Slot TE: Tuesday July, 15   16.00 - 17.30

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TE-1  Session:  Robustness and Maintenance of Vehicles and Infra    /   Stream: Railway and Metro Transportation
Chair: Ángel Marín
  Ramond, François. Long-term planning of railway track maintenance

Vasselle, H.

  Huisman, Bob. Interactive rolling-horizon scheduling of depot visits and condition based maintenance tasks.

Witteveen, C.

  Lopes, Isabel Cristina. Optimal scheduling of aircrafts' engines repair process

Costa e Silva, E. Cerdeira, J. O.

  Khusnullin, Nail. Scheduling of the train operation by a double track
railroad while segments are closed

Lazarev, A.

TE-2  Session:  Vehicle Routing Applications    /   Stream: Vehicle routing
Chair: Refail Kasimbeyli
  Teja Malladi, Krishna Courier Routing for Hospital Labs

Mitrovic Minic, S. Rafiey, A. Krishnamurti, R.  Punnen, A.

  Paredes-Belmar, Germán. The Blended Milk Collection Problem using Collection Points

Bronfman, A. Lüer-Villagra, A. Marianov, V.

  Schmid, Verena. Hybrid Metaheuristic for the Vehicle Routing and Scheduling Problem featuring perishability and capacity restrictions


  Alpaslan, Melis A two - objective mixed integer mathematical model for capacitated vehicle routing problem

Kasimbeyli, R

  Maknoon, Mohammad Yousef Vehicle Routing and Scheduling with Cross-dock

Baptiste, P., Laporte, G.

TE-3  Session:  Continuous Location (contributed)    /   Stream: Location
Chair: Tsutomu Suzuki
  Blanco, Víctor. Continuous multifacility ordered median location problems

Puerto, J. EL Haj Ben Ali, S.

  Oguz, Murat. A Modelling Framework for Solving Restricted Planar Location Problems with Forbidden Regions Using Phi-Object

Bektas, T. Bennell, J. Fliege, J.

  Suzuki, Tsutomu. Cyclic dynamics of demand distribution and facility location


TE-4  Session:  Urban Traffic Control    /   Stream: Traffic flow theory and traffic control
Chair: Konstantinos Ampountolas
Chair: Jack Haddad
  Chiou, Suh-Wen. Robust signal-controlled road network design with equilibrium flow


  Strehler, Martin. Optimizing traffic signals and its consequences for traffic in surrounding areas

Grether, D. Thunig, T.

  Ortigosa, Javier. Analyzing the shape of the Macroscopic Fundamental Diagram on grid urban networks for urban planning purposes

Menendez, M.

  Wang, Judith Y. T. A Time-budget Surplus Maximisation Three-objective User Equilibrium Model

Ehrgott, M.

TE-5  Session:  Optimization in liner shipping 1    /   Stream: Maritime transportation
Chair: Berit Dangaard Brouer
  Reinhardt, Line. Scheduling of connections in a liner shipping network reducing bunker consumption while minimizing transit times

Edinger Munk Plum, C. Pisinger, D. Sigurd, M M.

  Pisinger, David. Liner Shipping Network Design with transit times.

Dangaard B, Berit. Karsten, C V.

  Mulder, Judith. Feasibility of shuttle services in liner shipping networks

Dekker, R.

  Thun, Kristian. Solving the liner shipping network design problem using branch-and-price

Andersson, H. Christiansen, M. Stålhane, M.

TE-6  Session:  Stochastic Modeling in Healthcare    /   Stream: Logistics in health care
Chair: Jerrold May
Chair: Shannon Harris
  Harris, Shannon. On Forecasting Outcomes of a Binary Time Series

May, J.

  Rema, Padman. RFID-enabled Modeling and Analysis of Care Coordination in Ambulatory Care

Y-Chin, L.

  Vargas, Luis. Modeling Non-punctual Patients in an Outpatient Clinic

May, J.

TE-7  Session:  Dynamical Models in Sustainable development I    /   Stream: Dynamical Models in Sustainable Development
Chair: Francois Guerrin
  Rogetzer, Patricia. Sustainability performance of energy supply chains  
  Kunsch, Pierre. System-dynamics analysis of the Belgian energy transition after the nuclear shut-down


  Poudel, Diwakar. Long-term sustainable optimal management of multispecies stochastic fisheries

Sandal, L. Steinshamn, S I. Kvamsdal, S.

  Guerrin, Francois. Simulation Modelling of Human Activities in Agricultural Production Systems


TE-8  Session:  Carbon Footprint and Climate    /   Stream: Energy Economics, Environmental Management and Multicriteria Decision Making (contributed)
Chair: Jan Kersting
  Sandoval, Salvador. Institutional Level, FDI and Pollution Tax

Espinosa, R S.

  Bermeo, Juan. Methodology of the carbon footprint in the logistics business operations applied for food manufacturing companies.

Calderon, J.

  Kersting, Jan. Cooperation of climate clubs


  Koide, Noriaki. Sensor and Controller on Bio-diesel Fuel Market for Eco-efficient Policy Making

Okuhara, K.

TE-9  Session:  Decision dependent stochastic problems and day ahead forecasting in Energy    /   Stream: Technical and Financial Aspects of Energy Problems
Chair: Georg Pflug
  Pflug, Georg. Decision dependent stochastic optimization problems  
  Laas-Nesbitt, Eric. A trust-region approach for optimization under decision-dependent uncertainty


  Akpinar, Mustafa Forecasting one day-ahead household natural gas consumption with different sized moving datasets using multiple linear regression

Yumusak, N

  Weber, Gerhard-Wilhelm. New Approaches to Day Ahead Electricity Price Forecasting: MARS and CMARS Models

Özmen, A. Yıldırım, Miray H.

TE-10  Session:  Energy Management and Modelling    /   Stream: Optimization models and algorithms in Energy Industry (contributed)
Chair: Mel Devine
Chair: David Wozabal
  Shnaiderman, Matan. Techno Economic Model for Adopting Cogeneration or Conventional Steam Boiler throughout Natural Gas Penetration  
  Siskos, Pelopidas. PRIMES-TREMOVE: A transport sector model for long-term energy-economy-environment planning for EU


  Devine, Mel. Incorporating risk aversion into the specification of efficient Renewable Energy Feed-in Tariffs

Farrell, N. Lee, W.

TE-11  Session:  Advances in Combinatorial Optimization    /   Stream: Combinatorial Optimization
Chair: Paolo Toth
Chair: Silvano Martello
  Calvete, Herminia I. The biobjective capacitated m-ring star problem

Galé, C. Iranzo, JA.

  D'Ambrosio, Claudia. A branch-and-bound method for box constrained integer polynomial optimization

Buchheim, C.

  Martello, Silvano. Models and Algorithms for Packing into the Smallest Square

Monaci, M.

  Balas, Egon. Generalized intersection cuts from orthant interval sets  
TE-12  Session:  Preemptive Project Scheduling and Resource Leveling    /   Stream: Project Management and Scheduling
Chair: Jürgen Zimmermann
Chair: Julia Rieck
  Schwindt, Christoph. A column-generation approach to lower bounds for resource leveling problems

Paetz, T.

  Paetz, Tobias. Models and bounds for preemptive project scheduling with generalized precedence relationships

Schwindt, C.

  Kreter, Stefan. Mathematical formulations for RCPSP/max-cal

Zimmermann, J.

  Rieck, Julia. MILP models for resource leveling problems

Zimmermann, J.

TE-13  Session:  Handling uncertainty in scheduling and lot-sizing 1    /   Stream: Scheduling
Chair: Alexandre Dolgui
Chair: Mikhail Y. Kovalyov
  Rossi, Roberto. A unified modeling approach for the static-dynamic uncertainty strategy in stochastic lot-sizing

Kilic, O A. Tarim, A.

  Amand, Guillaume A general lotsizing and scheduling problem with stochastic product returns

Arda, Y

  Kenne, Jean-Pierre Feasibility and optimality conditions for setup schedule in uncertain manufacturing systems depend on the interplay between setup logistics and perturbation flow

Polotski, V. Gharbi, A

  Stepanova, Natalia. Optimal lot-sizing with deterioration and price management

Kitaeva, A.

TE-14  Session:  DEA Developments    /   Stream: DEA Applications (contributed)
Chair: Jens Leth Hougaard
  Moghaddas, Zohreh. Piece-wise linear cost efficiency evaluation

Hosseinzadeh Lotfi, Farhad. Vaez-Ghasemi, Mohsen.

  Balezentis, Tomas. Multi-Directional Program Efficiency: The Case of Lithuanian Family Farms

Asmild, M. Galnaityte, A. Hougaard, J L. Krisciukaitiene, I.

  Kallio, Markku. Likelihood Ranking of Decision Making Units

Halme, M.

  Hougaard, Jens Leth. Technological Superiority

Asmild, M.

TE-15  Session:  Revenue Management with Advertising Applications    /   Stream: Revenue Management II
Chair: John Turner
  Yang, Jian. Optimizing Online Advertising Budget Allocation across Multiple Placements

Wang, P.

  Rui, Huaxia. A Class of Nonlinear Allocation Problems with Heterogeneous Substitution

Liu, D. Whinston, A.

  Zhang, Rui. The Least Cost Influence Problem

Gunnec, D. Raghavan, S.

  Turner, John. Foundations of Social Network Ad Optimization


TE-16  Session:  Model Selection Methods    /   Stream: Intelligent Optimization in Machine Learning and Data Analysis
Chair: Ivan Reyer
  Aduenko, Alexander Multimodelling and Object Selection for Banking Credit Scoring

Strijov, V.

  Çimen, Emre. Comparison of Different Clustering Algorithms Based PCF Classifiers

Ozturk, G.

  Katrutsa, Alexandr. Multicollinearity: performance analysis of feature selection algorithms

Strijov, V.

  Çaliş, Asli. Data mining application with decision tree algorithms for the evaluation of personal loan customers' repayment performances

Boyaci, A. Baynal, K..

TE-17  Session:  Conic Optimization and Applications    /   Stream: Interior Point Methods and Conic Optimization
Chair: Tamás Terlaky
  Anjos, Miguel Hierarchical Cuts to Strengthen Semidefinite Relaxations of NP-hard Graph Problems

Adams, E. Rendl, F. Wiegele, A.

  Nasini, Stefano. Specialized interior point methods for classes of random network problems

Castro, J.

  Carrasco, Miguel. A Feasible Direction Algorithm for Nonlinear Second-Order Cone Optimization Problems

Canelas, A. López, J.

TE-18  Session:  Nonconvex Multiobjective Optimization I    /   Stream: Multiobjective Optimization - Theory, Methods and Applications
Chair: Julius Zilinskas
Chair: Panos Pardalos
  Zilinskas, Antanas. On optimal algorithms for multi-objective global optimization  
  Posypkin, Mikhail. A deterministic method to solve constrained multiobjective optimization

Evtushenko, Y.

  Pospelov, Alexis. Nonlinear Multi-Objective Constrained Optimization: Using Second Order Approximation of Pareto Frontier Local Geometry in Descent-Diffusion Approach

Gubarev, Fedor.

  Zilinskas, Julius. Exact solutions of the cell formation problem in group technology

Goldengorin, B. Pardalos, P.

TE-19  Session:  Inventory Planning II    /   Stream: Demand and Supply Planning in Consumer Goods and Retailing (contributed)
Chair: Edward Fox
  Bayindir, Z. Pelin. Joint optimization of maintenance and spare part inventory policies

Bulbul, P. Bakal, I S.

  Kang, He-Yau. An enhanced model for integrated replenishment and transportation problem in a dynamic demand environment

Lee, A H I. Huang, L-H.

  Epstein, Leonardo. Inventory Models with Non-Stationary Transition probabilities to Determine The Optimal Mix of Owned and Rented Items

González-Császár, E.

  Fox, Edward. A general approximation to the distribution of count data with applications to inventory modeling


TE-20  Session:  Stochastic optimization in energy infrastructure    /   Stream: Stochastic Optimization in Energy
Chair: Yueyue Fan
  Fan, Yueyue. A Stochastic Programming Model for Renewable Energy Infrastructure Planning Considering Oligopolistic Competition


  Yucel, Safak. Impact of Electricity Pricing Policy on the Investment of Renewable Energy

Kok, G. Shang, K.

  Patino-Echeverri, Dalia. PowerOptInvest: A stochastic optimization framework for capital investment decisions in power generation


  Tezcaner Ozturk, Diclehan. Stochastic Project Scheduling for Wind Farm Installation

Barlow, E. Akartunali, K. Day, S. Boulougouris, E.

TE-21  Session:  Lessons from Industrial Collaboration    /   Stream: OR Consultancy and Case Studies
Chair: John Ranyard
  González Rueda, Ángel Manuel. Gas transport network simulation and optimization

Bermúdez, A. González-Díaz, J. González-Diéguez, F J.

  Carrizosa, Emilio. Computing stoichiometric matrices in chemical reactions. A MINLP problem

Blanquero, R. Jimenez-Cordero, M. A. G-Tóth, B.

  Garcia-Rodenas, Ricardo. Simulation tools for railway planning

Espinosa-Aranda, JL.

  Ginzo Villamayor, MarÍa José. Logistic report on the location of an agricultural processing plant

González-Díaz, J. Casas-Méndez, B.

TE-22  Session:  Cooperation and Competition in Operations Management    /   Stream: Game theory and operations management
Chair: Alf Kimms
Chair: Ana Meca
Chair: Igor Kozeletskyi
  Heese, Sebastian. Retailer assortment strategies to induce manufacturer competition

Martínez de Albéniz, V.

  Leng, Mingming. Quality Gatekeeping at the Retail Level: Implications for the Role of Retailers in Quality Assurance


  Kozeletskyi, Igor. A Multi-Objective Allocation Problem in the Cooperative Traveling Salesman Problem with Rolling Horizon

Kimms, A.

  Gavious, Arieh. Revenue in contests with many participants  
TE-23  Session:  Analysis of human behavioural data and knowledge    /   Stream: Behavioural Operational Research
Chair: Chien-Jung Lai
  Ray, Sanjog. A Decision Framework for Using Mood as Context in Recommender Systems  
  Kim, Kwang-Jae. Analysis of Commercial Vehicle Operation Data for Driving Safety Enhancement

Kim, M. Lim, C. Choi, K. Jeon, J.

  Tang, Xijin From Community Concerns to Societal Risk Perception  
  Lai, Chien-Jung. Driver Attention for Information Display on Variable Message Signs with Graphics and Texts

Wang, Chi-Ying.

TE-24  Session:  Operations Finance Interface 2    /   Stream: Operations Finance Interface
Chair: Anne Lange
  Webster, Scott. Analysis of an Artemisia-Based Malaria Medicine Supply Chain

Kazaz, B. Yadav, P.

  Babich, Vlad. Franchise Contracting with Debt Financing and Bankruptcy Risk

Tang, C.

  Kazaz, Burak. Wine Futures and Advance Selling under Quality Uncertainty

Noparumpa, T. Webster, S.

TE-25  Session:  Data Mining via Pattern Analysis and Recognition    /   Stream: Data Mining
Chair: Onur Seref
  Türsel Eliiyi, Deniz. Urban bus transit boarding pattern analysis and route planning for the disabled

Eliiyi, U.

  Kundakcioglu, Erhun. Causal Inference with Simultaneous Outlier Detection and Removal

Poursaeidi, M.

  Aleman, Dionne Rule mining in critical node detection

Ventresca, M

  Seref, Onur. A Computational Rhetoric Framework for Mining Online Stock Commentaries

Seref, M. Abrahams, A.

TE-26  Session:  Nonconvex Nonsmooth Optimization Methods    /   Stream: Nonsmooth Optimization and Variational Analysis
Chair: Napsu Karmitsa
  Joki, Kaisa. A New Bundle Method for Nonsmooth DC Optimization

Karmitsa, N. Mäkelä, M M.

  Bagirov, Adil. Numerical methods for solving nonsmooth optimization problems with known structures


  Giallombardo, Giovanni. Piecewise-concave minimization via nonconvex bundle local searches

Gaudioso, M.

  Karmitsa, Napsu. A new bundle method for sparse problems


TE-27  Session:  Pricing Decisions    /   Stream: Operations/Marketing Interface
Chair: Mualla Gonca Yunusoglu
  Altan, Basak Strategic Pricing Decisions for Competing Suppliers

Ekici, A Ozener, O

  Guan, Lei. Pricing Warranty for Online Retailers


  Dogdu, Elif. Dynamic Pricing for Perishable Products in the Presence of Customer Behaviour

Eren Akyol, D.

  Yunusoglu, Mualla Gonca. A Dynamic Pricing Strategy under Supplier Disruptions

Eren Akyol, D. Yildiz, G.

TE-28  Session:  Congestion games: dynamics and algorithms   /   Stream: Dynamic and repeated games
Chair: Cheng Wan
  Pradeau, Thomas. A Lemke-Like Algorithm for the Multiclass Network Equilibrium Problem

Meunier, F.

  Cominetti, Roberto. Risk measures and shortest paths in network games

Torrico, A.

  Stier-Moses, Nicolas. A Mean-Risk Model for the Stochastic Traffic Assignment Problem

Nikolova, E.

  Wan, Cheng. Dynamics in composite congestion games

Sorin, S.

TE-29  Session:  Multiple Criteria Decision Making and Optimization 5    /   Stream: Multiple Criteria Decision Making and Optimization (contributed)
Chair: Evangelos Grigoroudis
  Brison, Valérie. Elicitation of a model of map comparison taking into account geographic aspects

Pirlot, M.

  Yavuz, V. Alpagut. Fuzzy Multi-Criteria Group Decision Making: A Case of Art Students' Placement in Undergraduate Art Programs  
  Saber, Takfarinas. Towards a Multi-objective Capital Allocation within Data Centres

Ventresque, A. Gandibleux, X. Murphy, L.

  Grigoroudis, Evangelos. Modeling additional information in the MUSA method: A robust extension

Matsatsinis, N.

TE-30  Session:  Recent models on emerging optimization problems    /   Stream: Allocation problems in game theory
Chair: Takako Yamada
  Kilic, Sezgin. An Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm for the Daily Photograph Selection Problem of Earth Observation Satellites  
  Gergin, Zeynep. A Fuzzy-QFD based mathematical model for sustainable supplier selection

Üney-Yüksektepe, F.  Şen, N N. Kılıç, G.  

  Yamada, Takako. Characteristic Analysis and Modeling of User Tweet Behavior on a Consumer-Insight Rating Website

Taguchi, M.

TE-31  Session:  Topics in Decision Processes    /   Stream: Decision Processes
Chair: Manel Baucells
Chair: Antonio Jim´enez-Mart´ın
Chair: Walter Gutjahr
  Baucells, Manel. Expected Utility and Narrow Framing

Sarin, R.

  Jiménez-Martín, Antonio. Selecting Preventive, Palliative and Fault Transmission Safeguards for Risk Management of Information Systems: A Fuzzy Approach

Vicente, E. Mateos, A.

  Burkart, Christian. A competitive covering tour problem in disaster relief

Gutjahr, W. Nolz, P.

  Hughes, Kate. Decision making in the chaotic environment of first response to disasters


TE-32  Session:  Data Mining Applications and Applied    /   Stream: Data Mining, Knowledge Discovery and Artificial Intelligence (contributed)
Chair: Rosangela Villwock
Chair: David Simchi-Levi
  Park, Kyung Min. What drives strategic deviance in a nascent industry? Evidence from big data

Lee, B.

  Lee, Inseok. Diagnosis and Prediction of Equipment Fault using the Probability Model

Kim, S-S. Baek, J-G.

  Shahabuddin, Syed. How to Use Regression Method Properly


  Simchi-Levi, David.  Dynamic Pricing and Demand Learning for an Online Retailer  
TE-33  Session:  Defence and Security Applications IV    /   Stream: Defence and Security Applications
Chair: Ana Isabel Barros
  Zhou, Chifei. The Framework of the Decision-making Support Systems for Joint Operations  
  Barros, Ana Isabel. Creating Real Time Intelligence

Wevers, J. van der Vecht, B. van Dalen, H.

  Dimitrov, Ned. Information Retrieval Customized for Intelligence Collection


  Arini, Hilya Development of Terrorist Threat Prediction Model in Indonesia by using Bayesian Network

Masruroh, N. Hartono, B.

TE-34  Session:  Risk Analysis and Management    /   Stream: Decision Making Modeling and Risk Assessment in the Financial Sector
Chair: Shin-Yun Wang
  Yao, Xiao. Support Vector Regression for Loss Given Default Modelling

Crook, J. Andreeva, G.

  Garzon Rozo, Betty Johanna. Modelling Operational Risk using Skew t-copulas via Bayesian Inference and Extreme Value Theory

Crook, J. Moreira, F.

  Osipenko, Denys. Comparative analysis of multinomial and conditional logistic regression approaches to credit card holders behaviour modelling

Crook, J.

  Wang, Shin-Yun. Executive Compensation and Excessive Risk-Taking: A Quantile Regression Analysis


TE-35  Session:  Airline Optimization    /   Stream: Stochastic Modeling and Simulation in Engineering, Management and Science
Chair: Silja Meyer-Nieberg
Chair: Erik Kropat
Chair: Goran Mihelcic
Chair: Alexandre Jacquillat
  Kim, Sang Won. A Multi-period Airline Seat Inventory Control Model  
  Keskin, Burak. Measurement of Efficiency Using Data Envelopment Analysis: An Application in Airline Industry

Ulas, E. Aktan, M

  Jacquillat, Alexandre. Toward an equitable and collaborative mechanism for schedule coordination at congested US airports

Vaze, V. Odoni, A.

TE-36  Session:  Agrifood industry    /   Stream: OR in Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
Chair: Concepcion Maroto
Chair: Javier Ribal
  Baviera-Puig, Amparo. The Analytical Hierarchy Process in the choice of cocoa post-harvest technology in Ecuador

Vera-Montenegro, L. Garcia-Alvarez-Coque, J M

  Dubeau, François. Old and new diet formulation models in the swine industry

Dussault, J-P. Joannopoulos, É. Pomar, C.

  Ribal, Javier. Selecting a healthy, environmentally friendly and affordable diet

Fenollosa, M. L. García-Segovia, P. Clemente, G. Sanjuan, N.

  Maroto, Concepcion. New methodology for evaluating and classifying suppliers based on an outranking approach.

Alos, D. Cuartero, J. Giner, S. Segura, M. Segura, B.

TE-37  Session:  Indoor localization    /   Stream: Multiobjective Optimization
Chair: José Santos
Chair: Marta Pascoal
  Pereira, Ana Rita. Multilateration for Indoor Localization

Ferreira, J A. Santos, J. Vicente, M A.

  Santos, José. Indoor Localization with Multi-criteria Optimization

Jorge, P.

  Santos, Cátia. Shortest paths on indoor localization

Pascoal, M.

TE-38  Session:  Regularization Methods    /   Stream: Convex Optimization Methods and Applications
Chair: Xin Liu
Chair: Yaxiang Yuan
  Zhang, Yin. A Gauss-Newton method for low-rank matrix approximation  
  Wang, Yanfei. Regularization Methods for Retrieval of Magnetic Parameters with Full Tensor Gradient Data


  Li, Chengbo. Acquire More for Less: Applications of Compressive Sensing on Seismic Data Acquisition

Mosher, C. Brewer, J.

TE-39  Session:  Fuzzy Optimization in Supply Chain Management    /   Stream: Discrete and Global Optimization
Chair: Turan Paksoy
Chair: Nimet Yapici Pehlivan
  Yildizbasi, Abdullah. Multi Criteria Decision Making for Recycling Planning in the Automotive Industry

Paksoy, T. Gökçen, H. Yüzügüllü, N.

  Yapici Pehlivan, Nimet. A Novel Interactive Fuzzy Programming Approach based on MultiMOORA method for Closed Loop Supply Chain Network Optimization under fuzzy environment

Çalık, A.  Paksoy, T  

  Çalık, Ahmet. A Closed-Loop Supply Chain Network Design: A New TOPSIS Based Interactive Fuzzy Programming Approach

Paksoy, T. Yapici Pehlivan, N.

  Altindag,  İlkay Testing for non-linear Relationship in Structural Equation Modeling

Genç, A.

TE-40  Session:  Innovations in Meta-Analytics II    /   Stream: Meta-Analytics: A Marriage of Metaheuristics and Analytics
Chair: Jin-Kao Hao
Chair: Michel Vasquez
  Cao, Buyang. A Tabu Search Algorithm for Cohesive Clustering Problems

Glover, F.

  Porumbel, Daniel. Distance-Guided Local Search

Hao, Jin-Kao.

  Dhaenens, Clarisse. MO-Mine_Clust : a generic platform for multi-objective clustering

Jourdan, L. Fisset, B.

  Vasquez, Michel. Tabu Search with Global Exploration for Machine Reassignment Problem

Hanafi, S. Nonobe, K. Yagiura, M. Hashimoto, H.

TE-41  Session:  Simulation- Optimization in Logistics & Production    /   Stream: Simulation-Optimization in Logistics & Production
Chair: Albert Ferrer
Chair: Angel A. Juan
  Grasas, Alex. Operations Research for Health Care: Simulating Blood Inventory Management  
  Mateo, Manuel. Algorithm for bicriteria scheduling in parallel machines with eligibility

Teghem, J. Camps, J.

  Ferrer, Albert. Solving non-smooth flow-shop problems with failure-risk penalties using a biased randomized local search

Guimarans, D. Ramalhinho Lourenco, H. Juan, A A.

  Ramalhinho Lourenco, Helena. SimILS: Solving stochastic combinatorial optimization problems by combining Iterated Local Search with Simulation

Juan, A A. Grasas, A.

TE-42  Session:  Applications in Decision Making & Decision Analysis    /   Stream: Decision Support Systems
Chair: Shaofeng Liu
Chair: Fatima Dargam
  Belenky, Alexander. A decision support system for estimating the scale of using renewable sources of energy and storing electricity in a regional electrical grid


  Teixeira de Almeida, Adiel. A DSS for Resolving Evaluation of Criteria by Interactive Flexible Elicitation on supplier selection problems

Almeida, J. Almeida-Filho, A. Costa, A P.

  Ghaderi, Mohammad. Learning Non-Monotonic Preferences, A New Algorithm

Ruiz, F. Agell, N.

  Néia, Silvely. Support decision in soccer football


TE-43  Session:  Data Mining, Economic Models and Games    /   Stream: Auctions
Chair: Pakize Taylan
Chair: Martin Bichler
  Lee, Hong Tau. The application of data mining technique to bookstore customer relation management

Chen, S-H.

  Fu, Xin. Understanding Different Online Gamer Retention Behaviours: A Data Mining Approach

Shi, Y. Cai, S. Xu, D.

  Flores, Hector. A Business Intelligence Framework using Web and Time Series Data Mining for Agriculture-based Markets

Villalobos, R.

  Fadaei, Salman. Truthful auction mechanisms for value-maximizing bidders

Bichler, M.

TE-44  Session:  Mutiobjective Linear Programming    /   Stream: Multiobjective Linear, Integer, and Combinatorial Optimisation
Chair: Matthias Ehrgott
  Pozo, Miguel Angel. Ordered Weighted Average Combinatorial Optimization: Formulations and their properties

Fernandez, E. Puerto, J.

  Liu, Zhengliang. Primal and Dual Methods for Linear Optimization over the Nondominated Set of a Multi-objective Linear Programme

Ehrgott, M.

  Lin, Kuan-Min. Multiobjective Column Generation Using Revised Normal Boundary Intersection: An Application to Radiotherapy Treatment Planning Optimization

Ehrgott, M. Raith, A.

  Ehrgott, Matthias. Data Envelopment Analysis Without Linear Programming

Hnasab, M. Raith, A.

TE-45  Session:  Analysis of customer-based data    /   Stream: Business Analytics Optimization and Big Data
Chair: Nuria Agell
  Medina-Borja, Alexandra. Making Sense of Online Customer Reviews  
  Ma, Li-Ching. Group Consensus Mining based on Extended Tournament Matrices


  Agell, Nuria Exploring the Role of Consensus measures in Decision Science: An Experience towards summarizing users' opinions

Banerjee, S. Casabayó, M.

  Dziurzynski, Lukasz 1 Million Regressions in 30 Seconds: An Airbnb Case Study of Distributed Big Data Mining