Slot TB: Tuesday July, 15 10.30 - 12.00

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TB-1  Session:  Railway Timetabling    /   Stream: Railway and Metro Transportation
Chair: Jonas Harbering
  Szabo, Jacint. New heuristic solution techniques for the Periodic Event Scheduling Problem (PESP)

Herrigel-Wiedersheim, S. Laumanns, M. Weidmann, U.

  Kümmling, Michael. Combining cyclic timetable optimization and traffic assignment

Opitz, J. Großmann, P.

  Nachtigall, Karl. Solving the Train Path Assignment Optimzation Problem by Column Generation


  Harbering, Jonas. Approaches to Solving Single Track Timetabling

Schmidt, M. Ranade, A.

TB-2  Session:  Inventory-Routing Problems    /   Stream: Vehicle routing
Chair: Okan Ozener
  Rey, Pablo A. Inventory-routing scheme for an ATM network replenishment problem

Cataldo, A. Cortés, C. Perez, J. Larrain, H.

  van Anholt, Roel G. An Inventory-Routing Problem with Pickups and Deliveries Arising in the Replenishment of Automated Teller Machines

Coelho, L. Laporte, G. Vis, I F A.

  Ozener, Okan. Cyclic Distribution Strategies for an Inventory Routing Problem

Ekici, A. Kuyzu, G.

  Chang, Tsung-Sheng. City-Courier Quick Service Network Topological Design

Hsu, Y-H.

TB-3  Session:  Airline and Airport Operations    /   Stream: Aviation
Chair: Valentin Weber
  Lemay, Brian. Reducing Airport Gate Holdouts in Passenger Aviation

Castaing, J. Cohn, A.

  Shaukat, Syed. Aircraft Line Maintenance Planning Optimisation

Wu, C-L.

  Weber, Valentin. Adaptive Process of Schedule Recovery for Airline Operations

Spiers, G. Boudia, M Acuna Agost, R.

TB-4  Session:  Warehousing    /   Stream: Supply Chain Management
Chair: René de Koster
  Ho, Ying-Chin. A Flexible Routing Strategy for Improving the Performance of a Sequential Zone-Picking Line

Lin, J-W.

  Hekimoğlu, Haluk. Lean Six Sigma : An Application in a Warehouse Operation

Erdem, S.

  Liu, Gang. Evaluation of Satellite Information Tasks Processing Capacity

Xu, P.

  de Koster, René. The Impact or Order Picker Skills on Warehouse Performance

Matusiak, M.

TB-5  Session:  Sustainability in maritime transportation    /   Stream: Maritime transportation
Chair: Harilaos N. Psaraftis
  Algaba Birba, Oriol Impact study of the new sulphur regulations on a North Sea short sea route


  Mageirou, Evangelos F. The economic speed of an oceangoing vessel in a dynamic setting

Bouritas, T. Psaraftis, H N.

  Kontovas, Christos. Combining speed and routing decisions in maritime transportation

Psaraftis, H N. Wen, M.

  Fagerholt, Kjetil. Maritime fleet deployment with speed optimization: Case study from RoRo shipping

Andersson, H. Hobbesland, K.

TB-6  Session:  Translation of Health Systems Engineering Research into Clinical Practice    /   Stream: Logistics in health care
Chair: Jeremy Castaing
  Cohn, Amy. Implementing a Residency Scheduling Program at the University of Michigan Pediatric Emergency Department

Hong, Y-C. Zank, J. Perelstein, E. Ver Schure, Z. Pozehl, W.

  Huddleston, Jeanne. Spine Surgery Surgical Schedule Optimization

Lal, T M.

  Ziya, Serhan. Priority Scheduling of Jobs with Unknown Types


  Castaing, Jeremy. Stochastic optimization to reduce wait times in an outpatient infusion center

Cohn, A. Denton, B.

TB-7  Session:  Convex and Complementarity Models for Electricity Market Analysis    /   Stream: Equilibrium Problems in Energy
Chair: Yelena Vardanyan
  Baradar, Mohamadreza. Optimal Network Operations using a SOCP-OPF model

Hesamzadeh, M.

  Moiseeva, Ekaterina. An EPEC Approach for Modelling Exercise of Market Power on Ramp Rate

Hesamzadeh, M.

  Tohidi, Yaser. Multi-regional Transmission Planning as a Non-cooperative Decision-making

Hesamzadeh, M.

  Vardanyan, Yelena. The Optimal Coordinated Bidding of Risk Averse Hydropower Producer in Sequential Markets

Hesamzadeh, M.

TB-8  Session:  Power Management and Decision Analysis in Sustainable Development    /   Stream: Energy Economics, Environmental Management and Multicriteria Decision Making
Chair: Semra Agrali
  Senna, Valter. Monitoring electricity power grids using Chernoff faces

Carneiro, C.

  Rodriguez, Victoria. A Pareto analysis for evaluating energy trade-off in part supplying

Bermeo, J. Fathi, M. Alvarez, M J.

  Agrali, Semra Deciding between carbon trading and CCS: An optimisation-based case study for methanol synthesis from syngas

Uctug, G. Arikan, Y. Avcioglu, E.

TB-9  Session:  Control Theory & System Dynamics    /   Stream: Dynamical Systems and Mathematical Modelling in OR (contributed)
Chair: Mona Soufivand
  Dvalishvili, Phridon. Optimal control of one economical problem using a principle of maximum

Mosidze, A. Karalashvili, L.

  Son, Jiyoon. System dynamics model for Firm level R&D investment decision making

Yang, H. Kim, S W.

  Brás, Isabel. Stabilizable Switched Systems by Partial State Reset

Carapito, A. Rocha, P.

  Soufivand, Mona. Towards fostering the improvement of Public-Private Partnership in social services using System Dynamics approach

Bivona, E. Strazzeri, R. Alessi, M.

TB-10  Session:  Decision Support Models for the Energy Industry II    /   Stream: Optimization models and algorithms in Energy Industry
Chair: Andres Ramos
  Dueñas, Pablo. An iterative method for coupling computationally heavy profit-maximizing electricity and gas market models


  Lumbreras, Sara. Robust Transmission Expansion Planning (TEP) Applying Shrinkage

De M, V. Ramos, A.

  Nogales, Adelaida. Including short-term operation details in strategic generation expansion models

Wogrin, S. Centeno Hernáez, E.

  Peura, Heikki. Strategic forward trading and technology

Bunn, Dk.

TB-11  Session:  Network Routing    /   Stream: Combinatorial Optimization
Chair: Michael Juenger
  Mattia, Sara. The cut property under demand uncertainty  
  Cacchiani, Valentina. Single-commodity Robust Network Design Problem: Complexity, Instances and Heuristic Solutions

Álvarez-Miranda, E. Lodi, A. Parriani, T. Schmidt, D.

  Schmidt, Daniel. Designing robust client-server networks under simple polyhedral demand uncertainties

Cacchiani, V. Juenger, M. Liers, F. Lodi, A.

  Schmidt, Melanie. Approximate Earliest Arrival Flows

Groß, M. Kappmeier, J-P. Schmidt, D.

TB-12  Session:  Nonstandard Numerical Methods for Differential Equations    /   Stream: Continuous and Discontinuous Dynamical Systems
Chair: Mevlüde Yakıt Ongun
  Turhan,  İlkem. A crack problem for a nonhomogeneous strip

Yusufoğlu, E.  

  Karaoğlu, Onur. Efficiency of differential transform and variational iteration methods for the solutions of some differential equations


  Özkan, Ozan. Numerical solution of time-fractional Zakharov-Kuznetsov equation via generalized differential transform method

Cansu, U. Sönmezer, S.

  Yakıt Ongun, Mevlüde. Nonlinear Fuzzy IVPs using by nonstandard finite difference schemes

Arslan, D.

TB-13  Session:  Advances in scheduling    /   Stream: Scheduling
Chair: Alexandre Dolgui
  Lu, Xiwen. A new algorithm for multi-agent scheduling to minimize makespan on two machines  
  Koh, Shiegheun. Non-identical parallel machine scheduling with sequence-dependent setup times  
  Caricato, Pierpaolo. Multi-attribute scheduling on unrelated machines

Grieco, A. Zacchino, S.

  Dolgui, Alexandre. Lot-sizing and lot sequencing on a single imperfect machine with breakdowns and product rejects

Schemeleva, K. Delorme, X. Grimaud, F.

TB-14  Session:  DEA in Services    /   Stream: DEA Applications (contributed)
Chair: Sérgio Santos
Chair: Yu Chao
  Gomes Júnior, Silvio. Network DEA model to evaluate post-graduate engineering courses in Brazil

Moreno, P. Soares de Mello, J C.

  Chao, Yu. Market Orientation, Innovation Capability, Marketing Proficiency, and New Product Market Success

Lai, C-M.

  Aktas, Ahmet Determining Mobile Communication Operators' Efficiency by using DEA

Temiz, İ.

  Santos, Sérgio. Efficiency and seasonality in the Portuguese Post Offices and Postal Distribution Centers

Amado, C. Fadísta, A.

TB-15  Session: Pricing and Consumer Behavior: Modeling and Estimation   /   Stream: Revenue Management II
Chair: Ozalp Ozer
  Ozer, Ozalp. Markdown or Everyday-Low-Prices? The Role of Consumer Regret and Availability Misperception

Zheng, K.

  Denoyel, Victoire. Optimal reference pricing for healthcare procedure payments

Alfandari, L. Thiele, A

  Sharif Azadeh, Shadi. Customer behavior modeling in revenue management systems using a global optimization approach

Savard, G.

  Osadchiy, Nikolay. Behavioral Anomalies in Consumer Wait-or-Buy Decisions and Their Implications for Markdown Management Ovchinnikov, A. Baucells, M.
TB-16  Session:  Structure Learning and Applications    /   Stream: Intelligent Optimization in Machine Learning and Data Analysis
Chair: Ivan Reyer
  Vasilieva, Diana. Mixing Hopfield Neural Network and Probabilistic Model Method

Mikhailov, Y.

  Motrenko, Anastasia. Bayesian sample size estimation for patient classification survey  
  Gnecco, Giorgio. A machine-learning paradigm that includes pointwise constraints

Gori, M. Melacci, So. Sanguineti, M.

  Strijov, Vadim. Structure Learning and Forecasting Model Generation

Kuznetsov, M. Motrenko, A.

TB-17  Session: Nonconvex Programming: Local and Global Approaches II   /   Stream: Global Optimization
Chair: Hoai An Le Thi
Chair: Tao Pham Dinh
  Vo, Xuan Thanh. DC Programming and DCA for Dictionary Learning

Le Thi, H A. Nguyen Thi, B T. Pham Dinh, T.

  Tran, Thi Thuy. Internet routing by DC programming and DCA

Le Thi, H a. Pham Dinh, T.

  Pham Dinh, Tao. DC Programming and DCA for minimizing L1/L2 - norms of polyhedral convex function vector over a polyhedral convex set

Le Thi, H A. Le, H M.

  Dambreville, Frédéric. Tracking of potentially threatening target evolving in a network


TB-18  Session:  Robustness in Multiobjective Optimization II   /   Stream: Multiobjective Optimization - Theory, Methods and Applications
Chair: Alexander Engau
Chair: Christiane Tammer
  Günther, Christian. Robust multi-criteria location problems


  Leon, Jorge. The robustness space framework for Pareto set reduction

Jornada, D.

  Mavrotas, George. Assessing the robustness of Pareto sets in multi-objective integer programming problems

Figueira, J R. Siskos, E. Doukas, H.

  Pauwels, Benoît. Pareto-based definitions of the optimal value and optimal solutions of a fuzzy program

Gratton, S. Delbos, F.

TB-19  Session:  Inventory Planning I    /   Stream: Demand and Supply Planning in Consumer Goods and Retailing (contributed)
Chair: Mahsa Ghandehari
  Sezen, Tugbanur. A Hybrid Optimization Approach for Inventory Space Allocation with Assembly Line Balancing

Özdemir, R G.

  Li, Jing-An. Some new findings about the Newsboy Problem


  Ghandehari, Mahsa. Determining Strategic Inventory Ratio in Leagile Supply Chain Considering Desirable Decoupling Point

Shahin, A. Khalili, A.

TB-20  Session:  Managing smart energy grids under uncertainty - I    /   Stream: Stochastic Optimization in Energy
Chair: Samira Safaei Farahani
Chair: Zofia Lukszo
  González Vayá, Marina. Optimal bidding strategy of a plug-in electric vehicle aggregator in day-ahead electricity markets under uncertainty

Andersson, G.

  Safaei Farahani, Samira. Distributed Model Predictive Control for an Uncertain Smart Thermal Grid

Lukszo, Z. De Schutter, B. Keviczky, T.

  Warrington, Joseph. Multi-stage reserve policies for large-scale power systems

Goulart, P. Morari, M.

  Cranmer, Alexana. Robust Portfolio Planning of Offshore Wind Farms

Baker, E.

TB-21  Session:  Optimization Modeling Applications in Manufacturing 2    /   Stream: Optimization Modeling in OR/MS
Chair: Lena Altherr
  Nasa, Nabil. Buffer allocation and preventive maintenance optimization in unreliable production lines  
  Park, You-Jin. Optimization of Pick-and-Place in Die Attach Process Pan, R. Montgomery, D. Borror, C.
  Alabert, Aureli Maximising over time the profit of a renewable tool

Farré, M.

  Altherr, Lena Efficient Dynamic Flow Models with Technical Restrictions

Ederer, T. Ulf, L. Pelz, P. Pöttgen, P.

TB-22  Session:  Cooperation in manufacturing and service systems    /   Stream: Game theory and operations management
Chair: Ulas Ozen
Chair: Greys Sosic
  Nagarajan, Mahesh. Asymptotic Invariance results for assembly systems

Sosic, G. Tong, C.

  Hezarkhani, Behzad. Competitive Allocation Rules for Cooperating Logistics Providers

Slikker, M. Van Woensel, T.

  Sosic, Greys. Manufacturers' Competition and Sustainable Cooperation: Cost Structure and Stability Analysis

Tian, F. Debo, L.

  Tzur, Michal. Strategic Lateral Transshipment with Communication Constraints

Hanany, E. Lederman, S.

TB-23  Session:  Behavioural economics and games    /   Stream: Behavioural Operational Research
Chair: Gregory Kersten
  Voigt, Guido. Inequity aversion in screening contracts: experimental evidence and model analysis  
  Song, Yanan. Strategic Customer Behavior in Newsvendor System: Analysis and Experimental Study

Zhao, X.

  Ostrihon, Filip. Application of the Long-run Macroeconomic Growth Model of Slovakia

Domonkos, T. Dolinajcová, M.

  Kersten, Gregory. Auctions, Negotiations, and Reciprocity

Wachowicz, T.

TB-24  Session:  Applications of Analytics to Strategy    /   Stream: Strategy and Analytics
Chair: Frances O’Brien
  Kunc, Martin. System Dynamics and Big Data: New Frontiers for Strategy  
  O'Brien, Frances. Soft Analytics and the strategy process Kunc, M.
  Hutzinger, Clemens. Dynamics in the formation of group preferences


  Keskin, Neslihan. Optimal Strategy Planning Approach againts the Bad Impacts of OTTs on GSM Operators

Bahadır, C. Özdemir, R G.      

TB-25  Session:  Numerical Methods in Data Mining    /   Stream: Data Mining
Chair: Emilio Carrizosa
  Xu, Yan. SAS High Performance Procedures for Large-Scale Dense SVM and Quantile Regression

Griffin, J. Lopes, L.

  Rinaldi, Francesco. A Modified Frank-Wolfe Algorithm for Large Scale Problems in Data Mining

Grippo, L. Fasano, G.

  Romero Morales, Dolores. Dimensionality reduction of categorical data in Support Vector Machines

Carrizosa, E. Nogales-Gómez, A.

  Baumann, Philipp. Sparse computation for large-scale binary classification

Hochbaum, D.

TB-26  Session:  Fuzzy Decision Making 3    /   Stream: Fuzzy Decision Support Systems, Soft Computing, Neural Network
Chair: Jaroslav Ramik
Chair: Martin Gavalec
  Stoklasa, Jan. Fuzzy classification in HR management - evaluation and decision making based on multiple attributes

Holeček, P. Talasova, J.

  Talasova, Jana. AHP model for the evaluation of creative work outcomes of art colleges

Stoklasa, J. Jandova, V.

  Poledica, Ana. Logical Aggregation in Decision Making: Applications and Perspectives

Horvat, A. Totic, S.

  Chen, Chie-bein. Fuzzy Queuing Cost Model Optimization for Bus Passengers with Customers'Perception of Service

Fuzzy Queuing Cost Model Optimization for Bus Passengers with Customers'Perception of Service

TB-27  Session:  Pricing, Bundling, and Strategic Consumers in Supply Chain Management    /   Stream: Operations/Marketing Interface
Chair: Kathryn E. Stecke
  Prasad, Ashutosh. Selling Opaque Goods with Mixed Bundles


  Yano, Candace. Impact of Sourcing and Pricing Power on Retailer's Optimal Store-Brand Quality under Competition

Liao, B.

  Song, Jeannette. Demand Shaping through Bundling: A Dynamic Multiproduct Inventory-Pricing Model


  Hajian, Mozafar. Towards Closer Integration of Planning and Execution Processes in an Retail Environment  
TB-28  Session:  Turnkey Optimization on the Cloud (FICO)    /   Stream: Sponsored sessions
Chair: Oliver Bastert
Chair: Susanne Heipcke
  Bastert, Oliver Turnkey Optimization on the Cloud

Heipcke, S

TB-29  Session:  Multiple Criteria Decision Making and Optimization 3    /   Stream:  Multiple Criteria Decision Making and Optimization (contributed)
Chair: Douwe Postmus
  Aksakal, Erdem Accident Causation Analysis with Multiple Criteria Decision Making Methods in Workplaces

Dagdeviren, M.

  Wedley, William. Effectiveness Analysis of Ratios from Paired Comparison

Choo, Eng. Wijnmalen, Diederik J.D.

  Duzdar, Irem. Prioritization of Collaborative Innovation Values

Kayakutlu, G. Sennaroglu, B.

  Postmus, Douwe. Multi-criteria decision analysis in medical decision making


TB-30  Session: Advances in Financial Decisions and Their Long -Term Horizon    /   Stream: Financial Mathematics and OR
Chair: Thomas Burkhardt
Chair: Andreas Loeffler
Chair: Ursula Walther
  Burkhardt, Thomas. Survival risks and risk averse management in forestry


  Loeffler, Andreas Transaction costs and bid-ask-spreads


  Walther, Ursula Risk quantification in PPP projects


TB-31  Session:  Portfolio Decision Processes    /   Stream: Decision Processes
Chair: Juuso Liesiö
  Pechak, Olena. Project portfolio selection for group decision making using multi-criteria analysis and mathematical programming through an iterative approach

Mavrotas, G. Siskos, E. Psarras, J.

  Fliedner, Thomas. Adjustable Robustness for Multiobjective Project Portfolio Selection

Liesiö, J.

  Liesiö, Juuso. Baseline Value Specification and Sensitivity Analysis in Multiattribute Project Portfolio Selection

Punkka, A.

  Lahdelma, Risto. Multicriteria decision support for planning renewable power production at Moroccoan airports

Menou, A. Salminen, P.

TB-32  Session:  Crisis and Disaster Management    /   Stream: Humanitarian Operations Research
Chair: Silja Meyer-Nieberg
Chair: Erik Kropat
Chair: Goran Mihelcic
Chair: Jose Holguin-Veras
  Balcik, Burcu. Routing for Post-Disaster Needs Assessment Operations

Guragac, B.

  Tanasescu, Cerasela. A Consistent Design Supporting Structure For Crisis Management Integrating Personal Behaviours Case analysis: The 2009 Australian Bushfire

Michel, R.

  Pradhananga, Rojee. A Resource Distribution Network Model for Emergency Logistics Planning

Pokharel, S. Mutlu, F. Holguin-Veras, J. Seth, D.

  Ke, Ginger. Facility Location and Network Design for Intermodal Transportation of Hazardous Materials

Assadipour, G. Verma, Mh.

TB-33  Session:  Defence and Security Applications II    /   Stream: Defence and Security Applications
Chair: Ana Isabel Barros
  Køber, Petter Kristian. Prioritization of Capability Gaps in Defence Planning

Hennum, A C.

  Özcan, Özkan. Multi Criteria Decision Support for Base Closure and Realignment

Kandakoglu, A. Şenay, N.

  Şenay, Nurdinç. Multi Criteria Evaluation of Weapon System Maintenance Methods

Kandakoglu, A. Cigdem Bax, B.

  Kandakoglu, Ahmet. Multi-Criteria Evaluation of Conceptual Aircraft Designs

Topcu, Y I. Kahraman, C.

TB-34  Session:  Portfolio Optimization 2    /   Stream: Decision Making Modeling and Risk Assessment in the Financial Sector
Chair: Paulo Rotela Junior
  kumar, Pankaj. Generalized interval multi-objective programming problem and its application to portfolio selection

Panda, G. Gupta, U.

  Ferreira, AnaSofia. Clustering stocks for portfolio optimization  
  Ndlovu, Fadzayi. Developing a Credit Rating model for Supreme Banking Portfolio at ZABG Bank


  Rotela Junior, Paulo. Forecast and fuzzy data envelopment analysis: a portfolio optimization

Pamplona, E. Salomon, F.

TB-35  Session:  Game Theory with Applications II    /   Stream: Stochastic Modeling and Simulation in Engineering, Management and Science
Chair: Katsunori Ano
Chair: Leon Petrosyan
Chair: Vladimir Mazalov
  Sedakov, Artem. The Effect of Shock in Repeated Network Games  
  Mazalov, Vladimir. Nash bargaining solutions in a cooperative fish war model

Rettieva, A.

  Kusunoki, Yoshifumi. Sharing rules for minimum cost arborescence problems

Tanino, T.

TB-36  Session:  Forest Fire Suppression    /   Stream: OR in Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
Chair: John Hearne
  Martell, David. Using GPS data to model forest fire initial attack airtanker operations

Clark, N.

  Hearne, John. Optimal deployment during an escaped fire

Minas, J. Ozlen, M.

TB-37  Session:  Metaheuristics for MultiObjective Optimization    /   Stream: Multiobjective Optimization
Chair: Abraham Duarte
  Gonzalez-Velarde, Jose Luis. Heuristics for the bi-objective path dissimilarity problem

Marti, R. Duarte, A.

  Pardo, Eduardo G. An adaptation of the Variable Neighbourhood Search methodology for multi-objective optimization problems

Pantrigo, J J. Menéndez, B. Duarte, A.

  López Sánchez, Ana Dolores. Multi-objecctive hybrid algorithms for solving routing problems

G. Hernandez-Diaz, A. Hinojosa, M A. Gortázar, F. Duarte, A.

  Hernandez-Diaz, Alfredo G. A Multi-Objective Multi-start Algorithm for a Balanced Real-World Open Vehicle Routing Problem

López Sánchez, A D. Molina, J. Vigo, D. Caballero, R.

TB-38  Session:  Sparse Optimization Methods    /   Stream: Convex Optimization Methods and Applications
Chair: Yaxiang Yuan
Chair: Xin Liu
  Yuan, Yaxiang. A subspace method for minimizing a convex quadratict function with sparsity constraint  
  Li, Qingna. Lower Bound Theory for Schatten-p quasi-norm regularized least squares Problem

Ma, S.

  Herskovits, Jose. A Feasible Direction Method for Nonsmooth Convex Constrained Optimization

Tanaka, M.

TB-39  Session:  ORAHS VII - Healthcare systems    /   Stream: Health Care Applications
Chair: Sally Brailsford
Chair: Cigdem Gurgur
  Luo, Li. The Doctor Staffing Model in Outpatient Department Based on Queuing Theory and Integer Programming

Lei, Y.

  Kayis, Enis. Operating Room Scheduling With Sequence Dependent Uncertain Surgery Times

Hanalioglu, T. Gullu, R.

  Gurgur, Cigdem. Sustainable HealthCare Supply Chains - Bundling Decisions for HealthCare Products


  Ikegami, Atsuko. Network Representation of Subproblem Solution Spaces in Nurse Scheduling

Tanaka, Y.

TB-40  Session:  Educational Planning and Development    /   Stream: Educational Planning and Development
Chair: Laura Lotero
Chair: Milagros Baldemor
Chair: Subhash Datta
  Gutierrez, Sandra. Design of Balanced Diets for 1 to 3 Year-Old Children from Government Day-care Centers in Ecuador

Salazar, F. Sarango, A.

  Builes, Luis Alejandro. Monte Carlo Simulation and Optimization for pollution reduction strategies at the Colegio Mayor de Antioquia University

Hoyos, C. Muñoz, M. Ramirez Muñoz, A. Valencia Arroyave, D.

  Kent, Gerhard. School efficiency in a developing country

Kruger, H.

  Villanueva, Arlyn. Efficiency of Accounting Education in the Philippines

Gozun, B C.

TB-41  Session:  Metaheuristics and Simheuristics in Logistics and Production    /   Stream: Simulation-Optimization in Logistics & Production
Chair: Djamila Ouelhadj
Chair: Angel A. Juan
  Juan, Angel A. Simheuristics: hybridizing simulation with metaheuristics for decision-making under uncertainty

Grasman, S. Faulin, J. Rabe, M. Bektas, T.

  Cabrera, Guillem. A multi-start based algorithm with iterated local search for the uncapacitate facility location problem

Gonzalez, S. Juan, A A. Marques, J M. Grasman, S.

  Lima, Priscila. ReSATyrus: a distributed resource-sharing control compiler

Alves, D. França, F.

  Vidovic, Milorad. Modeling approach to simultaneous scheduling batteries and vehicles in optimization of transportation and handling tasks realization


TB-42  Session:  Efficient Big Data Algorithms    /   Stream: Big Data Analytics
Chair: Jonghun Park
Chair: Seoung Bum Kim
  Park, Jonghun. Instant Planning with Case Based Reasoning

Chung, B-Suk. Yang, Y. Lim, J. Park, I. Park, H.

  Ji, Hyunwoong. Non-parametric Machine Learning Models for Predicting American Option Prices: Comparison Study

Han, S. Lee, J.

  Park, Young Joon. U.S. Senate Network Analysis based on Roll Call Votes

Kim, S B.

TB-43  Session:  Accounting and Management Decisions    /   Stream: Operational Research in Financial and Management Accounting
Chair: Markus Puetz
  Puetz, Markus. Implementing value engineering based on a multidimensional quality-oriented management control calculus within a target costing and target pricing approach

Bock, S.

  Fritze, Christian. Robust long term planning of municipal budgets

Amen, M.

  Heidgen, Jan-Gerrit. The relationship of Cost System Precision and Organizational and Procedural Structures

Lengsfeld, S. Rüdlin, A.

  Brunner, Markus. Flexibility in Cost-based Transfer Pricing

Schaefer, P.

TB-44  Session:  Additional educational activities for OR    /   Stream: Initiatives for OR Education
Chair: Elise del Rosario
Chair: Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber
Chair: Liudmyla Pavlenko
  Listes, Ovidiu. Developing OR application skills with AIMMS: a bridge in OR education  
  Bruno, Giuseppe. An overview of the Intensive Programme in Optimization and DSS for Supply Chains (Odss.4SC)

Amaro, A. Casquilho, M. Corominas, A. Garcia Lopez, J M. Genovese, A. Hs, Carla. Lusa, A. Magnusson, J. Matos, H. Miranda, J. Barbósa-Póvoa, A P. Relvas, S. Rubio, S.

  Pavlenko, Liudmyla. Summer School AACIMP: introducing Operational Research to the students with various backgrounds

Dziuba, O. Pasichny, A. Pereverza, K. Fishman, D. Nazarenko, O. Weber, G-W.

  Fleischer, Alex. Feedback from the field - ILOG in IBM for a smarter planet  
TB-45  Session:  Geometric Clustering     /   Stream: Geometric Clustering
Chair: Steffen Borgwardt
Chair: Andreas Brieden
Chair: Peter Gritzmann
  Melamed, Michal. Partitioning in polynomial time via edge-complexity

Onn, S.

  Borgwardt, Steffen. A balanced k-means algorithm for weighted point sets

Brieden, A. Gritzmann, P.

  Martínez-Gavara, Anna. Tabu Search and GRASP for the Capacitated Clustering Problem

Campos, V. Gallego, M. Laguna, M. Marti, R.

  De Smet, Yves. Three distinctive models for multicriteria clustering