Speaker Information

How to find your own session All sessions will be held at the Centre de Convencions Internacional de Barcelona–CCIB. Each session is identified with a code where the first letter is the day of the week (H for Thursday), the second letter is the time slot (A: 8:30-10:00; B: 10:30-12:00; C: 12:15-13:45; D: 14:00-15:30; E: 16:00-17:30). The number is the track. Each session is assigned to a room identified by a code where the first digit is the floor: 0 for ground floor, 1 for first floor and 2 for the mezzanine above first floor. See the floor plan in pages 33-34.

Audio-visual services

All session rooms will be equipped with a computer, with a WINDOWS 7 operating system and 4:3 format for the screen, and a projector with VGA input. Please follow these guidelines to ensure a successful presentation.

Loading your presentation

Please arrive to your session at least 15 minutes before it begins to upload your presentation in the computer of the room before the session starts. A volunteer or technical staff will assist you.

Presentation guidelines

Each session is 90 minutes. Time your presentation to fit within the designated time span, leaving enough time for audience questions and change of speaker.  In any case, follow the session chair indications.

  • Arrive at your session at least 15 minutes before it begins for loading your presentation, A/V set-up and to check in with the session chair.
  • We encourage speakers to bring a USB key with a copy of their presentation.
  • Volunteers will provide support for the handling of the computer projectors.

Presentation Format

We strongly recommend that authors format their presentations in pdf. This reduces drastically potential difficulties due to the change in operating system. Alternatively, consider using Powerpoint for your presentation.

Assistance during your session

If you have a problem in your session room related to technical needs or any other requests, please contact one of volunteers wearing  a yellow T-shirt.

Session chair guidelines

The role of the Chair is to coordinate the smooth running of the session and introduce each speaker. The chair begins and ends each session on time. Please stick to the order of talks and times announced in the program.

Program information desk

If you have general questions about the meeting or questions about your own presentation, stop by at the information desk located in the lobby of the CCIB. We ask first authors and session chairs to notify the information desk about any last-minute changes or cancellations; these changes will be posted outside the meeting rooms.