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TA-1.  Session:  (Integrated) Planning Models  /   Stream: Railway and Metro Transportation 
Chair: Leo Kroon
  Besinovic, Nikola. Train routing through stations

Marín, Á.

  Thorlacius, Per. Integrated Rolling Stock Planning for Suburban Passenger Train Services   
                Bach, Lukas. Timetabling with Crew Scheduling Integration at a Freight Railway Operator                                                 

Dollevoet, T.   Huisman, D. 

  Fuentes, Manuel. A new approach to crew scheduling in rapid transit networks


TA-2.  Session:  Routing and scheduling  /  Stream: Vehicle routing
Chair: Hocine Bouarab


  Pang, King-Wah Anthony. Multi-denomination currency distribution problem with transportation security consideration

Li, Y-F.

  Khan, Raza. Optimization of Inter-depot Trunking with heterogeneous fleet and Semi-Trailer Swap option

Yang, J-B.    Handl, J.

  Gudelj, Anita. Use Fibonacci numbers to improve performance of genetic algorithm

Kezić, D.   

  Bouarab, Hocine. Improving the quality of dual solutions in column generation

Soumis, F.

TA-3.  Session:  Aviation Management and Processes  /   Stream: Aviation
Chair: Stefan Wolfgang Pickl


  Canzani, Elisa. A System Dynamics Approach to the Boarding Process

Block, J. De Leone, R. W Pickl, S.

  Vock, Sebastian. Flexibility and Customer Value in Airline Revenue Management

Cleophas, C.

  Wolfgang Pickl, Stefan. A Game-Theoretic Model for Aviation Management Processes

Dehmer, M. 

TA-4.  Session:  Contracting  /  Stream: Supply Chain Management
Chair: Gultekin Kuyzu


  Chua, Geoffrey A. Unsold versus Unbought Commitment: Minimum Total Commitment Contracts with Nonzero Setup Costs


  Liu, Fang. Optimal Periodic Flexible Policies for Two-stage Serial Supply Chains

Gavirneni, N.

  Moon, Ilkyeong. Channel coordination with a single supplier and multiple retailers considering customer arrival times and route selection

Feng, X. Kim, D.

  Kuyzu, Gultekin. Shipper Collaboration with Partner Constraints


TA-5.  Session:  Stochastic programming in maritime transportation   /  Stream: Maritime transportation
Chair: Lars Magnus Hvattum


  Di Francesco, Massimo. Comparing optimization and simulation models for stochastic empty container repositioning

Gaivoronski, A. Zuddas, P.

  Halvorsen-Weare, Elin E. A stochastic model for vessel fleet analysis for maintenance activities at offshore wind farms.

Gundegjerde, C. Halvorsen, I B.  Hvattum, L M. Nonås, L M.

  Stålhane, Magnus. Optimizing the maintenance vessel fleet at an offshore wind farm

Halvorsen-Weare, E E. Hvattum, L M. Nonås, L M.

  Hvattum, Lars Magnus. A maritime inventory routing problem with uncertain travel times

Agra, A. Christiansen, M. Delgado, A.

TA-6.  Session:  Health Care System Design  /   Stream: Logistics in health care
Chair: Elisa Long
  Vandaele, Nico. Health care supply chain design from a stakeholder's perspective

Decouttere, C.  Lemmens, S. 

  York, Grady S. Re-examining the Patient Experience: Using Process Design and Trajectory to Improve Patient Satisfaction in Physician Practices

Garrison, G.

TA-7.  Session:  Planning and Operation in Electric Power System  /   Stream: Equilibrium Problems in Energy
Chair: Shmuel Oren
  Smeers, Yves. Subsidies to renewables, ramping constraints and plants' dismantling

Martin, S.

  Hedman, Kory. Improving do-not-exceed limits for renewables with robust corrective topology control

Korad, A.

  Papavasiliou, Anthony. Self-Commitment of Combined Cycle Units under Electricity Price Uncertainty


  Philpott, Andy. Modeling incentives in vertically integrated electricity markets


TA-8.  Session:  Electric Mobility   /  Stream: Energy Economics, Environmental Management and Multicriteria Decision Making
Chair: Peter Letmathe
  Mulic, Ilhana. E-Mobility: Influence of the second life of used batteries on profit and demand

Letmathe, P. Ramsundar, R.

  Avci, Buket. Electric vehicles with a battery switching station: adoption and environmental impact


  Lopez, Pierre. Combinatorial optimization to energy management of an electric vehicle

Gaoua, Yacine.  Caux, S.  

TA-9.  Session:  Enumeration and Discrete Structures   /  Stream: Dynamical Systems and Mathematical Modelling in OR
Chair: Yasuko Matsui
  Tanaka, Yuma. A fast algorithm for counting the number of primitive sorting networks

Ikegami, A. Matsui, Y. Fujisawa, K.   Yasui, Y.

  Miyata, Hiroyuki. Enumeration of combinatorial structures using oriented matroids  
  Horiyama, Takashi. Enumeration of All Paths between All Pairs of Vertices by Zero-Suppressed Binary Decision Diagrams

Adachi, K. 

  Matsui, Yasuko. Enumerating all the optimal cost vertex coloring of 1-trees


TA-10.  Session:  Decision Support Models for the Energy Industry I  /  Stream: Optimization models and algorithms in Energy Industry
Chair: Andres Ramos
  Morales-Espana, German. Accelerating the Convergence of Stochastic Unit-Commitment Problems by Using a Tight and Compact MIP Formulation

Gentile, C. Ramos, A.

  Sánchez-Martín, Pedro. Optimal Management of Virtual Power Plants in Liberalised Markets

Ramos, A. García-González, J.

  Ramos, Andres. Operation reserve usage for different unit time periods of a stochastic unit commitment

Morales-Espana, G. García-González, J. Rivier, M.  

  Baptista, Edmea Cássia. An investigation about package minos and optimal power flow problem

Preto de Godoi, A. Soler, E.

TA-11.  Session:  Mixedcombinatorial methods in Distance Geometry  /  Stream: Combinatorial Optimization
Chair: Leo Liberti
  Alfakih, Abdo Universal rigidity of bar-and-joint frameworks and distance geometry


  Duxbury, Phil. Algorithms for unassigned distance geometry problems arising in molecule and nanoparticle atomic structure determination

Gujarathi, S.  Billinge, S. Juhas, P. Granlund, L.

  Lavor, Carlile. The importance of atom orderings in Distance Geometry applied to protein structure determination


  Liberti, Leo. Exact and approximate methods for large scale distance geometry problems


TA-12.  Session:  Graphs and Networks V  /  Stream: Graphs and Networks
Chair: Pavel Irzhavski
  Yan, Guiying. Improved bounds on the generalized acyclic chromatic number 

Wu, Y.

  Aloui, Abdelouhab New Technique of coloring of vertices in the graphs

Amroun, K

  Komosko, Larisa. A fast greedy sequential heuristic for the graph colouring problem


  Irzhavski, Pavel. On the complexity of the Hamiltonian cycle problem in locally connected graphs  
TA-13.  Session: Project scheduling 2   /  Stream: Scheduling
Chair: Servet Hasgul
  Hasgul, Servet. A Project Scheduling Algorithm Considering Resource Constraints and Seasonal Effects

Atasever, C.

  Mejia Delgadillo, Gonzalo Enrique. Project Scheduling with Rework: An application in the Animation and Videogame Industry

Niño, K.   Sánchez Olaya, M A.

  Borreguero, Tamara. Multimode TCSP with generalized temporal constraints: a MILP formulation

Ortega-Mier, M.  GarcÍa-Sánchez, Á.   

  Choi, Jin Young. Genetic algorithm for two-agent scheduling problem with position-dependent learning effects  
TA-14.  Session:  DEA in Transportation and Logistics  /  Stream: DEA Applications (contributed)
Chair: Cristiano Morini
  Kang, Chao-Chung. Evaluating the operational efficiencies of bus transit systems considering air pollution  
  Morini, Cristiano. Efficiency analysis of seaport container terminals in Brazil

M, M. Azevedo, A.  Cunha, R.  Junior, E I. Moretti, A.

TA-15.  Session:  Behavioral Research in Pricing and Revenue Management  /  Stream: Revenue Management II
Chair: Ioana Popescu
  Savva, Nicos. Dynamic Pricing in the Presence of Social Learning and Strategic Consumers

Papanastasiou, Y.

  Nasiry, Javad. Pricing with Anticipation

Popescu, I. 

  Elmaghraby, Wedad. Impact of Price Recommendation Tools by Salespeople


  Popescu, Ioana. Social influence and customer spending in online games

Wu, Y.  Padmanabhan, P. 

TA-16.  Session:  Copositive and Polynomial Optimization V   /  Stream: Copositive and Polynomial Optimization
Chair: Immanuel Bomze
  Zheng, Zhichao. Towards Absolute Delivery Schedule Reliability in Container Liner Shipping Using Copositive Cones

Zhang, A.  Lam, S L.   Teo, C P. 

  Sağol, Gizem. Copositive Optimization Based Bounds on Box Constrained Quadratic Optimization

Yildirim, E. A 

  Zuluaga, Luis. Completely Positive Reformulations for Polynomial Optimization


TA-17.  Session:  Nonconvex Programming: Local and Global Approaches I   Stream: Global Optimization
Chair: Hoai An Le Thi
Chair: Tao Pham Dinh
  Phan, Duy Nhat. A DC programming approach for sparse linear discriminant analysis (LDA)

Le Thi, H A.

  Le Thi, Hoai An. DC Programming and DCA for solving binary quadratic over a special polytope

Pham Dinh, T.  Le, H M.     

  Le, Hoai Minh. Feature Selection for Ranking based on DC Programming and DCA

Le Thi, H A.  Pham Dinh, T.

  Xavier, Adilson Elias. The Performance of the Flying Elephants Approach for Solving Traditional Non-Differentiable Problems

Layter X, V.  

TA-18.  Session:  Robustness in Multiobjective Optimization I  / Stream: Multiobjective Optimization - Theory, Methods and Applications
Chair: Christiane Tammer
Chair: Alexander Engau
  Tammer, Christiane. A unified approach for different concepts of robustness and stochastic programming via nonlinear scalarizing functionals

Klamroth, K. Köbis, E.   Schöbel, A.

  Köbis, Elisabeth. The Relationship Between Multicriteria Robustness Concepts and Set-Valued Optimization

Tammer, C.  Schöbel, A. Kuroiwa, D. Ide, J.

  Trichakis, Nikos. Pareto Efficiency in Robust Optimization

Iancu, D. 

  Engau, Alexander. Trade-Offs - A Lost Dimension in Robust Optimization?  
TA-19.  Session:  Retail Forecasting  /  Stream: Demand and Supply Planning in Consumer Goods and Retailing
Chair: Kai Hoberg
  Bertrand, Jean-Louis. Weather effect on apparel sales in France

Brusset, X. 

  Hoberg, Kai. The Influence of Weather in Online Retailing - An Empirical Analysis

Steinker, S. 

  van Dalen, Jan. Collaborative Forecasting and Channel Coordination in a Perishable Goods Chain

Pennings, C.

  Shamir, Noam. Public Forecast Information Sharing in a Market with Competing Supply Chains

Shin, H.

TA-20.  Session:  From the old to the new - managing the transformation of our energy system   /  Stream: Stochastic Optimization in Energy
Chair: Valerie Thomas
  Shayegh, Soheil. Learning in Optimization: Integrated Assessment Modeling of Climate Change under Uncertainty

Thomas, V. 

  Barron, Robert. Grid Integration Costs and the Optimal Climate Change R&D Portfolio

Djimadoumbaye, N. Baker, E. 

  Haghighat Sefat, Morteza. Optimisation of Intelligent Oil Wells using Stochastic Algorithms

Muradov, K. ElSheikh, A.  Davies, D.

  Souyris, Sebastian. Understanding the Diffusion of Residential Solar Panels using a Hazard Rate Model

Rai, V.   

TA-21.  Session:  Optimization Modeling Applications in Manufacturing 1   /  Stream: Optimization Modeling in OR/MS
Chair: Tugba Sarac
  Martinez, Janis. Minimisation of production costs and chemical pollutants in a tin foundry plant

Cabrejos, J.

  Mendez-Aguirre, C A. Advanced optimization and simulation-based tool for complex automated manufacturing systems

Basán, N.

  Saraç, Tugba. A multi-objective optimization approach for plastic injection molding machine scheduling problem

Sipahioglu, A.   

  Huang, Xiaoxia. Project selection with uncertain lifetime and initial outlay

Zhang, Q.   

TA-22.  Session:  Cooperation in Operations Management   /  Stream: Game theory and operations management
Chair: Ignacio García-Jurado


  Guajardo, Mario. Cost allocation in inventory pools with service-differentiated demand classes

Rönnqvist, M.   

  Anily, Shoshana Cooperation in service systems: The 3-D assignment M/G/c/c game


  Mosquera Rodríguez, Manuel Alfredo. Centralized inventory in a farming community

Fiestras-Janeiro, M G.  García-Jurado, I.  Meca, A.

  García-Jurado, Ignacio. Cooperation in capacitated inventory situations with fixed holding costs when shortages are allowed

Fiestras-Janeiro, M G. Meca, A. Mosquera Rodríguez, M A.

TA-23.  Session:  Behavioural issues in problem structuring   /  Stream: Behavioural Operational Research
Chair: Leroy White
  Tavella, Elena. Exploring novice facilitated modelling supported by scripts

Papadopoulos, T.  

  Lami, Isabella. Coat-tailing behaviour in decision

White, L. 

  White, Leroy. Behavioural Issues in PSMs


  Liu, Sam Integrating TRIZ with DEMATEL to tackle a systematic problems on evaluating the cloud system for long-term healthcare

Shan Chang, D. Chen Y-C.

TA-24.  Session: Ethics and OR I   /  Stream: OR and Ethics
Chair: Cristobal Miralles
Chair: Fred Wenstøp


  Brugha, Cathal. Implications of Nomology for Ethics 


  Wenstøp, Fred. Operational Research Virtues in the Face of Climate Change

Wenstøp, S.

  Moore, Robyn. Strengthening decision-making for emergency planning using participatory problem structuring: a case of Operational Research in the New Zealand volunteer sector


  Le Menestrel, Marc. Ethical Rationality: Enriching Economic Rationality with Values and Dreams


TA-25.  Session:  Applications of game theory  /   Stream: Mathematical economics
Chair: Elena Mielcová
  Kroenke, Adriana. Multi-criteria Games: ranking of companies using financial indicators

Hein, N.   W, V.

  Yousfi, Naouel. The Transboundary Environmental Problems.  A Multicriteria Games Approach.

Radjef, M S. Aoudia-Rahmoune, F.  Oubraham, A.

  Mielcová, Elena. Asymmetric Shapley-Shubik and Banzhaf power indices applied on the real voting data


TA-26.  Session:  Fuzzy Decision Making 2  /    Stream: Fuzzy Decision Support Systems, Soft Computing, Neural Network
Chair: Martin Gavalec
Chair: Jaroslav Ramik
  Plavka, Jàn X-Simplicity of a (Strong) Tolerance Eigenvector and
an Interval Fuzzy Matrix

Gavalec, M.

  Nemcova, Zuzana. Eigenspace structure of a max-Lukasiewicz matrix

Gavalec, M.

  Vlach, Milan. Topologies and uniformities of rough set approximations


  Gavalec, Martin. Tolerance eigenproblem in fuzzy algebra

Plavka, J.

TA-27.  Session:  Advances in Operations/Marketing Interface    Stream: Operations/Marketing Interface
Chair: Kerstin Schmidt


  Nuo, Qin. Considering the Effective Ad Promotion Tool by  Palmore's Cohort Analysis

Takeuchi, S. Tingting, S.   Ko, H S.

  Schmidt, Kerstin. Coordination by contracts in distributed product development processes with complete substitution

Volling, T. Spengler, T.

TA-28.  Session:  Challenge ROADEF/EURO  /  Stream: Challenge ROADEF/EURO
Chair: Eric Bourreau
  Buljubasic, Mirsad. Two phase approach combining heuristic and Integer Programming for SNCF Rolling Stock Problem   

Vasquez, M.  Gavranovic, H. Hanafi, S.

  Létocart, Lucas Solving the ROADEF/EURO 2014 Challenge by a double colum generation based heuristic

Casazza, M. Rozenknop, A. Traversi, E. Wolfler-Calvo, R.

  Cambazard, Hadrien Modeling the Rolling stock unit management problem with Mixed Integer Programming and Constraint Programming

Catusse, Nicolas

TA-29.  Session:  Multiple Criteria Decision Making and Optimization 2  /  Stream: 14. Multiple Criteria Decision Making and Optimization (contributed)
Chair: Nikolaos Matsatsinis
  Zopounidis, Constantin. Performance evaluation of European insurance companies: A comparison of robust MCDA approaches

Nocera, G. Doumpos, M. Galariotis, E. 

  Baldioti, Hugo Ribeiro. A multicriteria approach to sort time series models applied to stochastic scenarios generation

Ribeiro, B.  Souza, R.  

  Molina, Mariantonieta. Selection of investment alternatives in power generation expansion using multiobjective and multicriteria optimization methods

Cno Meza, J. Ortiz Pimiento, N R.  

  Matsatsinis, Nikolaos. Educational marketing decision system based on multicriteria analysis: The e-Marketing Online platform

 Grigoroudis, E.

TA-30.  Session:  Financial Mathematics 3   /  Stream: Financial Mathematics and OR
Chair: Teruyoshi Suzuki


  Suzuki, Teruyoshi. Optimal Capital Injection Problem under Financial Crisis  
  Inui, Hitoshi. Multilevel Monte Carlo simulation for Game option

Ano, K.

  Sato, Kimitoshi. Optimal Impulse Control for Cash Management with Double Exponential Jump Diffusion Processes

Suzuki, A.  

  Usui, Yuki. Russian option with minimal payoff

Oishi, J.  Ano, K.

TA-31.  Session:  Processes of Applying MCDA  /  Stream: Decision Processes
Chair: Theodor Stewart
  Belton, Valerie. Problem structuring for MCDA: incorporating external expertise


  Papamichail, K. Nadia. Explanations for MCDA models

Stewart, T. 

  Stewart, Theodor. Decision Processes for MCDA in a Developing Countries Context


  Frini, Anissa. A multi-criteria multi-period decision-making approach for sustainable project selection  
TA-32.  Session:  Disaster Management  /  Stream: Humanitarian Operations Research
Chair: Degang Liu
  Dolinskaya, Irina. The Adaptive Orienteering Problem with Stochastic Travel Times

Shi, Z.  Smilowitz, K.  

  Parwanto, Novia Budi. Applying multicommodity transshipment network flow optimization technique under uncertainty to measure the robustness of the transportation network for emergent situation

Morohoshi, Hi. Oyama, T.  

  Liu, Degang. Modeling and optimizing disaster relief inventories 

Gronalt, M.   

  Starcevic, Dusan. Software Platform for Managing UAV Operations

Jovanović, M.        

TA-33.  Session:  Defence and Security Applicatons  /  Stream: Defence and Security Applications
Chair: Ana Isabel Barros
  Fridheim, Havard. Network Enabled Capabilities (NEC): From long-term visions to short-term operational effects

Malerud, S.  Rutledal, F.  

  Taylor, Nicholas. A New Approach to Deterrence - Planning to Achieve Deterrence Effects  
  Marthinussen, Elin. Assessment of a conflict intervention

Eggereide, B.   

  Frelin, Jan. Dealing with Complexity and Chaos: the Military Experience


TA-34.  Session:  Portfolio Optimization 1  /  Stream: Decision Making Modeling and Risk Assessment in the Financial Sector
Chair: Ralph E. Steuer
  Faias, Jose. Asset Allocation Powered by Information Flow Correlation  
  Steuer, Ralph E. Extracting from the Classical for Large-Scale Semi-Continuous Variable Efficient Frontiers  
  Xianping, WU. Multi-period mean-variance portfolio selection with risk control over bankruptcy and uncertain exit time


  Başoğlu, İsmail. Efficient Simulations for a Bernoulli Mixture Model of Portfolio Credit Risk

Hörmann, W.  Sak, H.  

TA-35.  Session:  Game Theory with Applications I  /  Stream: Stochastic Modeling and Simulation in Engineering, Management and Science
Chair: Takahiro Watanabe
  Maruyama, Toru. Harmonic Analysis of the Slutsky Effect

Tsuji, A. 

  Fu, Jing. Game Theoretic Approaches to Weight Assignments in DEA Problems

Muto, S.

  Miyazaki, Kenji. Animal spirits, competitive markets, and endogenous growth


  Watanabe, Takahiro. Existnece of Pure Strategy Equilibrium in Finite Games and Direction Preservingness of Best Reply Functions


TA-36.  Session:  Forest Management to Reduce Fire Risk  /  Stream: OR in Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
Chair: Andrés Weintraub
  Pacheco, AbÍlio. Flexible planning of the investment mix in a wildland fire management system: spatially-explicit intra-annual optimization, considering preparedness and escape costs

Claro, J.

  Botequim, Brigite. A three-step approach to forest optimization modelling for assessing trade-offs in spatial fuel management strategies  

Ager, A.  Pacheco, A. Oliveira, T.  Claro, J.  Barros, A.  Borges, J.

  Weintraub, Andrés. A heuristic for satisfying adjacency constraints when scheduling timber harvests on flammable forest landscapes

Martell, D.  Troncoso, J  J.    

TA-37.  Session:  Multiobjective Optimization in Asia (II)  /   Stream: Multiobjective Optimization
Chair: Tetsuzo Tanino
Chair: Tamaki Tanaka


  Plubtieng, Somyot. LP well-posedness for bilevel vector equilibrium and optimization problems with equilibrium constraints

Khanh, P Q.

  Wangkeeree, Rabian. Well-posedness for the bilevel new genearalized mixed equilibrium problems in Banach spaces  
  Ungchittrakool, Kasamsuk. Existence and convergence of common fixed points via an iterative projection technique for two strict pseudo-contractions in Hilbert spaces  
TA-38.  Session:  Optimality Conditions and Algorithms: from convex to nonconvex optimization  /  Stream: Convex Optimization Methods and Applications
Chair: Shoham Sabach
  Sabach, Shoham. A simple algorithm for nonconvex and nonsmooth minimization problems

Bolte, J. Teboulle, M. 

  Hallak, Nadav. Sparse optimization over symmetric sets

Beck, A.  

TA-39.  Session:  ORAHS VI –Treatment optimization   /  Stream: Health Care Applications
Chair: Sally Brailsford
Chair: Joana Matos Dias


  Cao, Qi. Development and evaluation of a continuous-time semi-Markov model for the disease progression of acute heart failure

Postmus, D. Hillege, H. Buskens, E.  

  van de Vrugt, Maartje. Tactical planning at a breast cancer outpatient clinic

Boucherie, R.  

  Matos Dias, Joana. A Simulated Annealing Approach Using a DDS-based neighborhood for IMRT Beam Angle Optimization

Rocha, H. da Costa Ferreira, B.  Lopes, M C. 

TA-40.  Session:  Production Planning  /  Stream: Production and the link with supply chain (contributed)
Chair: Yuan Huang
Chair: Julie Rubaszewski
  Elhafsi, Mohsen. Managing an Assemble-To-Order System with After Sales Market for Components

Hamouda, E.

  Ardalan, Ali A Comparison of Two Priority Rules in Kanban-Controlled Job Shop

Diaz, R 

  Huang, Yuan. A decision support system to facilitate the implementation of workload control in make-to-order companies 


TA-41.  Session:  Green Logistics in Rich Vehicle Routing Problems   /  Stream: Simulation-Optimization in Logistics & Production
Chair: Javier Faulin
  Serrano, Adrian. Evaluating the Willingness to Pay using an Econometric Model for Road Transportation in the Spanish Pyrenees

Faulin, J.  Lera-Lopez, F. Sanchez, M. 

  Belloso, Javier. A biased-randomized algorithm for the Vehicle Routing Problem with Backhauls

Juan, A A. Faulin, J.   Perez-Bernabeu, E.  

  Faulin, Francisco. Teaching Logistics and Routing Online: Experiences and Challenges using Virtual Campuses

Faulin, J. Juan, A A.  

  Faulin, Javier Optimal Routing of Ambulances on Service with Queues and Demand Uncertainties. A Case Study of Zomba Central Hospital.

Mwakilama, E. Faulin, J.   

TA-42.  Session:  Big Data Analytics for Quality Improvement   /  Stream: Big Data Analytics
Chair: Mustafa Baydoğan
  Jeong, Myong K. A New Procedure for Fault Variable Identification in Multistage Processes

Kim, J.  Khalifa, K N. Hwang, W Y. Hamouda, A S. Elsayed, E.     

  Baydoğan, Mustafa. Ensemble Learning Strategies for Large-scale Time Series Analysis and Data Mining

Runger, G. Yamak, D.

  Kim, Seong-Jun. A model-based prognosis of the gas pipeline with corrosion defects

Choe, B.  Jeong, H-T.  Kim, W-S. 

  Jun, Chi-Hyuck. Learning a Bayesian Network Having One Latent Variable

Kim, J-S.    

TA-43.  Session:  Accounting and Financial Crisis  /  Stream: Operational Research in Financial and Management Accounting
Chair: Jonathan Crook
  Marinakos, Georgios. Classification Algorithms for Imbalanced Business Financial Data

Daskalaki, S.

  Crook, Jonathan. The Stability of Survival Model Parameter Estimates for Predicting the Probability of Default: Empirical Evidence over the Credit Crisis

Leow, M. 

  Leow, Mindy. Intensity Modelling with Macroeconomic Effects and Simulated Transitions

Crook, J. 

TA-44.  Session:  OR in regular study programs  /  Stream: Initiatives for OR Education
Chair: Ariela Sofer
Chair: Elise del Rosario
Chair: Liudmyla Pavlenko
  Sofer, Ariela. Integrating OR and Systems Engineering in Masters Capstone Projects

Hoffman, K. 

  Du, Gang. Object-oriented Coordinate Design of Course and Teaching Mode in OR


  Wang, Yu-Lin. Operational Research Education in Taiwan  
  Reizes, Erwin. Academic planning for OR education


TA-45.  Session:  International Aspects of OR History and Education  /  Stream: International Aspects of OR: Cooperation – Coordination – Communication
Chair: Ulrike Reisach
  Gomes, Gastão. Acquisition of relative clauses in Brazilian Portuguese studied by categorical data analyses

Camiz, S.  Gomes, C. Abreu, A.  

  Inceoglu, Mehmet. Relationship between Architectural Education and Graph Theory  
  Weilemann, Mitja Stefan. Consideration of intercultural challenges and different thinking patterns in teaching German understanding of academic research to foreign students.

Weilemann, K. 

  Chiou, Hua-Kai. Applying Grey Relation Analysis to Explore the College Students Studying Motivation, Learning Stress and Academic Achievement under Declining Birthrate Phenomenon

Mao, M-C.