Slot TD: Tuesday July, 15   14.00 - 15.30

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TD-1  Session:  Railway Scheduling    /   Stream: Railway and Metro Transportation
Chair: Marco Laumanns
Chair: Gabrio Curzio Caimi
Chair: Jacint Szabo
  Gestrelius, Sara. Generating delivery commitments from train operators' applications

Aronsson, M. Forsgren, M.

  Volcic, Mark. Optimizing Railway System Performance by Kronecker Algebra


  Schlechte, Thomas. Re-optimization of Rolling Stock Rotations

Borndörfer, R. Reuther, M.

  Damay, Jean. An efficient macroscopic railway system simulator

Boillot, A.

TD-2  Session:  Crossdocking and Warehouse Operations Optimtization    /   Stream: Vehicle routing
Chair: Felix Brandt
  Nassief, Wael. Lagrangean Relaxation for the Cross-dock Door Assignment Problem

Contreras, I. Asad, R.

  Scholz, André. A Comparison of Heuristics for the Order Batching and the Picker Routing Problem in Manual Order Picking Systems  
  Brandt, Felix. A Multi-Temperature Truck Layout and Loading Problem

Meyer, A.

  Maknoon, Mohammad Yousef. Vehicle routing and scheduling with cross-dock

Baptiste, P. Laporte, G.

TD-3  Session:  Airline planning    /   Stream: Aviation
Chair: Sakae Nagaoka
  Franz, Axel. Optimizing time-dependent arrival rates for truck handling operations at an air cargo terminal

Stolletz, R.

  Kalafatoglu, Yasemin. Effect of Pricing on Fleet Assignment with Itinerary-Based Demands

Bilgic, Taner.

  Nagaoka, Sakae. Pair-wise Resilience Index based on the Miss Distance and Time to the Closest Point of Approach

Brown, M.

TD-4  Session:  Best practices in traffic simulation    /   Stream: Traffic flow theory and traffic control
Chair: Monica Menendez
  Casas, Jordi. Validation of traffic simulation models: are we looking in the right direction?

Punzo, V. Montanino, M.

  Vortisch, Peter. HBS-compliant Capacity Analysis using VISSIM  
  Menendez, Monica. Sensitivity Analysis: a valuable tool in traffic model calibration

Ge, Q. Ciuffo, B.

  van Wageningen-Kessels, Femke. Meaningful quantification of traffic and pedestrian flow model accuracy

Hoogendoorn, S. Daamen, W.

TD-5  Session:  Maritime routing and scheduling 1    /   Stream: Maritime transportation
Chair: Kjetil Fagerholt
  Johnsen, Trond A. V. OR applications in the maritime industry


  Kurilic, Mico. Development of containership services with transshipments and deadlines


  Dangaard Brouer, Berit. A decision support tool for liner shipping network design

Desaulniers, G.

TD-6  Session:  Health Care Operations Management    /   Stream: Logistics in health care
Chair: Katja Schimmelpfeng
  Helber, Stefan. A hierarchical facility layout planning approach for large and complex hospitals  
  Fügener, Andreas. A flexible approach for strategic master surgery scheduling

Brunner, J.

  Hurink, Johann. Clustering Clinical Departments for Wards to Achieve a Prespecified Blocking Probability

van Essen, T.

  Kressner, Alexander. Master Surgical Scheduling considering stochastic surgery durations

Schimmelpfeng, K.

TD-7  Session:  Challenges in Electricity Systems    /   Stream: Equilibrium Problems in Energy
Chair: Christoph Weber
Chair: Olivier Massol
  Bucksteeg, Michael. Capacity Markets in Europe - Assessing the Benefits of Coordinated Mechanisms versus National Appro

Weber, C.

  Kallabis, Thomas. The impact of disequilibria in power markets

Weber, C.

  Weber, Christoph. Equilibrium pricing of reserve power

Niesen, L.

  Massol, Olivier. Production intermittence in spot markets

Banal Estanol, A. Rupérez Micola, A.

TD-8  Session:  Green Design and Risk Pooling    /   Stream: Energy Economics, Environmental Management and Multicriteria Decision Making (contributed)
Chair: Andreas Welling
  Welling, Andreas. The Timing of Green Investments under Regime Switching and Ambiguity

Elmar, L. Kupfer, S.

  Kupfer, Stefan. Green investment decisions in battery technology for electric vehicles: The role of uncertainty in the product life cycle

Kieckhäfer, K. Lukas, Elmar. Spengler, T.

  Hong, I-Hsuan. Discriminated fee based incentive mechanisms for green design products


  Jalil, Muhammad Naiman. Risk Pooling in Commercial Returns by Managing Product Return Period

Shahzad, Sadeeqa.

TD-9  Session:  Modeling and optimizing electricity markets    /   Stream: Technical and Financial Aspects of Energy Problems
Chair: Florentina Paraschiv
  Paraschiv, Florentina. Medium-term planning for thermal electricity production

Kovacevic, R.

  Paterakis, Stamatios. Forecasting Electrical Demand in Commercial Buildings through Energy Performance Indicators using Time Series Methods.

Spiliotis, E. Assimakopoulos, V.

  Kovacevic, Raimund. Electricity swing option pricing by bilevel optimzation

Pflug, G.

  Schürle, Michael. A spot-forward model for electricity prices

Paraschiv, Florentina.

TD-10  Session:  Decision Support Models for the Energy Industry III    /   Stream: Optimization models and algorithms in Energy Industry
Chair: F.-Javier Heredia
  Heredia, F.-Javier. Stochastic optimal generation bid to electricity markets with emission risk constraints.

Cifuentes Rubiano, J. Corchero, C.

  Marí, Laura. Modeling renewable generation sources for medium-term electricity generation planning

Nabona, N.

  Rider, Marcos J. Mixed-Integer Linear Programming Models to Solve Optimization Problems of Radial Electrical Distribution Systems

Gonçalves, R R.

  Pages Bernaus, Adela. Solving natural-gas infrastructure planning models with the Branch-and-fix coordination algorithm

Perez Valdes, . Tgard, A.

TD-11  Session:  Various New Advances in Combinatorial Optimization    /   Stream: Combinatorial Optimization
Chair: Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber
Chair: José Paix˜ao
  Manger, Robert. A very fast implementation of the work function algorithm based on network flows and flow cost reduction

Rudec, T.

  Chen, Xujin. Schedules for Marketing Products with Negative Externalities

Cao, Z. Wang, C.

  Myachin, Alexey. Method of pattern analysis: new algorithms


  Chaves, Antonio. Vehicle routing for solid waste collection: an hybrid metaheuristic approach

Araújo, Eliseu.

TD-12  Session:  Difference Equations and Discrete Dynamical Systems    /   Stream: Continuous and Discontinuous Dynamical Systems
Chair: Ozan Özkan
  Yalçınkaya, İbrahim. The dynamics of a difference equation  
  Kurbanli, Abdullah Selçuk. On a system of difference equations


  Cansu, Ummugulsum. Solving Fractional Vibrational Problem Using Generalized Differential Transform Method

Özkan, O. Kurt, S.

  Lawton, Craig. A Model Based Systems Engineering Framework for Large Scale Enterprise Design and Management     
TD-13  Session:  Scheduling and Logistics   /   Stream: Scheduling
Chair: Michal Penn
  Kaya, Tekiner. The Routing of Sea Buses via Integer Linear Programming: The Case of Bosphorus


  Maschietto, Gabriela Naves. Two approaches of scheduling problems in a distribution center with two cranes and interference constraint

Gomez Ravetti, M. M, De Souza.

  Penn, Michal. Energy efficient scheduling on a Single Machine

Raviv, T.

  Thiard, Florence. Scheduling of Identical Parts in Robotic Flow-shop for Different Cell Layouts

Catusse, N. Brauner, N.

TD-14  Session:  DEA in Energy and Water services    /   Stream: DEA Applications (contributed)
Chair: M. Violeta Vargas-Parra
  Angulo-Meza, Lidia Evaluation of the Brazilian Electricity Distribution using network DEA

Moreno, P. Soares de Mello, J C

  Vaz, Clara. Monitoring efficiency and productivity of promoters in wind energy sector

Ferreira, Â.

  Kpondjo, Nadia. Measuring the Impact of Energy on Industry through: A DEA Approch

Lantz, F. Creti, A.

  Vargas-Parra, M. Violeta. Water treatment plants efficiency in Mexico

Vargas, F. Haro, N. Rentería Guerrero, L.

TD-15  Session:  Strategic Consumer Behavior, Pricing and Customer Choice    /   Stream: Revenue Management II
Chair: Sumit Kunnumkal
  Levin, Yuri. Quantity Competition in the Presence of Strategic Consumers

Nediak, M. Bazhanov, A.

  Wang, Zizhuo. Dynamic pricing with reference price effects under heterogeneous customer arrivals  
  Kunnumkal, Sumit. New compact linear programming formulations for choice network revenue management

Talluri, K.

  Steven, Steven. Pricing Strategies in a Fairness-sensitive Market

Moon, J.

TD-16  Session:  Machine Learning Applications in Web Technology    /   Stream: Intelligent Optimization in Machine Learning and Data Analysis
Chair: Takashi Onoda
  Halfoune, Nadia. Composition of web services for scaling using finite states machines

Sellami, K.

  Sopko, Stanislav. Big data - classification and optimization algorithms


  Snyman, Dirk. Automated Radial Basis Function Neural Network Construction for Malicious URL Classification

Du Toit, T. Kruger, H.

  Boudries, Abdelmalek. Semantic requests in Web services search

Mourad, A. Kassa, R.

TD-17  Session:  Interior Point Methods for Large-Scale Optimization    /   Stream: Interior Point Methods and Conic Optimization
Chair: Miguel Anjos
  Gondzio, Jacek. Inexact search directions and matrix-free interior point method for quantum information problems  
  Castro, Jordi. BlockIP: an interior-point solver for block angular problems

Jimenez, .

  Oliveira, Aurelio. Finding a basis for the splitting preconditioner on interior point methods

Suñagua-Salgado, P.

  Bocanegra, Silvana. Using hybrid preconditioners in an IPM for large block-angular problems

Castro, J. Oliveira, A.

TD-18  Session:  New Trends in Evolutionary Multiobjective Optimization   /   Stream: Multiobjective Optimization - Theory, Methods and Applications
Chair: Mariano Luque
  Luque, Mariano. An interactive evolutionary multiobjective optimization method based on the WASF-GA algorithm

Miettinen, K. Ruiz, A B. Saborido Infantes, R.

  Silva de Barros, Regiane. A hybrid GA and ACS preemptive multiobjective model to approach a hydroelectric dynamic dispatch

Torralba Fernandes J P. Estrócio, J P. Hidalgo, I. Correia, P.

  Sindhya, Karthik. A metamodel assisted NSGA-II algorithm for multiobjective optimization

Chugh, T.

  Amrouche, Salima Solving two stage stochastic integer linear programming with multiple objective  
TD-19  Session:  Retail Demand Planning    /   Stream: Demand and Supply Planning in Consumer Goods and Retailing
Chair: Winfried Steiner
  Palekar, Udatta. Product Line Pricing and Design for Aspirational Products with Multiple Customer Segments


  Paetz, Friederike. A Comparison of Different Types of Probit Models for Conjoint Segmentation

Steiner, W.

  Zekic-Susac, Marijana. Association Rules Based on Tree-Building Technique in Market Basket Analysis

Has, A.

  Montenegro, Zaid Optimal Diapers Production Using Simplex Method

 Chavez-Hurtado, J L. Palos Delgadillo, H.

TD-20  Session:  Power system design and operation    /   Stream: Stochastic Optimization in Energy
Chair: Asgeir Tomasgard
  Bjørndal, Mette. Wind Power, Congestion Management and the Variability of Power Prices

Andersson, J. Bdal, E. Rud, L.

  Bjørndal, Endre. Congestion Management by Dispatch or Re-dispatch: Flexibility Costs and Stochastic Effects

Bdal, M. Tgard, A. Midthun, K.

  Michael Pascal. Reliability in the power system modeled in a Multi-stage Stochastic Mixed Integer Programming Model

Nielsen, S.

  Silveira, João. Estimation of Stochastic Frontier Cost Efficiency for Companies in the Electricity Distribution Sector in Brazil

Siluk, J. Naimer, S.

TD-21  Session:  ORCCS1    /   Stream: OR Consultancy and Case Studies
Chair: Sue Merchant
  Ranyard, John. Learning from OR Practice

Fildes, R.

  Belien, Jeroen. Optimizing collection routes for bottle banks

De Bruecker, P. De Jaeger, S. De Boeck, L.

  Halulu, Sila. Optimal Department Locations Determination and Workforce Schedule in Textile Industry

Bayturk, E. Üney-Yüksektepe, F.

  Priese, Benjamin. A predictive analytics approach for demand forecasting in the process industry

Blackburn, R. Lurz, K.

TD-22  Session:  Game theory applications in supply chains    /   Stream: Game theory and operations management
Chair: Eda Kemahlioglu-Ziya
  Hwang, Woonam. On Using Incentives to Induce Reliable Supply: The Interplay of Supply Risk, Bargaining Power, and Process Design

Bakshi, N. De Miguel, V.

  Martínez de Albéniz, Victor. Can You Be Too Fast? Assortment Competition and Supply Chain Responsiveness

Kok, G.

  Ozen, Ulas. Setting the right incentives for global planning and operations

Slikker, M. Norde, H.

  Kemahlioglu-Ziya, Eda. Contracting for capacity under renegotiation: Partner Preferences and the Value of Anticipating Renegotiation  
TD-23  Session:  Behavioural operations and supply-chain management    /   Stream: Behavioural Operational Research
Chair: Hajnalka Vaagen
  Horvát, Peter. Workers to job allocation - Case study of Central Europe countries

Åtefánik, M.

  Pereira, Javier. Simulation and experimental analysis of pull-type ordering methods

Paredes, F. Lavin, C. Contreras-Huerta, L. Fuentes, C.

  Vaagen, Hajnalka. Social Preconditions for Operational Excellence in engineer-to-order dynamic systems - The context of Norwegian Offshore Shipbuilding

Emblemsvag, J.

TD-24  Session:  Operations Finance Interface 1    /   Stream: Operations Finance Interface
Chair: Burak Kazaz
  Birge, John. Supply chain network structure and firm performance

Wu, J.

  Lange, Anne. Pre-shipment Financing: Credit Capacities and Supply Chain Consequences

Tanrisever, F. Reindorp, M.

  Hahn, Gerd J. Multinational Newsvendor Networks: On the Profit-Shifting Option of Multi-Plant Sourcing

Francas, D. Kulkarni, S.

TD-25  Session:  Patterns detection in very large datasets    /   Stream: Data Mining
Chair: Bart Baesens
  Troncoso, Fredy. A social network approach to identifying key police suspects using data mining

Weber, R.

  Van Vlasselaer, Véronique. Finding cliques in large fraudulent networks: theory and insights

Akoglu, L. Eliassi-Rad, T. Baesens, B.

  Caron, Filip. Detecting Collusion-Based Occupational Fraud in Business Processes

Vanthienen, J. Baesens, B.

  Solar, Mauricio. Optimization Techniques in Astronomy  
TD-26  Session:  Fuzzy Systems    /   Stream: Fuzzy Decision Support Systems, Soft Computing, Neural Network
Chair: Pavel Holeček
Chair: Siamak Naderi
  Naderi, Siamak. Fuzzy Clustering with Equity Constraints

Kilic, K.

  Holeček, Pavel. Multiple-criteria Fuzzy Evaluation in FuzzME - Recent Development

Talasova, J.

  Gerogiannis, Vassilis. SPRINT SMEs: a fuzzy linguistic 2-tuple recommendation approach for allocating human resources in software projects


  Correia, Aldina. Direct Search methods to optimize Indoor Location Using Fuzzy Logic

Mestre, P. Matias, J. Serôdio, C. Serôdio, C.

TD-27  Session:  Contracts, Auctions, Upgrade Timing, and Reverse Supply Chain Management    /   Stream: Operations/Marketing Interface
Chair: Samar Mukhopadhyay
Chair: Petr Fiala
  Shang, Weixin. Buyback Contract and Price Postponement in a Decentralized Supply Chain with Additive and Price-Dependent Demand  
  Kirshner, Sam. The timing of product upgrades with brand loyalty and demand aggregation

Levin, Y. Nediak, M.

  Fiala, Petr. Supply network coordination by auctions


TD-28  Session:  International Outreach and Implicit Expectations in OR    /   Stream: International Aspects of OR: Cooperation - Coordination -Communication
Chair: Graham Rand
Chair: Jakob Krarup
Chair: Ulrike Reisach
Chair: Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber
  Krarup, Jakob. Extending the boundaries of IFORS


  Reisach, Ulrike. Discovering and Dealing with Intercultural Issues in Operational Research  
  Magbagbeola, Joshua. A Survey of Manpower Planning Process: A Bane or Boon of Unbounded Uncertainty and Bounded Rationality?


  Rand, Graham. Pro Bono OR


TD-29  Session:  Multiple Criteria Decision Making and Optimization 4    /   Stream: Multiple Criteria Decision Making and Optimization (contributed)
Chair: Jelena Stankovic
  Siskos, Eleftherios. Elicitation of criteria importance weights with the Simos method: A robustness concern

Tsotsolas, N. Siskos, Y.

  Mareschal, Bertrand. Dynamic MCDA with PROMETHEE and GAIA  
  Veselova, Yuliya. What social choice rules could be simplified to scoring rules?


  Stankovic, Jelena. Fuzzy AHP application for improving BFC SEE model

Drezgic, S. Popovic, Z. Makojevic, N.

TD-30  Session:  Location-allocation models    /   Stream: Allocation problems in game theory
Chair: Lina Mallozzi
  Shimakawa, Yoichi. Mathematical Models for a location- allocation problem of traffic flow capturing facilities

Takahashi, H. Goto, H.

  Milone, Lucia. Maxmin allocation of homogeneous goods: the three players case

Dall'Aglio, M. Di Luca, C.

  D'Amato, Egidio. On the problem of optimally locating facilities and allocating customers to facilities

Daniele, E. Mallozzi, L.

  Mallozzi, Lina. A game theoretical model of sensor devices placement in a planar region

D'Amato, E. Daniele, E.

TD-31  Session:  Security Decision Processes    /   Stream: Decision Processes
Chair: Javier Cano
  Cano, Javier. An Adversarial Risk Analysis Approach to Fraud Detection

Rios-Insua, D.

  Rubio Blanco, José Antonio. Cibersecurity Decision and Risk Management Process

Rios-Insua, D.

  Couce Vieira, Aitor. Incident Handling Decision Processes in Oil and Gas Offshore Drilling

Houmb, S H. De Witte, P.

  Shim, Woohyun. Potential Trade-offs of Different Financing and Regulatory Structures for Airport Security in Europe

Massacci, F. Williams, J.

TD-32  Session:  Information Systems Schedule http   /   Stream: Data Mining, Knowledge Discovery and Artificial Intelligence (contributed)
Chair: Laura Turrini
  Malitskaia, Yulia. Assessing Financial Incentives for Energy Policy-Making

OSullivan, B.

  Sellami, Khaled. towards immune genetic algorithm for composition of web services with constraints

Dris, Djamal.

  Xiaoxue, Zhang. Operational tasks process design in architecture program based on improved HTN

Xiaoxue, Z.

  Konczak, Aneta. Simulation as a key element of advisory system in
construction engineering

Paslawski, J.

TD-33  Session:  Defence and Security Applications III    /   Stream: Defence and Security Applications
Chair: Ana Isabel Barros
  Dell, Robert. Optimizing Adversary Aircraft Fleet Composition and Employment

McLaughlin, R. Carlyle, M.

  Kaluzny, Bohdan. Optimal Scheduling of Canadian Armed Forces Search and Rescue Response Posture


  Hohzaki, Ryusuke. A routing problem of UAVs by mission-adapted mathematical programming

Nakamura, S.

  Stieber, Anke. The Multiple Traveling Salesmen Problem with Moving Targets

Fügenschuh, A.

TD-34  Session:  Risk Analysis and Assessment    /   Stream: Decision Making Modeling and Risk Assessment in the Financial Sector
Chair: Jean-Luc Prigent
  Moreira, Fernando. Correlation Across Latent Variables in Credit Risk Models: A Direct Inference from Default Rates  
  Amedee-Manesme, C.-Olivier A Generalization of Cornish Fischer Formula to Compute VaR: Evidence on Real Estate Data


  Prigent, Jean-Luc. On the Debt Capacity of Growth and Decay Options

Letifi, N.

  Sithipolvanichgul, Juthamon. Scoring Method of Enterprise Risk Management

Ansell, J.

TD-35  Session:  Game Theory with Applications III    /   Stream: Stochastic Modeling and Simulation in Engineering, Management and Science
Chair: Yasushi Masuda
  Kawasaki, Hidefumi. Comparison of discrete fixed point theorems by a bimatrix game


  Umezawa, Masashi. Optimal licensing for incumbent innovator in differentiated product markets

Kitagawa, T. Masuda, Y.

  Masuda, Yasushi. Game Theoretic User Equilibrium in a Congestion-Prone System with Priority


TD-36  Session:  Forest Management for Biodiversity    /   Stream: OR in Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
Chair: Mustapha Ohimmou
  Church, Richard. Towards the development of a spatially explicit management model to protect the fisher (Martes Pennanti) in an industrial forest in California

Niblett, M. Barber, K.

  Kurttila, Mikko. Production possibility frontiers for energy wood, timber production and biological diversity in North Karelia, Finland

Kärkkäinen, L. Salminen, O.

  Ouhimmou, Mustapha. Wood Allocation and Selection of Forest Harvest Areas - How to Consider Spatial Dispersion and Sustainable Forest Management Policies?

Mobtaker, Azdeh. Rönnqvist, M. Paquet, M.

TD-37  Session:  Multicriteria Decision Making in Humanitarian Logistics    /   Stream: Multiobjective Optimization
Chair: Begoña Vitoriano
Chair: F. Javier Martin-Campo
  Molina, Julian. A multicriteria proposal for a humanitarian logistics problem: An integral approach

Mejía-Argueta, C. Gaytán, J. Caballero, R. Vitoriano, B.

  Ferrer, José María. Metaheuristics for a multi-criteria humanitarian aid distribution problem

Ortuño, M. T. Tirado, G.

  Duhamel, Christophe. A decomposition-based heuristic for optimizing post-disaster relief

Santos, A C. Brasil, D.

  Gaytán, Juan. Interactive decision making approach for selecting an evacuation plan

Garcia-Gutierrez, J.

TD-38  Session:  Proximal and Splitting Algorithms    /   Stream: Convex Optimization Methods and Applications
Chair: Xiaoming Yuan
  Yuan, Xiaoming. On the Extension of ADMM for Separable Convex Programming and Beyond: From Variational Inequality Perspective  
  Han, Deren. A proximal point algorithm using an asymmetric linear term


  Liu, Sanming. Smoothing Proximal gradient Methods for a Class of Nonsmooth Convex Minimization Problems


TD-39  Session:  Algorithms for large-scale -1 Linear and Quadratic Programming Problems    /   Stream: Discrete and Global Optimization
Chair: Jitamitra Desai
  Desai, Jitamitra. An improved RLT-based mechanism for solving nonconvex 0-1 quadratic programs


  Eberhard, Andrew. On Augmented Lagrangian Duality In Integer Programming

Boland, N.

  Maachou, Nacera. Integer bilevel quadratic fractional / quadratic programming problem

Moulaï, M.

  Faco', Joao Lauro D. C-GRASP for Mixed Integer Global Optimization

Resende, M. Silva, R.

TD-40  Session:  Innovations in Meta-Analytics I    /   Stream: Meta-Analytics: A Marriage of Metaheuristics and Analytics
Chair: Fred Glover
Chair: Manuel Laguna
Chair: Gary Kochenberger
  Umetani, Shunji. Variable association networks for identifying patterns in 0-1 integer programs  
  Lalla Ruiz, Eduardo. A Two-Stage Population-Based Approach with Learning Mechanisms

Expósito Izquierdo, C. Melian Batista, B. Moreno-Vega, M.

  Gardeux, Vincent. SAT-DM: Satisfiability Data Mining for Classification Problems

Hvattum, L M. Glover, F.

  Laguna, Manuel. Meta-Analytics for Improved Heuristic Search in Combinatorial Spaces

Duarte, A. Marti, R. Martínez-Gavara, A.

TD-41  Session:  Enterprise-wide Optimization    /   Stream: Simulation-Optimization in Logistics & Production
Chair: A. Carlos Mendez-Aguirre
  Gomez, Elena. Optimal Operation of a Petrol Refinery Hydrogen Network

Gutiérrez, G. Sarabia, D. de Prada, Cesar. Mármol, S. Sola, J M. González, R.

  Silvente, Javier. Development of a multi-objective optimization model for the integrated management of internal and external production resources

Espuña, A.

  Guimarans, Daniel. A Large Neighbourhood Search combined with Monte-Carlo Simulation for coping with airlines operational disruptions

Arias, P. Mujica Mota, M.

  Guillen Gosalbez, Gonzalo. Improvements in multi-objective optimization for supply chain design problem

Copado Méndez, P J.

TD-42  Session:  OR in Systemic Risk, Credit Risk and Rating    /   Stream: Big Data Analytics
Chair: Kasirga Yildirak
Chair: Mariana Funes
  Sagarra, Martí. Assessing the effects of Spanish financial sector restructuring on branch rivalry

Mar Molinero, C. Busing, F M T A. Rialp, J.

  Soldatyuk, Nataliya. Credit scoring model with additional regression parameters taken from the social networks

Cerny, M.

  Funes, Mariana. Assessing Developing Countries Creditworthiness Using the UTADIS Multicriteria Analysis Method

Vargas, J.

TD-43  Session:  Data Mining, Statistics and Reliability Theory    /   Stream: Computational Statistics
Chair: Pakize Taylan
Chair: Tony Ng
Chair: Coşkun Kuş
  Ozogur-Akyuz, Sureyya. Maximum Margin Multiple Kernel Clustering by Semi-infinite Optimization

Seichanoglou, G.

  Taylan, Pakize. New Solution Methods for the Mean Shift Outlier Model by M-Estimation Based on the Tikhonov Regularizaton and LASSO

Bilgiç, B. Yerlikaya Ozkurt, F.

  Kuş, Coşkun. Point and interval estimation for Weibull regression model under Progressive Type-II censoring

Kınacı, İ.   Ng, T.   

  Akdoğan, Yunus A Simulation Study to Compare the Estimators for Several Discrete Distributions Under Type I Censoring

Ng, T. Kuş, C. Kınacı, İ.

TD-44  Session:  OR promotion among academia, businesses, governments, etc.    /   Stream: Initiatives for OR Education
Chair: Liudmyla Pavlenko
Chair: Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber
Chair: Elise del Rosario
  Orozco, Erick. Modeling population dynamics with Markov chains and logistic regression in industrial engineering faculty


  Warwick, Jon. Developing the Quantitative Curriculum in Business and Accounting

Howard, A.

  Kuzmina, Lyudmila. The Modelling as Art for Sustainable Development of World (Fundamental aspects in Engineering Education from the viewpoint of a nonlinear analysts - OR)  
  Mortenson, Michael. Is Big Data the New Sputnik? An Analysis of the Skills Gap in the Analytics Job Market

Robinson, S.

TD-45  Session:  Sustainable Development    /   Stream: Sustainable Development
Chair: Zenonas Turskis
Chair: Tatjana Vilutiene
  Apanaviciene, Rasa Strategy modelling for hotel facilities management

Kapočiené, S Varnas, N Daugèliené, A.

  Turskis, Zenonas. Integrated group fuzzy multi-criteria and cost-effective model for selection of facility management services for commercial premises

Zavadskas, E K. Vilutiene, T. Lepkova, N.

  Paslawski, Jerzy. Quality management improvement in road and highway engineering

Rudnicki, T.

  Russo, Alfredo. Markov Switching applied to the evolution of GDP of Argentina, Brasil, Colombia and Mexico, 1950 to 2004

Ferrari, H. Martínez, C. Ledesma, J.