The International Federation of Operational Research Societies (IFORS), http://ifors.org/web/, is an umbrella organization comprising the national Operations Research societies of over forty five countries from four geographical regions: Asia Pacific, Europe, North America, South America. Membership is over 30,000 persons. IFORS’ mission is to promote Operations Research as an academic discipline and a profession.

The 20th edition of the IFORS Triennial Conference will take place in Barcelona, July 13th-18th at the Centre de Convencions Internacional de Barcelona - CCIB. The CCIB was created in 2004 and it is one of the biggest convention centers in Europe. The size and visibility of the IFORS 2014 Conference in Barcelona and the characteristics of the CCIB make the IFORS 2014 Conference a unique sponsoring opportunity for increasing your long-term exposure. Expected attendance is over 1,500.

More information concerning sponsorship and specific sponsorship opportunities can be found here.


The exhibition will be organized in a shared place withing the main hall so that the best possible interaction with the conference participants can be expected. Moreover the coffee breaks will be located in the same area. 

Please ask for the exhibition plan to the general secretariat in order to choose your space: ifors2014@pacifico-meetings.com)

The information concerning costs and conditions for exhibitions as well as a request for exhibition space can be found here.