Daniel. Linear matrix inequalities and spectrahedra in the plane


ME-17.  Session:   Global Optimization and Applications in Development III  /  Stream: Global Optimization 
Chair: Herman Mawengkang
Chair: Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber
  Sadyadharma, Hendaru. An Interactive Approch for Solving Sustainable Production Planning Model of Crude Palm Oil Industry

Mawengkang, H.

  Syafari, Syafari. An Optimization Model for River Water Quality Problem  
  Simangunsong, Sampe. An Improved Iterative Approach for Incomplete Dependent Variables

Mawengkang, H.

  Sitepu, Suryati. An Improved Direct Search Method for Solving Land use management problems

Rusdiana, S.   Mawengkang, H.    

ME-18.  Session:  Surrogate-Assisted Multiobjective Optimization II  /  Stream: Multiobjective Optimization - Theory, Methods and Applications
Chair: Jussi Hakanen
  Gardner, Steven. Parallel Hybrid Multiobjective Derivative-Free Optimization in SAS

Griffin, J.

  Medrano, F Antonio. A Simple Framework for Parallel Multi-Objective Optimization using JAVA

Church, R.

  Baesler, Felipe. Multiobjective Emergency Room Capacity Planning Using Simulation Goal programming and Response Surface Methodology

Cornejo, O.

  Hartikainen, Markus. A globally convergent method for approximating the Pareto critical set of a multiobjective optimization problem with any number of objectives

Lovison, A. 

ME-19.  Session:  Retail Distribution and Replenishment  /  Stream: Demand and Supply Planning in Consumer Goods and Retailing
Chair: Thomas Wensing
  Kharbeche, Mohamed. Multi-product Joint Replenishment Model with Substitution

Maddah, B. Pokharel, S.  Ghoniem, A.

  Kuhn, Heinrich. Impact of case pack sizes on retail instore logistics systems

Sternbeck, M. Wensing, T.

  Wensing, Thomas. Assignment of transport jobs to multiple contract carriers


ME-20.  Session:  Managing risk in energy storage and trading   / Stream: Stochastic Optimization in Energy
Chair: Nils Löhndorf
  Löhndorf, Nils. Risk-sensitive gas storage valuation under a price process with long and short term dynamics

Wozabal, D.

  Collado, Ricardo. Quantile Optimization in Electricity Trading in the Presence of Storage with Heavy-Tailed Prices

Powell, W. Kim, J H.    

  Munoz de Cote, Enrique. Bidding Strategies in Electricity Markets with Long and Short Term Objectives


  Wahid, Faisal. Models for optimizing market bids from hydroelectric river chains

Bonnans, J. F.  Philpott, A. 

ME-21.  Session:  Optimization Modeling Applications in Air Transportation   / Stream: Optimization Modeling in OR/MS
Chair: Kaan Aliefendioğlu
  Ntakolia, Charis. Operations Research Air Traffic Management (ATM) of the Future: A Support System for Free Flight Concept

Coletsos, J.

  HU, Rong. Robust Operation Model for Airline Ticket Distribution Channels with Uncertian Market Demands  
  Aliefendioğlu, Kaan A Mathematical Programming Approach to Aircraft Maintenance Scheduling

Üney-Yüksektepe, F.

ME-22.  Session:  Machine Learning in Healthcare  /  Stream: 03. Data Mining, Knowledge Discovery and Artificial Intelligence (contributed)
Chair: Samuel Buttrey
  Sibanda, Wilbert. Application of an HIV risk scorecard model to track changes in risk profile of demographic characteristics using antenatal HIV seroprevalence from 2001 to 2010.

Pretorius, P.

  Karadayı, Saliha. Data Mining Application for Blood Consumption Forecasting in a Private Hospital

Tanrıverdi, A.

  Buttrey, Samuel. Correlating Influenza Prevalence with Twitter Mentions of Flu  
  Batmaz, Inci. Precipitation prediction by hidden Markov models

Yazici, C. Yozgatligil, C.

ME-23.  Session:  Behavioural issues in modeling and simulation  /  Stream: Behavioural Operational Research
Chair: Stewart Robinson
  Yeomans, Julian Scott. Models, Optimality, Experts and Alternatives  
  Monks, Tom. Learning from Discrete-Event Simulation: Exploring the High Involvement Hypothesis

Robinson, S.  Kotiadis, K.

  Gogi, Anastasia. Generating insights: experimental study on the effectiveness of simulation models in creative problem solving

Tako, A. Robinson, S. 

  Chen, Yubo. Impacts of Mobile Internet on Customer Behavior

 Yang, L.

ME-24.  Session:  Preference Learning IV  /  Stream: Preference Learning
Chair: Michael Rademaker
  Milstein, Irena. Checking classifiers sensitivity to non-monotone noise


  Gurrieri, Massimo. Alternative Decomposition Techniques for Label Ranking

Fortemps, P.  Siebert, X. 

  Dembczynski, Krzysztof. Efficient Label Tree Structures for Top-k Classification

Jachnik, A.

  Rademaker, Michael. Looking for the right noise - a decision rule as a maximum likelihood estimator.

De Baets, B. 

ME-25.  Session:  optimization and mathematical economics  /  Stream: Mathematical economics
Chair: Maria Carmela Ceparano
  Ashimov, Abdykappar Methods of the parametric control theory for testing mathematical models of macroeconomic systems

Borovskiy, Y 

  Ceparano, Maria Carmela. On vertical separated equilibrium for two-stage possibly discontinuous games


  Dang, Chuangyin. An Interior-Point Path-Following Method for Computing Perfect d-Proper Equilibria for Strategic Games


  Turbay, Gabriel. Eigen Behaviors in closed economies: General economic equilibrium constructive proof


ME-26.  Session:  Fuzzy Decision Making 1  /  Stream: Fuzzy Decision Support Systems, Soft Computing, Neural Network
Chair: Jaroslav Ramik
Chair: Martin Gavalec
  Mazurek, Jiri. On Geometric Mean Generated Weights in Interval AHP  
  Kiszova, Zuzana. Aggregation of pairwise comparison matrices by fuzzification


  Perzina, Radomir. Microsoft Excel as a Tool for Multicriteria Decision Problems

Ramik, J.

  Ramik, Jaroslav. Pairwise Comparison Matrix With Fuzzy Elements on Alo-Group


ME-27.  Session:  Simulation and Numerical Methods in Finance   / Stream: Simulation Methods in Finance
Chair: Katerina Papadaki
Chair: Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber
  Hanke, Michael. No-Arbitrage ROM Simulation


  Chang, Kuo-Hao. Quantile Optimization via SNM-Q


  Papadaki, Katerina. Stochastic Dynamic Programming Methods for the Portfolio Selection Problem


  Valladão, Davi Michel. A Multistage Linear Stochastic Programming Model for Optimal Corporate Debt Management Veiga, A. Veiga, G.
ME-29.  Session:  Multiple Criteria Decision Making and Optimization 1  /  Stream: 14. Multiple Criteria Decision Making and Optimization (contributed)
Chair: Hwai-En Tseng
  Topuk, Nihan. A Multi Objective Decision Making Approach for Determining New Sorting Technology in Order Picking Systems

Özdemir, R G.

  Solano, Jaime. A Multicriteria Ranking Procedure for a Medium-Sized Set of Alternatives based on Evolutionary Multiobjective Optimization

Leyva-Lopez, J C.  Gastélum, D.

  Hariche, Kamal. A Combined AHP-based Approach for Evaluating and Ranking Economic Partners in a Public Organism

Boukredera, D. Salah, M.  Kassa, R. 

  Tseng, Hwai-En. Customization order screening in engineering-to-order environment


ME-30.  Session:  Financial Mathematics 2   / Stream: Financial Mathematics and OR
Chair: Norio Hibiki


  Ptak-Chmielewska, Aneta. Rating models using - logistic and Cox regression: Medium and Large Companies case

Matuszyk, A.

  Takehara, Hitoshi. Effects of a Sales Tax Increase on Firm Valuation: DCF Approach to Individual Firm Data

Kubota, K.

  Fang, Yong. Portfolio Selection Based on Bayesian Theory


  Hibiki, Norio. Multi-period Stochastic Programming Model for State-Dependent Asset Allocation with CVaR

Hirano, S. 

ME-31.  Session:  Recent Advances on Decision Processes   Stream: Decision Processes
Chair: Irene Abi-Zeid


  Norese, Maria Franca. Organizational knowledge to support project selection activities in the public administration

Torta, V.

  Lerche, Nils. Integration of elements from Prospect Theory into PROMETHEE 

Geldermann, J.  

  Cliville, Vincent Monotonic Additive Preference Model for 3D Fusion
System Parameters Adjustment

Valet, L.

  Ben Amor, Sarah. The value of additional information in multicriteria decision analysis with information imperfections

Zaras, K.  Aguayo, E.

ME-32.  Session:  Network Decision Support /   Stream: Humanitarian Operations Research
Chair: Feixiong Liao
  Liao, Feixiong. Incorporating Home-Returning and Home-Staying Decisions in Multi-Modal Multi-Activity Trip Chains of Multi-State Supernetworks

Arentze, T.  Timmermans, H.

  Sava, Magda Gabriela. Sensitivity analysis for analytic network models  
  Etlinger, Karl. Modelling of Intermodal Networks


  Kasaei Roodsari, Maziar. A Heuristic Approach to Restore Road Network Connectivity after a Disaster

Salman, S.

ME-33.  Session:  Measuring and optimizing sustainable behavior in existing systems  /  Stream: Environmental Sustainibility in Supply Chain
Chair: Maria Dos Santos
               Anderluh, Alexandra. Optimization of a two-echelon city distribution network with cargo bikes                        

Hemmelmayr, V. Nolz, P.

  Bley, Thomas. Applying Dynamic, Process-aware Information Systems to Supply Chain Data Collection                                                                                                      

Bierkandt, M. Feick, C. Schiffleitner, A.  

  Dos Santos, Maria. OREG - Optimal Resource Management of Electric and Electronic Devices

Eisenriegler, S. Hauer, W. Haubenberger-Hahn, R. Maier, T. Merstallinger, M. Reichl, H. Waizinger, G.    

ME-34.  Session:  Power Systems Economics  /   Stream: Data Mining in Finance and Commodities 
Chair: Marcus Hildmann
  Pietrini, Maila. Photovoltaic Energy Production Forecast using Support Vector Regression

De Leone, R. Giovannelli, A.

  Hildmann, Marcus. Hourly Price Forward Curve for Market Coupling


ME-35.  Session:  Simulation and Advanced Optimization, in Aviation Management and beyond    / Stream: 20. Production Management & Supply Chain Management (contributed)
Chair: Henrik Andersson
  Parmentier, Axel. Delay in aircraft routing

Meunier, F.

  Wong, Eugene. An air traffic decision support model for flight departure in an international airport

Chong, J.

  Fernández Cuesta, Eirik. Hub Location and Fleet Composition in Offshore Personnel Transportation

Andersson, H. Fagerholt, K.

  Hungerländer, Philipp. A Semidefinite Optimization Approach to the Parallel Row Ordering Problem


ME-36.  Session:  Forest Planning Under Risk    / Stream: OR in Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
Chair: Jordi Garcia-Gonzalo
  Ferreira, Liliana. A dynamic programming approach to optimize short-rotation coppice systems management scheduling under climate change.

Constantino, M. Borges, J. Garcia_Gonzalo, J.

  Eyvindson, Kyle. Approaches for analyzing risk and integrating risk attitudes in forest management

Kangas, A. 

  Marques, Alexandra. Solving the Raw Materials Reception Process with an Optimization-simulation Approach

Rönnqvist, M.

  Garcia_Gonzalo, Jordi. A Stochastic Optimization Model to Adressing Climate Change in Forest Planning

Weintraub, A.

ME-37.  Session:  Multiobjective Optimization in Asia (I)  /   Stream: Multiobjective Optimization
Chair: Tetsuzo Tanino
Chair: Tamaki Tanaka


  Tatsumi, Keiji. A complexity reduction method for the multiobjective multiclass support vector machine

Tanino, T.

  Yun, Yeboon. Parameter Tuning in Support Vector Regressions

Nakayama, H. Yoon, M.

  Yamada, Syuuji. Optimization over the Efficient Set of a Multiple Objective Linear Programming Problem with Reverse Convex Constraint

Tanaka, T. Tanino, T.  

  Petrot, Narin. The  Unified Split Fixed-Point Variational Inequality  Problem and  Algorithmic Consequence

Nimana, N.

ME-38.  Session:  Optimization Techniques for Some Statistics Models  /   Stream: Convex Optimization Methods and Applications 
Chair: Xiaoming Yuan
  Wang, Chengjing. On how to solve large-scale log-determinant optimization problems  
  Luo, Ziyan. Exact Relaxations for Rank Minimization Problems in Euclidean Jordan Algebra

Kong, L.  Xiu, N.

  Kong, Lingchen. Optimization in Censored Quantile Regression


ME-39.  Session:  ORAHS III - Emergency services     /   Stream: Health Care Applications
Chair: Sally Brailsford
Chair: Brigitte Werners
  van Essen, Theresia. Ambulance planning with and without region borders

Reuter, M.  Nickel, S. 

  Reuter, Melanie. Ambulance planning under uncertain demand

Saldanha-da-Gama, F. Nickel, S.

  Yu, Jiun-Yu. Performance Improvement for Emergency Medical Services (EMS) with Time-Region-Specific Cruising Ambulances

Huang, K-L.

  Werners, Brigitte. Simulation based evaluation of different objectives for Emergency Medical Services

Wiesche, L. Lutter, P.  Degel, D.

ME-40.  Session:  Advances in Production and the Link with Supply Chain   /  Stream: Production and the link with supply chain (contributed)
Chair: Amin Chaabane
Chair: Alice Yalaoui
  Chaabane, Amin. Inventory Control and Environmental Policies in reverse logistics supply chain

Paquet, M. García, MS. 

  Osorio, Juan. Mathematical Model to determine the configuration of a reverse supply chain (RSC)

Vidal, C J.  Casas Riascos, J J. Ceron Naranjo, K.

  Li, Qinyun. Creating an advanced order stream with the proportional order-up-to policy

Disney, S.

  Bakal, Ismail Serdar. Value of Disruption Information in an EOQ Environment

Bayindir, Z P.  Emer, D E.

ME-41.  Session:  Lot-Sizing and Related Topics 4  /  Stream: Lot-Sizing and Related Topics
Chair: Michelli Maldonado
  Melega, Gislaine. Integrated Lot Sizing and Cutting Stock Problem

de Araujo, S.

  Hein, Fanny. Integrated Supply and Production Planning

Almeder, C.

  Toy, Ozgur. Fuzzy Logic Approach for Dynamic Lot Sizing for a Warm/Cold Process

Altay, A. Ekinci, Y. 

  Maldonado, Michelli. Mathematical Models for a Integrated Lot Sizing and Scheduling Problem

Rangel, S.

ME-42.  Session:  Human aspects in transportation and logistics   /  Stream: Green and Humanitarian Logistics
Chair: Jeyson Andrés Martínez Gamboa
  Quadrifoglio, Luca. Innovative operating strategies for ada paratransit services  
  Taniguchi, Eiichi. A relief distribution model with decaying resilience of the affected population

Qureshi, A.

  Çağlıyangil, Mehmet. Public transportation preferences of disabled people

Erdem, Sabri. 

  Martínez Gamboa, Jeyson Andrés. Development of a logistic model and its impact on resilience

Fuentes Rojas,  E A.

ME-43.  Session:  Accounting, Corporate Governance and Valuation   /  Stream: Operational Research in Financial and Management Accounting
Chair: Matthias Amen
  Amen, Matthias Cost control for projects and IAS 11


  Kurhofer, Kai. A Multi Criteria Network Approach for Evaluating the Independency of Individuals in the Corporate Governance System

Amen, M. 

  Streitferdt, Felix. Valuation of tax savings


  Koussis, Nicos. Corporate liquidity and dividend policy under uncertainty

Martzoukos, S. Trigeorgis, L.

ME-44.  Session:  Game Theory    /  Stream: Game theory
Chair: Miquel Oliu Barton
  Huang, Jincai. Modeling and solution of COA development based on timed Influence net and Game theory

Chen, C. Cheng, G. Xiu, B.  Zhang, W.  Zhu, C.

  Solymosi, Tamás. Lexicographic allocations and extreme core payoffs: the case of assignment games

Nunez, M.

  Vidal-Puga, Juan. A monotonic and merge-proofness rule in minimum cost spanning tree situations


  Rêgo, Leandro. Co-authorship Model with Link Strength

dos Santos, A M.